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on February 22, 2012
So I love great audio, but at a price. I have a very discerning ear and can tell (easily) the difference between entry level, mid-level, premium and way past premium sound. But I'm also pretty frugal and always seeking the best sound for the dollar without going over a certain price point.

I was looking for a set of cans to put in my backpack for use on the airplane with my computer or phone and was looking for the following:
- A product brand I trust
- Folding to fit flat in a backpack
- Good to Great sound quality
- Reasonable "Noise Canceling" based on the design, but not active noise canceling
- Reasonalbe price (under $150)
- Color: Black or Silver

- Bonus - if it could work for making phone calls too (has a mic in-line)

Let me tell you, this product has it all! I've had a set of Turtle Beach X4's at home on my Xbox 360 for the past 2+ years and have always been amazed by the quality of the DD5.1 Surround Sound (albeit simulated obviously) and decided to give these a try.

- Sound Quality is Great...not Premium or Past Premium, but certainly good for the price.
- Priced currently at $32 and change. Are you kidding me? That is a steal! I may buy a backup pair for when these eventually die or incase I break them.
- They fold flat just above the earcups in a reliable way to pack "flat" into my backpack
- They block out enough noise around me to make them enjoyable enough to do the job
- They're black

- Only 1. The padding on the earcups is susceptable to being snagged by velcro (common in backpacks) and becoming "frayed" looking or like fuzzy lint on sweaters. I can solve this by being more careful or putting them in a protective bag/case before putting them into my backpack.

Buy these! You won't be unhappy at this price!
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on March 27, 2013
Turtle Beach definitely makes some of the best headsets on the market and these new Ear Force M5s don't disappoint. Super in-expensive and the sound quality is great. You get a clean, clear sound with plenty of bass. There's no noise cancelling but I wasn't really looking for that with this purchase.

- Clean and clear sound.
- Plenty of bass
- Comfortable

- Wire is really stiff (it's still coiled up even after trying to straighten it out)
- Wire is too short
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on January 7, 2015
I wasn't really sure what to expect out of these, and I've always had bad luck with headphones, so my actual expectations were pretty low. The main thing that drew me was the price. I've had them since the beginning of October, 2014, and I can safely say I'm very pleased. I've had nicer, more expensive headphones break in less time, and these are intact so far. The sound quality is pretty good, a bit above average. What's more, they fit inside my laptop bag without taking up too much space. Besides the microphone(which is about average quality) they're pretty featureless and generic, but they remain comfortable after several hours of use.

I am fairly careful with them, and I feel like if you tug too hard on the cable, or toss them around carelessly, they may break pretty easily. They're not really durable. Even still, they bounce around my bag every day. I'm not sure how so many people seem to break them so easily.

At this price range, I would definitely recommended them over anything similarly priced.

UPDATE: I've gone through a few adventures with these now, and the more I use them, the more I appreciate them. I've been on more planes this past year than I'd been in my whole life before, and these have been a life saver. As I stated before, they remain comfortable during extended periods of wear, they store efficiently, and the sound quality is above any standard headphones or earbuds. I was stuck in DFW airport over a weekend last summer, and I think these were the only thing that helped keep me sane through that 3-day ordeal. I made phone calls, listened to music, played some games, and basically used this headset for everything they were built for, the whole time. Your individual mileage may vary, but these have been through hell and back, and they're still working like new.
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on February 26, 2015
2015-05 Update: After only 10 months of normal use the plastic housing on the headset has broken. I was temporarily able to reattach and glue the broken earpiece, but this ultimately did not work. This product does not seem to be able to withstand normal use & abuse. Otherwise I had been moderately pleased with this product with one semi-major caveat (and a couple minor ones): I would not recommend it for anyone looking to listen at a medium-high volume with others too nearby. I’m pretty pleased with the sound quality and durability so far and these headphones do a good job of blocking out background noise when worn, which took a little getting used-to for me as a hands-free device, since they muffle the sound of your own voice, too. Unfortunately they aren’t nearly so good at keeping the sound contained for others at med-high volume, though, so I’d recommend them for a solitary environment only. Also, I had originally purchased these with the intent of primarily using them as a hands-free, which definitely works pretty well with a standard 1/8” Jack, but I underestimated how big and bulky they are for that purpose. Lastly, although this is probably true of most other headphones of this variety, these can definitely build up a significant amount of heat when worn for any length of time. To summarize, I’d say these have worked fairly well for me, but for all the reasons mentioned above I would almost certainly not purchase them again.
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on August 10, 2013
Well I was very pleased at first the sound quality was excellent and they were mad comfy headphones, good for gaming and music. I was never rough with them or anything, I have a hook I keep them on when not in use but a week after I got them I noticed a tiny scew had come out on one side, they were still fine so I thought nothing of it until a day later when that whole side popped right off, the plastic straight up broke without being pushed or anything, it still sounded good so I jurry rigged some tape and had them back in working order until only 1 month later when the other side broke as well, now I have a headband with two small speakers hanging by a cord on each side.

Basically the sound and stuff is great but the plastic holding it together is complete trash
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on February 28, 2014
What can you say, you don't expect $200 gaming headphones when the MSRP is $50 (I paid $30.) They are OK audio quality for $30 and much better than average chat audio quality.

Audio quality is as good as could be expected for the price (nowhere near audiophile quality but decent for the price.)

The chat quality is reportedly pretty good (tested on a PS4 and Cellphones.)

I love that they are over the ear (i.e. your earlobes are inside the cushioning, which rests on your head, not on top of your earlobes. Much more comfortable to me personally, and I also get to hear just a little bit of the external environment as well (i.e. if the wife is yelling for me I can hear her.)

Build quality is a big question. It feels of cheep plastic, but once it's on the head I don't notice it (i.e. no squeaks when moving the head around) but still, I feel the could have done a bit better, this isn't where the cost is and for that I ding them one star.
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on March 11, 2015
Great sound quality for the price
Great mic quality for the price
Nice fit
VERY comfortable
Sturdy (those who say otherwise are simply careless)
Comes with an adaptor for PC
Folds flat
Mic is in-line
Very cheap.

Sound leaks out SO MUCH that I am almost too scared to use them. I dont care if a little sound leaks but these are just insane. I'm going to keep them but be very uncomfortable every time I use them. This is so major to me so -2 stars.

If they just didn't leak out sound this would be 5 stars.
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on May 31, 2012
It's nice to see that they're still making over-the-ear style headphones. The sound of these headphones is booming and exquisite. The aural quality you can get from a full seal around the outside of your ear beats out many other styles of headphones. Because the sound is so good, I'm finally able to go around to different types of sound equipment I own and measure the difference in the quality of the output.

I've become very loyal over the years to the Turtle Beach brand. Brands like this one today far exceed the care and workmanship of the products made by the leading audio equipment brands which I was loyal to in my youth, like Sony.

After several hours, my ears do start hurting, because there is some pressure on the pinna.

I haven't used the microphone much, but it does appear to produce high quality sound, as well.


Weight: 180 grams
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on August 18, 2015
turtle beachare the very best!! my son got a pair of dre beats for his birthday and they didnt last very long plastic and wireing loosens distorted sound but turtle beach are best quality my husband has gameing ones and loves the heck outta them . the best sound with out adjustment . love TURTLE BEACH!
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on January 16, 2016
After having these headphones and using them lightly for over 2 years, I can say that if you take care of them they will last quite a while. The quality of sound output is excellent compared to my other pairs of headphones so I would use Turtle Beach again.

They may not be worth the money anymore since they are outdated, but I would still recommend them to anybody looking for a cheap pair of headphones with above average sound quality.
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