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on April 16, 2012
I was able to snag these on Amazon a few days ago for $180, which was a STEAL! I mainly play MW3 (XBOX) so here is my review for now, I will update my review in a week or two with updates on the Surround Sound Angles.

- XP400 Wireless Headset
- XP400 Transmitter
- Digital Optical Cable (approx 4 feet)
- Headset Charging Cable (12 feet)
- Bluetooth Chat Adapter (PS3 & XBOX Compatible)
- User Guide
- Turtle Beach Sticker

- XBOX Live TalkBack Cable


Bluetooth (BT) XBOX Live Chat or optional Wired Chat. I've tried both and the Wired Chat sounds better and breaks up less obviously, but I wanted to be completely wireless so I went with the Wireless BT. BT for cellphones so you can receive, deny or end calls via the headset which is awesome. *Note, the TurtleBeach XBOX Live TalkBack Cable is NOT included.*

Mic, the mic is removable and it has a "mic monitor" dial which is awesome. I turn it all the way up so I can hear myself so I don't scream.

Battery, it has a built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. I'm not too sure how I feel about this yet, as being able to replace batteries can be nice it can also be very inconvenient. You can also charge the headset while playing with no popping, hissing, humming, etc which was great.

Surround Sound Angles, it comes with 6 surround sound angles, I have yet to find one I like best but they all work surprisingly well. Better than the older X41s and XP500.

Surround Sound ON/OFF Button is also nice to hear the difference.

Blast Limiter, I thought this was awesome. It allows you to "limit" the sound of background blast and gun fire to focus on the soft sounds such as footsteps, which I rely on heavily since I use Dead Silence in MW3.

Tone Presets, it comes with 4 tones presets, flat, bass boost, treble boost, and bass & treble boost. I prefer Flat myself.

Bass/Treble/Mids - Amazingly clear and loud, they sound better than the X32's I returned for these.

BUILD: Awesome build, not as cheap as the X32, overall a much better build quality.

The headset is very comfortable. The ear cups also are comfortable around my ears and they don't put pressure on my head so they don't give me headaches which is nice. They are slightly too big for my smaller head however, but they fit good enough.

I have a Netgear Dual-Band router with a total of 10 devices connected wirelessly, 7 on the 2.4GHz spectrum and 3 on the 5GHz spectrum and I have NO issues of any popping, hissing, humming, buzzing, etc.

I have had 2 iPhones, an iPad, Roku, Roku2, iMac and PC laptop connected wirelessly at the same time while I game with NO issues. Keep in mind my Xbox is the only thing I have hard wired. I also have turned the microwave on two rooms away and still have NO, I repeat NO issues.

I also have my headset no less 8 feet away from my router and STILL DO NOT have any issues. This is an amazing headset.
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on April 18, 2012
Coming from the X41s, I had high expectations of the XP400s.

Surround processing is very accurate and detailed.
Bluetooth wireless chat.
New Dual-band radio eliminates nearly all interference for my setup.

Chat. Others complain it sounds like I'm talking through a coffee can.
Non-replaceable battery.
EQ modes very limited.
Blast limiter seems like it is always enabled, even when turned off.

Product Features

"Dolby Surround Sound - Immersive 360 degree audio lets you pinpoint the direction of every sound"
This it does, and does very well. No complaints here. It even seems improved over the X41's surround processing.

"2.4/5GHZ Dual-Band Wi-Fi - Selects the optimum frequency in the 2.4GHz/5GHz spectrums, virtually eliminating interference"
BIG upgrade over the X41. I used to get tons of interference from the microwave, video baby monitor, wireless... pretty much anything that plugged into the wall. Now I just get an occasional drop out... about once every hour or two.

"Dual-Pairing Bluetooth - Answer mobile phone calls while gaming"
Great feature, albeit unnecessary. Good if you miss calls because your headphones are too loud.
*update 4/27/12 this feature has come in handy and works very well. It is slick being able to answer the phone mid-game and not have to wrestle around with the phone and headset.

"Wireless Xbox LIVE and PSN Chat - Enjoy complete wireless freedom without the need for chat cables"
GREAT idea, but something isn't right. I've seen others mention the thin sound, like in a tunnel. I can hear them fine, they sound great... but they have a hard time understanding me. I've had quite a few friends complain about how I sound. "what's wrong with your mic?" "are you in a tunnel?" "are you chatting through a soup can?" "What did you say???" For this price, this shouldn't happen. I am currently working with turtlebeach to see if it is an isolated case, or just some shortcut they took on the mic itself.
*update 4/27/12 Worked with turtle beach. Did everything they suggested with no improvement. They kindly offered to RMA the boom itself, and I may decide to try it but I don't have much confidence it will change much. I say that based on the many other comments about the chat.

"Rechargeable Battery - Provides up to 15 hours of uninterrupted gameplay and can be recharged while gaming"
This SOUNDS like a great idea, but it has 2 major flaws. If you need to charge while playing, it defeats the purpose of a wireless headset. The charging cable they give you is quite long, so you aren't strapped 4 feet from your 360. Also, at some point, that battery is going to wear out. LiPo (Lithium Polymer) batteries have limited charge cycles. Time will tell the quality of the cells, and what options we will have in the future.

"50 mm speakers; 2.4/5GHz Dual-Band Wi-Fi"
Speakers sound great, read on for my sound complaints.
*update 4/27/12 The sound really is good. It sounds better than the x41s did, as well as better than my sony and sennheiser headphones.

"Digital and Analog inputs as well as a digital optical connection"
Connectivity is simple if you already have an optical audio cable coming from the 360.

"Dolby Surround Sound with adjustable surround sound angles"
This is where I nit-pick. I don't fully understand the point of adjustable sound angles. Dolby surround is VERY specific about ideal speaker placement, and the surround sound processor should stick strictly to that in order to maintain 360 degree, positional sound. See [...] The first surround sound angle option out of the 6 is the one that seems to be set for the correct speaker angles. The other ones all made the sounds to the side and behind seem like they were coming from incorrect angles.

"Dual-pairing Bluetooth - Chat wirelessly on Xbox 360 and PS3 and answer mobile phone calls while gaming"
Already been covered. Cool, possibly useful, but a creature comfort.

"Separate equalizer and stereo expander presets can be combined for different gaming situations"
Once again, This headset loses some points for me. Yes, there are 4 EQ presets. Normal, Treble boost, Bass Boost, and Treble + Bass boost. Here's the problem. The normal mode is very flat. Very little bass. Treble boost is way too bright. almost ear piercing. Bass boost alone is just rumbling. Then the bass and treble boost is the least of 4 evils I guess. Still too much bright and too much bass. There really needs to be a happy medium. Right between normal and bass and treble boost would be ideal.

"Dynamic Chat Boost. Chat volume automatically increases as the game volume gets louder."
This function isn't noticeable, so in my opinion that means it is working. It took a day to really tweak the chat volume level but now that I got a good comfortable setting, it is fine.

"Ear Guard(tm) with Blast Limiter. Limit the intensity of deafening game sounds like gunfire and explosions."
Another great idea, but it seems flawed. I understand they don't want you to blow your eardrums, but it seems like it is always on, even when in the "Off" setting.

All in all, I guess I am happy with them. I don't plan on returning the headset, but I do think you should get a little better bang for your buck. Especially the chat mic sounding horrible. I understand that from a $5 generic chat headset, not a $220 set of high tech headphones.
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on April 20, 2012
I have the equivalent xp500 model and like many others who have at worst a moderately modern level of tech within the house, the set was useless with constant drops, cracks, whistles, the nine. The base unit on their 2.4 ghz line just stunk up the place, I spent hours adjusting positions and everything to get a clear, non-interrupted signal to no luck.

I constantly upgrade my router to the latest tech but have been going the dual band route for the better part of the last few years so I was sort of skeptical on the addition of the 5ghz band on the xp400 but after trying it, I was pleasantly surprised, it worked like a absolute charm. My current router is the top of the line asus rt66u that just came out and I have mutliple devices residing on both bands so I am asking quite a lot of the the xp400 but so far, I haven't gotten one interruption, it's been flawless. For people in my boat, it's worth a try, the new base seems considerably better in tech so far.

As far as flaws, I would say just like the other models, the bass is extremely underwhelming as compared to other companies. That hasn't changed, it's still the same speakers. The xp500 had a lot of buttons on it, I can imagine people complained about that. The xp400 has a more streamlined approach but a few of the buttons have been moved to the base which was silly in my opinion. The surround angles button being on the base just didn't make sense to me. The xp500 had RCA jacks which was nice as you could hook up a system thru the optical wire then go RCA jack from the tv to listen to tv thru them. While possible on the xp400, it involves getting a RCA to 3.5mm adapter. Conversely, the xp400 has the xbox360 transmitter included where the the xp500 required an additional purchase. Only other difference is the xp500/px5 had preset and configurable sound modes that aren't on the xp400, but those sound modes where so pointless and horrible sounding, it just not a flaw to not have them.

I also have a Logitech 2.4ghz headset that has always worked flawlessly regardless of router being used. They are more sound isolating so the sound is much more immersive and bass heavy but as others have stated, the turtle beach line really does do the high frequencies to a level of quality you just don't get in other sets. End of the day, it's a pick your poison. From a technical sound standpoint, the speakers in the xp line can't be matched on the wireless sound front. On a 'I need a punch' standpoint, there are a few out there that really do it much better. End of the day, it's a preference. I love sound isolation for music, but for tv and games, I think prefer not to have sound isolation so for me,the xp400's are the best wireless gaming headsets on the market.
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on January 22, 2016
This is a pretty good headset.I just received feedback from Turtle Beach, who wanted to play the blame game and tell me to contact Microsoft. I am so tired of this. One time I was told to contact MS and after paying $149, they blamed the company I originally contacted. I have since come a long way with computers and know who's causing the problems on it. Anyway, it does have 5.1 surround sound, it is comfortable, but if you have any issues, do NOT count on Turtle Beach to help you out.

The problem is in relation to the Bluetooth and it messing up a couple things on the laptop, when it's supposed to be a dual purpose headset. Also, with Xbox 360, Bluetooth is often disconnecting. Not a huge problem, but I thought they might have some insight and after the last E-mail I received, I will go back to Logitech when this has to be replaced. I only switch brands because so many people tout TB headsets for being so great, especially with FPS games.
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on September 17, 2012
I've had the head set for a couple of weeks now and I have mixed feelings, though overall a positive reaction. I was upgrading from a Turtle Beach X1, which was wired. One of the reasons I decided to get the XP400 instead of the X41 or X42 was because many people complained that the X41 and X42 had interference if they were near a wireless router. I live in a one bedroom apartment and my turtle beach would be within 2 feet of my router so that would be a big problem. I am happy to report that the XP400 has had no problems being next to my router so the claim that it has no interference is true.

Instead of providing your own batteries, this head set has internal rechargeable batteries. I actually like it because you can recharge while playing. The charging cord is as long as the wired headset cords and one cool thing about the charger is that it is a USB cable, so you can charge it in any USB port. I have been charging it from my computer USB port and sometimes from my XBOX's USB port. Not to mention you can use this headset for both PS3 and XBOX 360, which I have both so its a great thing to have.

One feature that I really like that I didn't think I would use is the Bluetooth feature that can connect to a phone. I don't have the greatest phone reception in my apartment so using my turtle beach to talk on the phone has completely fixed that, not to mention that I can now talk hands free! You can also talk while playing, which I've only done once but its nice.

One thing it doesn't do is sync music from your phone, which other headsets do so if thats a big deal you should look at other turtle beach headsets. Also, because chat uses bluetooth, you can not talk on the phone and game chat at the same time. Once the phone call is over, it goes right back to game chat though.

Some people have complained about problems pairing the head set to the turtle beach, an easy way around that is to take the charging cable and plug the headset into the XBOX and then press the pairing button, and just like that they are synced. For the bluetooth chat just make sure you press the bluetooth button on the headset and the chat button on the controller piece at the SAME time and it will automatically sync. It doesn't really explain that, but it is really easy to set up if you know you need to press the buttons at the same time. It took me about 10-15min to set everything up.

The sound in the headsets are great! They have a blast limiter setting which muffles the sounds of gunfire and explosions so you can hear footsteps and small noises better. I have already seen an increase in my scores for shooting games. Another great thing is the surround sound, which allows you to hear the direction of noises. The cheaper model XP 300 is only stereo sound, which is the main difference between the XP300 and XP400 and that is a huge difference to me.

The biggest con is comfort. My X1 headset was really comfortable so I thought this one would be comfortable too, it's not. The problem is that the ear pieces press against your head to try and make a good seal, but the pressure ends up hurting after awhile. Another thing is that its a bit big for my head. I'm a 115 pound girl so my head is pretty small, so if you feel like you have a small head the head set will probably be a bit big for you, still works, just a bit bulky.

Overall Pros- great sound, great bluetooth feature, works near wifi, PS3 and XBOX compatible, wireless gaming, surround sound, charges while playing, and long charge cable.

Cons- not very comfortable, a bit too big for my head, doesn't sync music through bluetooth, if you do not have an XBOX slim you need to buy a headset adapter cable (if you were using HDMI for your headset before, you would have already bought this), and if the internal battery dies you can't replace them.

I personally like the headset and am happy with the purchase, I just wish it was more comfortable considering how much I paid for it.
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on April 4, 2013
DISCLAIMER: I have purchased a like new version of this headset, otherwise known as used. Some issues or problems I may have or have had may be due to that.

Turtle Beach has gotten the MLG contract, so why not celebrate with a better version of their top headset? The XP300/400 line is a follow up to the complicated XP500 headset. The 500's had pops and clicks constantly if you were near your router, it had a complicated "set you levels" system in which you could mess with every sound setting possible. Overall, these new headsets are a far more functional option, as well as affordable (being $50 less than the 500's). In this review, we will be focusing on the 400's.

Sound: Amazing. You really can hear everything. The huge 50mm speakers crank out the sounds you need to hear when you need to hear them. And the Dolby Digital surround helps, but doesn't sound quite right. With normal surround sound, you feel like you have more depth, but that said, normal surround sound has 4 actual speakers, not 4 simulated ones coming from 2 speakers. It is still very good. It has 4 presets in the "tone" button: flat, bass boost, treble boost, and bass and treble boost. The middle two really aren't worth messing with as they don't sound that great. Most people will either use flat or bass and treble boost, depending on your preferences. Also on the headset is a blast limiter with 4 presets. This helps to quiet loud explosions so as to not blow out you eardrums, but it doesn't sound right when it's on. Not only is it quieter, but it doesn't feel as realistic to me, like the actual sound of the explosion is distorted. Most of the time, I just turn this off. Chat is loud and clear, as well as easily adjustable. It has a function where the chat can be set up so as the game volume rises, the chat rises with it, which is a really convenient feature in games with lots of loud bangs.

Transmitter: Well, to fix the popping and buzzing near a router, the transmitter runs with dual band wifi. This means the transmitter, to avoid interference, swaps between two wifi wavelengths, 2.4 ghz and 5ghz. For the most part, it really shows. The wireless connection has no interference as well as great range. However, I did encounter interference when just sitting there. It happened twice in the few weeks I owned it. But there may be another reason I will address later...

Bluetooth: Yes, this headset can satisfy both Xbox users and PS3 users with the same headset. The Xbox chat is made wireless via a bluetooth puck included with the headset. However, if you use the chat keyboard or odd controller, it may not fit, so you'll have to go with the classic wire. PS3-wise, all you need to do is pair the headset to your console and everything should work.

Overall Design: Unlike Turtle Beaches of old, these are very stylish and very functionally laid out. The buttons may take a little bit to remember, but the layout will almost immediately start to feel like second nature. They're big buttons which are easy to press on the fly. The mic is removable for those gaming sessions where you don't want it. For the most part I haven't been using the mic, so I just unplugged it. They look like they'll weigh 20 tons when lifted, but they are actually very light for their size. The one issue I have with them is that they are a little bit big. If they had just added a few more notches for me to tighten it, the would be perfect. I am a small person though, so a larger person probably won't have as much of a problem as I do. It is still negligible because they are so light, they don't weigh on your ears as much.

Installation and Ease of Use: Now this is where they 400's begin to fall. The installation process is a nightmare for any normal Xbox user. PS3 users probably won't have as much of a problem, but I'm not guaranteeing that. The problems start almost immediately. If you read the instructions, the pairing process is based almost entirely on blinking sequences of lights and beep sequences. The biggest problem with this is when the you are pair the Bluetooth dongle. For whatever reason, Turtle Beach thought it would be a good idea to have everything keep blinking after it was paired. Why would that be a good idea? Most sensible people would say "Oh! The lights are still blinking, so they probably aren't paired. I'll keep trying," when in reality they were paired, but the blink sequence changed, and you didn't noticed. It's just ridiculous. If you follow the directions and pay perfect attention, most of the time, you'll be alright. After this, it normally doesn't have any issues, however I have had my headset unpair from the base for some reason. At least I knew how to do it this time around.

Overall this headset is very good, especially at the price I got them at ($130 Like New), but the price appears to be rising :( However even at the full price, it stands up to if not beating similarly priced competitors. I would give this headset a full 5 stars, but with stupidity of the installation process, I will give it 4.5 stars (5 as read above).
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VINE VOICEon March 21, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Just in case my Amazon screen name isn't enough of a clue, I am a long-time gamer. I also really like gaming headsets. I have Turtle Beach headsets, Xtoons, and a myriad of others that I have collected over the years. The last gaming headset that I purchased that claimed to offer a wireless solution with dolby digital surround was returned to Amazon because of the constant hiss, poor sound quality, and cheap construction. Fortunately none of these problems were present with the XP400.

I have an older xbox that lacks an optical output but as the instructions point out, you can simply use the optical out jack of your TV. So, before you buy an adapter, check the back of your TV or your TV's owner's manual. Set-up was easy enough. Charge the headset, connect the control box cables (one to the USB port on the xbox, one to the optical out of the xbox or your TV) and pair the controller to the headset. Each earcup has some controls present, such as volume, chat, mute, and my favorite, the ability to select different preset sound/EQ settings. Our wireless connection has been great - no interference, chat works great, and no drop-outs. We did not pair it with a cell phone because I don't mix gaming with phone calls but this is a great feature if you need the silence of headphones (for family or sleeping spouses) but don't want to miss a call.

So how about sound quality? I am happy to report the sound quality is excellent. I am partial to deep bass in games, especially for war games like Modern Warfare and BF3. Explosions and heavy machine guns sound as they should: deep, heavy, and skull rattling. The subtle highs of someone creeping up behind you to shank you in the back are not lost in all that deep bass, however. Subtle highs ring through while deep bass rattles about. The surround quality is also admirable - a helicopter circling in MW3 sounded so authentic in circling around my head that I thought there was a helicopter above my house until I realized there was one in the game.

Sound quality is very subjective of course. And these headphones are no where near the cheaper end of available headset solutions. But that is where the beauty of Amazon comes in; if you don't like them, you can always return them. But, I suspect once you put these on (they are nice, large, comfy headphones) and get used to the beauty of wireless gaming with excellent positional audio and sound quality, that you won't dream of sending them back. Keep in mind you can also use these for movies and TV. Are they cheap? Not a chance. But we spend money on what matters to us for entertainment. Some people spend it on clothes, computers, new cell phones, and Ipads. These are premium priced, but they also deliver a premium gaming wireless and sound solution. Chances are you are a gaming connoisseur to be here in the first place because if you are not the kind of person who would ever spend this kind of money on a gaming headset, you likely wouldn't have stumbled across this product or this review by accident. In the words of Ferris Bueller, "if you have the means, I highly recommend it."
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on August 28, 2015
Wow... these bad boys... are just plain awesome. I have been writing reviews for a while now, and it would honestly take too long to explain all the greatness of these. Besides, most of it is likely in the description if i remember correctly. All I'm going to say is: If you pick these up for the 360, you will never want another headset again. Holy crap, these are amazing. I think the only way you could do better is to go with a super ridiculously overpriced headset from turtle beach or razer or something.
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on January 8, 2016
I reaturned my x12 to go find new headphones because those did not come with a sound adapter. I came here and i saw this then it was mine. I have bought these there AMAZING!!, i recremend everybody to buy these turtle beach headsets.:)
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on October 18, 2014
amazing i bought it for myself and it is great sounding and has amazing bass and 5.1 surround,but if the sound isn't as good for you, it probably means you are playing an older game because i was playing call of duty ghosts and it sounded amazing but then i played call of duty modern warfare 2, it was OK all of its features worked but it just wasn't as clear and lively.also make sure your game has headset compatibility, that might be another reason its not working as well, you can find out if its a headset compatible game just by looking at the back of the case, for ps3 is shows a blue tooth headset usually in the middle. i don't know what icon or where is shows headset compatibility for other consoles.
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