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on November 23, 2012
This is a great product. It's sturdy and well built. However, the MacBook Pro Retina insert is about two millimeters too wide resulting in the retina MacBook tilting slightly to one side. Also, the cable management loops on the undercarriage could be larger to accomodate more/larger cables.

A few minor tweaks and this product would be absolutely perfect. It gets my MacBook out of the way in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Great concept.
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VINE VOICEon December 7, 2012
As other reviewers have done so well to note, this is solidly made, nice matching satin aluminum for your other Mac products.

It wasn't noted in the description on the product page, ...and I just wasn't sure (as no reviewer had noted) if it could accommodate a thin protective shell such as my Speck hard cover currently on my late 2012 Mac Book Pro 15 incher.

I'm sorry to say, it will not fit the wider rubber pocket made for my Mac Book Pro if any shell is on it.

I double checked the outside label on the product box and yes, it is the right one for my model.

Since I need the shell protection and removing the shell each time for temporary desktop use would be a pain, I regrettably had to return this to Amazon.

My Speck shell is pretty thin, but, it would not even begin to fit (and I tried the side, back and even the front cover edge face-down to be sure) in the wider rubber pocket that came with this stand (the smaller one included being narrower for the retina version).

This stand is certainly well worth it if you generally do not use a protective shell at all or use your laptop almost always in a desktop mode and thus need to remove the shell only now and then.
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on February 10, 2013
I bought this after upgrading to a new MacBook Pro Retina 15" from a MacBook Air. I used the Twelve South BookArc for the MacBook Air and and the fit was flawless (*****).

The trouble with the BookArc for the Retina MacBooks is that the laptops have varying thicknesses, so my 15" ends up fitting rather sloppily in the BookArc, it's vertical but very loose.

I would wait to buy this until they release a rubber gasket that is engineered correctly for the 15" MacBook Retina if that is your purpose for buying it.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon March 1, 2015
If you are looking for a quality vertical stand that is capable of holding both the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Pro Retina (that works well regardless of whether you have a 13-, 15-, or 17-inch model) the BookArc Pro is a solid choice.

I purchased this because I wanted a vertical stand that could accommodate BOTH my 2011 15-inch MacBook Pro, and my 15-inch 2015 MacBook Pro Retina. Apple recently started a repair program to fix certain 2011 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pros for free due to an issue with the GPU design, and that meant my old 2011 MBP-15 was getting fixed and would be operational. I purchased a 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina when it broke, which means I am now able to use the 2011 MacBook Pro as my desktop computer via my external monitor. Simultaneously, I will occasionally use my 2015 Retina for streaming to my LCD television and I want to be able to set the computer behind the TV stand out of right. So being able to do both of these things with one vertical stand is a plus.

This BookArc Pro is one of the few products that works with BOTH the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Pro Retina. More or less, the BookArc Pro is a meticulously-cut piece of aluminum that comes with two silicone inserts that allow you to place your MacBook Pro or MacBook Pro Retina (of any size) into the BookArc and stand it vertically to reduce space. The bottom feet of the BookArc Pro are silicone so that they do not scratch or slip, and the silicone insert that goes inside the opening of the BookArc ensures that the aluminum it is made from never makes contact with the MacBook Pro’s case. Color-wise, Twelve South has managed to anodize and texture this almost identical to how Apple does their MacBooks. The BookArc Pro is offered in various other finishes, such as wood.

As the BookArc Pro only works when the MacBook Pro is closed, it’s sole usage intention is to be used with an external display via OS X’s Clamshell Mode, which allows the user to operate the MacBook Pro when the lid is closed so it can be used as if it were a desktop processor linked with an external display, mouse, keyboard, etc.

As others have noted, the BookArc Pro arrives in a really, really nice box that is so nice you don’t want to throw it away! It comes with the aluminum base, as well as two silicone inserts (one for the Pro and one for the Retina Pro), and product documentation. No assembly is required other than possibly changing out the silicone insert, which takes all of 10 seconds. If you want to use the cord organizer, add another 10 seconds or so.

Overall, I am happy with the BookArc Pro. Since I have a Pro and Retina Pro, this is one of the few products that enables me to use one stand for both computers. Setting the MBP up vertically saves a TON of space and puts it out of the way where it is less likely to be accidentally damaged/scratched. The stand is extremely stable, it does not slip around, it doesn’t mark up the different surfaces I sit it on, and it does not cause elevated temperatures. Cosmetically, it looks really neat and the fit & finish could only be described as meticulously crafted.

One thing I am not thrilled with is the cable organizer. It’s a great idea in theory, but in practice it does a poor job of accommodating larger cables or multiple smaller cables. You can securely fit the power cable and a thin USB cord in the organizer, but that is about it. I wish it had a little more capacity given many people need to wire more components to the computer than just that!

Temperature-wise, I do NOT think that the BookArc Pro has any significant effect on temperature, one way or another. Compared to when the computer is sitting normally on a hard surface, I do not think it runs much hotter or cooler.

Stands that are known for reducing temperatures, such as the Rain mStand or the elago L3, have an aluminum base in which the computer’s bottom panel will make physical contact with, and this aluminum base covers the physical location that the CPU and GPU are located at above. Aluminum is an extremely effective material when it comes to heat dissipation (which is a major reason why the MacBook Pro is constructed from aluminum), these aluminum panels pull heat away from the laptop and rapidly dissipate it…the stand is technically an external heat sink. The outcome is often a cooler-running computer.

The BookArc Pro angles the MacBook Pro in a different direction, but it only makes a small amount of contact with the computer, and the portion that makes contact is the silicone insert (and not aluminum.) Compared to running the computer on a hard surface that is appropriate for operation, I don’t see any real temperature differences. So if one of your must-have criteria in a stand that is helps the computer runs cooler, I don’t think the BookArc Pro will give you the performance you seek.

In the future, I hope Twelve South starts making a wider insert to allow the BookArc Pro to work with a MacBook Pro in a plastic hardshell case. Having this insert would be useful for the many, many people constantly on the go who use a hardshell case to protect their Pro from scratches. If a silicone insert were made that utilized slight compression that tightens from the downward force of the computer, one wide insert would be able to work well for a wide range of hardshell cases. (Note that to some degree you can use the regular MacBook Pro silicone insert to use with a MacBook Pro Retina with a hardshell case, but it doesn’t work perfectly.)

Overall, I am very happy with the BookArc Pro and I recommend it to others. As I know that many of us own both the older generation MacBook Pros as well as the MacBook Pro Retina (not to mention MacBook Pros of different sizes), the fact that the BookArc Pro can accommodate both the Pro & Pro Retina of any size is a huge advantage.

For a small piece of anodized aluminum, some silicone, and a fancy box, this is a pretty expensive product. However, an immaculate fit & finish and flawless performance justifies the price for me. The BookAric Pro is an attractive, sturdy, and safe space-saving vertical stand for your MacBook Pro and/or MacBook Pro Retina and I highly recommend it.
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on October 2, 2014
Almost perfect. Almost. The problem isn't really their fault but here it is: I have a case. I like using my macbook as a desktop but having a case makes too tight of a fit for the retina insert, and too loose for the non-retina insert. I wish they made something in between. My case is extremely thin but it's still too much. And I can't risk roaming around with my macbook naked!
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on November 8, 2012
Everything about this product exceeds in the Apple way. The fit and finish is perfect, and the packaging looks like it was a Apple product not third-party. The stand comes with two rubber inserts, one for the standard MBP and one for the new MBP Retina. I have a Early 2012 MBP 13" and it fits in the stand like a glove. The hook underneath is handy to keep the cable organized. The feet of the arc have rubber pads so it won't slide around on slippery desk tops. Pretty much zero complaints, and a near flawless product!
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on July 4, 2015
Works very well as a stand for my Mcbook Pro Retina late 2013. The footprint is a little larger than what I imagined at first - which is actually a good thing, as it provides added stability.
Just make sure to check the dimensions and make sure you have space on your desktop or around your display for it. In my case, I used it on the floor directly with two excellent Belkin Thunderbolt-to-HDMI (highly recommended) for hooking up two displays to my MBP.
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on January 12, 2016
I've bought several of these. Standing up I don't have to worry someones going to lay something on it when its closed. It sturdy and well made and Simple. I use is for my iPad Pro also. I like knowing where my iPad is when I'm not using it, and same with my laptop. A little pricey but it's worth it. Oh i might want to mention that their packaging presentation is Awesome. I almost returned it because I got another as a gift. But they comes in handy a lot for other things. As an iPad Pro stand It's sturdy. I would like to see it have also a resting place for my Apple pencil. I'll know just where it is, next to my iPad Pro. You think you can make it with a slit on both sides for my Apple Pencil and my PenGo? Wouldn't that be nice. right now I'm using my Pen stand.
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on October 16, 2012
I recently purchased a Macbook Pro to run in clam mode with my Apple 27" display. i realized that having a flat 17" notebook lying on the desk takes up a tremendous amount of space on the desk and wanted an alternative set up for the notebook when I happened across the Twelve South BookArch.

The BookArch arrives in a set up that is laid out in a simple yet dramatic fashion that resembles Apple product packaging.

The BookArc has the same brushed aluminum finish that most major Apple products come with such as the Apple Thunderbolt Display MC914LL/B (NEWEST VERSION),Apple Wireless Keyboard MC184LL/B [NEWEST VERSION], and the Apple Magic Trackpad. This is aesthetically pleasing.

The Book Arc keeps cables that you may attach to your laptop managed on the underside of the arc which helps to reduce the appearance of clutter.

The Arch itself is a solid metal with rubber feet preventing it from going anywhere as providing stability which alleviate my fears that my laptop might cause the arc to fall on its side. The inserts for the center of the Arch are thick durable rubber that feel as if they will last through the years.

Not utilized

++ Product mimics the world of Apple from product packaging to appearance
++ Sturdy construction

++ Like Apple products themselves, this item is costly
++ You receive two rubber inserts for the arc. Depending upon which version of the BookArc you purchase, you either get the inserts for the older plastic Macbook & Macbook Pro or the inserts for the Macbook Pro & Macbook Pro Retina. It is expensive if you have all three laptops and need the inserts from both sets. It costs $14.99 via the company to get the set of rubber inserts you are missing.

Overall I am glad I purchased this product and recommend it for any Macbook Pro owner who plans on utilizing their laptop in a clam book shell mode or even for storage purposes. Expensive but, in the end, worth the price.
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on April 1, 2015
While technically not a dock, the Twelve South Book Arc is the perfect stand to use with my 2012 13” MacBook Pro and 27” Thunderbolt Monitor. The combination of this stand and the Thunderbolt monitor allows me to easily remove my laptop and take it with me when I leave home and then simply slide it into the Book Arc when I get home and connect the power and monitor cables to dock with my thunderbolt monitor and connected devices.

I love the fit and finish of the stand. It’s carved out of a single piece of aluminum and has silicone feet on the bottom to prevent slippage and a silicone sleeve insert which gently cushions and hold my Macbook Pro in place. The color and finish on the aluminum matches my MacBook, monitor and keyboard perfectly and looks awesome.

The Twelve South Book Arc is not only good looking but functional too. Buy holding the MacBook in the vertical position I save a lot of valuable space on my desk and the built in cable management makes everything look neat and tidy.

If there's anything to fault about this case it would be the price ... Yes it is expensive but for the fit, finish and function of this stand, I believe it’s worth it especially if you have a Thunderbolt Display ... this is a must have accessory!
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