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on April 2, 2011
Everybody has their own list of Crappy Movies You Can't Help Watching and the Twilight movies have a prominent place on mine. With a few exceptions, notably Billy Burke as Charlie Swan, the acting is from hunger, the storyline improbable (vampires are improbable enough, but sparkly vampires? Who'da thunk it?), and character development is practically non-existent. But the movies do have a certain silly charm, especially Robert Pattinson's self-deprecating performance as Edward Cullen (and my God, he is so gorgeous he should have his own pin-up calendar), and Ashley Greene as his ditzy sister. I can't help liking her. Kristin Stewart was just plain irritating in the first two films but she's improved a lot in this movie. Maybe she's finally learning.

"Eclipse" is starting to grow on me. The first time I watched it I couldn't stand it. Then last night I saw it again on cable TV and actually enjoyed it in spots. Maybe I wasn't in the right mood when I saw it the first time, but I love a good romance and the romance between Edward and Bella is really touching and sweet. Especially Edward's explanation of why he insists on no sex before marriage: he wants to re-live the old-fashioned way of courtship he was cheated of when he was made a vampire. I also thought the Cullens had more depth and dimension than they did in the other movies. They aren't just a happy family, they're a close-knit family whose very existence is threatened by some newbies who don't know how to act right.

Jacob, however... my God, I wanted to slap that boy upside the head. Not that I didn't enjoy Taylor Lautner's performance, which I thought was the best of the three leads, but good lord, what is it with this guy that he can't take no for an answer? Buy a vowel, get a clue, she wants Edward, she doesn't want you. His obsession with Bella isn't romantic, it's irritating and immature. She tells him she doesn't reciprocate his feelings for her; he tells her he's not buying it. What isn't he buying? He might as well throw a tantrum and tell her never mind how you feel, it's all about me. He may be in love but he's got the emotional maturity of an eight year old. And his justification of imprinting is chilling. What girl wouldn't want a guy who imprinted on her? A girl who likes to make up her own mind, that's who. Actually, Meyer's big "triangle" is no triangle at all; it's two people in love and a third who won't take the hint that there's no room for him. Jacob has some major growing up to do.

The backstories of Jasper and Rosalie don't add anything to the film except to take up time, and the intrusion of the evil Volturi toward the movie's end seems more like an afterthought tacked onto the story, but taken as a whole, "Eclipse" isn't a bad addition to the "Twilight" series. At least it's more fun to watch than Edward and Bella's interminable angst in "New Moon". And it's got a lovely, upbeat ending, for those who like their movies to end on a positive.

Judy Lind
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on October 24, 2010
Read all 4 books. Favorite Twilight & Eclipse. Twilight was a total disappointment. Screenwriter & director totally ruined it. Did not translate to screen at all. The only thing it had going for it was Rob Pattinson. Very easy on the eyes. New Moon! Thought it was Taylor's movie. Again Edward & Bella's love story not well translated on screen. Weitz gave us Zombie Edward & Bella. Better special effects & cinematography though. Sreenwriter is still a problem. Eclipse! Definitely better than the previous two. Fast paced, more action, more romance. However, they tried to pack lots of stuff in and missed the most important parts. (From the moment the first film hit it big the focus has been on making the films more male-friendly.) Fave scenes the sleep-over-from the time he met her at her truck to the leg-hitched. Oh if only they got that part right! The tent scenes was ok. Edward's reaction to Bella's cheating on him with jacob-beautiful in the book,ruined in Eclipse. Things really got worse with that silly speech by Bella at the end "it's not about you Edward" Seriously what was that screenwriter reading.? After three books it wasn't about Edward at all. OMG! The chemistry and passion in the book is jut not there on screen. When it's all said and done it is the love story of Edward and Bella, and boy I hope we finally get that story in BD. Won't hold my breath.
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on October 15, 2010
Eclipse is by far the better movie. I hated Twilight and actually fell asleep the first time I saw it because it moved so slowly and the characters weren't as well defined as they are in the book. I did decide to take another look when it came to cable and decided it wasn't the actors who trashed the movie but the director and screenwriter. The actors were uncomfortable and awkward in the movie because that's how they were depicted in the books. Everyone. Charlie and Bella weren't physically affectionate. Bella was an outsider in AZ, therefore felt awkward in Forks. Edward was afraid he'd kill Bella and felt physical pain when he was near her because he wanted to kill her. So after re-watching it, I got it, but it was not translated to the screen how/why Bella and Edward were so passionate about each other.

Fast forward to New Moon and Eclipse. Thank goodness they got new people behind the scenes because the movies began to improve. Edward was a bit more emotional in Eclipse than he should've been with Jacob. Jacob, in the books is a bit immature and silly and Edward is, afterall 109+ so he's more of a grown-up. He's more in control. They really need to work on Edward and Bella's passionate scenes. These two should be slobbering all over each other and breathing heavy until Edward comes to his senses and pushes Bella away. That's what you got from the books, but it's not intense in the movies as it should be.

Hopefully all that pent up angst will be shown in Breaking Dawn and not PG as it was in the books. Bella and Edward should get down and dirty and show more passion for each other. Afterall, Bella has been lusting for Edward and so have we. Give us what we want!!!
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on May 9, 2011
After New Moon, I am not really expecting too much from the Twilight series anymore, however after saying that, I must admit that Eclipse was a decent film. It took me a long time to watch it due to the fact that Eclipse is my favorite book in the series and I didn't want to watch it get murdered on screen. But like the title depicts, they did a very rushed job of highlighting the main points while still staying true to the main point of the story. It seemed very rushed, but I appreciated that they kept some things in even if it was a side note. As far as Breaking Dawn goes, I think the movies will only make the book look better. I was not a fan, so thanks to Eclipse, I will be giving Breaking Dawn a chance now. :)
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on December 25, 2012
I have never been a fan of the twilight movies because that acting is so bad in all of them, so I can not really enjoy the movies. The books are great, but i am not a fan of the movies. You might be better off just leaving your imagination up to itself and not having it ruined by the awkward characters in the movies.

I would not re-watch.
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on October 8, 2015
Well the movie sucks, because, well it's Twilight, but I admit it's a guilty pleasure of mine, books way better, whatever... so anyway, you buy this, you know what you're getting into.

My review, however, is about watching the video through Amazon, or rather, trying to. I have 75 mbps internet at my house, and with NO ONE else using the internet, my brand new Sony HD Smart TV and my decent lap top both kept stopping to buffer and load, and most of the HD video was NOT HD. (I might have rented the HD one, but either way...) almost immediately it says "due to slow speeds we'll switch to SD instead of HD so the playback isn't inturrupted" or something like that, which means a super fuzzy picture, even if you try to pause it to allow it to buffer, it's no use. Very disappointed with the playback, and FURIOUS you can't just download it and watch it somewhere else. You HAVE to watch it on Amazon... so I wonder, .... did I BUY this movie, or permanently rent Amazon's movie??? Needless to say, I will NOT every BUY another Amazon movie.
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on January 14, 2011
After reading the first book a few months ago, I decided to watch Twilight. The first film, while low in budget, was a lot better. This could be because the idea and/or actors were "fresh," I do not know which. The second film was pretty bad: there were pacing issues, issues with hair and make-up, and issues with the acting. The third film fares a little better; there were two major flaws, everyone's wigs and the speech that Bella made at the end.

Eclipse picks up right where New Moon left off, Bella and Edward are happy together. He wants her to marry him as a stipulation for turning her. She has shallow reason why she does not want to marry him; even though she wants to commit to eternal after life? If you follow the saga, then you know that the werewolves hate the vampires.....etc. Victoria comes back wanting revenge and she is played by someone different. She builds a newborn army to take out Bella. Possibly to eliminate the Cullen's as well or just because she does not want the Volturi to know. The werewolves form a truce and work together to save Forks from newborn annihilation. Two of the Cullen's are allowed to speak on their back stories. Bella agrees to marry Edward, they hide in a tent for her to be safe. The tent scene from the book happens. Jacob tries to force his love on Bella, he learns of their impending marriage and the fights happens. It ends with Bella's speech.

The Good:
The cinematography was beautiful, the pacing of this story was done better. Everyone accept for Kirsten has improved in the acting department. Pivotal scenes from the book are executed well. Riley and Bree were perfectly cast and the the action scenes were a lot better. I am glad the third wife scene was cut down. Imprinting was explained better and they left out the Quil/Claire stuff.

The Bad:
Everyone's hair was a mess, I know Kristen shot this after filming the Runaways; but that wig was just vomit-inducing. Jasper hair and the general style of a lot of characters was just bad; it kept me from getting thoroughly lost in the film. We do not hear much from Jasper but in the first films he seemed to have a lisp, now it is a southern accent? Bella, in the books, does not actually engage Rosalie to hear her back story, so I found this a little odd. None of the werewolves look like they should be grown or at the age of 25. The execution of Jacobs love for Bella came off poorly, I never saw the love, just a douche bag.

Kirsten has no chemistry with Robert or Taylor, on film: I could not SEE why either would want her, there was barely any signs of fun; just Kristen biting her nails. It is inferred that the Volturi knew about the newborns but allowing Jane, etc to watch them create havoc was confusing; is it foreshadowing, I thought that was just an errant thought? The last thing was the speech at the end. The books sort of meld together but Bella was really sad over "losing" Jacob. This was never explored, instead Bella talks about belonging with the Cullen's, truly wanted to be a monster because she did not fit in; there was no need for the speech. It seem trite and pedestrian.

I prefer the films to the books because a lot of unnerving themes are left out{cough Quil}, so I would recommend seeing it once because it is entertaining. It is a dramedy, you might awwwww!! and you might find it romantic but there are definitely some laughs, just those wigs alone.
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on October 31, 2011
The movie works well. We are happy with this fact.
And contrary to some of the posted reviews we did get the actual 2 disc SPECIAL EDITION.
HOW EVER The photo showed the packaging in English only.
So we ordered it.
We did not know that the packaging would be heavily SPANISH.
There was some english as well.
We were hoping we had not gotten a subtitled version.
As the pictures did not show this fact.
And we had not noticed this in the store released versions.
We were also worried we had gotten a spanish version.
We have never used AMAZON.COM before.
We tried to contact them for reassurance this is english and spanish wrapped in.
There is no contact us phone numbers to talk to anyone on our receipt order form.
There is no contact us for that matter on the site.
I clicked contact and it kept redirecting to another page.
We tried AMAZON because my daughter had gotten a birthday giftcard.
And i am not really pleased with the lack of customer service.
Luckily we have a set of spanish TWI-HARD fans next door.
So we opened it and prayed for the best.
If nothing else we could pass it on to them.
But thank heavens it is english with no subtitling.
But it does have spanish options.
So if you don't mind a copy with spanish stuff all over it.
This is a good one.
But if you don't want all of the spanish stuff.
Buy somewhere else.
As for me i think i will be going back to EBAY.
Because i have paypal guarantees and customer service to talk to if something goes wrong.
I am sooo lucky this turned out ok.
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on November 28, 2010
I'm wondering how many other fans didn't like it as much as they thought they would? Especially if it was your favorite book too. I never thought I would be disappointed with the movie adaption, but I left the theater wondering why they kept Melissa Rosenberg on when she keeps messing up the movies. Twilight & New Moon were pretty good, but Eclipse could have been soooo much better. This is why I was disappointed:
1) The pace was choppy and it didn't flow right
2) The good scenes were not long enough (i.e. fight prep)
3) Bella did not shed a tear and she cried a lot in the book, especially when she realized she loved Jacob and then felt more guilty because of Edward
4) When Bella was kissing Jacob, they should have flashed to her thoughts about what her life would have been like with Jacob (2 little kids with dark hair running into the forest), etc. - so to me that scene kinda of left me deflated
5) Even the fight scene which was pretty good was not as riveting as it could be plus it was too short- i.e. not vampire body parts crawling to find other body parts. I also didn't like Edward almost losing & Bella coming to his rescue. In the book, she didn't know Seth was faking being hurt. Plus they didn't show how fast the vampires could move where Bella couldn't see how Edward was doing while fighting Victoria.
6) I miss Rachele L. as Victoria. The new Victoria was okay doing the sweet parts with Riley, but she was not scary like Rachele was.
7) There wasn't enough dialouge with Charlie & Bella like there was in the books - Charlie is a key character that they should show more
8) There were a lot of lines from the book this time, but sometimes the wrong characters were saying them (Carlisle was saying Alice's lines at the party). Plus I missed some like "go fetch a space heater" "A little stoned. Dr. Fang isn't sure how much pain medication I need", etc.
9) I thought MR completely missed the mark with Alice's party ... I liked the dialouge between Jacob & Bella in the beginning and then Alice telling Jacob about the army that was coming... I don't get why MR had to change it all up.
10) MR made Jacob too serious and not as funny as Stephanie Meyer wrote his character
11) I didn't like Bella's speech at the end... she would NEVER want to become a VAMPIRE without Edward. She doesn't realize until BD that she shined in the vampire world. Plus it 'was' a choice between Edward & Jacob... SM said she wanted Bella to see everything she would be giving up.
12) When they lead into BD, how will they explain that the Denali family bailed on them in Eclipse?
13) I think the first kiss between Bella & Edward in the first movie, Twilight, had more sparks
14) the tent scene was a pivotel part of the book, yet Jacob was sitting in a weird seemingly uncomfortable position and it was distracting - they definetely could have done it better

I enjoyed the audio book more than the movie if that's any indication. I did give it 3 stars because it had some good moments. I suppose if I didn't read the books, I may have enjoyed it more ...
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on June 5, 2013
It's Twilight. We all know Kristen Stewart can't act, and Robert Pattinson isn't far behind (or some of us are in denial). But I am a fan of shirtless Taylor Lautner, and I absolutely loved the books so I feel obligated to watch these. That and I hate owning some movies of a series and not all. I enjoyed the actor's performance who portrayed Riley, so this one wasn't a total loss. So yeah, it's Twilight.
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