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on March 25, 2009
So, I absolutely loved all four books. I even drug my now ex-boyfriend to see the movie with me in theaters. The lines that I loved from the book seemed corny and over acted in the movie, but I still love it and can't wait to see New Moon on the big screen.

As for those of you who complained, sorry, my code worked just fine and I watched it the same night I ordered it. Stinks for you! lol
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on December 31, 2012
The never ending, eternal romance of Edward and Bella begins. IF you need more than that you're either dead or a visitor from another planet conquering us which means you don't care anyhow so why bother. This film is based on Stephanie Meyers fabulous novel series by the same name.
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on June 2, 2012
This movie was painful to watch. Admittedly I am much older than the target audience, but had read the books in an effort to connect with a pre-teen I know through a volunteer program I'm involved with. As much as I hate to admit it I enjoyed the books a great deal and found the teen love story far fetched but fun to imagine. Unfortunately this book did not translate well to film. Needless deviations from the written story didn't make sense and actually made the film significantly less interesting than the written story. In the book there is incredible chemistry and tension among the main characters, but in the movie there is so little of either chemistry or tension the boredom never lifted. Do yourself or your kids a favor and skip the movie, buy them the books.
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on November 3, 2009
I read the review the previous "wanna be" professional critic wrote and it's a bunch of BS. This is by far a one of the best movies made. Can't wait for New Moon. I've never read the books and I'm not a teenager. This isn't theater, it's entertainment. If you want theater, go to broadway. As for entertainment, it was great. I think most of the nation will agree with me. I've pretty much learned what the critics love, sucks. I mean really, how many awards did the movie "Sideways" win? My husband and I watched it and ended up turning it off, it was by far one of the worst, most depressing, boring movies I've ever seen! I've learned if the critics hate it, I'll love it and vice versa. You won't regret seeing this movie, it's awesome.
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VINE VOICEon January 9, 2009
An unusual and lovely teen, Bella, reluctantly moves to live with her father in the misty, verdant forests of Washington State. Her first day of school goes well due to friendly classmates but then she encounters a young man, Edward, who glares at her with feral scorn--his black eyes sparkle with offense when she is near. She determines to confront his rudeness. But the next time she sees him he is oddly courteous and sincere. As they get to know one another Bella discovers that Edward has super strength and can even read minds. But when she is shocked by the icy cold of his hand she knows the truth. He is a vampire.

Edward's mystery, beauty and old-fashioned manners are irresistible to Bella. He makes a chivalrous attempt to stay away from Bella to protect her from the vampire world, but it is too late for both of them because are deeply in love. Bella and Edward have a forbidden love. They belong to warring families. Like Romeo and Juliet their passion is intensified by transgression against norms of their heritage. Bella is relieved to learn that the family of vampires Edward is a part of is unusual; they are "vegetarian" vampires, meaning they only drink the blood of animals.

Edward and Bella spend idyllic hours romancing in the mossy green redwood forests. Physical touching is almost impossible because Edward must continually fight against his fierce instinct to drink her human blood. But their hearts touch through their eyes. Edward's tender yet ardent courtship of Bella is poignant and tantalizing. Then Bella is threatened by becoming the target of a rogue predatory vampire. This predatory vampire is tantalized by the challenge of a battle of wits and skill against Edward and his family, who unite to protect Bella.

Meyer's brilliant Twilight series introduced a fresh new vampire world into the genre. And in the movie the freshness continues. Filmed in gorgeous redwood forests, it is startling to see vampires in the sunlit meadows yet seeing them in light does not make them less mysterious or menacing. The young actors in this film are well cast; beautiful but unusual. Their characters are not shallow teens; these are complex young adults that care deeply about their lives, friends and family. Bella, played with intensity and verisimilitude by lovely Kristen Stewart, is a worthy and courageous hero who does not hesitate to put her own life in danger to protect her mother and her father. Despite the fact that she is just a frail human she fights back against supernatural and human predators. Edward is equally interesting as he is physically seventeen but is much older in years. Yet Bella is his first love and he is terribly concerned that he will cause her harm. Oddly handsome Robert Pattinson plays Edward with magnetism and aching vulnerability. Kudos to the rest of the actors, particularly kind-faced Peter Facinelli as Carlyle, sensitive Billy Burke as Bella's father, captivating Justin Chon as Erik Yorkie, piquant Christian Serratos as Angela Weber, striking Gil Birmingham as Billy Black--I could go on and on the casting was excellent.

Brilliant director Catherine Hardwicke matched the beauty of the ancient forests with the emotional tone of the scenes with authority and confidence. Though I have not seen this director's other films I look forward to seeing her work.

Twilight the movie has had to make choices to adapt Meyer's huge novel to the screen yet no sacrifice of quality has been made. The movie sensitively portrays the thoughtful and passionate characters created by Meyer while it enthralls and entertains with its contemplative beauty. Vampires symbolize the primal drives in all of us but in Twilight we are introduced to vampires who choose to put aside these urgent desires to avoid harm. Tender love and care are portrayed as the greatest power of them all.

Seen it twice and can't wait to see it again. An enthusiastic five stars--Twilight deserves to be a smash hit!
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on May 8, 2013
I should have listened to all the warnings. That being all the tell-tale signs that were ever present. "Popular with mostly very young or teenage girls" being the prevelant warning. This film proved to be a very robotic-like, poorly written, "aww-shucks" sort of vampire story with little or nothing much to sink your teeth into(sorry, I just had to put a dorky insert somewhere or it just wouldn't be right). The acting by nearly the entire cast seemed wooden and unnatural. The script was painfuly elementary and wooden as well. And talk about "predictable?" Geesh! It also has zero street smarts as a vampire film goes. Even old goofy vampire stories like 'The lost boys' have more bite and appeal than this spineless romantically inept yarn. The people who thought this was good need to sink their teeth(there I go again)into another current vampire tale- "True Blood" and see what they are really missing. This movie is bottom on the barrel "geekpire" material at best. I certainly will not be seeing any of the other sequels. Can't wait to see how many "Not helpfuls" I'm going to get because they liked it and I didn't.
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on March 2, 2013
So my sister begged me and begged me to watch this movie with her so I decided why not? I haven't read the books so I can't say if it really does stay true to the books, but after watching this movie I have no wish to pick up the book any time soon. I have heard of Twilight because it's awalys being compared to the amazing Hunger Games and I'm a huge fan of The Hunger Games so I thought "boy if the Hunger Games was said to be the next Twilight then this movie also has to be amazing right?, right?"...WRONG! What I don't get is why is, or was, this so huge and why did people like it so much. I almost feel asleep it was just so boring. This movie was very laughable, the acting wasn't even the worst part, the script was a mess. I'm suppose to believe that these two are in love yet these two don't do a good job at persuading me. Everything about this movie was just so stupid, for you to like this movie you are either,humorless, boring, or just mental. HOW ON EARTH ARE THESE MOVIES BEING COMPARED TO THE HUNGER GAMES! HOW! It's really hard to find anything good about this movie, all I have to say is THANK GOODENESS we no longer have to suffer through another Twilight movies.
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on April 13, 2015
This is the standard girl meets boy romance with the twist that the boy is a vegetarian vampire and the girl is attracted to his batboy demeanor. The special effects are great and there is not a lot of blood--surprise, surprise! Mixed couples usually have the hardest time finding acceptance in our biased society.
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VINE VOICEon July 9, 2010
Okay, by now, we've all heard of "Twilight", right? It's a series of films based on a series of books, something that is wildly popular with Hollywood studios these days because of the success of Harry Potter, though a lot of times promising series get started and don't go beyond 1 or 2 films because they are not as successful as Potter has been (I wouldn't mind seeing more of the Vampire's Assistant, among others). Anyway, the one other that leaps to mind as being consistently successful is this Twilight saga, yet many of us have not heard such great things. For example, I heard from most that they were awful films, full of teen angst and simply using the vampire aspect as a hook. This led me to think I probably wouldn't like the films. After all, while I LOVE vampire and werewolf films, I tend to prefer the Hammer Horror kind of vampires to the kind we've been getting since "Interview with the Vampire" came out (not that Interview itself wasn't awesome). However, I still wanted to give it a chance. I like to give everything a chance, and I have two online friends who are also straight guys and yet absolutely love the saga, so here I go... and no, I haven't read any of the books yet (haven't read the Potter books yet either, but I'm a huge fan of the movies, and only 60% of that is due to Emma Watson *drool*).

Well, one of the friends I mentioned sent me the first two Twilight films on Blu-Ray, and after relocating to Austin recently and unpacking everything, I have finally gotten around to watching the first. For those who don't know, here's the plot: A gorgeous teenage girl named Bella Swan (yeah, the name is a little corny) moves in with her dad near the Washington coast. She's a bit of a shy loner, even though everyone instantly wants to be her friend (I guess `cause she's so hot, or people are just ridiculously friendly in this town; I still prefer Emma Watson though). Bella soon meets a strange guy from a strange family of foster kids that are all inter-dating, except for him. His name is Edward Cullen, and he's a vampire. Edward saves Bella from a deadly accident one day, and this causes her to discover his secret. The two are irresistibly drawn to each other and very quickly fall in love. This is the bulk of the story of the first film, and to hear others talk about it, you'd think that was all there was to it, but turns out that's not the case. There's also a pack of werewolves that don't like the vampires, and there's a group of killer vampires that eventually set their sights on Bella. Thanks to these two threats, I actually found the first Twilight film to be... really not bad at all. It's hard to say it was fantastic. Even though I like romance in films, there's a lot of over the top teenage mush in this, no doubt. I also don't care for female narration, as it usually sounds awkward and narration in general is only rarely a good idea. Nevertheless, this film has some good things going for it. The werewolf storyline is barely touched upon here, but it is still intriguing. However, we do get into the villainous vampires somewhat, and I always love to ogle Rachel Leferve who was great as the female baddy here. Just as easy on the eyes as Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella, and Ashley Greene, who plays Alice Cullen, is pretty cute too, among others in the film. I mention this because one of my friends' selling points was the hotties, and these are the ones that caught my attention the most.

Yes, overall, I liked this film fairly well. I'm not in love with it or anything, but I'm interested to see what happens next, and hopefully some of the cheesier stuff will be lessened next time around, or at least balanced out with more of the good stuff: hotties and supernatural confrontation. Not that I require those things in a movie, but they are what saved this one.

The Blu-Ray release is a good one. In addition to the film, you get deleted and extended scenes, music videos, featurettes, and a rather enjoyable commentary by the two lovebird stars and the director, my fellow McAllen, Texas native, Catherine Hardwicke. The stars are actually more likeable in the commentary than in the film, ha, but they're tolerable in the film too. So, basically, good Blu-Ray and a movie worth giving a chance. You may like it or you may not, but I thought it was better than I had heard from most people I know. I look forward to the next one,... still wary though.
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on May 6, 2009
Twilight is one of my favorite movies. I know there are a lot of different opinions out there, but I am just so thankful to get the chance to see the characters from my favorite books come to life that I'm well satisfied with the movie version of the story. I HIGHLY recommend the books & movie(s) to everyone.

That being said, I just recieved the Twilight Ultimate Collector's Set in Blu-ray in the mail today and I wanted to write a review because I noticed that most of the reviews on here are just for the movie itself. I gave this collector's set only 3 stars. I was satisfied with the product well enough to not return it, but I wasn't completely thrilled about it. I am mainly keeping it because I have an extensive Twilight collection that I wanted to add to.

The blu-ray case (which was pretty important to me, because I already have the regular DVD version and wanted this for the looks) came with a small scratch along the "spine" and on the front. Although, I'm aware these are minor things to pick at and some people will not mind. It all depends on preferences of the owner. Also, there might not be any scratches on most of the other dvd's in the sets.

The Soundtrack CD came in perfect condition and is the same edition thats available by itself for $11.99.

The jewelry box seems to have been made possibly from cardboard, the inside of it is definitely cardboard (the mirror/picture of Edward is made of cardboard and plastic) and the exterior has been sort of glossed up and stenciled to give it a better finish. It is also sturdier than cardboard but it doesn't have the sturdiness you would get from wood.

The watch is just as I expected it would be, its like a kid's watch... plastic wristband. But I'm not complaining because I was aware of that when I purchased it. It comes packaged with a protective plastic cover so the frame doesn't get scratched, which is good. There is a little dangly Cullen crest hanging from it and I thought that was a cute touch.

The charm bracelet was adorable. I love the charms and I am definitely happy to add it to my collection of Twilight memorabilia. However, I do not recommend wearing it out a lot because it doesn't weigh much and I have a feeling it would be easily broken.

The 6 "glossy" photo cards are NOT GLOSSY AT ALL. Its more of a matte finish, and even though there are a few spots on the cards, the quality of the pictures themselves are nice and aren't blurry. The colors aren't as rich as they could be, they're a little bit washed out.

The bookmark is just what its supposed to be: a cardboard strip with the word Twilight on it.

And lastly, the certificate of authenticity... The paper its printed on favors poster board and I thought it was a nice touch.

So there you go. In my opinion, for $80 they could've made the quality of the Collector's Set a lot better... but it passes by just enough that dedicated fans with extra money to spend will probably still buy it.
review image review image review image review image review image
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