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on April 21, 2005
This game is a very fun game for Twisted Metal fans and people just getting into the series. This game has awesome graphics just like the PS2 (but a lot more fun than Twisted Metal: Black).

There are three different single player game modes. Story mode is where you pick a car and use it for 11 different levels to destroy the other people's cars. Challenge mode is where you make all the rules and choose the opponents. Endurance mode is where you see how long you last. There is also a multiplayer mode for this game.

The characters from all the old games are back like: Sweet Tooth, Axel, Warthog, Outlaw, and many more. Each have their own characteristics (speed, armor, special weapon, and handling). There's bound to be a character for everyone.

This game is a fun game and an easy game to learn so I recommend it for people just getting the PSP also. Some people may not like the game so I recommend renting it first ( *Please Refer Me).
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VINE VOICEon March 25, 2005
This game is amazing! The graphics here blow any Nintendo handheld system out of the water. This actually looks BETTER than the console versions of Twisted Metal. Don't let the small screen size fool you, you can really tell what's going on here. It's smooth frame rates all the way, with no skipping that I could see. The cars respond well, and the sound rocks (as long as you're using the headphones...the little built-in speaker stretches it a little thin). Great fun!
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on May 25, 2005
This is the best car destruction game ever and it is on a portable. I have beaten the ratherown special wepon short career mode with nearly every character. Each character has its own specials. The point of this game is to gather wepons in the arena and shoot at the other cars. The last car standing wins. The grahics are amazing, maybe the best out of any Twisted Metal game. This game, as many others have said, is mostly everything good from the first Twisted Metal and Twisted Metal: Black.
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on May 25, 2005
Having been a long time fan of the Twisted Metal series, I have enjoyed the 1st 2 games the most out of all the others. With Twisted Metal: Head on, the game seems similar to both Twisted Metal 2 and Twisted Metal Black in some ways. The controls work well on the PSP and the graphics and sounds are great too. Throughout some of the levels, there are minigames in which you can unlock hidden characters and new multiplayer levels. The story mode is the main part of the single player game and it is fun to see the ending movies of all of the characters. I haven't spent too much time playing online, but the time I did play was a blast. Overall, if you are looking for a new game for your PSP and want a blend of racing and shooting then this is the game for you.
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on February 4, 2008
this is an Excellent game with 12 vehicles and several unlockable vehicles and about 21 unlockable environments and even better a ton of minigames that range from a complete blast to play to a tad frustrating (think platforming with a CAR on the TOKYO ROOFTOPS area (think back to TM:2) and voila! nasty but still fun.
add to this formula, destructable environments and that lil item made my day (I used to hate running into a tree with MINION and it STOPPING ME. lol) not anymore however the trees give way and damage your car fairly realisticly.
sadly NO MINION but that is good in a way because the vehicles in this one are so well balanced that no one has ANY big advantage over all of the others like big baddies like minion did.
NOW for the multiplayer modes, WOW!!! very fun and a blast with up to 6 friends via wireless ad-hoc or Infrastructure mode (after a quick and free signup)
you control whether or not the environments are destructable or not in multiplayer and you also choose time limit or none, choose new vehicle after death or not, and finally artifacts!
new nifty power ups that do many things like increase turbo recarge rate and energy also double damage machine guns for a few examples. The envornmental weapons are all back like the lightning from the greek statues and radio tower. and a bunch more.
this games bosses are really well done too with crazy eddy being the first and a real blast to attempt to kill (the RV's are loony) and all the way up to tower tooth and the rest.

Fun: this game is a MUST OWN! 5 stars!

Graphics: better then TM: Black and any of the ps1 ver. so 5 star!

Sound: what you would expect but some surprises 4 stars

Overall: 5 Stars! this game is fun alone and a mega blast with friends or on the web and if you like these games like I do and especally this one you might want the ps2 version called TM: head on the extra twisted edition. 16 classic vehicles return plus all 12 new ones and 4 unknown unlockables. *see my review*
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on June 19, 2005
Twisted metal head on is a really good game for the PSP. If you have a PSP and dont have this game I would buy it right now. It was the first game I got for it and it was great. The gameplay is awesome. Its so smooth on the psp and the graphics are amazing for a portable. If you have never played twisted metal, it is a car demolition game but with rockets and machine guns and stuff. There are about 14 vehicles to be and also some secret characters. Each character has a different special move for the vehicle and also a different story of there life. The basic thing for the game is to get through 8 levels of demolitions of versing other characters in the game and when you win the final battle you get to see the story end to the characters. They wish for something from calypso because the thing is if you win you get one wish of anything. There are plenty of different rockets to get in the game. The music for the game is really good to. It goes really well with the gameplay and it never gets boring. There are a lot of characters so you wont beat the game in one day. The levels in the game are really good also, there is paris, egypt, tokyo, rooftops, las angelos and much more. There are even secret deathmatches for multiplayer. The game is also good for online and wireless multiplayer. You can verse anybody in the united states and there are different games you can pick like team, deathmatch, capture the flag and more. The gameplay is pretty smooth online and each player has there own stats. There are a lot of players online at the same time too so there will always be people to verse, you can also create your own game online so its fun for you. There is also a new thing where if u kill somebody u get an upgrade like machine gun upgrade, armor upgrade, turbo upgrade, special weapom upgrade and more and it stays with you till you die. The only problem I had with the game is that it can get a little bit to easy and the stories at the end can get pretty stupid like they say something wrong for the wish or say something with two meanings or somebody will just do something stupid like be really happy and run across the street and get hit by a car or something. Still for some reason you will still have the craving to see the endings even though you know its gunna be stupid. Out of 10 I would rate this game as an 8. Very good game so get it for PSP. [...] This has been another game rated by DARTH RAGE.
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on June 10, 2006
INTRO:Twisted metal is a longtime franchise who made its debut on ps1 the franchise is known for being very destructive and its debut on psp portable system represents exactly that.It goes back to twisted metal 2 wich is the best of the serie.Psp has taken many famous franchise to make ripp-off of them but this game is an exeption.

The game is great the graphics are awsome and i love this game The characters are various as you can choose characters as the clown and even the grim reaper.They all have different vehicles from the classic ice cream truck to the atv,harley and even a tank and all have special attacks but wich are hard to perform.The game is a fast action and cool destructive game.

The enviroments are looking great with stages for Egypt,Paris,Tokyo,Russia,a Baseball field and more about everything you see is destructible ading more fun to the game.You gotta catch weapons such as grenades to hit your oponents.

The story mode is cool but it doesnt really have any storyline and the ending Boss is tough to beat as many say and that mode aint real long.Its mostly giving the action to players whitout boring them with a storyline it goes straight to the action.Other modes includes chalenge mode which just allow you to play levels and endurence in wich you have to beat as many opponents as possible.

Overral:Some bad points like the hard boss at the end and the controls for specials are hard to memorize but its mostly a great game and it didnt ruin twisted metal it made it better and its portable start is awsome hopefully another will come for Psp!I recomend it to twisted metal fans and those who arent and if you like destructive games you will have a good time!
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on April 28, 2013
I have been a big fan of these Twisted Metal since back in the good old days of the PS1 and this game did not disappoint. I was really excited to find it for my PSP to play. Fan of the series? A must have if you are. Not A fan of the series? Get it and become a fan..
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on July 4, 2012
Something is lost in the translation to hand-held as is the bane of many ports to handheld. This was one of my favorite games on PS1 but its just difficult to control on a handheld. The graphics are crisp and move along at a good clip. But control is so slow its frustrating.
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on January 14, 2013
They play it a lot and they like that they can put their PSP's close to each other and they can battle each other.
In fact they liked it so one of my boys beat it! But he said he will replay it again.
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