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on February 28, 2012
Twisted Metal (2012) is based on a great franchise with excellent core gameplay. However, this newest release tries to apply an assortment of mode variations (taken from FPS and racing games) with questionable results.

Instead of being able to choose from a macabre cast of characters (as in past titles) you find yourself tied to (3) players: Sweettooth, Mr.Grimm, and Dollface (which are unlocked in that order). Each character has (3) 2-3 min movies that blend live-action and CGI to great effect, even though the middle cinematic is partially relegated to flashbacks from the original video.

Combat and vehicle handling are tight. Weapons are varied and mostly balanced, and the helicopter Talon is actually pretty fun to use. As a result, online play can be enjoyable if you select the right matches and modes. However, in an attempt to add variety, the modes too often stray from what is fun.

Once vehicles have been unlocked by a character's gang they can be used during other matches. It seems kind of odd to use Sweettooth on Mr.Grimm's motorcycle, or to drive Shadow with Dollface - but that's what you'll find. (Axel is only playable as DLC). The good part is that you can use your favorite car in almost every level. However, the PROBLEM is that the new level designs almost force you to select certain cars to proceed in single player or be competitive online.

Ultimately, you end up choosing what works best for certain scenarios and less of who you would LIKE to play as. Twisted Metal was always a car combat game built around single elimination death matches. The new game changes that, and not necessarily for the better. On the rooftops there will be an inordinate number of people using the helicopter Talon.

Likewise, in checkpoint races everyone will choose Kamikaze or Crimson Fury (paint variations of the fastest vehicle). Here you must beat your opponents to certain destinations without missing too many gates. The problem is that this is NOT Mario Kart, or Blur where weapons will knock people off the track. In those games, any vehicle has a CHANCE to win. In this game Crimson Fury or Kamikaze will ALWAYS win. Unless you choose one or the other, you have absolutely no chance of winning. Missles and even special moves (with the exception of the magnet) will never knock the cars off of their path. In addition, going through checkpoints replenishes health.

Cage Matches force you to do battle in certain sections of a level surrounded by lighted green grids. If you stay outside the grid for too long, you take damage. The problem is that vehicles with less health/shields will usually die if you are not concentrating on making your way back into the "cage" at EVERY given moment. Less shields = more damage = death if you get lost enroute. I finally beat these levels with Mr. Grimm, but only because his special move does an insane amount of damage once you charge it up (160) and I killed each car with two direct hits and no misses. This does NOT work online with skilled players. Most people end up selecting the same tougher vehicles.

Other levels have Juggernaut trucks that endlessly respawn enemies. You must either destroy them and all the other vehicles on the map, or continue killing cars until you have reached a quota. This is more frustrating than fun, since it offers little opportunity to search levels for new weapons or ammo. Instead, you must destroy everything as quickly as possible and hope your vehicle spawns in a good location.

Throughout the 18 levels or so of single player there are only 2-3 REAL deathmatch battles. Ultimately this is where I feel most disappointed. Twisted Metal is NOT a FPS. Capture the flag (with gang leaders you return to a missle launcher), races, and cage matches really do not do the game mechanics justice. Combine that with a limited number of characters and cinematics, and I feel somewhat let down.


So, all in all - the core mechanics are still great. Graphics have low textures, but are still manageable. The 9 cinematics are well done (although more would have been welcome), and the helicopter is a decent addition to gameplay.

Yet aside from VERY SPECIFIC online modes, a lot of this game just isn't as fun as previous entries. The bottom line is that most of the new modes do not work in context. I wish this had been a game that played to the strengths of the series without trying to revolutionize the core gameplay.

Twisted Metal is probably still a game worth buying, but I ABSOLUTELY recommend waiting until the price goes below $30.
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on February 14, 2012
Mmkay, how to start... First off, don't hate the messenger! o_o This review is purely opinionated and should be taken as such. I'm the kind of gamer that's in it for the story and single player experience, thus I'm most likely not going to touch upon Online play. Sorry peeps. :( Plus, I'm doing this for the casual gamers out there, the ones who play for mindless fun, want a new game, and aren't hardcore 50+ hour gamers. If you're on the fence, I'm writing this for you! :) With that said, lets roll!

I really liked the game as a whole. Why? I'm glad you asked! :3 The graphics are were very nice! Very few levels to play, but they were huge! The cars are well made. The graphics don't go as far as KZ 2 or 3, but there is vast improvement since the release of TM: Black!
My moment of disappointment... Yes, it is true as other reviewers mentioned. There are only 3 characters who have a story in the campaign. The way it works is the cars that have different abilities, not the driver. So much for character individuality :(
I could go on about what other reviewers mentioned, but what I really want to put emphasis on is gameplay! I'm surprised people mention so little of it. If you wanna hear about characters and story, many others have written such. >_>
Ok, let me say that I'm am an avid gamer and I enjoy various genres and challenges! I can comfortably say I'm not the best gamer ever, but I'm pretty good (I'm not boasting, I swear!). o_o So now let me place the warning here:


Having played the campaign mode on Normal difficulty, I'll admit, it was tough! O_O There are 3 difficulty levels, (Normal, Hard, Twisted). That's 3 difficulties of kicking player butt! D:

On top of a tricky button configuration, there is a LOT going on... When you play this game, you'll be dodging bullets and missiles, trying to aim a chargeable weapon, AND trying to maneuver important obstacles! This isn't a simple game, by no means! This game WILL in fact test your dexterity!

Something else to consider is your patience as a gamer! Personally, I can put up with a lot, but there were times where I became VERY frustrated! In the campaign, it will feel as if you (the player) are public enemy #1 at all times. The AI rarely fights each other, keep this in mind! ._. This is especially apparent when you fight a mini boss called the Juggernaut. It's a semi that has increased armor, has potent firepower, and spits out a new opponent to fight every so often if you don't beat him fast enough. When this mini boss gets a twin to help, and other enemy drivers are trying to kill you, it becomes one Hell of a fight... Then they make you fight 2 of them with badass upgrades further into the campaign... I nearly cried when I got to that stage... T-T

The races (yes, TM has races, crazy, I know :P...) can be tricky to maneuver when people are tossing your vehicle around with various explosions and ramming. They were fun, don't get me wrong, but in those moments of cheap shots, I was ready to use words that would stupefy an entire nunnery for generations to come! o_O

Oh I must absolutely mention the Electric Cage matches -.-
In a level, there will be a barrier that changes positions. Think of "capture the zone" type of gameplay. You have to fight in this barrier. If you stay outside the barrier for too long, health depletes. Now the challenge is trying to race to the next location, and often the AI would cheap shot me by freezing my vehicle (a special move that can be done) in place.

At the end of it all, I will say that this game made me work for that victory, lol! I personally appreciate that, but I also understand some gamers out there don't want an uphill battle, but in contrast seek mindless, casual fun. Just know that playing the campaign will be a challenge! :3

To conclude, my recommendation on buying this game, especially if you're the casual type, is to wait. I don't confidently think it's worth a $60 experience. BUT I will say I'm so happy I pre-ordered this, because Amazon had an offer to upgrade to the Limited Edition version, which came with a Redeem code that gives you a downloadable version of the PS2's Twisted Metal Black for free! I loved Black, so that was quite a bonus! The more skillful gamers out there will have a lot of fun with this game, but everyone else should know that there will be a struggle. I'd almost say you'll want to have the attitude of, "This is meant to be more challenge than entertainment". Definitely rent or borrow from a friend first, because the only way to know for sure how you'll like it is to play it personally! Other than that, I wish all of you happy gaming, good luck, and thank you so much for taking the time to read my review! :D

P.S. I'm so freaking sorry it's a long review, I was caught up in being informative! D:
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on February 14, 2012

- The visual of this game is better than I expected. Environments and cars look pretty good.

- Insane multiplayer mode, this game has probably one of the most exciting multiplayer modes.

I really could give this game 4.5 just because of the greatness of the multiplayer mode.

- Sound effect and Soundtracks are just great, fits really well to the game(and i love More human than human by Rob Zombie)

- Pretty dope campaign mode cutscenes

- Huge maps and variety of weapons and vehicles.(which proly makes up for the lack of characters)

- MP server is fixed!!!!

- To be honest, Campaign story does not really live up to my expectations. I was expecting something close to TM Black.

- Balance issues, especially Mr. Grimm's bike, it seems that there is really no point of choosing Mr. Grimm's bike, because you will die so quickly.

- Little bit of Camera angle issues..

To be honest, i thought this game was going to be another overhyped disaster like the Brink

but Twisted Metal PS3 is actually a great game and it was definitely worth preordering.

I would give it 4.5 stars out of 5
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on October 9, 2014
The most disappointing game I have ever played and spent money on. That is not to say the game is awful or even bad, but it's nowhere near as good as I was expecting it to be. I'm a big Twisted Metal fan, with Twisted Metal: Black being my favorite entry in the series. It continues to be. Twisted Metal (PS3) lacks the creative maps and unique vehicles of a great entry like that of TM: Head-On, as well as the dark and interesting characters, style and stories of Black. Gone are the individual stories for every character in the game with their unique vehicles. They have been replaced by an uninspired (and disturbingly realistic, yet ridiculous) larger storyline featuring only 3 characters, all of whom can use ANY vehicle in the game. That is a sin in the Twisted Metal universe. Gone are the unique and variety of maps with hidden areas worth discovering. They have been replaced with a few super large maps that can be split into smaller areas to battle. Some may argue that, in actuality, you're getting dozens of maps. Realistically, however, all of these maps alterations don't change the fact that they feel too similar (they're also not the most eye-catching maps in the world). Speaking of similarities, some of the vehicles feel too similar in this entry. They even have the same specials with very minor modifications! Multiplayer is fine, but with so very few people who play online, the expectation of purchasing on online pass to play online if you purchased the game used is a waste. Buy new if you're going to buy at all (online pass comes with each new copy). But don't expect to be blown away by its multiplayer. There's also the fact that you have to unlock almost everything in multiplayer with "XP" before it can be used online. Ridiculous. I will say it's miles better than its single player, which is also plagued by horribly frustrating events that are far from being the Twisted Metal you know and love. The controls are fine, but locking onto the helicopter is far more difficult than it should be. The game is enjoyable for what it delivers, but it could have been so much better if the creators didn't everything what makes Twisted Metal so fun.
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on November 27, 2014
I loved this game for its online multiplayer. Sadly, it stopped working months ago and Sony seem to not care fixing it.

If you want this for the solo experience, its ok, BUT, if you want to play online with a bunch of people, avoid this at all cost.
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on February 14, 2012
Like many others, I've been a long time fan since 1995. This is without a doubt the best Twisted Metal game ever made, but there are alot of issues that slightly disappointed me.

After already finishing story mode, I can say it is probably the most disappointing thing of all. The live action cut scenes are done very well, but the stories just aren't as interesting as I hoped they would be. Twisted Metal Black remains the highlight of the series as far as story telling goes. In Black we witnessed the depressing tale of Dollface, a terrifying realistic look at Mr. Grimm, and found out why Sweet Tooth's head remains in flames at all times. I was hoping for a story line with only 3 drivers to at least give an in depth look at these characters and see what really makes them tick. It doesn't even try to explain why Sweet Tooth has a flaming head. In one scene he's a normal guy, the next his head is on fire when he puts the mask on. What? Having such a quick shift with no explanation is no better than Twisted Metal 4's opening movie. Come on guys.

It's just disappointing in general not having all the unique drivers the series is known for. It was so much fun to go through with different characters to see their motivations and fate after winning the tournament. It added alot of replay value to the games, and I really do miss that aspect. Even though we have many familiar vehicles and special weapons making a return, there's just something strange about Mr. Grimm driving the iconic clown's ice cream truck or seeing Dollface fitted into Axel's killing machine. Another thing I really don't care for are the races. You race through checkpoints around large maps while blasting each other and trying not to fall off cliffs or rooftops. This can become very irritating, especially due to the fact that if you miss a certain amount of checkpoints you self destruct. Also, some of the boss fights are a little cheap, but they are epic encounters to say the least. These are gripes from a long time fan, but I just felt I had to address them.

In the long run, it's all about the gameplay and amazing multiplayer. Offline or online this game is so much fun. Fluid controls, dozens of levels, and tons of awesome vehicles make this game the best in the series by far. Co-op is as fun as ever, and being able to hop online with a friend in split screen is a blast. Custom paint jobs for all the cars is a nice little addition as well, plus a nice selection of different side arms like shotguns, semi-autos, and even magnums. I don't regret buying this game at all, and I'm so happy it's finally made a comeback. If you have never played a game in the series before, this is the place to start.
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on February 16, 2012
Twisted Metal does it again. I'm not gonna go ahead and spoil the good stuff, but this game is crazy. And of course twisted... Graphics are good, storyline and gameplay is awesome. If you've played the previous TMs, you'll see what I'm talking about ;].
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on February 16, 2012
This is the 2nd game I've purchased this year, but is easily my most anticipated PS3 game release ever so my expectations for this game were ridiculously high. As of my writing of this review, it ALMOST lives up completely to my built up level of hype for it.

First of all, we'll start with a huge con to the game if you're not a hardcore fan of the series. This is NOT a racing a game so the control scheme is completely different than what you'd expect coming from something like ModNation Racers. It will take some adjusting to, but once you master the controls, it becomes second nature. There is a lot of stuff to learn to be successful at this game and it might take you a bit before you completely grasp the game and can go through the campaign on the hardest difficulty (which if you want to unlock a series favorite, Warthog, you NEED to not only beat it on twisted difficulty, but you have to get a gold medal on every chapter/boss fight in the campaign on said difficulty). So, this is not a game you can pick up and expect to be godly good at right off the bat...if you bought it for a single player experience that is. Online you might do pretty good.

First, let's talk about the vehicles. Each vehicle has its own strengths and weaknesses and a special move with an alt special. Alt specials usually require more than just pressing triangle and launching it. There's Meat Wagons piloted gurney bomb that does more damage than just launching a regular one but is controlled by you and can be shot if someone sees it coming and will explode if you hit a wall or traffic car or anything else that's not your intended target. There are more vehicle options available at the start of the single player campaign than online, but you're still pretty limited when you start.

The campaign is broken up into 3 different stories that intertwine with each other and for what it is, is actually rather enjoyable. There are races, "cage" matches which have you confined to a small area on the map and having to move to the next "cage" area while not using up all the time on your grace period meter, your standard death match and boss battles. It's definitely great practice for online as you'll start to learn the different strengths/weaknesses of each vehicle. Note that not all cars are unlocked from the start and will not be until you are almost finished with the campaign. Even still, there will be cars and sidearms that you need to go above and beyond just beating the campaign to unlock (like Warthog which requires you to not only beat the game on Twisted difficulty but obtain gold medals on Twisted difficulty as well). It feels like just the right length and is rather enjoyable and gives those who are obsessed with unlocking everything reason to master the campaign. The enemies will single you out though so be ready to kill everyone yourself. Race modes will not only see them trying to kill you, but people who have a magnetic weapon will frequently try to grab you and throw you backwards to keep you from winning a race (btw, races can become extremely annoying/frustrating and do feel very out of place). It's not overly long but will take a couple hours to finish. Single player modes also include a challenge mode and an endurance mode which is basically your survival mode.

Multiplayer is where this game absolutely shines as one of the best experiences available on the PS3. Before we get to online, let's get into your local split-screen modes. This game supports up to 4 player split screen. The available modes depend on how many players you have. If you're only playing 2 player, your options are either co-op play the campaign or death match. With 2 player split-screen, you can have bots in your death match games if you want. Add 1 or 2 more players, you get access to a wider variety of game modes (death match, hunted, last man standing and their team variants) but you can not play with bots. There is a wide range of customizable options for the games from weapon variety to health drop spawns. All cars that would be unlocked from a normal play through of the campaign are available here from the start and is a great place to at least try out the other cars that you may not have unlocked in single player just yet. If you're looking for a great game to play together with some friends over while enjoying some pizza, this is definitely a fun time and feels very nostalgic.

The only blemish on this game at the moment is the online multiplayer. WHEN IT WORKS, it is literally the best online experience I've ever had on my PS3. As of now, the matchmaking for this game is a mess though. I've spent about as much time trying to even get into a game lobby as I have playing in games. I've come to find that I'm more likely to get into a game through the quick-game option under the multiplayer option on the main menu. The only different is this one will find you a game based on either free-for-all, team modes, or objective mode (which should only really be Nuke) where as going to multiplayer will let you see a list of games (but will probably only lead to matchmaking error after matchmaking error). The only downside is that sometimes Nuke gets selected through team modes which it shouldn't be and you have no control over what kind of game you'll end up in (could be team death match, could be team hunter, could be team last man standing and in some cases, could be Nuke). Online offers the same that you can play split-screen if you're playing unranked games. In unranked lobbies you can customize the settings for the game to your liking and if you're wanting to only play with a bigger group of friends, you can password lock your lobby so only your friends can get in with the password. Ranked games obviously have locked settings but the game creator can chose the map. When you start playing online, you're limited to 3 vehicles (Kamikaze, Outlaw and Death Warrant). There are different Tiers in which you can unlock vehicles and a separate system for side-arms and kill streak rewards (I think they auto-award health or a random weapon for kills?). You have to unlock everything in each Tier for the next tier to become unlockable. This is actually kind of annoying because depending on your play style, the unlocks it forces you to waste on other stuff in tier 1 is absolutely useless. The most vehicles are unlockable in tier 1 but guys like Reaper, Shadow, Sweet Tooth and Juggernaut are 2 or 3. I believe Warthog is auto-unlocked for online play if you have him unlocked in single player but I'm not sure on that yet. Another issue you'll frequently run into is people who are in charge of a lobby often do not pay attention so even if you have the required minimum number of guys to start a game, whoever is in charge of the lobby may not see that and still not start for a few more mins. It's annoying, especially when you have 10 of the 14 you need for a full game. You do get XP from various things you do online (kills, killstreaks, best player, best player on team, playing objectives, etc.) but it's just a very basic ranking up system with no medals or anything like that. The only real benefit to ranking up is unlocking new vehicles/sidearms.

The other problem I have with online is Nuke. The mode itself is a brilliant idea and I was really excited to play it. Problem being and this is only my theory, but with matchmaking seemingly lumping it in with team modes, players end up in it and play it like death match or last man standing and don't play it well as a team. The concept is there and when played right, it works amazingly and is a ton of fun. But when your team mates are only playing to kill the other team and you're the only one capturing a faction leader and need to rely on your teammates who are probably all dead to help keep the other team from killing you before you launch a nuke, it is a nightmare.

Visually, this game isn't the best looking ps3 game, but I've never seen a problem with the frame rate dropping even with the amount of chaos going on at a given time from rockets whizzing past you into a crazy intense firefight with people destroying houses and running over civilians left and right. There are times where you might find yourself stuck somewhere but a quick boost and a jump and you're usually free. It by no means is a bad looking game.

The controls for this game can be seen as a weakness, and will take some adjusting to if you haven't played a TM game since Black. There are alternate layouts you can use but once you get the hang of the classic layout, you won't want to play the game any other way. Controls do differ if you're playing as Talon (helicopter) or flying as Sweet Tooth and are pretty straight forward.

Overall, this game is just over the top fun. Any fan of the series will enjoy it and while it might take a while to feel like you've mastered the game, it's a satisfying feeling to finally see that gold medal after just barely finishing a chapter in the campaign. They are working on fixing the matchmaking issues, but as of now, those are the only major complaint I have about this game. I bought it for the mp experience and once you get into a game, it's absolutely intense and a ton of fun. Definitely one of the most worthwhile purchases I've made this year, and this console gen to be honest.

Note that if you're a trophy hunter, this game will take a long time to plat between having some hard trophies and needing to win 1 ranked game everyday for 30 days in a row which can be hindered by the major connections issues currently plaguing this game. Hopefully that will be remedied soon and that won't be an issue :)
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on February 16, 2012
Nice to see TM back after all these years. Online multiplayer is a heck of alot of fun. Online play is smooth, no lag or glitches of any kind.
People giving this game 3-4 stars either cant play the game well or just dont own it at all. I know there is no pleasing some people.
But if your tired of other games that are so serious, give Twisted Metal a try. Its a nice update from the original.
Some people on Amazon complain about the story line of every game they review, Come on people, everyone was told this game was more about its online multiplayer.
BUT, if you like a good fast paced battle and kicking your friends, and a few strangers butts in a laid back game, Twisted Metal might just be for you.
The cars specials are fairly easy to use and become second nature after awhile, and the game should have a car to suit just about everyone.
In all ,its a really fun game. Yes it doesnt have great graphics like some other games, but it doesnt need to, Twisted Metals fun factor makes up for it.
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on March 26, 2013
This is a very action packed game, a little too action pack for my tastes. There are so many things happening at once that I don't have time to enjoy/see what is going on around me other then shooting something that crosses in front of me. Then besides the intense action there are far more options for weapons then I have time to use. That being said the game is perty cool looking, and the story/graphics are top notch. The 4 player battles and the story co-ops are a lot of fun with friends. Not a game I would comonly grab for first but I'm glad I have it since I can't get the origanol.
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