Customer Reviews: Twixt [Blu-ray]
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on July 20, 2013
I love all kinds of movies from all genres whether they are mainstream released or independent distributed. A good movie is a good movie. Out of all the genres, I have always enjoyed a good horror movie. But even more, I enjoy mysterious Gothic horror movies!

I read the negative reviews and expected to hate the movie. But I ended up enjoying it! This movie is, like many reviewers have stated, very different from Francis Ford Coppolas previous works. Mr. Coppola has directed some of the greatest films ever made and many were destroying this film because it wasn't like the rest of his filmography. This happens to be one of the best Horror films in recent memory. I can see why this wasn't released nationwide in theaters because of it's independent art house feel. But I still thought this was better than a lot of the Horror movies that were graced with a nationwide theater count. The look of the film doesn't look like a typical horror movie in theaters, but it also doesn't look like direct-to-video quality. This is a great ghost, murder mystery movie with mesmerizing Gothic visuals. It almost had a 90s feel. The vibe of the film with its small town eerie setting reminded me of the John Carpenter classic "In the Mouth of Madness" at times. The acting is decent. Val Kimmer is okay as the lead and Elle Fanning is showing that she has more acting capabilities than her sister Dakotah. The make-up effects for the ghostly character V and others were simple yet haunting and clever. The cinematography is nicely done. One other memorable aspect of the film was the eerie soundtrack. It is beautiful and creepy at the same time which helps with the tone of the film. This movie as a whole reminded me of an R rated Goosebumps movie. I mean that in a good way. Many are saying the story is downright stupid or doesn't make sense. Well honestly, I love the dreamy incoherent plot. I could understand completely what was going on, but sometimes I just got lost in the artsy visuals that I didn't really care whether the story made sense or not. This is labeled as a Horror movie and I honestly expected more scares. But when I first watched it, I only jumped one or two times, and never saw anything that frightened me. I felt a little disappointed at that and felt I had wasted 16 bucks on this movie. Then after the ending, I just felt an uneasy feeling brought to me from the film. I felt creeped out. This movie isn't terrifying, but after much thought, it was scary at times. The movie sticks with you after the ending. That's what is masterful about this type of horror. This movie is receiving tormented reviews right now, but I can tell that throughout the years the reviews will get more and more positive. This isn't a mega masterpiece, but it is a good enough movie to have positive feedback. I'm saying you should give this a try before assuming it is bad because of the negative reviews. You might like it, you might hate it. But if you want a nice visual treat of a Horror/suspense movie, then rent or buy this. Turn off the lights, and enjoy the mysterious creepy ride!
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on June 26, 2013
This movie has as many faces as the clock tower, so it is not easily defined. An homage to 80's grindhouse as much as it is an old fashioned thriller, as much as it is a comedy, as much as it is a noir. This movie is going to be hard to pin down and define for everyone. It is certainly a horror story in some sense, but somehow more than that. It has a little bit of everything, even an appearance of Edgar Allen Poe! Watch with the same enthusiasm and open mind that you would a movie with Bruce Campbell directed by Sam Raimi, and you wont be disappointed. I laughed, I was scared, and I enjoyed the imagery.
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on March 18, 2015
"Twixt" is an oddball Gothic thriller cum imaginative fantasy concerning a low-selling novelist and author (played by everyone's favorite Caped Crusader, Val Kilmer) named Hall Baltimore ("Hall away!" I say) who is attempting to break away from writing witch stories and get into something else--why not something macabre instead of supernatural? Well, like reality and fantasy, the lines begin to get blurry for Baltimore as he stops into a small town where he simply tries to sell some more of his stock but instead gets involved with a wily sheriff and wannabe author (played hilariously by Bruce Dern). See that the DVD cover of this item not trouble your heart: "Twixt" is by no means a horror film, but there is some blood and much Gothic imagery about; in fact, "Twixt" is commendable for its Gothic settings and its subtle and restrained handling of violence (for the most part). A nifty beginning imagines a routine detective story, but "Twixt" is creative enough to take us to a Ouija board game that turns weird, a shimmeringly Gothic dream that involves a pretty young blonde with braces, a troubled relationship between the book editor and his wife, and even a close-up run through of the numerous vocal impressions that the gifted Kilmer can do (the James Mason impression is hilarious). Now all of this may sound like madness, but in fact for the weary cinephile it is all peculiarly refreshing. I expected a vampire/horror picture, but this one goes to so many other places that you'll feel that you have to watch it a couple of more times to get it all. Unfortunately, Edgar Allan Poe shows up in a dream here and many reviewers might unfavorably compare this more subdued representation with the more robust one offered by Cusack in "The Raven" (oh boy). Hollywood spends years and years sitting atop their giant golden eggs trying to warm up that dung heap of unsoiled screenplays for entrance into the unsuspecting world, but even a noteworthy overweight talent like Coppola would have to locate one hell of a laxative in order to convince the studios that a good egg can always be hatched without twenty years of incubation. Fortunately, the constipation of studio reproductions does not trouble our Coppola henceforth. He and Kilmer are having a gala time parading around Coppola's estate properties in Napa and Lake County CA where this film was shot as can be witnessed in the thirty-minute 'making of' offered on the disc; insulting the locals, getting snippy with each other, making off the cuff creative decisions, and ultimately stressing the titanic importance of good husky meals in both of their diets, Coppola and Kilmer make this featurette as entertaining as the resulting film itself. Perhaps "Twixt" offers nothing new for the mystery genre, but it has more visual imagination and economic sense than most of its "critics" will admit. Like Stanley Kubrick, Coppola seems to be withdrawing into a world of his own in his final years, and I commend him on this reclusion. After watching the slipshod and utterly painful "The Conversation," I had given up hope on Francis Ford Coppola as a filmmaker, as he seemed ultimately better at producing projects rather than trying to write and direct them himself. However, "Twixt" proves for all time how valuable that nightmares really are for the creative person. don't agree? B+
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on September 10, 2013
A movie inspired by a dream Coppola had in Istanbul, the movie is atmospheric rather than frightening and not particularly gory. If you like the recent movies of Coppola like Tetro and Youth without Youth, you will like this one. If you're looking for Apocalyse Now or The Godfather, you will be disappointed.
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on December 19, 2014
Up late one night, I was perusing the trailers for various "on demand" horror flicks, as disappointed with each as the last, when out of the blue I came upon Twixt and decided to watch the trailer, not expecting anything too special. The trailer convinced me that I had found exactly what I was hoping to, and I immediately watched it. I wasn't disappointed.

I notice that there are many negative reviews of this film online. That doesn't surprise me, and I put forth that in our modern age where good taste and depth are treated as diseases by many in favor of depravity and sadistic violence, this film isn't for everyone. I strongly suspect that it was not made to appeal to everyone, but rather a more select audience who have better taste and perhaps know a thing or two about life and the themes that went into making this film.

Francis Ford Coppola has managed to craft THE quintessential horror movie without falling into any sort of cliches. Unless you're into the endless stream of "a bunch of friends go into the woods, the girls lose their clothes, and everyone's slaughtered in some horrendously violent fashion" type of horror films, this one has it all, while still remaining completely unique and original.

The visual style of Twixt is incredibly cool, with most of the footage having subtly less definition than your average modern film. I feel that this gives it a very "real feel", since the absence of absolutely perfect definition makes it appear more lifelike - ever notice how you don't focus on the vast majority of what you "see" in real life? Therefore slightly downplayed definition makes what you see on the screen appear far more real. However, the "supernatural" scenes where the main character enters into a sort of dream state (sometimes it is hard to tell whether he is dreaming or awake) have much clearer "perfect" definition, giving them a truly otherworldly feeling. The atmospherics are a unique and interesting blend of small town America and classic Gothic styles, which seemlessly flow into each other in a really cool way - the way anyone who's ever lived in small town America knows you can be sucked into a seemingly other world in the blink of an eye when "something strange is going on".

The cast deserves some special attention. I had never been particularly blown away by any performance Val Kilmer had given, but until Twixt I had only seen him in big budget, assembly line Hollywood flicks where he plays some dramatic role with lots of overplayed faux emotion. Mr. Kilmer gives a truly amazing, subtle and intricate performance as "the bargain basement Stephen King" who has stopped in the middle of nowhere on a book signing tour, relying more on the downplayed reactions of a sarcastic burnout than any of the over the top emotional nonsense coming out of Hollywood. Bruce Dern plays the wacky and unstable sheriff who keeps the film level with dark humor, and Elle Fanning is suitably unsettling as the ghost of young girl whose murder becomes the center of the story.

This movie certainly isn't very frightening, but some of its content is certainly troubling (child abuse and murder) so I wouldn't suggest that children or the hyped-sensitive should rush out to see it. Amazingly there's almost no "shock value" to this movie (other than that it's a tastefully done horror flick), but it does have a way of drawing the viewer in with its strange atmospherics, clever dialogue, supernatural themes and sinister yet intriguing undertones.

If you're generally happy with what the film industry is currently putting out, this probably isn't the movie for you. If you feel like peeling back the thin layer of normalcy that masks everyday life and separates the world of the living from the world of the dead, then do yourself a favor and find a copy of Twixt.
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on February 27, 2015
Twixt was a great horror movie. It was interesting and I enjoyed every minute of it. It was a comeback of sorts for Val Kilmer who did a good job. Tom Waits narrating the start of the film was cool. Bruce Dern was great in this. Fanning continues to show while she'll be a great actress of the future like her sister. The movie is not boring and you can watch it many times. There is a lot going on. There are parts that are very scary. It was a refreshing film though not for everyone something different for a change. Cheers
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on June 10, 2015
Although this movie is so not what I'm used to from Coppola, it actually appealed to the artsy, weird side of my personality. My advice in watching it, is do not look at it in a realistic way - think dream or nightmare. I actually had to watch it 3 times but by that time I actually found it entertaining. It was nice seeing Val Kilmer again, loved Dern's performance as the cooky sheriff and Elle Fanning's vampire portrayal was pretty eerie. Not bad for a movie that was made from a nightmare.
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on August 22, 2013
***Slight plot spoiler review as I explain what I think is going on, but not the ending***

Attempting to come to terms with the death of his daughter, a down on his luck horror author finds himself in the small town of Swan Valley, one that has its own haunted tale. The film uses human parallels to create a story.

Hall Baltimore (Val Kilmer) is convinced by Sheriff Bobby LaGrange (Bruce Dern) to stay in town and collaborate on a book he is working on. The town has a bell tower with 7 clocks all with a different time to illustrate the timelessness of tales. As Baltimore dreams he sees the crime of children being murdered as shown to him by Edgar Allen Poe (Ben Chaplin) his writer alter ego. There is the mysterious V, or Virginia (Elle Fanning) the vampire who represents his own daughter Vicky. We see this symbolism as he attempts to write the tale confusing Vicky with Virginia and as he talks to Poe, who is sometimes not there.

It is an interesting tale that is filled with mystery and light on the vampire and horror part. I think the film would had been better with the "1408" John Cusack in the starring role instead of Kilmer. Not a film for everyone, but it kept me engaged.

Parental Guide: No f-bombs, sex, or nudity. The blood was light outside of one spray.
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on June 22, 2016
Incredible horror suspense supernatural thriller by Francis Ford Coppola with great performance by Val Kilmer ("I am a gay black basketball player from the 70's and the short shorts are revealing but very comfortable") LOL and amazing performance by Bruce Dern as the likeable and creepy sinister at the same time Sheriff / Detective Bobby LaGrange!! I would watch a whole tv series based on this character with him playing it hint hint!! And Edgar Allen Poe in the flesh! Also it looks like they shot all this in area near Agoura Hills where i used to live I love those dry creepy oak trees and hills.
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on August 9, 2013
TWIXT is the latest in a string of films (YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH and TETRO being its predecessors) from Coppola that all explore the same basic theme: the struggle and challenges of artistic creation. TWIXT is by far the quirkiest of these films, a mix of genre and tone that is wholly unique. But if you're one of those on its wavelength, you'll find TWIXT a darkly humorous ride.
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