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on November 24, 2012
I eagerly bought this to read after reading the first of this two part novel series written by Van Dyken The Devil Duke Takes a Bride. Yes, Sanders co-wrote her Wallflower series with Van Dyken and Two Turtledoves, although written by Sanders, is considered part of Van Dyken's House of Rennick series. Both series are enjoyable, yet so much of this book is just ridiculous and it overlaps too much with Van Dyken's The Devil Duke Takes a Bride. In fact, it doesn't just overlap, most of it is simply the same. It's like you're reading the same book because there's nothing new here. Any rewriting of scenes that already appear in Van Dyken's novel is so slight and the perspective is not entirely new, therefore, not much light is shed on anything that happened in Van Dyken's novel. The scene in the hallway with the vase has better clarity, but what happened in the library is a complete let down and was not that intriguing in the first place.

This novel simply is not that interesting, especially after reading The Devil Duke Takes a Bride. This is not a novel comparison, but because both books are so closely related, enough to almost be the same, one has to wonder the point of this companion novel. We do not see much more of the characters than we did in Van Dyken's story as was anticipated and what we do see is neither entertaining nor engaging.

Anastasia comes off as a spoiled and childish character. She was infatuated with Baldwyn since she was seven, but as a young lady, we do not get a sense of grownup love from her. She has simply grown older, the infatuation still remains. There truly has been no maturity and her naivete and disconnect from reality do not make her likeable. As for Baldwyn, his commitment to duty is overdone and he remains a one dimensional character just like Anastasia, which makes a connection between them difficult to believe, especially when it is poorly established. Sanders does not do any better with the overbearing grandmother either. She is overdone and annoyingly so. She is in no way amusing, but an overbearing bully who does not know her place. All of the scraping and fleeing that the servants do in their fear of her is not humorous, but is exasperating. I lost all patience with this character. In addition, Saunders employs some plot elements that go nowhere; for example, the characters Tenorio and Markham serve no purpose to the plot and Anastasia's dotting father has his head higher in the clouds than she does.

What makes this novel further frustrating is that Sanders would actually have readers believe that a duke such as Baldwyn could simply be told he has to marry Anastasia and he'd fall in line without protest, meekly. Absurd. His grandmother could not have made a betrothal contract on his behalf without his consent and he be forced to honour it. He is a grown and respected duke. This is the same unbelievable situation that Van Dyken sets up in her novel.

I was intrigued by the prospect of reading Two Turtledoves as a novel that would offer a fresh perspective to another story and present two characters who are engaging, but, alas, it doesn't work out that way. Neither the plot nor the characters are developed and you end up feeling like you've read the story before because you have. There is nothing to set this story apart from the original.

Save your money. If you've read Van Dyken's novel, you don't need to read this one. If you haven't, don't bother reading this, simply read Van Dyken's. I like Sanders and Van Dyken's Wallflower series, but this truly isn't worth reading.
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on December 5, 2012
It is amazing to me to find a series of books written by two different authors where they have the same writing style and it seem like the same author. This story was well written. It seems the grandmother of the men mentioned in both stories knew exactly what the men needed and chose the girls that perstered them as children. I read the other book "The Devil takes a bride first by Rachael Van Dyken. So you hear about Baldwyn and Anastasia, but you dont get too much out of it other that Baldwyn seems like he doesn't like being around, Anastasis.

Baldwyn does like Anastasia but he is just confused with how to go about wooing her. His Cousin and lady Katherine from The Devil takes a Bride are willing to help out with a little bit of trickery, by locking them in a room. Baldwyn is tempted by the lady and wants her, but every the gentleman, keeps his hands to himself while Lady Anastasia finds a key to get them out of the room.

Anastasia thinks that Baldwyn only thinks of her as his duty and she becomes angry with him. You will have to read the rest of it. I'm sure you will love it too!
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on January 13, 2014
I love all her books...funny and takes you to gentler time and place...I know it's just fantasy but sometimes it's nice to escape the world and pretend that there are people who don't curse every other word...
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on January 22, 2013
This is a great read for anyone who likes Historical romance. It caught my interest in the beginning and kept me entertained until the end. I liked it so much that I bought the next book in the series!
I will be checking out more books written by Leah Sanders in the future.
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on December 1, 2014
Baldwin returns to London from his home in Scotland when his aunt who had raised him arranges a marriage for him without his prior knowledge. Needless to say, he is far from content with the arrangement, but he is a dutiful gentleman and will do what is necessary. The lady he is to marry is Anastasia, who only five years ago had flung mud at him to gain his attention, followed by humiliating results. He cannot imagine marrying her; she has dreamt of him since she was a young girl and still sees him as her knight in shining armor. The story is well written, it's been edited well, and the characters are well developed. However, I did not like Baldwin. He was so caught up with his sense of duty that he was actually an insensitive bore where Anastasia is concerned. Just because he was afraid of being alone with her, because he couldn't trust himself since he felt such an attraction to her, did not excuse him when in a public setting. There was no need for him to flirt with another woman in public and ignore his fiancé. That just seemed mean and hurtful, especially since he was aware of her hero worship of him. I felt Anastasia was weak and even childish at times. I kept waiting for her to put Baldwin in his place and just show some gumption, but it never happened. She was docile and often just licked her wounds. I found the story to be disappointing.
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on November 17, 2012
Another short story I couldn't finish, even scanning every other line. The storyline was not realistic, and it was boring to boot. I have a hard time accepting authors that write HR and don't stay true to the mores of the time period. No Duke during the Regency era would have allowed his grandmother to arrange a marriage for him, without his permission (however, if the author had made the setting 200 years earlier, I would have been fine with it). Also, the girl's father (who was suppose to adore his daughter), would have known that he and the grandmother could not make that kind of betrothal without the Duke's consent. That said, I might have even been able to overlook that if the book was interesting.
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on March 15, 2014
Coffee Time Romance Reader's Award!

This is such a poignant, beautifully written story. The writer pulled me in right from the tender, sweet prologue until the very end. I cried with and for Anastasia when her hopes and dreams were shattered, I was angry and frustrated on her behalf and fell in love with her. On the other hand I laughed at Baldwyn's thoughts and stunts and felt for him when he struggled between his duty and desire and finally his anguish at the thought of losing Anastasia. The story about two turtledoves will touch your heart like never before only to bring tears of joy in the end.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More
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on April 22, 2015
Quick read, good story though a little predictable. I would have liked a little more drama or twists in the story.
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on June 20, 2014
Decent read. Keeps you interested. Entertaining. Enjoy the ups and downs of a relationship then everything turns out ok. Fun.
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on March 30, 2014
Trouble w reading intertwining stories...after reading sorta know what is going to happen, at least some part, in the others
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