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on March 13, 2004
Michael Linsey-Hogg, the director of Let It Be, weaves fact and fiction into a compelling movie about two of the greatest personalities of our generation.
McCartney comes off a bit too warm in this but its hard to see that as a flaw. Reputed to be a 'cool' person at the best of times perhaps we see through to the real Paul. Lennon on the other hand is accurately portrayed from the clowning to the acid wit he was so well known for.
While the actors don't physically resemble John and Paul that well they certainly come across as them if you just squint your eyes and pretend a little.
Best moments in the movie:
McCartney in a heartfelt moment telling John how during the break up of the Beatles he felt as though he was losing his best friend. Lennons acid response. "We were never that close mate".
A scene in Central Park with the two of them in disguise. Reminiscent of A Hard Days Night is the exchange between them and two mounted police. We laughed out loud at this one and the scene just felt right.
A scene in a restaurant when an elderly couple finally get there nerve up to approach John. They make the gaffe of requesting that he sing a few bars of Yesterday (Pauls song). Lennons response again had us laughing out loud and again it felt as though it really was John saying it.
The best moment of all is one with John and Paul on the roof of the Dakota. I won't attempt to describe this one but it brought tears to my eyes and confirmed to me that the chemistry between John and Paul was truly magic.
This movie brings back a little of the joy the Beatles brought to the world way back when. A celebration of John and Paul and the real world magic of Beatle music.
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on October 20, 2004
For anyone who loves the Beatles, (Half the population of Earth) you will be rewarded with a fictitious but very realistic account, of what may of happened on this infamous meeting. Paul's character played by Quinn was truly remarkable. Since his death, so much of Johns place in history has been covered and magnified, while in many accounts Paul has been given an unfair shake on his place as an intelligent, sensitive and brilliant musician. I came off feeling how special and warm Paul is both in his humour and listening skills. Both actors though were outstanding. You walk away from this film wanting more. But unfortunatly we know, more did not happen. I would Love to see a movie of this kind be made of George Harrison's life. He is probably the most underrated musical genius of the modern era. Thank You!
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on February 5, 2004
When I first heard about this film, I thought, "Harris and Quinn?" How will they pull it off? For one thing, there was the item of physical non-resemblance. But with the addition of a little nose putty, I was suprised to be able to see Lennon quite easily in Harris. Quinn's physical resemblance to McCartney is even more remote (you can add putty to a nose but you can't perform rhinoplastic reduction with makeup!), but factor in the clothes and hair and he comes closer. But it's the body language and speech which make him convincing. I didn't notice in the credits if there was a vocal coach, but if there was, he/she knows his/her stuff. If the actors developed their own accents and cadences, that's even more to their credit. They obviously studied these men assiduously. In some scenes I found myself feeling horribly sentimental, being of a "certain age." The picture is nicely staged, paced, and photographed. Entertaining start to finish.
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on March 14, 2006
I'm not a fan of biopics, particularly when most of the dialogue comes straight from the head of the script writer. In point of fact, this and other "you are there" movies require a suspension of disbelief in order to give the events a degree of plausibility. Although it was difficult for me to shake the notion that this movie was a complete and utter fantasy, I decided to enjoy it at face value. In reality, John and Paul did get together in April, 1976, during the "Wings Over America" tour. In the real life get-together, both Yoko and Linda were at the Dakota, and all four of them watched the Saturday Night Live "reunion offer" episode. John and Paul briefly toyed with the idea of going down to the studio as a lark, but all four decided it was too late at night, and the idea was quickly dismissed. After Paul and Linda left the Dakota (on a high note, pun intended!), Paul decided to return the next day by himself. It was on that return that John refused to let Paul in, stating that he had to take care of Sean, and that it wasn't like the old days, when as teenagers they would just show up at each others' homes. Paul left the Dakota, never to return.
Okay.... so back to the movie. If you're into "what ifs?", and you want a fairly realistic version of what might have happened had they met (based on their personalities and prior interactions), this is the movie for you. The John of this movie is the sterotype we have grown to know and love.....pissed off the whole movie. Paul is in his sweet, "we can work it out" mode, as would be expected of him. These fallbacks to stereotype tend to bring a one-dimensional bent to both of their characters, but the movie is well-written, and the dialogue and interaction are strangely compelling. I don't know if this "what if" scenario is as mind-boggling as say, "what if Hitler had won the war", or "what if Oswald had lived", but for Beatles afficianados such as myself, to see John and Paul interacting anytime after the breakup of the Beatles is worth the investment in time and money, and certainly worth suspending one's disbelief for 90 minutes. For further clarification and insight into the complexities of both the personal and the working relationships of John and Paul , please refer to the research of Dr. David M. Kopp, PhD. Dr. Kopp offers a perspective of the inter-relationship between the two Beatles that has rarely been touched upon in other scholarly works.
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on May 4, 2014
I've been a fan of The Beatles for quite some time. Their music is a huge part of my life, and I am sure that it is the same for many of you.

This movie takes place in New York, 1976. While it's a fictional movie because it presents a reunion between John and Paul that didn't happen (at least not that way) I think it captures perfectly well their relationship. The most interesting thing is that while, as I said, this didn't happen, the dialogues presented in a movie are taken from interviews that John and Paul did themselves, so in the end the script writer took their very own words and managed to make of those excerpts an incredible dialogue between the two beatles.

I absolutely recommend this movie.
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on July 28, 2016
The personages of John Lennon and Paul McCartney are so etched in the minds of baby-boomers, and others, that we almost feel that we know them personally. We know them from their music, movies, T.V. and radio appearances, and a million newspaper and magazine profiles and interviews. Thus John is the acerbic and biting Mr. Witty Sarcasm and Paul is the mellow and agreeable Mr. Soft-Boiled Eyes. This is a facile summing-up, but not without some truth, of two complex musical artists. And "Two of Us" gives us exactly what we have come to expect. It is a fictionalized drama with comedy about the real day in April 1976 when Paul, hard working and touring with Wings, dropped in unannounced on John, who was in the midst of a five-year loaf in New York's Dakota apartment building. Yoko Ono and son Sean are away, "shopping for a cow." John is initially leery of his old partner, but after a cup of tea and some good weed, the awkwardness dissipates and they are exchanging jokes and banter like in the old days. A swapping of information and recollections, familiar to Beatles fans, is spoken by the actors to establish their characters. John scorns Paul's #1 hit "Silly Love Songs," and Paul questions John's "painful" songs and current torpor. Eventually, they don Peter Sellers-type disguises and head out for a jaunt through Central Park, then drop in for some chocolate at one of John's favorite Italian restaurants. There, a young man approaches Lennon with the expected trembling earnestness and bores him with "You're a real hero to me." Mr. "In-His-Own-Write" fights the temptation to just brush the kid off, and actually engages him in a brief if tart conversation. After this, the two ex-Beatles take a lift to the nearly medieval roof of the Dakota, where understanding Paul psychoanalyzes patient John as "a scared kid who has become a scared man." John looks away and does not disagree. As if!

Aidan Quinn does a tolerable Paul McCartney if you blur your eyes, but Jared Harris, who tries hard, does not look or sound much like John Lennon. Both actors mimic the familiar mannerisms and speech of their characters under the direction of Michael Lindsay-Hogg, who directed the real Beatles' last movie, "Let It Be" (1970). You will see how Lennon and McCartney almost accepted a offer to appear on "Saturday Night Live" for a $3,000 payment, which is a factual story.
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on March 20, 2003
This movie is exceptional in every way. The actors are completely committed, and I fully believed I was watching Lennon and McCartney interact. Furthermore--and something people have yet to mention--the screenplay is loaded with details of these two men from the period in which the movie takes place and written with a palpable warmth and love for John and Paul without being syrupry, cliched, or sentimental. As a die hard Beatles fan who has read more than 40 books on these two geniuses, this was the movie I had always wanted to see. The experience stayed with me for days. I waited for a long time to see the release of this film on DVD.
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on November 16, 2002
I rented this movie in Mexico while living there in the year 2001, and have been searching for it ever since returning to the States! I highly recommend it to any fan of the Beatles. 'What would it have been like if Paul and John got together after the break up of the Beatles?' Director, Michael Lindsay-Hogg will keep you 'glued' to the screen through the entire movie! I didn't want the movie to end, and now I think about it all the time.. it moved me that much, and will move you too! It's a timeless work into the minds of two of the greatest poets of our time and their minds like you have never known before.
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on February 10, 2003
This movie will touch the hearts of any Beatles fan. The two actors who portray Lennon & McCartney really nailed down the personaltities, if not, on some occasions ... their appearance. Going back to '76 .. a time when there was still that possibility of the Beatles getting back together .. we still had John, we still had George. This infamous meeting has been mentioned in books .. All throughout the '70s .. we never even saw a picture of John & Paul together! This movie is a real treat .. it's like taking that trip back in time & never wanting it to end. You want to go back & spend another day with your heroes ... you want history to be changed .. you want to GET BACK to where you once belonged!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! It really feels like you are witnessing John & Paul together again in a chance meeting in '76.
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on September 25, 2005
Being the Beatlemaniac that I am, I approached Two Of Us with a combination of fear and fascination. Having seen 'In His Life: The John Lennon Story', I was quite concerned that Two Of Us will turn out no better. The fact that Aidan Quinn and Jared Harris look absolutely nothing like John Lennon and Paul McCartney - even with some make-up and proper hairdos - didn't help one bit.

But I was more than a bit pleasantly surprised. It's probably thanks to the involvement of Michael Lindsay-Hogg, who directed Let It Be in 1970 and consequently probably knew John and Paul quite well, that the characters and the dialogue came across as convincing as they did. (The writing credit for Two Of Us is given to a man named Mark Stanfield, of whom I know absolutely nothing; I feel confident that director Lindsay-Hogg had more than a bit to do with the script.) Two Of Us is not a biography of the Beatles; it has very little plot, in fact, and takes place all in one day in New York City. What it does is imagine a meeting between John and Paul in 1976, while John lived in New York. That meeting is entirely fictitious, of course - though it can't truly be disproved that such a meeting actually took place. But through that imagined conversation it gives us a glimpse into the personalities of these two great musicians - their intelligence, their sense of humor, their different reaction to stardom, and most of all their relationship; what made them such a great team, and what broke them up.

Since it's a talk movie, nothing much except for dialogue between two characters for an hour and a half, it's likely to bore all but true fans of the Beatles; but it's a fantastic piece of writing and storytelling, and is both informative and touching. For those interested in these two musical giants, very quickly you'll get over the shock of how different the actors look from their counterparts and feel like John and Paul had come to life - so intimate and convincing is the script, and so committed are the actors. Two Of Us gives you priceless insight into the lives of two geniuses, and a tale that is both sad and funny. Most certainly recommended.
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