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Two Worlds 2 - Xbox 360
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on January 26, 2011
Platform for Display: Xbox 360
Let's go in this from the start and say that you need to play this with any expectations to match up to Oblivion will be gone.

If you go into Two Worlds II with low to average expectations, you may actually have some fun.

This game did nothing more that take bits of Lord of the Rings and Star Wars and mashed it into a pedestrian RPG that may be ok for the dry months of gaming until more AAA titles come along and by the time you have forgotten about this game, Elder Scrolls V will be here.

So far it's more playable than the original version. I bought the first one with high expectations and within 3 days I took it back. This so far looks and plays better and it's MUCH better than Gothic 4 which just came out 2 months ago.

The story is somewhat interesting where your character is actually so far working WITH the orcs that occupy Antaloor. It almost starts like Oblivion where you have to escape the King's dungeon and figure out how to rescue your sister Kyra with whom you share a mystical bond with. King Gandohar is torturing her to find out how to get her power so he can become a god and of course, you are what's stopping him from doing so.

As per usual, the first few levels act as a bit of a tutorial for you to learn the mechanics of the game. One of the issues that arises of course is there are still some things you have to figure out on your own, one being the lock picking mini game the other is how to create spells for the spell book but at the same time the game takes it time to show you have to kill multiple enemies with a bow.

Another little surprise is the ease of switching gear in the game. I was mixed about the fact that I have 3 slots in which to mix and match armor and weapon setting and that you can switch it on the fly. While it may seem like a good idea in some instances, it takes away from what is usually standard in RPGs that when you go into combat, you go in with the gear you have on and not be able to 'pause, change and fight'.

Something else that I caught is that the setting for this game isn't your standard medieval type setting. Most of the game feels more of an African/Middle Eastern/ Asian type of flair although most of the armor looks standard for this type of RPG.

Also it's one of those games where your choices do seemingly affect the outcome. For instance, early on, you get a mission to try to get through a gate to get to another city. I have so far the option to: fight my way out, get someone to forge a note, pay someone to smuggle me through work with town leaders to earn their trust to let me out. Not all of them work of course and depending how you do certain sequences, you relationship may change with one or several NPCs based on what you do...that's a big plus for this game.

Graphically speaking, it's a fairly decent game but part of the problem that I have with this game is that during daytime sequences, the back drops looks too washed out from the sunlight and no matter how much I adjust the graphics settings, it won't change. But when you do find a happy medium, the game looks pretty decent other wise. There is a lot of texturing and bump mapping that looks just great, when it works the lighting effects really work with the background. The buildings are very well detailed also. In some places it does tend to look better than Oblivion but considering that was 5 years ago it should! Some of the character models are outstanding including one who has some serious headlight issues going on!!!

The character creation is fine and a bit more detailed than what imagined and if it had more hairstyles to choose from it may have even beat Dragon Age in this category.

As far as game control goes, it's the one main reason why i have not given up on this game yet. It's pretty easy to get around, use in combat and do what you need to do to get through. Some games of this type fail because they try to make the control scheme overly complicated. But once you get it figured out, you are pretty much set.

The only combat issue I have to far (and I will have to refer back to the instruction book) is that creatures you come across you don't always know how and what you can beat. I have beaten things as large as an Ostrich, as fast and numerous as baboons, but a fire ant kills me in two blows...there is an unbalance in that somewhere!

That is the other quirky thing with this game. While you still have a number of bizarre monsters to kill, nothing will bug you the most than the fact that you are in a fantasy safari hunt and you track down wild boars, and rhinos. Well it beats having to always fight dire wolves or enraged rats in other RPGs...LOL

The voice acting in this game is just bad, bad baaaaaaad. It's laughably bad. The guy in the cemetery, the street beggar, heck even your character who sounds suspiciously like Geralt from the Witcher (I mean Two Worlds 2 is another Polish game) try but they all don't quite fit. One leg up it does have is that your character has his own dialogue through out the game. But this again comes back to that this is not a game done in America by the tops of the industry. There are a few other minor issues where the cut scenes don't quite fade right when transitioning, lip synching sometimes is off and the music rises and ebbs and some of the most peculiar of moments but the bottom line is that this game is more playable than the first one was but you have to be willing to give it a chance. You get tons of gear, an easy crafting guide, on the fly customization, multiple missions and side quests right out of the gate and even a multiplayer side which I have yet to try and it's really a decent package. I repeat if you go in not expecting this to be on the level of Elder Scrolls, then you can do ok. Get it only if you have an Oblivion itch you need to scratch but don't feel like closing about gate...

On a scale of 1 to 5 it gets a 3.
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on January 30, 2011
Platform for Display: Xbox 360
I wasn't expecting too much from this game. I personally was not a big fan of Oblivion. I tried to be, but there were aspects of the game that really bothered me such as all the monster leveling up with you. Having said that, I still bought this game hoping it would entertain me. For the first two hours, I really was not impressed. I did not like the character models, the way they moved, and I didn't like the voice acting. But I decided to give it a longer chance because I read someone say it took them an hour to get into it.

I am so happy I did. I love this game. Absolutely love it. I like it much better than Oblivion. I enjoy the combat much more as it feels more hack and slash. I like the fact that certain monsters will kill you with one or two blows. I have 9 1/2 hours logged into this game, and there is so much to do. The horse is difficult until you get used to it, once you do it is no problem. Remember that if you buy it and hate the horse.

For me, this game reminds me of an improved Diablo with the fighting, rapid looting, selling equipment, spells. If you ignore the voice acting which becomes easy to do as the game progresses, you will find yourself immersed in this game wanting to play more, to make your character stronger, and to make your weapons and armor stronger. There are graphical glitches, you definitely should load it onto your harddrive, and there are minor bugs here and there but they do not reduce the amount of fun this game is. As everyone else has stated, map is huge and there are so many side quests to do. Even though the voice acting is poor, the dialog is great and the characters have believable quests for you to do which makes them that much more enjoyable. I have played World of Warcraft, Oblivion, Sacred II, and I like the quests much more on this game than those. These quests actually have a bit of thought into them, instead of just making you "kill that guy because he has wronged me." Instead, you will hear him talk to you and tell you (and I am somewhat telling one of the quests but changing it a bit)"I want you to take care of this guy. By take care of this guy, you know what I mean. The reason I want you to deal with this is because when the Orc war was going on, he offered safe passage to my family in exchange for 500 gold. We paid him. On the day we were supposed to meet him, he disappeared. We knew the route of the passage, so we went. Little did we know he had led us straight into an ambush. It seems that is his way of making money..." and there would be more but you get the picture. It gives you an actual reason to want to do the quest instead of simple two line words that scroll across the screen. Anyhow, great game. I am glad I bought it.

I forgot to mention, so I will just throw it in here. If you like Rockband you may appreciate one part of this game. If you choose to, you can play musical instruments to earn money from people. To play an instrument, you need to buy one and you need to buy the music sheet. Each music sheet is different. To play, you have to use your controller and use both trigger buttons and both bumper buttons. Just like Rockband or Guitar Hero, the notes scroll down the screen and you have to hit the trigger or bumper when it passes the bar. But, it's hard. They scroll so fast. I would compare it to Expert on Rockband. But if you are good you'll enjoy it.

Edit: I am addicted to this game. Been looking for so long for a game to get addicted to and this one has done it. If you have been addicted to a game in the past but just couldn't find one - give this one a shot.
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on May 18, 2011
Platform for Display: Xbox 360
I like RPGs. Dragon Age, Dragon Age 2, Oblivion. But Two Worlds sucked. I hated it.

I got Two Worlds 2 as a gift. And boy am I glad. This is an entirely different game that the first Two Worlds. Here's a few things about it:

Exciting Play:
Every few minutes, you're doing something exciting. And it's often something you didn't intend to do. For instance, you may be delivering someone's mail and then get side-tracked when you spot a group of creatures guarding some treasure.

The world is choked full of fun things to do.

Good Combat:
I enjoyed the combat of 2 Worlds better than any non-turned-base RPG I've played to date. You can quickly access your skills and equipment. And chopping into opponents with swords, spells and arrows feels quite visceral. The game has very solid animations for when you or enemies get hit.

A bit rough dialog and other Animations:
Some animations are a bit sad. When you're unarmed, you execute a very sissy kick. You look like a tween girl taking a swing at a mouse. And a lot of the dialog isn't much better (it's eons better than the first game, just not in a class with Dragon Age or Oblivion or other major works out right now). You'll often have to sit through the slow dronings of the elderly as they recite entirely useless information with tiny specks of usefulness buried within.

Although the animations and dialog aren't top notch, they're not so horrible that you'll want to quit the game.

Mini-games and Side-Quests:
There's too much to do. I'm nowhere near completion yet, but I've already run into dozens of side-quests and mini-games that are perfect distractions.


There's tons to do. And I haven't even hit the multiplayer aspects yet. If you like RPGs and you're needing one right now, I think you'd do very well with Two Worlds 2.
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on January 27, 2011
Platform for Display: Xbox 360Verified Purchase
I was a purchased of the original Two Worlds. I loved that game despite its mountain of problems (and believe me it had plenty). I love open world RPG's like Oblivion and Fallout. When I heard the developers were pledged to fix those problems in the next game and continue what made the original great my interest was peaked.

Now that I have the game, I can say the developers kept their promise. This is far superior to the first one (while keeping and adding to the RPG features that made it great) and in my opinion deserves merit and comparison on the level of other mainstream games.

Short but sweet;

+++ Beautiful graphics - The draw distance is nice and the colors bright and vivid. The shadow and lighting is amazing and the level of detail on the character and monster models is very pretty. I kept finding myself impressed with something different as I went into each new area. 30fps for me throughout with the very occasional stutter.

+++ Interesting Innovations - The magic system is awesome. You could play for days with the different combinations. I like the "equipment sets". Lets me hot swap various equipment builds with the touch of a button. Context sensitive actions are well done such as using the same button for Dash (while running), Sneak (while standing), etc. Crafting is a ton of fun and so is Alchemy.

+++ Game is just fun - I really enjoyed walking around and checking out the scenery. The battles are fairly fast paced and the quests progress at a good speed. The inventory screen is standard fair and I found it pretty easy to use. You will find little details like spiders (not the kind you kill that are the size of a cat) hanging from dirty bookshelves and lightning flashes through skylights when the weather outside is bad. I just plain have been having fun playing it so far.

--- Voice Acting - I have heard worse actors, but not much worse. I am pretty sure they got Christian Bale to come in and do his awful Batman voice for the main character because that is what he sounds like in every situation. The Orc women you meet in the beginning was pretty good (The Orcs in general were serviceable) but most of the human characters just don't have any emotion or worse just don't sound like they fit the part.

--- and +++ Story - What can I say about the story. It had been a long time since I played the first one so I couldn't remember what was going on. Man was that hard to find online. What a convoluted story. The new game doesn't do a very good job of recapping or explaining either. The opening cinematic while gorgeous is really confusing. Its clear there was a human/orc battle but not why, what happened, or who won. The NEW story seems a little easier to follow (a bit) than this but fair warning - I think they assume you know all the details of the last one before you jumped into this one. I can tell the jist of whats going on but I like a bit more of that in my RPG's from the beginning. I like to know and feel WHY I am traversing the countryside trying to do whatever im doing.

--- and +++ Cut Scenes - I see what they were going for with the cut scenes and for the most part they are done pretty well. Unfortunately you get yanked from immersion when the cut scene starts and stops in completely different places with little explanation why. I think the story folks and the level folks needed to work closer together. Some of the animations in the cut scenes are pretty hilariously bad but can also be really good. Lip syncing is awful.

--- and +++ Camera System - The game seems to employ some sort of free running style shaky cam for any fast movement. I personally thought it was kind of neat and liked it but my wife said NAY! - it was making her seasick. So be aware of that if you have a sensitive stomach. The camera can be a bit jarring/shaky with fast movement.

I admittedly have only logged a few hours so far but I keep thinking about when I can sit down and play some more and that is always a good sign with me. With Fallout: New Vegas to compete with for my time those are higher marks than normal. I say pick it up. If you like this type of game you won't regret it.

NOTE: I gave the game 4 Stars because it isn't perfect because of above mentioned issues but if there was a half star I would give it 4.5 stars.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on January 5, 2012
Platform for Display: Xbox 360Verified Purchase
Awesome Game, I couldn't put it down as soon as I put it in.

-Huge Universe
-Great Diversity in Weaponry,
-Pretty in Depth character Customization
-Magic System extremely unique
-Lots of Playtime
-Dozens of sidequests to extend game play massively
-Characters are realistic, well developed. Many conversations funny.
-Conversations are right down to the point, no fluff.
-Great movement, (teleports close to everything once unlocked etc.)
-Dungeons are plentiful, and big, but without going overboard.
-Alchemy & Weapon Improvement are easy, can be done anytime.

-You spend a good chunk of time developing your weapons and crafting potions
-Money takes a while to earn and doesn't last long
-Notoriety system is flawed, once notorious, you can't lower the ratings any.
-Magic System/Spell Customization is confusing
-Definite inequality in the classes early on. Melee fighters will by far triumph any Mage or Archer.
-Lighting can get kind of sucky sometimes, being so bright you can't see

Overall though, a really great game, and I just can't stop playing it.
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Platform for Display: Xbox 360
Two Worlds 2 is a sword and magic RPG game along the lines of Oblivion. Your character is fighting through enemies and surmounting obstacles to save his entrapped sister.

Be warned when you start playing that you need to overcome a hurdle for the first hour or two. You could easily be turned off from playing by the atrocious cut scenes, wooden voice acting, and incredibly bizarre character animations. Cloaks float around as if they are snakes, even with the character standing still. NPC arm movements while they talk are laugh out loud funny. The women, of course, wear the skimpiest outfits one could imagine. And for much of the time the sky is so blindingly white that it glows.

But hang in there. Accept that the dialogue often feels like it was cut-and-paste either from Star Wars, from Lord of the Rings, or both at the same time. Pretend that the hand movements during the cut scenes are some sort of a comedy skit. Look at those as minor side traits of the core adventuring game.

Over time you come to immerse yourself in the main gameplay. You ignore the radiation-white sky and enjoy the detail in the various world you visit. Someone put effort into designing the locations in a way that feels organic. Ignore the Keanu Reeves Matrix no-emotion delivery of the lines and instead watch some of the action sequences involving sword swings. I've studied medieval swordfighting for several years and some of these sequences are quite sweet. Of course others are a bit silly, but you can't have everything.

The game has some features which other games could really learn from. You can set up three equipment sets and toggle between them with one button click. So you can set up your "fighter outfit" and your "archer outfit" and pop between them depending on the enemies before you.

If you're the patient type who likes to really immerse himself in a game world, there are intriguing books to read that provide background on the characters and storylines.

So if you're expecting perfection, this definitely isn't the game to play. Clearly the developers had a number of flaws that they should have fixed before they released this. A NPC will say "take this bow" while holding out an empty hand. Bodies will clip into walls. And yet the game has a lot to offer. I suggest plowing through those first few hours and getting into the meat of the game. Get into the spell system and the leveling system. That's when you'll see if the game's main mechanics will keep you hooked for the multi hours of gameplay that it offers.

We paid for this game with our own funds in order to do this review.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
Platform for Display: Xbox 360
Two Worlds II is the sequel to one of the biggest disappointments ever, Two Worlds. That game had so much potential, but it was a technical nightmare. The game was choppy, looked rather poor, had lousy combat, no blocking, awful voice acting, and so many other issues. Many enjoyed it for its "campy" approach to dialog and such, but it just wasn't a very good game at all. However, Reality Pump has turned the corner and improved on every facet of the original game with Two Worlds II. This is an exciting role-playing game that succeeds where its predecessor failed.


- Beautiful Graphics Engine - Unlike Two Worlds, Two Worlds II is a beautiful and lush gaming world. It looks crisp, alive, and vibrant. Each different environment is detailed and beautiful. The lighting, water effects, texture work; it's all top notch!

- Some Solid Combat - While the moves the main character does are a bit exaggerated, the combat itself works well. While the original Two Worlds didn't offer any blocking mechanic, Two Worlds II does and does it well.

- A Large World, Filled w/ Quests - Two Worlds II is a very large game. While its map isn't as seamless as Two Worlds map, it offers much more detailed and interesting locales. Along with that, apart from the main quest and such, there are many side quests to complete.

- Better Voice Acting, More Interesting Story - While neither of these components will win any awards, it's a vast improvement over the first Two Worlds. I actually really enjoy the main character in Two Worlds II, as there's some good and witty banter that goes on in the game. The story itself is typical fantasy fare, but it's certainly an enjoyable romp.

- More Polished Than Two Worlds - Two Worlds II is still a game that's rough around the edges, but unlike its predecessor, it's completely bearable now. It feels like a more well put together game.


- Framerate That Dies Out - Even though the framerate is usually pretty decent, sometimes the game will get super choppy and almost unplayable for a few seconds. It seems very inconsistent, so I have no idea what causes this, but it's a slight nuisance.

- Clipping - Enemies will clip though the environment and it may become a chore to kill them.

Two Worlds II still isn't a perfect game, but it's one of the most enjoyable role-playing games I've played in recent memory. As long as you go in not expecting a perfect masterpiece, I think you'll really enjoy your time with Two Worlds II. I'll give it 5 stars because of my personal enjoyment, but that doesn't mean it's flawless.
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on January 27, 2011
Platform for Display: Xbox 360
Nearly every review I've seen of this game starts by mentioning that the original Two Worlds was bad. It was. Now that we've got that over with, let's look at Two Worlds II on its own merits.

First of all, it's no 'AAA' game. If you're going to be put off by occasionally poor voice over acting and sometimes wooden animation on some character models, walk away now. If you're willing to look beyond these very minor issues, you'll find a great role-playing game that will make you happy until Skyrim launches later in the year.

You can read about the story (which is pretty generic but is certainly passable) in professional reviews. I'm just going to talk about what I liked and didn't like.

Like: Crafting. Wow...this part of the game is addictive. Basically, you can break just about all looted items down into their base 'elements' and then use those elements to upgrade armor and weapons. You can also add gems to sockets on your weapons and armor to boost stats further. I've spent a lot of time already upgrading different types of weapons as I choose which combat direction I'm heading in.

Like: On THAT can combine multiple combat styles in one character. You *can* build a straight tank or caster or ranger, BUT the game rewards you for combining elements of each and allows you to swap different armor and weapons sets on the fly. So, you can pull with arrows, swap to armor and a melee weapon and then swap again to a caster spec to drop some serious AoE bombs. Some people might not like that 'freedom', but I really liked the flexibility of what it allowed me to do.

Like: Magic. I've not even scratched the surface here (10 hours in) but it's amazing. By experimenting with different combinations of spell components (spell cards), you can create some of the most spectacular and sometime funny(!) spells. My favorite so far lifts defeated opponents into the air, causing them to swirl around me, doing damage to other enemies. It looks pretty funny and is very effective! Actually, I just found a Youtube video of someone doing just this! The Alchemy system is also pretty cool as it also allows for experimentation and so far my favorites (aside from making very powerful health potions) have been invisibility and being able to jump long distances and basically float over obstacles.

Like: Multiplayer. While the adventure mode is a LOT of fun (running around with others on quests), there ARE some issues that should be addressed by the developer. The main issue is not being able to coordinate a group as you would in a WoW raid. Loot drops are first come first served (loot ninjas!). I've seen some weird graphical glitches too...BUT wow, it's fun! It *almost* scratches the itch of having MMO style raids on Xbox. I've seen some super high level players too and their armor, weapons and abilities are just insane. I definately want to level up and have what they have! There are some other multiplayer modes that I've not really touched yet, but of those, the village mode looks pretty cool, but you need quite a bit of in-game cash to start that and I've been investing in what I need for adventure mode.

Like: Big and varied world. There's a lot to do and see and from what I hear, maybe 60 hours of game-play. The landscape is actually a nice change from a lot of RPGs. It's less medieval Europe and more 'African' if anything with North African flavor towns, jungle and savannah. There's also some Asian style stuff in there as well as your standard Tolkien-inspired stuff, but on the whole, pretty 'different' to most games of this type.

Like: The music. Very nice score!

Dislike: I can't help but be distracted by some of the voice acting and character animations. The first Two Worlds was horrific here and while this new game is an improvement, it's still pretty poor. Nearly every time I kill something, my character will say "that's rich". What does that mean?! It drives me crazy.'s cool to have a mount but the horse looks pretty bad, especially after playing Red Dead and AC2 and ACB. The good thing is, there's a teleport system that basically makes the horse unecessary.

Dislike: The controls are sometimes unresponsive. For example, when in combat, you have to hit your right shoulder button to use a health potion, but your character has to be doing absolutely nothing to be able to use the potion. Meanwhile, your enemies are pounding away on you and many times, you'll die before the game decides you can use the health potion. It's not a big deal, but it gets to be irritating, especially when you are penalized XP for dying.

Dislike: I guess the developers thought you'd figure out a lot of aspects of the game by yourself. Some stuff is just not explained well enough or at all and you figure things out by trial and error. One thing is that the user interface was hanging off the edges of my TV. Only through screwing around in the menus did I find there's a 'safe' mode that fixes this issue. From what I've seen, it's not my TV and a lot of people are having the same issue. Another similar example is that there are icons in your UI that aren't explained. Again, you can go into the settings and have the icons displayed as text...which fixes that issue but makes another worse...giant item descriptions floating over other stuff you need to see, but can't. The UI needs work!

Even though this game is far from perfect and seems to lack polish, I have to say I love it. It's definitely a 9/10 for pure fun.
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on January 26, 2011
Platform for Display: Xbox 360
I've now logged around 14 hrs with this game and have still barely even scratched the surface. Granted I love to do side missions and there's plenty here. I'm also very blown away by how HUGE the world is, I also love how the culture and even plant and animal life changes based on the different area's and climates. I love going into battle, it's a bit tricky at first because you're so low leveled everything seems to kick your butt. Once you get around lvl 20 or so though it's not an issue. I highly advise anyone who's a fan of a great open world RPG to get this game!
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on February 2, 2011
Platform for Display: Xbox 360
after reading the reviews for two worlds one, i was very skeptical about getting this game. I love rpgs, LOVE them and the first one seemed like it had so many flaws that it might carry over into second one. after about 2 hours of play a rented copy I had to buy it for myself. the world is so in depth and full of possibilities and differences that no two playthroughs are alike. The weapon crafting system is EXTREMELY addictive. you can add crystals and upgrade weapons in so many different ways that it makes it very satisfying. also, since you have to break down other items to get the ingredients to upgrade new ones, killing smaller or lower level monster is less demeaning and tedious since you almost always can salvage their weapons and break them down.

there are two drawbacks in the game that i think affect it a little. 1.) the voice acting: TERRIBLE. however, it is somewhat laughable at times. 2.) the major thing that i hate is the movement. it is cumbersome at times and makes it difficult to loot things are position correctly.

other than that definately a good game!
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