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Two Worlds 2: Game of Year: Pirates of the Flying Fortress Edition [Download]

by Topware Interactive
Windows 7 / Vista / XP
3.5 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (2 customer reviews)

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  • ASIN: B008XN0I80
  • Release Date: August 14, 2012
  • Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (2 customer reviews)
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #63,566 in Video Games (See Top 100 in Video Games)
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Product Description

Product Description

Two Worlds 2, the sequel to the multi-platinum and award winning Two Worlds, delivers on every level and comes with the critically acclaimed expansion: Pirates of the Flying Fortress

From the Manufacturer

Five years have passed since the dramatic events in Antaloor brought the whole world to the edge of the abyss... and the hero's strength is finally exhausted. He is a prisoner in the dark dungeons of Gandohar's castle and any hopes he has of saving his sister seem to have vanished along with his freedom. In spite of a self-sacrificing battle against evil, the twins were separated and Kyra is now serving as the vessel for a powerful and dark source of magic, from which there is no escape. Evil influences are attempting to awaken the slumbering powers of a generation past in order to dominate all of Antaloor... and the hero is powerless to do anything to stop them... However, just as his despair reaches its lowest ebb, a faint ray of hope appears from an unexpected source. The Orcs, a race that has stood stalwartly against him throughout his journeys, have put together a rescue squad and - amazingly - manage to free the hero from his chains. Still skeptical about this newfound truce between himself and his race's historically deadly enemies races, the hero finds himself confronted by a quizzical scenario... but first he must uncover why the Orcs have helped him - and learn as much as he can about their mysterious leader, the legendary Prophet Cassara. Mysterious as she is beautiful - it appears the hero must risk trusting her if he has any hope of enacting his revenge.

Ahead lies a dangerous journey lands desecrated by evil - a journey during which the hero hopes some light might be shed on Gandohar's shadowy past, revealing a weak point in his seemingly impenetrable defenses. Only then can he finally rescue his sister, Kyra. The hero's quest will take him throughout the lands of Antaloor, ranging from the morbid and macabre halls of Gandohar's palace, to the craggy island of Alsorna, bastion of the worlds few remaining orcs and their prophet, with its mystifying ruined temple. He will visit the vibrant twin desert cities of Hatmandor and Cheznaddar provide two of the few remaining safe havens from Gandohar's iron fist. Hatmandor continues to serve as a flourishing beacon of trade and culture in the region, however in recent years Cheznaddar has slipped into a state of despair, becoming a magnet for those who skulk through the darkness. On an isolated island off the coast reachable only by boat lies the new home of the denizens of the destroyed city of Ashos, founded in the wake of their flight from the persecution of Gandohar's armies and aptly name New Ashos in an act of remembrance. Nearby stands the legendary Veneficus University, home to the most powerful magi in all of Antaloor, and training ground of the next generation of enchanters. Between cities lie seemingly expanses reaching as far as the eye can see. Galloping across the rolling slopes of the Savannah the hero will find an abundance of animal and plant life, with cougars poised to pounce from the thickets and rhinoceros grazing in the midday sun. Over the horizon lies the dark, murky swamps filled death, mindlessly wandering rotting abominations, and the forgotten village of Tir Geal thought lost many years ago. However the world will not be the only challenging obstacle the hero will encounter during his travels. Many of Antaloor's citizens possess personalities as colorful as the world they inhabit. Street urchins beg for morsels of food as the hero passes by, local gamblers try to entice the hero with promises of "fair" play and good times, and sometimes the most endearing allies can arise from the unlikeliest of scenarios. Weaved together these characters and locales blend to create a engaging fantasy world like no other.

An epic journey into the pages of Antaloor's past is must be undertaken in order to reveal the path to the world's future... whose world will you choose? Pirates of The Flying forTress, the expansion to Winter 2011's runaway hit, Two Worlds 2 (over 2 million copies sold worldwide), is rife with betrayal and bloody intrigue upon the high seas. A band of fame-hungry pirates led by the legendary Captain Ed Teal have become trapped in a cursed archipelago when their ship ran aground, where they will be damned to remain forever until aided by a hero with a strong back and a (somewhat) loyal disposition. Trust, after all, is no short sale in these cursed islands, especially not for a man tasked with finding the Treasure - an immaterial wealth said to manifest the beholder's wildest dreams.


  • Two Worlds II offers a first-class combination of sheer atmospherics and dazzling technology. A complex quest system paired with an exciting and interactive campaign narrative guide players through the vast landscapes of Antaloor, packed with thrilling and emotional moments.
  • Sophisticated AI and balancing standards, experienced authors, a flexible combat system, and the intuitive integration of the immense depth of the magic system guarantee an experience suited for experienced and novice RPG players alike.
  • Realistic NPC behaviors guide pathing and adaptive attack routines developed in response to player's actions. Melee combat incorporates a vast array of weaponry and accompanying styles, as well as an active blocking mechanic all of which must be used in conjunction to ensure survival.
  • Magic combat spells are determined by combining a variety of spell cards together using the D.E.M.O.N.S.TM system, effectively creating spells based on the nature of each individual ingredient - the possibilities are virtually endless! Boisterous particle effects ensure each spell is cast in breath-taking fashion. The same depth applies to the PAPAK alchemy system which allows players to combine hundreds of different ingredients from throughout the world to create elixirs of varying potencies and effects, not all being purely beneficial.<.li>
  • The CRAFTTM system allows players to break down pieces of equipment acquired during their travels and use the materials to enhance other armaments, effectively increasing their lifespan and even opening up sockets for additional upgrades and customization, which include the option of purchasing paints and dyes from merchants to alter the color of their equipment!
  • A comprehensive multiplayer structure including five different modes ensures there is truly something to appeal to every player.
  • Arena mode allows players to test their skills against one another in single or group battles, and Adventure mode provides players a chance to team up and complete a series of missions all contributing to an alternate narrative campaign. Lastly Village mode introduces the ability to manage the growth of a rural town while exploring the surroundings with friends and completing various quests for the townsfolk.
  • The GRACETM engine was designed and developed specifically for “Two Worlds II”. In combination with the extremely flexible Mo- Sens motion capture system, the engine is packed full of cutting-edge technological features such as an unlimited number of dynamic light sources, 24 bit HDR post-processing, and Real Eye Adaptation. The power of GRACETM also ensures drastically reduced load times and smooth game performance, fine tuned for each platform via a dedicated version of the game engine.

  • System Requirements
     Minimum Specifications:Recommended Specifications:
    OS:Win 7, Vista and XP
    Hard Drive:6gb
    Video Card:ATI6800ATI6800
    Additional Info:None
    Supported Video Cards at Time of Release:All above ATI and NVIDA video cards that support Shader 1.3

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Customer Reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews
10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
By kp
Verified Purchase
its an ok fantasy adventure game and for 10 bucks well worth it for game and expansion. BE WARNED, it is almost 20 gb download and DOES NOT activate on steam or origin and the process of just installing the game was a real pain for me fyi, my comp is fairly new custom made windows 7. If i had bought this thing near or at full price i would of just asked for a refund.

K so after downloading the 20 gb file, i noticed they split the languages into different FULL GAMES, 2 gb files each. Thats 2 gb for 7 or so dif languages, dont games usually have a more compact way of doing that? Anyways, after the fairly big sized download installing was kinda a bitch. First after downloading and trying to install, it said an error occurred involving the expansions pack not being copied over. I then deleted the file that the download was being installed to and tried again by installing directly in the same file. that way worked. sort of.

HERE IS HOW TO DOWNLOAD IT (worked for me atleast):
-start download from amazon, Remember where you choose to download it b/c u need to find it later!
-go to the file called something like two worlds 2 game of the year pirates of the flying fortress edition, i DID NOT click the install that the amazon downloader said to do b/c i think that could of been one of the many things that messed up my previous attempts
-once in the file click the .exe file with the corresponding language, for english click the one ending in ENG.exe
-I let it install to the default setting which is the same file where it downloaded
-i restarted my comp here
-then go to the newly created two worlds II goty setup file (in the same file where you selected to where to set the download)
-go to install then common then double click twoworlds2.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars UPDATE It all works now 9/28/2012 September 25, 2012
Verified Purchase
UPDATE It all works now 9/28/2012

Thanks to Dennis the Amazon support guy noted below, it all works fine. I was able to move into the rest of the game. Here are some additional comments.

There is a lot of questing available and a large area to discover. I have read some comments about many worlds not being available except to online players, but I have not experienced any of this yet. If I find out otherwise I will update.

I have seen some crashing of late. The fix seems to be to save the game then reload it so I would guess there is some kind of save game corruption. For example, I was in one of the Tombs and some dead dudes attacked (what else do you find in tombs), and every time I tried to attack the game would crash. So on one of the loads, I ran out of the tomb, then saved, then reloaded and went back. All was fine. I have experienced this issue multiple times and as I recall each time I did the same save/load to get around it. At first I thought it was a DX10 issue so I started the DX9 version of the game but after a short time same thing happened.

Things get easier in many ways when you start spending your skill points to update your skills and improving weapons etc. For example, I am a fighter and now have certain skills maxed and my weapon upgraded pretty well. Now many foes die in one blow, some two, a few three. This is much easier than when I had to be careful to fight them one at a time in the beginning. Pay attention and when the going gets tough update the necessary skill or spend the ability points or improve items etc.

Overall this is as good a game as most I have played. The interface still feels a bit clumsy but overall, very fun.
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