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on August 26, 2013
As is to be expected this show is still fantastic, unfortunately fox couldn't be bothered to put any effort into creating these DVDs, particularly after the second season


- This package has every episode ever
- The episodes do not appear to be edited versions
- When you buy this you will be able to watch the episode where chuckles dies anytime you want
- You stand to get a good discount on the bundle (each season costs about 15 dollars each if bought separately)
- Includes bonus features, most of which were put together in relation to the early seasons.


- Fox did nothing to make these DVDs special
- The video quality hasn't been touched everything is still very grainy
- This is just an amazon repackaging of the original DVDs so don't expect anything new or fancy that you didn't get before
- This set doesn't even come with episode lists until season 6
- Special features and content stops mostly after first two seasons
(This last bit was initially a big deal to me as I have become bitter over fox eventually abandoning this series but many other commenters have noted that there is more than enough present in the early seasons. It is up to you to decide if this matters)

EDIT: After much discussion in the comment section I would like to clear something up. I originally had an oversight in my review that there were no special features. I was in correct and changed my review. I had a clear statement in the comments explaining this. After a few more comments I have decided to bring this forward to the main review.

There are features that came packed in with the first two seasons. After those two seasons there was limited additional special features. That information is actually comprehensive and I am sorry that my first review was inaccurate.

On my end these original seasons were watched as they came out and I would say that I became a jaded viewer when seeing fox not add any more content. Over the years as a customer it becomes more and more depressing to have to wait for more releases. At one point they stopped releasing individual seasons and just released the whole series as a single set. This would mean you were forced to rebuy seasons if you wanted to see the previously unreleased seasons.

Over the years fox seemed to abandon this DVD series and I guess my bitterness led to me writing an inaccurate review. I will be adjusting this and I am sorry to have allowed my bias to skew my review.

Finally, this show is great and is worth the price of the DVDs but unfortunately Fox didn't do much to make this stand out. It probably doesn't really matter though. If you purchase this I'm sure you will spend a lot of time laughing.
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on April 13, 2012
During the 1970's, CBS created a golden age of great comedy. Among them was the "Carol Burnett Show", "Bob Newhart Show", "MASH", and the groundbreaking "Mary Tyler Moore Show". This series centered around a single young woman who becomes producer of the news at a Minneapolis television station.

The "Mary Tyler Moore Show" was different from its predecessors because it portrayed a thirtyish woman who is smart, capable, independent, and happy being single. The episodes spent as much time examining Mary in the workplace as they did chronicling her social life.

The quality of writing for the "Mary Tyler Moore Show" was consistently intelligent, mature, and funny without being crude or condescending to audiences.

The characters on MTM were so richly developed by the writers and a brilliant acting ensemble that audiences could see them as real people, not one-dimensional caricatures. You came to love and understand them: Mary Richards, intelligent and vivacious, generous, and level-headed. Lou Grant, Mary's boss, gruff yet fair. Ted Baxter, anchorman, vain and self-absorbed, but also childlike and vulnerable. Murray Slaughter, Mary's supportive co-worker and foil to Ted Baxter. Rhoda Morgenstern, Mary's sarcastic and street-wise best friend who has a soft heart. And Phyllis Lindstrom, Mary's highly educated old friend who can act pretentious but means well.

You really wanted to know and root for the people in Mary's life despite their flaws. They must have had something going for them if Mary cared about them.

And regarding Mary Tyler Moore herself, she is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses to ever grace television. Her comedic timing and instincts are almost peerless. (To me, only Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Candice Bergen, and the casts of "The Golden Girls" and "Designing Women" could match Mary's skill.) But the quality that shines most about this genuine legend and star is her humanity. You just sense that Mary Richards/Mary Tyler Moore is a good person. She is kind and respectful, and in turn we respect her.

It is lamentable that most current "comedies" are tasteless exhibitions of people's worst behavior. The "Mary Tyler Moore Show" offers us a more noble and enlightened view of human nature while still acknowledging our frailties. And in the process, this landmark series made us laugh, cry, and think. What more is there?
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VINE VOICEon August 31, 2013
I was delighted to see this series come available for such a good price. I have many fond memories of watching this show with my parents years ago. It is difficult to overestimate the influence the show had and still has - I think it did a lot to change society's attitude toward women by portraying Mary as such a strong, independent person. Compared to other shows in its day, it was groundbreaking and paved the way for many shows which have imitated but not duplicated its formula. With an absolutely fabulous ensemble cast this show is still great today.

But, if you are reading this review you already know what a great series this is so I won't waste any more words there. I mainly wanted to write this review to convey picture quality to those interested in the set.

After reading some early reviews noting the picture is grainy I immediately opened up my just-arrived pack. Each season is in a separate holder. So far, I've looked at several episodes and it looks good. The film when transferred was pretty clean, occasional spots are noted but nothing that most people will see unless looking for it. This is a DVD (not Blu-Ray) so of course it is not HD but it upscales well and looks fine on an HD TV. In short, I think it is a good transfer and makes the series look as good or better than I have ever seen it on broadcast TV.

In summary, you should not let any concern about picture quality make you hesitate from buying this classic series. I doubt that a Blu-Ray version of this will ever be made and even if it was I don't think the show would benefit from it. Buy with confidence and enjoy it from the first awkward meeting with Mr. Grant to the final moving group hug!
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on May 14, 2013
The Mary Tyler Moore Show is one of the best, if not THE best situation comedies of it's era. So, why only 3 stars? Each season was in it's own translucent DVD case. The cases for seasons 3 & 5 had the internal hinges broken off. All the other cases had small bits of plastic (from the internal hinges or the hub locks) rattling around inside them. Fortunately I had new cases available and replaced all 7 of them. Most of my other multi-episode DVD's have a "Play All" feature. This set does not. To play the next episode in this series, you have to step through the set-up process again. If you are hard of hearing, as I am, that's a few additional steps for each episode to turn on the subtitles. Every 25 minutes! This whole product could have been done a lot better, but my chief complaint is the packaging. Very, very shoddy!
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on October 23, 2012
I didn't have Mary's life, of course, but I certainly do love Minneapolis, and have met nice, interesting people here!
Still love and need to see this show on occasion. It's in my bones! It makes me feel at home.
I still love Mary's first apartment best! It's like visiting my best friend.
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on October 2, 2013
In my opinion, one of the best written comedy shows for televisions ever produced. Each character is funny in his or her own eccentric way. It's comedy without some weird sexual fetish that one or more characters may have that is suppose to be funny. Besides the excellent scripts, the characters rely upon facial expressions, good timing, and unique acting methods. I'm not a prude in any form, but MTM shows make me laugh and think about the way life use to be in the good ole USA
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on October 26, 2012
Do you like to see the best of people and smile about that? this is the show to see. Instead of shows of people doing their worst, the MTM depicts people doing their best and having fun
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on August 29, 2013
The Mary Tyler Moore Show is outstanding. That goes without saying. You probably think so too, otherwise you wouldn't be looking at this listing.
To get all 7 seasons, on DVD, in good packaging is just icing on the cake. Each season is in an individual case, with all of the DVDs for that season in it. The cases are durable plastic and the disks are held firmly inside in sort of an alternating layout so they don't take up so much room with the artwork you see in the listing photo.
I am just half way through the first disk. The picture is clear, and the color is vibrant and sharp. But, of course, we are talking about 70's TV. There are special features and a few commentaries (although there might be more later), but honestly having the show itself is enough for me.
To see Mary and all the gang again is so awesome. The comedy from that time is so funny and always makes me feel good. Bob Newhart, Carol Burnett, MTM, Maude are all so good and so much, much better than watching yet another season of "Two and a half dreks" or "Southpark". If Amazon released those other shows like this one, I would buy them in a heartbeat.

Quick! Snap this up! $66.00 for all 7 seasons!!!!
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on January 7, 2014
You get every episode of the Mary Tyler Moore show and then a few little extras spread out between the disks. There will usually be a featured episode on each disk that will have commentary or a promo about it but it is not very in depth (and I did find the commentary dry unless you want to know every little detail). There is a 90 min documentary on one disk that details the making/production of the show which is neat, giving you a peek behind the scenes. This is not a "collectors edition" with tons of extras but the disks are well labeled, have easy interfaces, and are not as bare bones as they could be.
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on January 10, 2013
This show was made during a more eligant period in tv. I can't even stomach what they put on now days. It brings back so many good memories of my youth. I find I watch nothing but the oldies now days
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