Customer Reviews: Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys
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on January 15, 2009
*Please Note: There May be Spoilers in My Review*

Tyler Perry has become one of my favorite actors / directors. He seems to, "get" what women feel / know and what we, as humans ahould always remember, that to treat strangers with respect as they may be angels in disguise.

Charlotte ( Kathy Bates ) and Alice ( Alfre Woodard ) have been friends for over 30 years. Charlotte is a rich woman and Alice is a middle class woman, yet their friendship has thrived for so many years. I have to say that if Anyone is Blessed to have a friend as wonderful as Alice, God has Blessed them, cause not too many people come around like her that keep you grounded and love you no matter what.

We meet Charlotte and Alice at the wedding of Alice's daughter Andrea. Charlotte is picking up the tab for the whole wedding, as Alice is her dear friend and Charlotte's own son decided to elope, so Charlotte can't do the whole Southern grand wedding thing for him.

I didn't like Andrea ( Alice's daughter ) at all when I first was introduced to her. To me, she was a spoiled, spiteful woman who had major issues with Charlotte and why her mom was allowing Charlotte to pay for her wedding. She was still dislikable through almost all the movie to me.

Charlotte's son, William Cartwright, played by, Cole Hauser, is a major leech, judging by the way his eyes undress Andrea, Sanaa Lathan, at her wedding. It's implied, then shown that William and Andrea become lovers, while their kind and supportive spouses know nothing about what is going on. Andrea's husband Chris, Rockmond Dunbar, and his brother-in-law Ben, Tyler Perry, want to start their own construction business, and Chris approaches William regarding a construction company and William can become a share holder in the new company. William does a usual ya-da ya-da, and a, "I will get back to your wife to get to you" jabber and then tells Andrea that he will fire her husband which she promptly agrees to.

Meanwhile, Alice and Charlotte decide to do a spontaneous road trip west to see and do whatever they feel like seeing and doing. You can see the special bond between the two women and the love they share, as Alice puts up with a lot of Charlotte's wild ways and spontinaity, yet manages to keep her faith and get Charlotte Baptized in the whole journey. It is on this journey that Alice discoveres that Charlotte has early Alzheimer's and doesn't want Alice to tell anyone - especially her no good, power grubbing son.

Charlotte butts heads with her son who wants to rule the company. She knows he isn't ready to rule, so she hires Robin Givens to help run her company, much to her son's dismay and anger. William plans a secret meeting to oust his mother as head of the company, but Charlotte intervenes
, thanks to a forewarning by her not-so-favored daughter-in-law.

This movie has a wonderful way of making a person thankful for those that love them, for enjoying the life one has been Blessed with, and making the most of kindness to others. This movie made me mad at Andrea and want to slap her upside the head and tell her she isn't gonna get her, "other man", and to listen to her mom and sister, cause they know better. Made me appreciate the gift of my best friend and the love of my husband and how Alice's faith in God helped her every day through all her life's trials.

As with most Tyler Perry movies, I can not praise them enough for the messages and entertainment value he provides. You'll sit and watch this to enjoy a movie, but you will also feel your heart and conscience get bigger, just like the grinch in the Dr. Suess story did.
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VINE VOICEon January 11, 2009
First of all if you are looking for some of that over the top comic that acting that Tyler Perry has it is not your movie. I admit I don't like that type of comedy.. Medea.. etc.. not for me. So it took me a while to find out that Tyler Perry is not all about the silly acting.

I LOVED Why did I get married, and also This Christmas and Meet the Browns had its moments but this is the BEST hands down. its NOT a comedy but a serious film about family, ties, loyality and being betrayed... it is ONE of the best films I think I have ever seen...

Perry has this reputation for these comic rolls and for some reason I can't understand everytime I see one of his movies I am one of the only white people in the theater.. his movies appeal to ALL types of people.. it is easy to relate too and the acting and writing are first rate.. try this.. you won't regret.. if you don't believe me.. rent it, after that you you will want a copy of your own... FANTASTIC FILM
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on August 25, 2015
This is a terrific movie for those of us who marvel at the wonders of life. The good , the bad and the ugly. I watched it three times when I rented it. I will buy it too to keep. Very inspirational. It tells a story of two women who were devoted friends and their family members. It crosses racial barriers very nicely.
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on March 9, 2011
As stated, this is not your typical Tyler Perry movie. Shows long-standing relationship of two great friends and their ungrateful children - lots of twists and turns and your happy when each one gets what's coming to them. Ending is a little sad (hope I didn't give too much away). This is definately a stock item for your DVD collection.
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Alfre Woodard and Kathy Bates are two of the most underappreciated, powerful actresses in film today. I cannot say that enough, and the proof is I haven't reviewed a single Kathy Bates film and only one Alfre Woodard film that I can recall (DOWN IN THE DELTA).

Tyler Perry's THE FAMILY THAT PREYS is beautifully dominated by these two beautiful women, both of whom play strong, independent mothers. This seems to be a subject close to Perry's heart of hearts, and he does it better than any director.

This will be short and sweet, because this film is a classic. Perry has his weak spots as a director--such as his occasionally confusing stories and his indecision about how to anchor a film--but THE FAMILY has none of that. This dramatic masterpiece is the story of family ties, betrayals and a ruthless pragmatism (only Perry could manage a film that merits the latter description).

What I love best in this film is its Hitchcockian flavor--and no, it is not a chilling suspense film. In fact, Perry whacks his audiences over the head fantastically in ways Hitchcock could not. Perry writes about life. Hitchcock baked cinematic cakes.

There is no Madea in this film, though Perry has a supporting role (his fake hair is disappointing, or at least it looks fake). This is all nitty gritty, and not the usual grinding ghetto stories we see too often. This has the power and drama that proves Tyler Perry is color blind--to the betterment of his true inner vision.

In this film there is no division imposed on any character, black or white. Only the divisions that we all know too well, that should no longer exist. They do exist, and this story is part of that tale, too. Luckily, Perry can do subtle humor with the best of them as well, and we get tiny doses of it: just like life.

Get this and cherish this classic. In the distant future, say you were there when the film was new, when it was different in society. And say you had the joy of seeing Perry's films when they were first released. Tyler Perry is one director who deserves this world's pride and respect.
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on October 8, 2015
When I reoneceived the DVD I was so excited, I put it on immediately and starting watching. It ran for about 15 minute
and suddenly it started going slow motion and stopping altogether. I took it out and started it again, the same thing
happened. I was going to return it. My husband passed away on July29th and I was going through some of his
belongings and came across a small bottle with clear liguid in it. I read on the back of the bottle that this was
a solution to clean CD's and DVD's so I tried it on The Family that Preys . I cleaned it real well and put it back
in the machine, IT WORKED. I tried to get in touch with Amazon to tell them I would keep it, in the meantime, Ireceived
the new one that Amazon sent me. I decided to give the first copy to my friend, that loved it. Since then I have tried
from time to time to let you know that it would be okay to bill me for the one you sent but could never get in touch
to talk to anyone.. Bottom line, PLEASE GO AHEAD AND BILL ME FOR THE DVD. I have looked at this movie
at least 5 or 6 times since I had it. That was really a good, good, movie. Cudos to Tyler Perry. Also, I have looked at
I CAN DO BAD ALL BY MYSELF. Another WINNER, The music, acting and everything about that movie is excellent.

That's my story and I am sticking to it. (LOL).

Ebony Princess
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on November 22, 2015
This is one of my favorite Tyler Perry movies and stars 2 of my favorite actresses, Alfre Woodard and Kathy Bates, as best friends. I could watch it over and over, again, without getting bored of it! Love it!
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on May 3, 2011
This movie really inspired me. To be more grateful of your mother and sometimes, I can be mean to my mom without noticing and this movie really inspired me to be kind to my mother and be more aware of how I treat others. Great movie!
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on January 19, 2016
This movie is so good, that I couldn't believe it was a Tyler Perry production. I don't think that this movie was marketed very well, and people probably thought this was just some mediocre Madea production, but it is a story about friendship, greed, karma and love. The relationship between Kathy Bates and Alfre Woodard just strikes a heartfelt cord on my insides. MUST SEE MOVIE!
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on January 4, 2016
I love Kathy Bates, and this movie was great. I have watched it several times since I got it a week or so ago! I loved all the movies she has played in, the best one I believe is "A Home of Their Own" and "Fried Green Tomatoes", but this one was up there too!
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