Customer Reviews: U.S.Divers Diva 1 Lx / Island Dry Lx/ Trek / Travel Bag, Arctic Blue, Fin Size- Medium (Men's 7-10, Ladies 8-11)
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Size: Medium (Ladies 8-11)|Color: Arctic Blue|Change
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on May 12, 2010
I'm a scuba diver and bought this U.S.Divers Diva 1 Lx / Island Dry Lx/ Trek / Travel Bag for my wife who loves to snorkel. This is a great package for traveling, the fins are shorties but truly effective and comfortable; the mask seals great around the face, has easy adjustable straps and the lens offers a great view. Oh man the snorkel is worth its weight in gold! It's a dry snorkel which means you can dive down under to grab sea shells or whatever and come up without any water in the snorkel. The snorkel breaths super easy too and if you did manage to get water in the tube, there is purge valve - so with an easy puff of breath, you can clear the water quick & easily. I paid $10 extra for the bright hot pink ($79 total /w free shipping). I'd say it was worth it for a couple of reasons; 1) I could easily look out across the water and quickly spot the hot pink, 2) she looks great in the hot pink and also received lots of cool kudos.
Two weeks later, I bought the man's version in black for myself ($69), the ease of the travel version; the overall quality and ease of use are excellent. I would buy from this vendor ([...]) again. I received my package in five business day using the free (5 to 9) day delivery. The items were packed well and shipped in a quality box container. U.S.Divers Diva 1 Lx / Island Dry Lx/ Trek / Travel Bag
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on January 5, 2011
I bought these for a trip to Hawaii. My husband got the yellow color.

First of all, we were so glad to have our own equipment. If you're going to snorkel for more than a couple of days it's worth having your own.

There were a lot of snorkeling equipment for sale/hire everywhere in Kauai, some even by US Divers. But these were better quality than a lot of the items I saw. Plus the fins are really good and you don't see them everywhere. They were as good as larger fins but more compact. Good to snorkel around coral.

I bought the pink one, which is more expensive than the black , which is not marketed as women's but pretty much the same thing. This one is called "diva" and is supposedly for women but this is pretty much just marketing. The fins are the same as the smallest of the black set. If you're not set on having a specific color, the black one should be fine. Mine had a single piece mask whereas my husband's (yellow) set had a 2 part. That's the only difference between the diva and non-diva versions.

The pink is darker than in the photo, as other reviewers mentioned. Photo looks like a baby pink but this was more a hot pink. I wouldn't have bought it otherwise.

The mask was not the best I used (I was a scuba diver), but pretty good. It suctioned so strong at first that I had a line on my face the whole day and evening. So it doesn't let water in.

I am petite and the S/M size was OK, but a little big. But it's all adjustable so it was OK. I highly recommend wearing neoprene socks with the fins. Makes it very comfortable to snorkel for a long time.

As others mentioned, the bag was real nice to have. One can think you can use just any bag for holding snorkel stuff togetehr but I really appreciated being able to toss all in there hassle-free and be able to pick it up and know I had all my snorkel stuff with me.

Overall, recommended!
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on April 25, 2012
When we got to Oahu, we saw this this level of gear was what you were able to rent at the Hilton Hawaiian village. So, not that high end a set. It's always a risk buying things like this online, and I have a few gripes, but here goes.

They're short and, as such, you don't get as much power with them as you do a regular length fin. I knew this going into the purchase though. Nice for navigating in small areas but I miss the power of my other fins. My foot is a 9.5 women's (normal width) and my boot fit just fine. The bottom of my fin says (M 7-10 40-44). Hope that helps someone with sizing. Easy to adjust.
Now, I'm not sure what the boot is made of but I think it might contain latex as after the first 2 days of snorkeling, my feet are covered in red, itchy bumps only where the fin boots meet with my foot (seems like an allergic reaction and I "AM" allergic to latex). I've written to US Divers and they haven't replied to my inquiry two days later. On their site they say that it's some sort of composite...but a composite of WHAT?

It's silicon but it leaks around the edges. Hence, a bad fit. I have a normal sized head so I'm not sure what the problem is. Fogs continually (and I'm an experienced snorkeler). Doesn't seem to tighten very easily. It has a single piece of glass on the front, but it does NOT have glass on the sides.

Has a crappy clip - snorkel comes off of my mask CONSTANTLY. Nearly every single time I take my mask off my snorkel detaches from the mask. REALLY frustrating. This is a DRY snorkel - first I've ever used. It's a bit frustrating to use. Something I didn't realize about dry snorkels is that the breathing tube gets narrower towards the top - which means that you have to suck harder to get the air you need. If you're doing some serious swimming and need that extra air, you'll find yourself getting a bit winded. I also noticed that the top part would slap shut when I tilted the snorkel in a certain way, cutting off the air. (Maybe it was supposed to do this but it was always a bit of a shocker to me). If they could make a dry snorkel with the same diameter as a regular one, that would be really nice. I don't like to fight to get my air.

Nice as you can sling the entire thing over your shoulder. Has room for a few extra things in there as well. It has mesh so water and sand fall right out. There's also a small pocket where you can put in a business card or something to identify that it's your bag.
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on August 19, 2010
Fins and mask are great. Both are easy to adjust and fit well. The reason I'm only giving three stars is the snorkel tube. It is supposed to be a "dry tube", but does not perform that way, Every time I dive under the water, when I get to the surface, the tube is full of water. There is no way I can just start breathing normally. The first time I choked on the water made me aware of the problem. After that I tried to purge on successive dives, but the purge valve does not get rid of the water either. Maybe I just have a defective snorkel tube. But I'm not unhappy with the product as a whole, just be aware of the tube.
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on April 29, 2015
Love this set! The short fins are great -- had no problem keeping up with others in my party who had the longer fins and I didn't worry about accidentally kicking or stepping on coral with the shorter fins. Mask fit my face well, and the dry-top snorkel was AWESOME. Everyone else in my party was blowing out salt water from their regular snorkels after diving down for closer looks at fish and coral, but not me! Excited to take this to more places!
review image review image review image
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on December 8, 2011
I live on an island and I do alot of snorkeling. Until I purchased this product Id never used a dry snorkel, and it took me a little while to get used to it. The reason for this is because with a regular snorkel, when you feel a break in the air, your immediate reaction is to purge the water, but with a dry snorkel the break in the air just means the valve is closed. So here I am constantly trying to purge the non existant water out every minute or so, and then freaking out when I couldnt breath because id forced the valve shut. All you do is stop breathing for a second when you feel the break, and the valve reopens. When I figured that out I fell in love. This product is amazing! Being able to dive down and not have to purge when I surface is awesome. Its not fabulous in choppy water though as the valve is constantly closing and stopping you breathing, but its definately better than copping a mouth full of salt water every ten seconds! It does occasionally get water in the tube, but its not frequent. The fins are not as powerful as long fins but they still give you a really good kick and are great when snorkeling over shallow coral. The mask is an excellent fit as well, a little leakage around the nose if you dive deep but its great on the surface. I got the pink, it really stands out and I never have to worry about picking up someone elses snorkeling gear. I highly recommend this product!
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on November 12, 2009
I purchased this product for a tropical vacation. Quality construction, handy travel bag, fast shipping. Also purchased the men's larger version as well. Both were excellent. Really appreciated the smaller fins in shallow coral situations over bigger fins that would have made maneuvering without damaging the coral very difficult.
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on January 19, 2015
Wow US Diver... REALLY? This is the best you can do? Ok... I know the price is low but it's not a deal if it doesn't work at all. First the good. The mask and snorkel are great. Nice fit and work well, especially the snorkel. Awesome. But the flippers? Wow. DO. NOT. BUY! You flip your feet and get up to any speed then you find the pressure from the water moving over the side of the flipper is just barely enough to pop the catch and loosen the flipper one notch. After 2 min your flipper is way too loose and flies off. Every single time like clock work on two different sets. Crazy a big company like US Diver would put their name on something like this. Lucky for us we tried them out in the pool before heading off on vacation. Total garbage. I bet there are going to be a whole lot of angry people in Hawaii this February. We returned this set (thanks Amazon!) and re-ordered the mask and snorkel separately but bought a different pair of fins.
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on December 7, 2011
The bag is a nice freebie--unfortunately mine was stolen on the beach of Cozumel while diving. But it was really nice to have to keep stuff together while traveling!

I have a very small head. Size XS helmet. I was surprised that the sides of the mask hit my face first while the top and bottom were 1cm off. This is made for very narrow heads indeed! Unfortunately, the up and down width doesn't match the narrowness and it was on the verge of covering my lip and hairline (and i have a big forehead) I did get it to fit, but barely. If you have a low hairline and small head it might very well leak. You have to have NO HAIR in it to seal. The first day it leaked horribly, but after combing my hair back and carefully putting mask on it was 100% leak free. So take it for what its worth. Most leaking is probably user error. Silicone is really soft and flexible.

The snorkel is excellent. Loved its auto close for free diving. Work 95% of the time. The blow out is easy too. It randomly would auto-close a few times while above surface, which was annoying, but easily remedied by blowing out and back in. I think the water just makes it stick closed sometimes.

Flippers- my fave part. Everyone commented on how cute they were. And the best part was I was flying past regular length finned people in the water. They seem very efficient b/c i have two fractured hips and haven't exercised in 4 months, but was doing laps around everyone else! Maybe it was the COLOR which is HOT PINK not dull pink as in the photo. Its HOT! I even had a tourist take a photo of me with my fins she thought it was so cute. Plus you CAN walk in them. Not far, but way more convenient to put on beach instead of in the water. LOVE THESE!

I debated a long time reading reviews before i got this set. As a small headed woman wanting to do heavy snorkeling 2-4 times a year on vaca's this set is PERFECT considering the price. I'm sure they make nicer sets, but why spend the extra $$. This was excellent for my needs.
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on March 17, 2011
A great price for the whole sha-bang. The mask fit well, but had to fight leaks a couple of times- just some repositioning required. The snorkel worked great! Got a small blister from the flippers-it was difficult to find a good fit, even with the adjustable ankle strap. I love the bag it comes in!
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