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5.0 out of 5 stars 'U2 Gome Home' a review by
The Packaging
The first surprise is that the DVD is available in two different kinds of packaging. One version comes in the usual digipack-cover as we know it from the Boston DVD. Inside you find the booklet in the usual DVD upsize format. The second version, in contrast, comes in a suprising format: its a standard cd jewel case with a booklet in the same format. A...
Published on November 12, 2003 by R. Dietmar

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3.0 out of 5 stars Better than Boston...nowhere near Sidney 1993
I was amazed at the sound quality of this dvd. But after watching it several times and watching Edge's fingers doing his fancy work, I sadly realized that parts of this concert have been doctored.

That's the reason for the excellent sound, the use of overdubs. On certain songs it's obvious Band's playing has been tampered with and cleaned up. Neverthless the...
Published on February 27, 2005 by Mark P

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503 of 514 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars 'U2 Gome Home' a review by, November 12, 2003
The Packaging
The first surprise is that the DVD is available in two different kinds of packaging. One version comes in the usual digipack-cover as we know it from the Boston DVD. Inside you find the booklet in the usual DVD upsize format. The second version, in contrast, comes in a suprising format: its a standard cd jewel case with a booklet in the same format. A pretty unusual format for a DVD and day-to-day customers might easily mix up this version with a normal audio CD.

The Content
The DVD contains the entire slane castle concert from September 1st. 'Mysterious Ways' is not part of the concert, but listed as a 'bonus track'. The reasons for this are still unknown. The concert without Mysterious Ways lasts 1:38h, the bonus track is 6:26 min long. Furthermore the DVD contains a remastered version of the 'Unforgettable Fire' Documentary, which has been available before on the 'The Unforgettable Fire Collection' VHS from 1985. Bonus-Features include the already mentioned Mysterious Ways track, a DVD-ROM section with screensavers, desktop wallpapers, an elevation tour calendar and weblinks, plus - for the the first time ever - the possibility to view 3 songs from the show in a 360° perspective.

The Concert
The most noticeable fact about this concert is the perfect mood the band was in on this evening. What seemed somewhat artificial and nervous in the Boston show, you can see much better here - the band enjoyed playing a second time in front of such a crowd at Slane Castle. Maybe it's the fact that it was not planned to release this concert for sale. Some incidents before the shows made both Slane concerts very emotional. The huge crowd brings a terrific spirit to the homes of all U2 fans, and the interaction with fans is much better here than in Boston.

Between songs Bono tells stories, plays games with fans and makes other kinds of jokes, all this makes the recording and U2 on this evening so likable. We pass on a song by song review, as we think that each viewer has to make up his own mind about this concert. We just want to point out that U2's mood and musical performance is outstanding. In comparision with all the other live videos this is the one which transports the feeling of a live concert best. All other videos tend to be stiff in some way or too well prepared. U2 at Slane Castle 2001 is the band U2 we want to see, they act with their hearts and have fun.
The Picture
The concert was recorded with many camera perspectives although Ned O'Hanlon said in an interview that the expenses on that show were just a small fraction compared to the expenses for recording the Boston show. The spirit of the entire show is captured very well, shots from and of the audience are used very often and reflect its enthusiasm. The video format is 16:9, the pictures are sometimes very coarse, sometimes due to special effects, but this may have to do something with the light conditions during the shooting.
The Sound
This is the first time a U2 DVD is released with DTS sound, in addition to the PCM stereo format and DolbyDigital 5.1. But we think that for a normal user there is no relevant notable difference. Bonos voice is transferred very clearly via the centre speaker. The instruments are mixed to the front speakers, from the rear speakers you can notice quiet echoes, which are sometimes irritating. The audience is well mixed into the rear-speakers. There is no crystal clear mixing as can be found on DVDs like 'Eagles - Hell Freezes Over', where each instrument can be heard on a different channel. But maybe it's not comparable, because the Eagles show was a club-gig especially prepared for this, U2 in Slane was an open-air show which was, at the time of recording, not scheduled for a release.
The Extras
'The Unforgettable Fire' documentary
As mentioned before this is a remastered version of the 'Unforgettable Fire' documentary which follows the recordings of the album of the same name at Slane Castle in 1984. The video format is 4:3 and the documentary is 28 min long. The Documentary also includes the "Pride (In The Name of Love)" video. The picture quality is not the best, it's far away from DVD-quality.

Bonus-Track 'Mysterious Ways'
Once the track list of the DVD became public, many fans were shocked as the same song which was already missing on the Boston DVD was once again cut out. For still unknown reasons the song was taken out of the usual running order of the DVD and instead placed as a bonus track. It is not as was rumoured (and feared) a so called "easter egg", but a normal track which can easily be accessed via the main menu. (Remark: Producer Ned O'Hanlon said in a recent interview that the song just didn`t really fit into the show).
DVD-Rom Bonus Tracks
The most anticipated special, the 360° view of the concert, ends up being a Quicktime video of the three songs Elevation, Beautiful Day and Where The Streets Have No Name. Users have the possibility to spin around 360° degrees in real time at the touch of their mouse. A real high-end-special-feature feeling unfortunately doesn't come across due to the lack of quality which reminds one of a cheap webcam.
The second special feature is the 'Elevation tour diary calendar and clock'.
Furthermore two screensavers in red and blue are available - their style matching the artwork of the DVD. Nice, but not really exciting.
Four desktop motives are available to polish up your Windows system. They are available in 1024x768 and 800x600 resolution.
Finally the obligatory links to and NGOs that are supported by U2 are featured. Exclusive weblinks are unfortunately missing.
You can read the entire review with screenshots also in english at .....,..
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5.0 out of 5 stars By far the best live U2 release!, November 29, 2003
By A Customer
I have been a loyal fan since 1988. I've seen them live 8 times live (which is not a lot compared to some, but still a good amount) and own pretty much everything you can get your hands on. This show is by far one of the most emotional and powerful shows I have seen them perform. It is also the first time that I was brought to slight tears by watching a rock and roll video (understand that Bono's father passed away the week prior. ("Communication. Talk to each other.")) Even my friend's wife, who hates all concert videos in general, was drawn into this one (My friend said that he had never seen her do this before with a concert video). I won't go into all the details, you can read some of the prior reviews for that. I'm just a 15 year fan throwing in my hearty approval.
Oh, this DVD is obviously much better than the televised version a year ago. That broadcast only played a few of the songs and interrupted them with endless commericals.
Also, for those wondering why "Mysterious Ways" is included as a bonus is because the director felt that it did not fit with emotion of the rest of the concert. I agree with his decision. You do get to see Bono's daughter come on the stage at the end (Eve) which is fun.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The real U2, December 23, 2005
S. Tidmore (Coker, Alabama United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: U2 Go Home: Live from Slane Castle (Jewel Case) (DVD)
U2's performance at Slane Castle is unique in that it shows what the band members are like as people, and unlike a lot of their other concerts, this one relies almost completely on passion and musical performance rather than extravagent showmanship. This concert was destined to be filled with passion since it not only was set in the band's home turf, but also it was performed shortly after the death of Bob Hewson, Bono's father. What is truly amazing about this concert is how pleasant the band was feeling. In the Boston and 2005 Chicago concert, the band members rarely smiled, but in this one there is very few moments when they are not smiling. Even Adam Clayton smiles.

Now on to the set list. The opening song ",Elevation," is easily one of the best opening tracks they could have picked. Unlike many of their songs, this one was designed to be a sing along and is the perfect to get the crowd ready. "Beautiful Day" is a cheerful song that features excellent back up vocals and guitar riffs from the Edge. "Until The End Of The World" is one of my favorites. This song just flat out rocks, and it rocks even more in an arena. When Bono and Edge act like buffalos and when Bono kicks Edge's guitar are about the only times we get a showy performance in this concert. "New Year's Day" features one of Adam's best performances and it's always nice to see and hear Edge play the piano. From there we move to the strangely moving performance of U2's first single ",Out Of Control." In this song, Bono introduces the band and thanks all the band's family members for helping them get to where they are today. In this version of "Sunday Bloody Sunday," U2 actually seems Irish, for once. Bono's new lines and the repetition of "No More!" along with his enthusiastic voice give this song a new level of power and emotion. He also reads out the names of the 29 people killed in the Omagh terrorist attack to strengthen this song's message even more. Then we have a surprise appearence from Pop's "Wake Up Dead Man." This shorter and simpler version makes it five times better than the only average studio version. We then move from the dark and depressing "Wake Up Dead Man" to the upbeat and uplifting "Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of." In this song, the Edge finally gets to showcase his beautiful vocal talents, which is a big bonus for an already excellent song. "Kite" is one of the band's most underrated songs of all time. This tribute to Bob Hewson is a song that can send shivers down your spine, and it is even more moving at this concert. Next, we get another surprise with the charming "Angel of Harlem." After that, we get an even bigger surprise with "Desire." Although not quite as loud and powerful as it's studio version, this song does by no means lack zeal. It is also nice to see Larry and Adam get to join the crowd and see Bono showcase his hermonica skills. Next, we have yet another Pop single ",Staring At The Sun." Fortunately, we have the acoustic version that was recorded on the "Please" single rather than the somewhat cheesy Pop version. Then we have another beautiful but underrated song ",All I Want Is You." This is where the concert turns into an incredibly emotional experience. After he dedicates this song to his wife Alley, Bono sings his heart out along with Edge playing some of his most beautiful riffs. I love the way Bono sings out of with all his anguish at the end of this song as it beautifully fades into "Where The Streets Have No Name." There is no way this song could be anything but amazing and the live sound along with the new lyrics allow this song to be heard the way it was meant to be. Then we get U2's anthem "Pride( In The Name Of Love). Bono's voice may not be as strong as it used to be here, but he still sings his heart out and gives a very passionate performance. From there, we move to "Bullet The Blue Sky." This song was designed to be performed live and Bono's speeches in this song really add to its strenth. Then we have the truly amazing "With Or Without You." What can say about this song other than it is beautiful beyond comprehension. Bono's added lyrics and Edge's extended guitar solo make this song even better than the unbelievable studio version. But the performance doesn't go down from here. Next up is my personal favorite "One." I struggled not to cry during this song. This song is amazing in the studio, but live it is twice as touching. Again, the band extends the song and adds lyrics which make it even more stunning. This is argueably the most beautiful song I have ever heard and to see the band perform it makes it so much better. Lastly, we have another song of encouragement ",Walk On." This song, while not quite as good of a closing as "40," is a fine way to end an amazing concert. Strangely enough, it is frequently left off the set list, so it is a treat to get to see it performed live.

If you are even slightly a U2 fan, you should seriously consider buying this DVD. Believe me, it will make you appreciate the band and their songs so much more. It is much better than the Rattle and Hum and Boston shows and it is barely better than the Vertigo in Chicago show. It is truly an emotional and breath-taking concert that should be experienced by everyone with any descent taste in music.
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5.0 out of 5 stars "The goal is soul" -- A true "live" concert DVD..., January 1, 2004
This review is from: U2 Go Home: Live from Slane Castle (Jewel Case) (DVD)
U2 Go Home gives you the bare essence of U2, stripped of much of the made-for-TV pyrotechnics and flash of the also-excellent Boston DVD. Many of the songs are the same, even some of the canned dialogue. But the emotions are different, the audience is enormous and amazing, and the history of the setting really does wonders for U2's performance and for the DVD. If you look closely, you can even see the Teutonic Larry Mullen Jr. tear up at points.
I wholeheartedly recommend it, along with the Boston DVD. They really are quite distinct performances and both are worthy of your DVD collection.
I especially enjoyed the Bonus making of "Pride: In the name of love" at the same Slane Castle two decades earlier. My wife and I were chuckling at Bono's mullet and Adam Clayton's 'fro and the intimate look at the band's late-night strokes of musical genius.
As for U2, the band already had a powerful message before Sept. 11, born in the troubles in Ireland, expanded by their decades of seeking out truth and opposing despair, prejudice and destruction.
U2 has been the most influential, most meaningful band of the past 20 years, singing powerfully of love, hate, war, terrorism, famine and simple pop happiness too. They have the whole repertoire, and it's amply on display here.
U2 has had the right message all along, but not enough were listening.
When Bono strikes up, "How long, how long must we sing this song" on Sunday Bloody Sunday, you feel it in your guts. When he implores the crowd through chants of "no more IRA," you see the passion of a natural born leader for peace.
There are a lot worse ways to spend your hard earned cash.
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5.0 out of 5 stars WOW!! U2 HAS NEVER LOOKED OR SOUNDED BETTER!!!, March 11, 2005
I am a huge U2 fan, and have seen plenty of the dvds they have out. This by far is the best one out there. If you have boston, this is better. Heres a song by song review:

1.Elevation-Genius! The best oppening of a concert ever!

2.Beautiful Day-Awesome second song. Bono sounds awesome and Edge is the best backing vocalist of all time!!

3.Until The End Of The World- This is funny because on the second audio option before Edge's solo begins you hear some women scream Bono's name.

4.New Years Day-Another classic played very well. I love Edge's woooaah on this one, and the piano part too.

5.Out Of Control-This is where the concert goes from Good too great. This is an awesome rendition when Bono tells the story of the band.

6.Sunday Bloody Sunday-This song is all about drums for me!!(im a drummer). The drums sound so awesome on this song. Excellent!!!

7.Wake Up Dead Man-This song sounds awesome in standard tuning compared to half step down tuning, best performance of this one.

8.Stuck In A Moment-All I can say for this is Listen to Edge!! I cant help but laugh! I wonder if he realizes he sounds like a girl?

9.Kite-And after this, the concert explodes. Bono sounds great in this song!! It was written for his dad, which makes it even better.

10.Angel of Harlem-Another classic performed flawlessly and better than any other time.

11.Desire-WOW!! They really pulled this one out of the box. I love how Larry and Adam join Edge and Bono on the heart.

12.Staring at the sun-My only complaint, Stay would have been better, but this is good to.

13.All I Want Is You-I really like that Bono deicates the song to his wife. I thought that was cute and followed by an awesome performance of AIWIY.

14.Where The Streets Have No Name-Not many people know this but Bono's dad died a week before this, and this song explodes because of it. Bono really lets loose right from the start when he wails during Edge's intro. Drummer's note-This was Larry's best Bridge to the outro.

15.Pride-Well done. The Most key changed song. The key has been changed 3 times since The unforgettable fire tour. Very good performance.

16.Bullet The Blue Sky-I thought the performance of this song was awesome! U2 at their talented best.

17.With or Without You-This song is awesome, and sounds even better live! Excellentlly Performed!!

18.One-The only time I have almost cried because of a song. Truly a tearjerker.

19.Walk On-Excellent last song choice. They really do this one better live!

So lets review, awesome concert, awesome features, what more could you want. A must have for all U2 fans!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Much Better then Boston, November 23, 2003
Aaron Taylor (Toronto, Canada) - See all my reviews
This review is from: U2 Go Home: Live from Slane Castle (Jewel Case) (DVD)
U2 Go Home might just be the best live U2 DVD on the home market today. It's all about U2 being U2. It's raw, it's genuine and it's fun. These factors are what make U2 the band they are today, and were some of the things lacking on their previous DVD release U2 Live From Boston.
Sure, the Boston DVD was probably better in technical terms. There were no obvious band slip-ups in that release. However, most of that has to do with inter-cutting moments from the night after while the cameras were still rolling. In U2 Go Home, there is none of that. When the band screws up, you know about it. You see Bono laughing and Larry Mullen smirking after a rocky start to Angel Of Harlem...that's what live music is all about. To be fair the gaffs are rare. However, for those who are paying attention, Bono's voice is much better in U2 Go Home. Overall, the songs are more inspired and powerful this time out.
U2 Go Home also did something unique in using a variety of film and video stock for the show. It gave the performance that extra raw feeling. There were no perfectly timed crane shots or any nonsense that you might find in previous U2 live releases. It was also nice to see them use a 16:9 aspect ratio. It really adds to the grandeur of the show and gives the DVD a much more cinematic feel.
What about that crowd? I'll take 80'000 screaming hometown fans any day over the 20'000 tame Boston fans. Let's not forget about that silly sit down protest that took place inside the heart that is very visible on TV. (you people should STILL be ashamed for doing still got a great viewing location that other fans would have almost died for) In U2 Go Home, there is none of that nonsense. It's just a lot of U2 fans who are grateful to be there, even the ones at the back.
You're also getting eight songs you didn't get on the Boston DVD. New Years Day, Out of Control, Wake Up Dead Man, Angel Of Harlem, All I Want Is You, Pride, One and Mysterious Ways(bonus track).
What's there not to like on this DVD? (well maybe a few more DVD extras would have been cool) This is one of the better U2 performances you'll ever see.
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5.0 out of 5 stars More passion, less techno, rare tunes = best show yet, December 1, 2003
Matt Wagner (Lawton, Ok United States) - See all my reviews
If you're a U2 fan and after reading all these reviews you haven't gotten the DVD, stop right now and get it! Seriously, watching a U2 show in front of their hometown fans forces them to raise the bar, and they deliver! This one reminded me of why I got into U2 in the first place - watching "Under a Blood Red Sky". Same intensity, but obviously captures them much farther along in their now historical career.
True, it is mostly the Elevation Tour, but each song is delivered with noticeably more emotion - throw in the sad death of Bono's father and, to steal the phrase its easy to get, 'stuck in a moment'. Unlike the other concerts, rather than showcase new songs, this one only has 5 tunes (all of which made it to radio) from the latest project and brings back "New Years Day", "All I Want Is You", and even better "Out of Control" (Bono even alludes to their parents funding them $500 lbs to get a record deal). We're talking high energy from start to finish. Plus, the special feature of "Making the Unforgettable Fire" gives a very cool insight into the making and editing of "Pride". True mainstay live tunes "The Fly", "I Will Follow", and "Bad" would have made this complete, but hey, 20 (including Mysterious Ways) out of 23 aint bad. Beside, include those and why do you need the Elevation DVD?
Heck, if nothing else, you get to see someone dump a beer on Bono. That's worth the $$$ isn't it?
If you only buy one live performance from U2, this one is a no-brainer.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Emotional concert by the worlds best band, October 7, 2004
Xavier Onassis (Warrenville, IL United States) - See all my reviews
There is a moment in this film that never fails to give me chills: The segue between"All I want is you"to "Where the Streets Have No Name"in which Bono holds the last note of"All I want..." in such a way that you feel as if he pouring out his soul at that moment.....and then in a great catharsis the band delivers a stunning performance of "Where......"It is for me the best moment I have seen in a concert! I strongly recommend this dvd..the entire concert is filled with the best rock you will ever hear(I am 51...I have heard my share of"the rock and roll")!
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Greatest Concert DVD I've ever seen..., January 10, 2004
Richard Rademaker (Fairfax, Virginia USA) - See all my reviews
Just when I thought I couldn't appreciate u2 any more than I already do, they release an absolutely incredible DVD with the Slane Castle performance. It is hands down the most brilliant concert I've ever seen as the greatest rock band ripped the stage in front of their hometown crowd in Dublin. The Irish government should declare Sept. 1, 2001 a national holiday in dedication to this concert. This concert was perfection, created by amazing tunes, high emotions, and a crowd of 80,000 fans that didn't stop the whole show. Legendary producer Rick Rubin summed it up perfectly when stating that "seeing u2 live is like a religious experience."
It is hard to write in this review why this DVD is so incredible, but here are some of the reasons: (1)The way u2 walk onto stage and the crowd absolutely erupts as the band rips into "Elevation" (2)The complete performance of "Until the End of the World," my favorite live u2 song, laced with the wicked riffs of the band's genius guitarist, the Edge. (3)When Bono sings "New Years Day" with the Irish flag wrapped around him (4)The surprising appearance of "Out of Control" in the set and Bono's speech during the middle of the song which brings the crowd to probably it's highest peak of rowdiness. (5)The emotional performance of "Sunday Bloody Sunday" which concludes with u2's frontman singing "Wake Up Dead Man" while thousands of lighters appear in total darkness. (6)"Kite," one of my favorite u2 tracks ever, which Bono dedicates to his father who had just recently passed away.(7)"Angel of Harlem," which shows how much fun the band members still have together playing live after 20 years. (8)Probably my favorite on the DVD, the absolutely amazing "All I Want is You," which the lead singer dedicates to his beautiful wife Ali. I also like the part when a fan drenches Bono in water and he turns around and says "All I want is f***ing you, man!" (9) "Streets Have No Name" = The crowd. Get the DVD, you'll realize what I mean. (10)The emotional conclusion of the concert with classics like "One" and "With or Without You."
This DVD makes you feel like you're at the concert, it will make you forget you have a couch in your living room as I stood up the whole time I watched it. I liked the camera work even though some didn't, it made me feel like I was there. The Bonus features are terrific as well, with the Unforgettable Fire documentary and a spincam in which you can rotate the camera angles. Pretty cool stuff.
u2 are one of the greatest bands of all time hands down, they've always made amazing music but they just have that "something else" which put them on top of everyone else. Whether it be the original sound of Edge's guitar, having the most charasmatic lead singer, the friendship between the four members, I don't know. Bono refers to this as "IT", that u2 "just have IT." Well, "IT" was present and stronger than ever on Sept. 1, 2001.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Full Track List/Features for DVD case edition, November 19, 2003
Michael Behuniak (Seattle, WA United States) - See all my reviews
This is the Full Track List/Features for DVD case edition. (Be aware the 'jewel case' edition may not contain same contents.)
- Performance from Slane, 1st September
1. Elevation
2. Beautiful Day
3. Until The End Of The World
4. New Year's Day
5. Out Of Control
6. Sunday Bloody Sunday
7. Wake Up Dead Man
8. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
9. Kite
10. Angel Of Harlem
11. Desire
12. Staring At The Sun
13. All I Want Is You
14. Where The Streets Have No Name
15. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
16. Bullet The Blue Sky
17. With Or Without You
18. One
19. Walk On
- The Unforgettable Fire documentary (28 minutes)
The DVD includes a bonus track ("Mysterious Ways"), and DVD ROM special features include U2 calendar, screensavers and weblinks plus three songs shot on 'Spincam' allowing the viewer an interactive, 360 degree view of the concert. U2 Go Home is presented in PCM Stereo, DTS and Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound. Aspect ratio 16:9.
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