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UFC 160
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on June 10, 2013
UFC 160 is, in my mind, tied at this point in the year for the best pay-per-view of the year. Having said that I still think it was missing that special something that makes a card unforgettable but that's just my personal opinion.

The prelims are overall an alright addition to the card, and when I say that I mean that it's not gonna be one of the highlights of buying this event. In all there were only 2 finishes throughout the entire prelim card and among the rest that are decisions only one or two are truly worth watching. Again, it doesn't hurt but it won't be one of your main reasons for getting the set.

The first fight of the main card was something fans had good reason to be excited for. Any fan of Donald Cerrone knows it doesn't take much for him to have a exciting fight, whether that's a heated contest or quick finish. So, when it was announced that "The Cowboy" would welcome a newcomer into the UFC I was pretty excited, especially given that it was KJ Noons. KJ Noons is best known as the guy who beat Nick Diaz for the EliteXC Lightweight title back in 2007. His rematch against Diaz in Strikeforce did not produce the same results and since then he hasn't been able to get back the same momentum. Noons looked to change that in his UFC debut against Cerrone. Oddly enough, in what I thought was going to be one of the closest fights of the night this turned into a rather one-sided affair that went on to be quite a bloody beating. It's not the most exciting fight but strategically I think the winner did the right thing in securing a victory. Unfortunately it made the loser look rather weak.

The second fight of the night is typically the kind of fight that's reserved for co-main event status as it was for number one contendership. This particular title shot was between Gray Maynard and TJ Grant. Gray Maynard is most well known for his two fight of the year candidates against Frankie Edgar in 2011. Since then he earned a victory over Clay Guida before a knee injury took him out of competition for a almost full year. This fight against Grant would mark his return to competition and he had plenty of motivation to come in prepared. In Grant we have a fighter who has gone on a 4 fight win streak since coming down to lightweight from the welterweight division, holding victories over Evan Dunham and Matt Wiman. Given that both men have a great basis in grappling and legitimate power in their hands this looked to be a very interesting chess match with no telling where the fight could go. As it would turn out there really wasn't much time for much of a match at all as there general feeling out process is about the only buffer between the beginning of the fight and the end. The finish comes quickly and brutally before the halfway mark of the first round and it sends a clear message to current champion Benson Henderson that a legitimate challenger is coming for his title.

Next up was Glover Teixeira taking on James Te Huna. Teixeira has certainly made a name for himself since coming to the UFC. People took notice right away with his dominate debut against Kyle Kingsbury but it wasn't until his vicious beating on Fábio Maldonado did people seriously look at him as legitimate contender. Unfortunately the hype train that was the Teixeira express slowed down due to his match against Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. While he was dominate in victory he was unable to finish Jackson nor put on an exciting match. So, it was interesting to see what he could do in his next fight. James Te Huna was coming in on short notice as he replaced Teixeira's original opponent Ryan Bader. James Te Huna has had a pretty impressive run in the light heavyweight division with a 6-1 record and a current 4 fight win streak, so it looked as though Teixeira was going to have his work cut out for him. In what would go on to be the second of two first round finishes this fight gets started quickly and ends quickly. The fight doesn't really give much time or space for a feeling out process before the finish comes along. The finish itself is impressive and really sends a message to the rest of the division to the standing of the fighter.

The co-main event may be the most interesting fight of the night for several reasons. First off, it's the first fight Junior dos Santos has had since his defeat at the hand of Cain Velasquez in which he lost his heavyweight title. He was completely dominated for five rounds and many wondered how he would bounce back after a performance like that. Second, he was fighting Mark Hunt, who for all intensive purposes was going through his own version of "Rocky" it seemed. He seemed to be written off as the guy everyone expected to lose when he suffered 6 straight losses which included his UFC debut and then he turned it all around with one big knockout of Chris Tuchscherer. He went on to beat Ben Rothwell be decision and in even bigger fashion go and knockout Cheick Kongo and Stefan Struve back to back. Going into this fight Dana White went on record saying that if Mark Hunt could do it one more time, and pull off another win, he would get a title shot. The final reason this was a highly anticipated fight was that both men are clear knockout players who pack dynamite in their hands and many people expected this to be one of the best fights of the year based on the two fighters styles. Personally, this fight was fun but frustrating at the same time. I liked that both men went at it for most of the fight but it seemed pretty one sided in my opinion. Just a matter of speed and size. It should be noted however that the finish, which comes late in the final round, is worth seeing. It was definitely one hell of a finish.

Then we come to the main event, Cain Velasquez defending his heavyweight title against Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva. I'll be honest, I was a bit surprised when I initially heard that Silva was getting a title shot against Velasquez since Velasquez had just beat Silva a year ago, and in devastating fashion I might add. It was in large part due to Velasquez's performance over Silva that he got the title shot that would eventually lead him back to being champion in the first place. The I thought about it though and it did make sense. Silva had knocked out both Travis Browne and Alistair Overeem back to back since losing to Velasquez and his finish of both men were devastating. So, after dominating Junior dos Santos could Velasquez pull off another amazing performance and secure his place as champion or would Silva pull off another upset victory and knockout the champion? Well, in traditional heavyweight style this fight ends quickly and brutally. The feeling out process seems to go out the window pretty quickly on this one and then not much longer the fight ends. I'll admit, I think the finish may come a bit early but I still believe the finish would have been the same nonetheless.

Overall, it's a pretty damn good card filled with a number of great finishes both by submission and knockout. Personally though, I just feel like this card is missing that special something that makes a card amazing. While I love a good finish I think it boils down to the fact that there's wasn't an all-out drag of a fight which I think would have balanced out the card. Other people can point out to the dos Santos/Hunt fight as being that fight but I disagree, while it certainly had its moments it was far from amazing and it was almost completely one-sided. So, I think the card is worth a buy but if you're looking to hold off then it's alright but at least check it out.
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on November 18, 2013
UFC 160

This was a big night for the heavyweights as the title was put on the line in a rematch and the co main event was to determine a new number one contender. Also there was a fight on the card that determined the next challenger for the lightweight title, or at least was supposed to. Over all this was a good event that was held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada.


1.DONALD CERRONE VS KJ NOONS-I was incredibly excited for this fight and that first round showed why. They both went at it crazy with Cerrone coming out on top in the round. The second round was fun as well with Donald gaining some takedowns and landing some great shots. Noons lands a few of his own as well especially that spinning back fist but once again a round for Cerrone. The third round starts out with them trading but Donald gets another takedown and dominates from there, this leads to a UD for “Cowboy”. In the end both guys look beat up, fun fight.

2.GRAY MAYNARD VS TJ GRANT-we get another Lightweight fight here with this one having title implications. This ended up being an excellent fight that lasted just one round. Gray comes out strong landing some big shots like that lead uppercut. But TJ would come back and drop Gray multiple times jumping all over him. This win set him up as the next contender, but injuries would keep him out.

3.GLOVER TEIXEIRA VS JAMES TE HUNA-another first rounder right here as they come out banging but it eventually goes to the ground. From there Glover works to make it out of the guard passing and such. When Huna makes it back to his feet Glover goes for the guillotine and gets the tap out win.

4.JUNIOR DOS SANTOS VS MARK HUNT-this was the fight we all wanted to see, my whole group are big fans of Hunt and we wanted him to win this so bad. Both guys throw some heavy leather in this one but JDS lands the biggest shot dropping Hunt with an over hand right. The second round is just as fun with big shots being thrown and landing from time to time. JDS takes this round though after a big flurry from hunt which makes JDS take him down and controls from there. The third round was mostly JDS as he controlled with the strikes and clips Hunt with a left hook. That was followed by a spinning head kick that sent Hunt to the mat, from there JDS got the win. This fight won the fight of the night and rightfully so.

5.CAIN VELASQUEZ VS ANTONIO SILVA-this was the rematch from the slaughter that was the first fight. “Bigfoot” Silva wanted revenge here and starts out looking good stuffing the takedowns. But shortly into the first round Cain lands a short right that sends Silva to the mat. From there he pounces and retains his Heavyweight title.


1.JEREMY STEPHENS VS ESTEVAN PAYAN-great first round with Stephens coming out on top and taking the round with a takedown and controlling for most of the round. The second round is Stephens once again and he bloodies Payan, there was so much blood. The third round was much of the same and that cut opens up once again, a UD for Stephens.

2.BRIAN BOWLES VS GEORGE ROOP-two really good guys go at it here with a good back and forth. But it is Bowles who takes the round as he drops Roop and even choked him out leading to him taking the mount to end the round. The second round comes to a close pretty quickly after Roop drops Brain, from there he lets loose and gets the TKO.

3.STEPHEN THOMPSON VS NAH-SHON BURRELL-good first round that seems a bit even and well matched for both guys. The second round is another close one but Thompson edges it out in my opinion with his strikes, particularly the ones to the body. The final round goes to Burrell as he finds his strikes landing more often, but it is not enough. Thompson takes the UD win.

4.KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV VS ABEL TRUJILLO-excellent first round here that is all about the ground game. The back and forth and escapes and near submissions make this a classic. The second round followed in the first’s footsteps giving us a great grappling battle. The final round is another ground battle for the most part with Khabib coming out on top.

5.COLTON SMITH VS ROBERT WHITTAKER-great opening round right here with some great moments for both guys. Colton drops Robert a few times and takes the round in my opinion. The second is another good one with Whittaker taking the round rocking Smith. The third ends just 41 seconds in as Smith gets dropped and the ref steps in soon after giving Robert the TKO victory.

6.DENNIS BERMUDEZ VS MAX HOLLOWAY-the first round here was a big one for Holloway as he landed some great spinning back kicks including one to the head. Round two is another fun round with both guys landing and Holloway getting slammed. We close with another excellent round with Dennis coming out on top in that one which led to his split D win.

7.MIKE PYLE VS RICK STORY-this fight starts out strong with Story dropping Pyle and almost finishing him. Prior to that Story was on top for the first half of the round. Story ends up on top again in the next round but Pyle threatens with various submissions. The final round is Pyle’s as he lands some great shots including some nasty elbows. He also tried for some submissions and that led to his SD win.

This was a really good event that had some great fights on it. The Hunt fight broke my heart but it was a great fight so it takes nothing away from him. Also it was great seeing KJ back in there and his fight with “Cowboy” was excellent. With this set you get the countdown show, weigh-ins and the post fight press conference as bonus features. I recommend this set to anyone who is a MMA fan.
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on April 27, 2015
One of the best events of that year.
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on December 16, 2014
All good
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on August 9, 2013
Some years after UFC 160, Mrs. Ansonia Bigfoot Silva made the arduous journey to the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada to visit the last resting place of her only son.

Cain Velasquez had long since left the Octagon and disappeared with Bigfoot's soul... some said to Cabo San Lucas where it was rumored he prospered as a Lucha Livre performer under the name of Carlos Danger.

And there was nothing on the blood-stained Octagon floor to explain to Mrs. Silva why her only son had fought a known NCAA All American wrestler and murderer, a man of notoriously vicious and intemperate disposition.
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on August 3, 2013
There are 4 spectacular fights out of 5 in this DVD. They are TJ Grant vs Gray Maynard, Glover Teixiera vs James Te Huna, Mark Hunt vs Junior Dos Santos, and Cain Velasquez vs Big Foot Silva.

The fight between TJ Grant and Gray Maynard had a surprising ending. For the first 1 minute 40 seconds of round 1, it's an even fight. Both fighter exchanged fists regularly. Then suddenly, one of them was knocked down by a fist to the face. Then...

I'm sorry, I can't mention these guys by their real names. Otherwise, it will ruin your enjoyment.

The fight between Glover Teixiera and James Te Huna was also as exciting as the fight mentioned above. Then at 2 minute 30 seconds of round 1, it was finished by a takedown and...

The most interesting fight of this DVD was the one between Mark Hunt and Junior Dos Santos. Fighter 1 kept pressing the other guy continuously through round 1 and until 3 minutes 30 seconds in round 2. Then an eye-catching takedown was executed by fighter 2, NOT fighter 1. In round 3, again, fighter 1 kept pressing fighter 2 for three minutes and 30 seconds. Then, fighter 2 turned the table ...

The main event between Cain Velasquez and Big Foot Silva was riveting although it ended after 1 minute 20 seconds in round 1.

In short, this DVD is thrilling. It deserves 5 stars.
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