Customer Reviews: UFOs and the National Security State: Chronology of a Coverup, 1941-1973
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on June 9, 2001
Pricey but worth every penny.
Trade paperback of excellent quality binding, cover, paper; typeface is clear and easily to read, typos rare.
Contents deserve the highest recommendation for breadth of research, concision of writing style, clarity of thought and expression of ideas. Special tribute to Mr. Dolan for his many references and credit to two of the finest Americans who have yet to delve into this mystery: Major Donald Keyhoe and Dr. James E. McDonald.
Mr. Dolan's perspective on how a better understanding of UFOs has been obfuscated and frustrated by agencies within our government, as well as much of our national media, conjoined of course, is presented efficiently and without distortion or cant. His summary of 25 years' worth of global UFO sightings alone makes this a valuable reference book. Combined with other developments related to the elaboration of our national security apparatus - domestic and international - this study achieves truly authoritative status. This is a book that every student of American history should read, regardless of their opinion about UFOs.
If you have any real interest in this subject this book should be on your list. Deserves a place alongside the too long out of print UFO Controversy In America by Prof. David M. Jacobs.
Cannot wait for volume #2!
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on November 2, 2000
If we're lucky, at least one seminal work on UFOs is written each generation. UFOs and the National Security State is the book for this generation, one that comprehensively dissects what has happened in this complex and obfuscated field.... Everyone interested in this vital subject needs to add it to their library! ... with the possible exception of [Timothy Good's]Above Top Secret, there has not been another work that could even come close to this massive and fascinatingly detailed accounting of UFOs and the military-industrial complex. Dolan has performed a monumental service to the field with its publication.... Exhaustively footnoted, thoroughly indexed, this is the seminal work for this research generation. If there ever had been a 'must read, must have' book on the subject, UFOs and the National Security State is it. I promise you that once you've read it, you'll never view the subject of UFOs or the American military/intelligence establishment in the same light again." -Don Ecker, Research Director, UFO Magazine, (December/January 2001)
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on August 21, 2003
If you are already interested in UFOs, you should read this book.
If you are already well read on the subject of UFOs, you should read this book.
If you are skeptical about UFOs you must read this book.
If you believe in wild government conspiracy theories you will want to read this book.
If you think the government only has our best interests at heart, then you really need to read this book.
Not only is this possibly the best book ever written on UFOs, it is such an important book on UFOs and the military industrial complex, that every thinking person should read it as soon as possible. If you are reading the Bible, put it down, and start reading "UFOS and the National Security State".
Mr. Dolan has clearly documented a pattern of covert efforts by U.S. intelligence agencies to conceal the great worldwide wave of modern UFO incidents beginning during World War II. This is an extremely well researched and well crafted work. It fully qualifies as non-fiction in every sense, being based largely on the most solid portion of the body of evidence for UFOs.
A book this important does not come along very often. I sincerely wish that many more people would read this book so the citizens of earth would begin to understand the widening gap between official truth and conventional wisdom on one hand, and the real truth on the other hand.
Please, read this book, for your own sake and for the sake of all your fellow earthlngs.
Tom Bowden
Oregon State Director,
Mutual UFO Network
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on November 6, 2000
Richard Dolan's "UFOs and the National Security State" marks a true watershed in ufology. The author is a trained historian and has used his skills as researcher and writer to create one of the most IMPORTANT books ever written in this field. Mr. Dolan has settled, once and for all, any question about the importance of the UFO to national security apparatus of the United States. That is, the UFO * IS * important, to a LOT of folks in the military and government. This book promises to have tremendous staying power and become truly influential as time passes. Read it TODAY and get an advanced look at what EVERYONE will be thinking a few years from now!
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on February 24, 2005
Truly. Until reading this book I not only did not "believe" in UFO's. I did not believe 2+2=5 either. In other words I felt I knew enough about hard science to exclude the possibility of the Visitors, without having to debunk claims to the contrary case by case. But having heard the Author interviewed, I thought I would give him a chance.

Basically what Richard does is through careful documentation demonstrate that the Government was very interested in UFO's for and extended period, even while maintaining an official position of denial. This does not prove the existence of UFO's, but it does demonstrate a real interest in an otherwise unexplainable phenomenon. To use Richards Analogy, as the book rolls along the Elephant in the living room looms larger and larger. What Richard did for me at least, was allow the US Government to convince me of the reality of the visitors.

I sincerely doubt the Government keeps 1000's of pages of top secret documents on Big Foot. Any thoughtful citizen should put aside the lables believer and skeptic and consider Richards book. We need to ask ourselves, why is my government so interested in this subject, if its all fluff and bunnies?? Why do such a high percentage of sightings occur near facilities storing nuclear material. And what's more frightening, the thought that visitors are real, or that so many persons who man these facilities have apparently become temporarily unhinged if they are seeing fluff and bunnies.

Just a thought. A co-worker of mine saw this book and borrowed it. When I asked why later he told me. "I used to be a Radar Operator, one night we tracked a blip. It just hung in space for 3 passes. Then shot off screen as fast as any Jet. This was in the late 50's before the Harrier, and no chopper in the world at that time could do that!" I wonder how many other quiet witnesses there are out there; People who have seen the impossible, and know, what we think we know, just isn't the whole of the truth.
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on October 20, 2005
This book is a powerhouse of information that documents years of government deception and denial about UFOs, extraterrestrials, and other covert research activities. Dolan writes a highly comprehensive and detailed history of UFOs and alleged extraterrestrial activity since the early 1940's. His account focuses mostly on the U.S. but also includes related events throughout the world. Dolan's narrative exposes the schizophrenic nature of how we collectively relate to UFOs. On one hand there are well-documented sightings sometimes by highly-qualified observers, like military pilots. There are also occasional cryptic and direct statements by government officials and declassified documents from various military and intelligence agencies attesting to the reality of the phenomena. On the other hand, we have decades of denial by official governmental agencies who claim that the government has no knowledge about UFOs. In light of the facts exposed in this book, that claim seems dubious.

What are we to do with such a disassociated, confused set of circumstances? In this monumental work, Dolan documents the sources of the weird, conflicting, and befuddled mind set we have created. In doing so, he provides evidence that the U.S. has developed a dysfunctional, unaccountable, and disoriented political condition. This book will appeal to those interested in the history of United States and general readers wondering exactly how and why the distribution of power in the U.S. went so awry after World War II. Overall, Dolan makes a compelling case that secrecy surrounding the UFO subject has had a corrosive, toxic affect on our civil liberties, freedoms, and sense of national identity. Every concerned citizen should pay attention to this subject mainly because UFO disclosure has ramifications throughout our entire political and social system.

(Dr. Simeon Hein is the author of OPENING MINDS: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles and Resonance, PLANETARY INTELLIGENCE, and composer of the CDs EARTH DREAMING and OPENING SKIES.)
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on November 4, 2004
There are so few quality books on the subject. Many of them sit on my bookshelf. Every once in a while, a gem rises to the top. One of these gems is "UFOs and the National Security State". Richard Dolan's treatment is of the highest quality; it's the best that I've read and I'm very anxiously looking forward to volume 2. I was compelled to see and meet Richard Dolan, so I made it a point to attend the National UFO Conference in Los Angeles in October 2004. Given the quality of his book, I had very high hopes for Richard. Well, he far exceeded all my expectations. His presentation was remarkable. The man behind the book is the real deal; an excellent researcher and he sure can write!
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on June 29, 2001
This is without a doubt the best book ever written on UFO'S. It not only chronicles the same old disc shape sightings, abductions, encounters and cattle mutilations that we all have probably heard or read about. But Dolan goes into depth as to the who, why and history of our government agencies and the great lenghts they have gone to downplay, mis-inform, lie, threaten, kill, and debunk the existence of UFO'S that are, in turn,controlled by extraterrestrials. It becomes obvious, in the books content, that the government has gone the full mile and more to coverup and downplay this existence, because in truth, we have yet to develop a formidable military or technological defense for this higher intellegence that has been observing us for who knows how long. Dolan takes you every where from the foo fighters, to the CIA'S use of mind altering drugs, countless clandestine activities and heavy envolement in UFO'S, Roswell,the Hill abduction, the importance of Keyhole & Macdonald, Men in Black, the debacle of Project Blue Book, the mysterious death of J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI's historical role on UFO's, Watergate, Nixon and finally the government's success at keeping the UFO situation under it's own propaganda control. One can conclude at books end, that the government may be trying to avoid mass hysteria by this ongoing coverup but in the process has only made matters worse. But as Dolan says, is it in the public interest or there interest?
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on May 25, 2005
Very few have taken on the UFO issue with as much no nonsense style as Richard Dolan has. Mr. Dolan brings to light a good deal of factual information regarding the history of UFO sightings and he clearly shows how the Government seeks obfuscation of this information through military intelligence organizations so as to conceal this information at all costs to the public, or at least, to provide disinformation to 'pollute' the real information thereby making it indigestible to the average person. I like this book because Mr. Dolan is so down to earth on a subject that is so "far out there."

The only two books that I have read on this subject that match Mr Dolan's no nonsense style and integrity are Morris K. Jessups book 'The Case for the UFO' (no longer in print) and Laura Knight-Jadczyk's book 'The High Strangeness of Dimensions, Densities and the Process of Alien Abduction'. I highly recommend

this book to those of you who are born skeptics on this issue.

It is written for those who are skeptical and this is why his book is so powerful.
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on August 18, 2002
For those who purport that the UFO phenomenon is byproduct of over-active imaginations or quasi-religious fantasies, here is a book that offers enough soft evidence to show that the military and governmental authorities have, been, and are, involved in a coverup of massive proportions. Yes, there have been other "history" books written on the UFO problem, yet, Richard Dolan squarely hits the nail on the head, with this comprehensive, clearly articulated volume on the prehistory of UFOs in our skies. His refreshing ability to refrain from subjective arguments for or against propels him to the top of the list for unbiased argument. He simply reports.. And the reports are in, by the hundreds, nationally and globally. Classified documents, military and government voices and clearcut unambiguous sightings both on radar and physical traces, add to the overwhelming conclusion that something of great magnitude has been happening in the earth's skies for at least over half a century, probably more. If you enjoy an open mind, free from dogmatic restraints, then open this book, and read it with fresh eye. Then decide for yourself if "hallucinations" can cover all the bases. A superb and scholarly work!
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