Customer Reviews: UPPAbaby Vista RumbleSeat, Black, 2014 and earlier
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on August 28, 2011
We got the Vista when we were expecting our second child. Our oldest was going to be 2.5 when his younger brother was born and already liked walking so I didn't want a dedicated double stroller but knew I would need a double stroller some of the time. For my needs, the Rumble Seat is perfect. Most of the time I use the stroller as a single or with the UPPAbaby PiggyBack Ride Along Board but if we're going to a busy part of town or will be walking a longer distance than I use the Rumble Seat.
I've been pleasantly surprised with how maneuverable and easy to push the stroller is with the Rumble Seat on it. My son is around 32 lbs and in the lower seat so I was worried the stroller would be off balance but it's really not bad. It's less maneuverable than a single stroller for sure but that's not a fair comparison. Compared to a true double stroller or even some other tandem strollers on the market it's great. I have no problems pushing up ramps or up over curbs even with my close to the weight limit son in the lower seat and my infant in the main seat. I also don't have problems over brick or cobblestone. If you're using the rumble seat it will take two hands most of the time to push it but I think this is pretty typical of any stroller with two children in it.
Finally, I was worried my son wouldn't like sitting in it because his view is obstructed but that hasn't been a problem at all. At times I thought it would be nice for the seat to recline because usually my son is in the rumble seat when he's too tired to walk anymore but the lack of recline hasn't stopped him from falling asleep in the seat. And then having a seat that reclined would just make the stroller heavier and more cumbersome and take away from the flexibility of this option that I like so much.
Having lived with this for several months I'm so happy we made the decision to go with the vista + rumble seat instead of buying a new double stroller. I don't think this would work well for twins or for babies much closer in age, but for us with a toddler who likes to walk and an infant this has been the perfect choice.
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on April 15, 2013
I have a 12 month old and a 2 year and 9 month old. The vista was great for one child. (Sturdy, bassinet, rain and mosquito nets, sun shade, easy to maneouvre, big wheels, smooth handling, huge basket).

Then I had the second child and got the piggyback and rumble seat. While the second baby was under 12 months, the uppababy vista (with regular seat or car seat + car seat adaptor) + rumble seat + piggyback combination worked well for my toddler and the baby. The toddler could sit in the back rumble seat or stand on the piggyback.

So for the first 12 months of the second child's life, this stroller was great, and the negatives were easily overlooked. With the rumbleseat, it is longer and heavier, and with the heavier toddler sitting in the rumble seat, it is harder to steer compared to a single stroller. It's still a relatively smooth ride, albeit more cumbersome as you can imagine.

However, now the baby is 12 months old, running everywhere, and no longer content to sit quietly in the stroller. Also, the toddler becomes jealous and tired and wants to sit like the baby. The baby wants to kick and pull at the toddler.

The negatives outweigh the positives now.

The rumble seat only faces backwards, has no reclining positions, and there is very little room in front of a child's head. If a child falls asleep in the rumble seat, her head will fall forward. Very uncomfortable if asleep.

The little shade cover offers almost no sun or rain protection because it is too small.

The bottom piece is clipped on top and velcroed on the bottom to the vista frame. However, the bottom piece has some kind of waffle weave texture, which means that dirt and food can easily get smeared into it and then it is very hard to clean out.

This is an expensive attachment. Heck, all the vista accessories are expensive - the piggy back board, the rumble seat, the parent tray, the child tray, the car seat adaptor. For the price of just the piggy back board and rumble seat, I could buy a new double stroller.

Now that both children are very mobile (both running around and interested in everything), they do not like to stay in the vista/rumble seat/piggyback board.

If baby is in the regular seat and toddler is on the piggyback, the regular seat is so high the toddler can't see over it, and can only see from the side.

If baby is in the regular seat or the car seat facing backwards and toddler is on the piggyback, the baby can kick the toddler.

If one child is in the regular seat facing forward and the other child is in the rumbleseat, the first child can kick the second child.

If either the baby or the toddler are in the rumble seat, they don't like it because their view is blocked by the very close regular seat or car seat and they can only see to the side. If the regular seat is reclined, there is no room in the back seat for anyone to sit.

The baby is too small to stand on the piggyback board.

In order to fit everything into the back of my SUV, this is what I do:

1. Remove the car seat. Remove the car seat adaptor. OR Remove the regular seat.
2. Remove the rumble seat.
3. Fold the stroller and put it into the car. For smaller vehicles you may have to remove the piggyback board too.

I am going to get a sit'n'stand stroller, where the baby can sit in the front forward facing seat, the toddler can stand or sit on the back, the accessories are included, it folds in one move and it's far cheaper ($239-$149 CAN). If I have another newborn, then I will get out the vista and accessories again. For two very active kids, I guess they have outgrown the vista + piggyback + rumble seat combination.
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on March 8, 2015
Wonderful stroller for one child, impossible to steer with rumble seat attached. The seat with child in it makes the stroller too front heavy. Can't even get over a door jam without difficulty. The super short sun shade would only be capable of blocking sun if it were coming from behind the child, it is completely useless.
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on November 6, 2015
Hate this seat. If you use it with the carseat, as we are doing due to the birth of our newborn, there is hardly any room for the 18 month old. The seat faces the rear only and the car seat juts right into the poor girls face. Also, the sunshade is a joke. It is but a tiny little piece that hardly covers half her head. There is ZERO protection. And we can't face her away from the sun as it rear faces only. Even when the newborn is out of the car seat and using the regular seat, the rumble seat won't face forward by design and we still have this problem. Total fail. The passenger in this seat has to wear a hat & sunscreen or she will burn. Unfortunately, our little one refuses to have anything on her head so she either sits there in full sun, we don't go anywhere until the sun is down, or we get a new stroller all togther. With $1100 already invested (Vista, car seat, rumble seat), we are hesitant but will just dump the entire stroller and get a different one, from a different maker. Also I have lost all confidence in Uppa Baby as a brand. We bought the Vista in 2014 when our baby was born. We liked it and knew of its two seat capabilities but we didn't think we would need it as we didn't anticipate a second baby, but alas one came in 2015. As such, we had to get the rumble seat. UB decided to change everything in 2015 so we had to rush and get this before it became completely extinct (according to BuyBuy Baby and UB customer service). I would not buy this seat unless you really have to. The seller on Amazon was great and it's not their fault UB sucks.
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The rumble seat is a great option if you generally use your stroller for one child but would like the option to provide a seat for an older child when needed. In my opinion the rumble seat does not turn the vista into an everyday double stroller although the new 2015 version arguably does (note that the 2015 version cannot be used with 2014 or earlier vistas and this seat cannot be used on the 2015 or newer models).

The good:
- the seat is compact and lightweight enough to keep in the car all the time
- it's very quick and easy to attach and detach once you get the hang of it (it hooks on tilted forward then firmly attaches when pulled back)
- the fussy under seat safety strap is essentially unnecessary, I'm guessing uppababy's lawyers wanted it there, I've never used it yet the seat looks and feels very secure
- it fits an older child well, my big for his age six year old has used it

The not so good:
- it only faces backward. Not only does the rumble seat rider have an awful view but the toddler seat rider cannot face forward
- the seat back is low enough where the shade is not usable when a taller child is riding
- the seat does not recline although naps aren't that bad for an older kid since they can lean forward and rest their head on the toddler seat
- the sunshade is very small and the rain cover (not included) is just a small plastic piece that drapes over the gap between the seats
- the weight over the front wheel makes the stroller very difficult to get up onto curbs

I'm glad we have this seat because it really is a wonderful option for occasional use. We took our vista to disney world as a double stroller and it wasn't great. The rumble seat rider was constantly turning around and kneeling in the seat to be able to see. It's not a good option of you need a double stroller most of or all of the time.
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on September 23, 2015
I am obsessed with everything UppaBaby that I own, without a doubt. The G-Luxe stroller, the Mesa car seat, and the Vista. This part just doesn't do what I thought it would. When I put my son and nephew in using this they annoy each other because there is nowhere to put your feet, and they start fighting because their feet are on each other. Since it only holds up to like 30 pounds, it really is only for little guys, but doesn't recline, so it's really only a short amount of time that you can actually use it. Disappointed.
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on May 20, 2016
Fits great however, not sure if everything was thought out carefully before this was designed - maybe an after thought? my toddler's face is so close to the infant seat that, unless she's sleeping, she's not going want to sit there. I believe 2015 model corrected this issue by having an option for the rumble seat to face the other way.
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on December 21, 2015
I love Uppababy. We have two of their strollers & their customer service is top notch. What I don't like is the rumble seat on our 2012 Vista. Every time my son falls asleep in his rumble seat, he always falls forward. It needs a bit more of a recline or better positioning. I also do not like that it appears to be built for very tiny & very short children. My son is very tall & slender for his age & he does not fit comfortably in this & complains every time I put him in this. Now I only use it as a last resort.
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on January 28, 2016
Great to have, but impossible to take off. It also doesn't recline. The hood keeps coming off too which is annoying as it is held by just velcro. Lastly the seat already ripped after 2 weeks at the bottom. It isn't because of my baby either. It was because we attempted to take the seat off to fold the stroller.
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on June 5, 2014
We bought this last year and have been using it every since by second baby was born. My kids are now 36 months and 10 months old. The 3 year old enjoys sitting in the seat and it's nice to have as an option strolling through the mall, zoo or other places we go. Usually the 3 year old prefers to walk but this is a nice option. I totally love my uppa vista stroller, purchased way back in 2010. Yes, these are not small strollers. I can put the stroller folded up in my SUV trunk with the rumble seat attached but there is pretty much no room elsewhere (and it's a big trunk). However, it takes about 3 seconds at the most to take the rumble seat off so it's easy to take on and off in the mall parking lot, etc...

For people wondering about the piggy back board too-my 3 year old barely uses it. I have a hard time walking with her standing there at my feet and the whole thing will tip if you are going up a ramp/curb/etc.

If you already have the vista and need to transport 1 more child this is the way to go.
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