Customer Reviews: UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller, Sebby/Teal (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on February 17, 2012
I've had this stroller for a couple of months now, and I love it. I truly think that moving from the full sized stroller that went with my infant travel system to the GLuxe has improved my quality of life! I wish I had done it sooner. My very tall, 30-lb 19-month old son is quite comfortable in it and looks like he will continue to be for some time. My only size concern is the waist straps-we don't have much room to enlarge them, so it may not be the best choice of stroller for a more rotund child. The operation of opening and closing the stroller only took a little practice to master, and now I find it very smooth and easy to operate. I love how light it is. The carry strap was an important feature for me. Recently, i was in a mall with my son and the elevator was broken. I was able to take him out of the stroller, fold it, put it on my shoulder with the strap, and carry it and him down the escalator with no trouble. The standing while folded feature is also great. Some people have complained that it's not terribly sturdy in this position. For my purposes, I think its fine. I'm able to fold it and stand it next to my table at a restaurant and have it be out of the way but in sight. (I don't want to leave a nearly $200 stroller hanging out in the lobby...) Folded, it takes up very little room in my little trunk, so i can actually store things other than the stroller in there for the first time in more than a year and a half. (old stroller took up the entire trunk) The sun shade is nice and generously sized, and the basket underneath is convenient for small shopping bags or folded coats. Don't plan on stowing large bags down there, but it's handy for small things. The stroller handles like a dream. It's extremely smooth to operate, and you can easily steer it one-handed. My 6'4 husband is comfortable pushing it. My son loves pushing it around, too. :) Before purchasing, I did weeks of research, read tons of reviews, and vacillated between this and the Maclaren Triumph. I probably would have been happy with the Maclaren, too, but now that i have the GLuxe I think I made a great decision.
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on May 20, 2011
I just recently purchased the G-Luxe for a plane trip I was taking with my 10-month old son. We live in an urban area and have a big heavy Teutonia that I use for walks on the city sidewalks and off-roading but it's just too big for travel and takes up the entire trunk of my Avalon.

Overall I really like the G-luxe. I was torn between the G-Luxe, the always popular Maclarens, and the Baby Jogger City Mini. I eliminated the Maclarens because I just couldn't get the release button to work on the harness. It was so difficult. Even the store representatives struggled with it. Also, they just felt flimsier t me. Maybe this is a result of the aluminum frame but I just didn't see quality for the money. I came very close to purchasing the BJCM and probably would have if I didnt already have an all-purpose stroller. It was just too expensive and heavy to justify as my travel stroller. It's also pretty wide with the 3-wheel system and weighs about 5 lbs more than the G-Luxe. The one-hand fold though is FANTASTIC. Uppababy is local for me (Massachusetts)and I try to support local businesses when I can.

Things I love about the G-luxe:
Light and easy to fold once you get the hang of it. You do need two hands but I've managed it several times while holding my baby.
Easy-ish to open but the locking petal is a little stiff. My husband kept asking if he would break it by stepping too hard. Maybe this will get better with use.
I love the 5-point harness and the release button is so much easier than the Maclarens.
The sun canopy is fantastic. Easily the most coverage I've seen on any umbrella stroller.
It has an adjustable recline which is also very rare on umbrellas. It's a draw sting system so it's very adjustable.
There aren't really any sides to it when in the full upright position which is great for my son to look around. Not great for napping but there's a bit of a side wall when reclined.
Soft, machine-washable seat pad.
Comes with a cup holder. I thought this was silly at first but found I use it all the time and the others you have to buy them separately.
Overall a smooth ride. Much better than I thought it would be after being used to my foam-tired Teutonia tank with suspension system.
I did find I kicked the wheels a bit at first but the handles are longer than most I tried and I got used to the wheel placement fairly easily. I think I was used to the wide-set wheels on the Teutonia. From what I read it is a problem with almost all umbrella type strollers. I'm fairly tall at 5'8" and this stroller is very comfortable to push. I'm not stooped over at all. My husband is 6'3" and also says it's comfortable to push. He has no problem kicking the wheels.

Things that are a little annoying maybe to some but I deal with:
White interior canopy. Really? Who thought this was a good idea?? It's white on all the color models.
No place to attach a snack cup.
The footrest goes up every time you close the stroller so you have to adjust it every time you open it if you don't want it up.
It says it stands by itself, but most of the time I've tried this it topples over eventually from wind or whatever. So I try not to use it. Helpful if you need to set it down for a minute or if it's in a closet or something but it isn't very sturdy.

I was afraid of buyer's remorse since these things are so expensive but I have been very happy. I have received several compliments on the looks and handling and recommend it to friends.
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on January 18, 2012
UPDATE: 2.5 years in and we still love it. We have a new baby we are getting ready to use it on too. Our eldest still loves riding it too. It's just so comfortable, has such a great canopy, and has held up really well. So happy we spent the money to get such a good stroller. One thing I've noticed is that a lot of umbrella strollers are really short and parents hunch over when walking. This is not the case with this one. So much more comfortable since handles are at a good height for my 5'6" frame and my husband's 6'1" frame.

UPDATE: 4 Months in and we still could not be happier with this stroller. It works great and we have had zero problems. Our daughter loves it too!

We are absolutely in love with this stroller. We looked at MANY strollers before deciding on this one. I browsed on line for weeks, read reviews, and almost ordered a different one online before deciding I needed to see them in person. We checked them all out. I originally thought I'd get a cheap one (like $50 or less) but decided you really do get what you pay for. Others, in the $100-$130 range just felt cheaper. We finally narrowed it down between this one and the McLaren Triumph. I had heard great things about the McLarens, but I wasn't as impressed in person. They are pretty pricey and seemed to bulky, imo. So we chose this one.

- Steers/drives great. Even though it's a two handle stroller, it pushes pretty well one handed--unlike most two handle strollers.
- Reclines: this was important to us as our daughter is only 7 months old. It's great when we are out shopping, she can easily lay back for a nap, or sit up if she wants to see what's going on.
- Sunshade: It has an extendable UV blocker. I love it for blocking the sun, but if it's windy, it also works as a great wind blocker since it can come down so far. I have even used to to keep her a little more covered if she is sleeping while shopping. Helps keep prying eyes (and hands) at a distance.
- Harness: Again, we needed a harness, not just a buckle.
- Super light: It's only 11 pounds. I can pick up with one-handed ease.
- Stands up while folded: Not only does it fold easily (takes two-hands, but has a easy lift safety lock, and doesn't require your foot to help), but it stands while folded.
- Unfolds easily: One simple handle opens on the left side to open, then you press down on the provided foot pedal to lock it in place.
- Can stay with us for a long time: It's good quality and can hold up to 50 pounds (I think). I have a feeling we will be using this well into toddler hood.
- Nice material: very soft, doesn't feel cheap

- Price: On the pricier side of umbrella strollers, but like I said before, you get what you pay for. It really is worth it in my opinion.
- Basket is kind of small and a little hard to get to if the seat is reclined. However, I found this to be true for just about every umbrella stroller I looked at. Therefore, I didn't deduct for this.

Lastly: We bought this one in early 2012. I believe whatever problem people were having before has been fixed. This one was not a part of that recall and we have not had a problem with it collapsing.
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on June 7, 2012
This stroller has exceeded our expectations as apartment dwellers in NYC. We take it everywhere--stores, subways, museums, sidewalks, parks, airplanes--and it's great to maneuver. Pops over curbs and steps with no problem. Baby loves it and seems very comfortable. The sun shade is excellent. My husband loves that the handles are taller than average.

The drawbacks of this stroller are the same for all umbrella strollers--tips easily if off balance, small storage basket, limited recline and comfort features.

Many of my friends with large full feature strollers as me about the G-Luxe because it really is more practical for apartment living. They have these giant strollers taking up half their living rooms and we have the G-Luxe tucked away neatly in a corner behind a door.
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on May 26, 2012
I purchased the Uppababy G-Luxe stroller for my 7 month old son in 2010. I loved it for a while but I really think you should read this review before you make your decision on the Uppababy G-Luxe. I think my experience with Uppababy and the G-Luxe is worth reading if you are seriously considering this stroller.

I would like to point out to parents with younger babies, that you should always remember that your baby is growing. They will become more mobile and more curious. Even the most responsible parents have fast children that can put themselves in danger without the parent seeing it. When you read reviews for any child item, try to find reviews from different age groups because although the age group may not effect you now, it will in a few months or years.

My G-Luxe had to be replaced 3 times. First time- it folded with my son in it on at least three occasions. I called the company and had a replacement sent to my house immediately. The second time the recline feature (Two shoe laces that slide with a plastic clip) snapped and the seat was stuck in the reclined position. Again the stroller was replaced, but it was on 'back-order' so I had to wait. Then I was told for my inconvenience, I would be receiving the newer model with the footrest. I waited several weeks for the replacement but I was happy that Uppababy 'upgraded' me. This was really not the case.

Many of the reviews are from parents with younger babies. You need to consider owningthis stroller when your child is a toddler. With minutes of being in the footrest model, my 20 month old son reached down and pulled the footrest straight up with his hands. The foot rest aimed at his face. He straddled the foot rest and pulled on the fabric. The fabric came right off the two metal posts and then there were two metal posts sticking straight into the air.

At this point, the seat's depth also decreased because the resistance to hold the seat up diminished. My son was able to stick his feet right into the moving wheels. His legs were long enough that he could stand and try to walk while strapped into the 5 point harness. It was so dangerous. I kept telling him not to do it. (Of course, we were using our new stroller at Disney so I could not switch to another one that week.) He was 20 months old and thought is was hilarious.

I called Uppababy and told them was happened and again...'Do you want a replacement?' This would have been my 4th G-Luxe in less than 2 years. I did not want a replacement, I wanted a refund. Uppababy said they never give refunds, they just replace the product. They also said this stroller was JPMA certified and if it was being used correctly, this should not happen. I tried to reason with my son that he was not using the stroller correctly and would get hurt, but being that he was only 20 months he did not understand this! Seriously???????

I then asked for my old model as the replacement, but I found out that they no longer have it. My 'upgrade' was not an 'upgrade' it was their response to no longer having the other model. I understand products change, but they should have been honest about this.

Luckily, the store I actually bought it from was very helpful and gave me credit towards another stroller. (I did NOT get an Uppababy.) I demonstrated what happened with my son and they were easily convinced it was a dangerous product. I had a credit and a dedicated sales person helping me pick a new stroller immediately.

I could not believe that a company that claims to make 'high quality' baby products would sell this and then not stand behind it by refunding or giving me credit. A stroller should not need to be replaced 4 times. Even with my Uppababy Vista, Uppababy had to replace the broken frame, broken seat and bald tires with the first year. I do not want to buy products from a company that is constantly replacing things. I want to buy a product that will last and I will not have problems with. Take a minute and read other Uppababy reviews. People are always saying what great customer service you get with Uppababy because they replace things. Do you really want to be replacing things all the time, or do you want a product that will last? I was very disappointed by the customer service at Uppababy. I am shocked that they told me that if the stroller was being used correctly, this should not happen. If this was always the case, parents would never need baby gates, outlet protectors or fences around pools. Children are curious and this stroller has a serious design flaw that can hurt the child. A curious child can expose two metal posts about 4 inches long and have them sticking straight up into the air towards their face. They can also then put their feet into moving wheels within seconds. I strongly advise parents to take this information into consideration because your baby will grow into the curious toddler and this stroller is dangerous for that age group!

Best of Luck.
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on July 20, 2014
We needed an umbrella stroller for travel and after several different attempts and visits to bbb finally (and slightly reluctantly) ended up with the G-Luxe. We were unhappy that there was no peek window for the canopy and no little pouch/pocket in the seat for the baby's drink or toy. What we were happy with was the large canopy and the full recline (which in the newest model is very easy one handed operation).

This is a DELUXE umbrella stroller - handles like a dream and you can push one handed without feeling all the bumps of the road. We took this for 2 weeks all over France (cobblestone roads, etc) and it really was a work horse for us. Our son napped in it everyday and we were able to push it underneath tables at restaurants. Can't wait to go on several more trips with this stroller!
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on September 5, 2014
This has been an excellent travel stroller for us. Both my 32 lb daughter (18 months old) and 4 year old son can sit comfortably in the stroller. My daughter seems especially excited to get in, compared to the jogging stroller that we own and used to use for travel. The stroller folds up neatly, as others have stated. I think the kids especially appreciate the way the front edge rolls down for a comfortable sitting posture against the back of the knees, in addition, the back allows my daughter to lie flat enough to get a diaper change.

My only concern is how much she seems to slide off the stroller, but that is not a huge issue when the straps are engaged.
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on May 19, 2011
I love this stroller. I did so much research before purchasing a lightweight stroller and Im very happy. I have a 10 month old son and he loves it just as much as I do. He has fallen asleep in it several times, thats how I know he approves. :) It looks very comfortable.
Im 5'10" so height was very important to me, handles are for tall people which is awesome!
Lightweight - weighs only 11 lbs
Can recline all the way back
Canopy - amazing! can go all the way forward to cover baby entirely from sun (except feet :)
Small basket underneath is perfect for a small diaper bag - just the necessities
Cup holder
Adjustable foot rest - I keep it straight out since my son is too small to use it, and its perfect when he sleeps
Straps - He is too young to even begin to try and figure this out but I dont think he will be able to, its hard enough for him but easy enough for me.
It is a very cute and attractive stroller!

I recommend this stroller to everyone!

If I had to say something bad, I would say I wish there was a peekaboo window so i could see him. Luckily the canopy opens up in the back (I throw it over the top of the stroller to see him - wish it had velco to stay up there)
It is very lightweight so you cant hang too much on this stroller. I dont mind it because I like to travel light and the reason for buying this stroller was for this purpose !
The fold is not a one handed fold - its difficult to do while holding a baby, I can still do it but it took practice. Luckily he can stand beside me to make it easier. Be careful folding it though, i fell on top of the stroller once when I was trying to fold it! ha!

Overall I love this stroller though, I looked at the Maclarens but settled on this one because the only comparable one I found was the Maclaren techno xlr and it was $100 more. This meets my needs and beyond!
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on July 15, 2014
I'm writing this review after having used it for a couple of years now...and it's still working well after many int'l flights (I don't even bother to stuff it into travel bag anymore, but I should) and although it's not as pretty it's still very useful. My child still easily naps in it and doesn't seem to be outgrowing it for now...Got far more use out of this than the big UppaBaby Vista, but that has it's own value for very young children -- and then for add-ons for another kid...
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on October 23, 2014
I love this stroller! After using a cheap umbrella stroller with my first born, I knew I wanted to spend more money on a better product for my second child. I did a lot of research on multiple brands with multiple features and prices. This stroller is so lite and folds easy. The main reason I chose this stroller is for the storage basket, the reclining feature, and the over-sized shade. I bought this about 2 years ago, and I still love it! I wish the cup holder was removable, since it broke off during a plane trip. I have recommended this stroller to friends and strangers (who admire it in public). It is definitely worth the money!
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