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on February 24, 2015
I have been a loyal user of the Moshi PalmGuard for many generations of Macs, recommending it and installing it on many friends' and family members' Macbooks, Macbook Airs and Macbook Pros.

When my own Moshi PalmGuard started wearing down (I had a scratch from a ring that took off the top coating of the PalmGuard--so it gradually got easier and easier to take the coating off and have small grey specks all over the place...Macbook itself was unharmed if you were wondering), I wanted a replacement fast. Since Amazon prime doesn't have the Moshi PalmGuard for MBP retina, I opted to try this Uppercase Palm rest.

The Uppercase is more or less identical to the Moshi PalmGuard for a cheaper price, except for three things:
1. The Uppercase feels a bit smoother than the Moshi. I have grown accustomed to the Moshi PalmGuard and prefer the Moshi feel that was just a tad bit rougher and felt more like real aluminum of the Mac in my opinion--but many users may prefer the Uppercase smoother feel.
2. The Uppercase is a bit more noticeable than the Moshi in terms of blending into the Mac. Hard to quantify, but if I said that the Moshi color matchup to the Mac was almost 99% identical--the Uppercase is probably 90% identical to the Mac. Still, you probably won't notice it if you aren't looking for it. I'm not sure if it is more noticeable because of the color or texture, or perhaps because of point number 3...
3. This is the only real CON I found with the Uppercase: While the protector looks like it is precision cut and fits the Mac perfectly, there is something a bit annoying about the outer edge/the entire outer perimeter of the protector--there are small bits protruding that makes the EDGES FEEL ROUGH. I took a picture of one small part that is more obvious and will show up in photos, but I notice it around the entire edges of the protector, not just in the picture. As you can see, maybe the cut wasn't perfectly clean. I tried scraping the rough edges down which only helped minimally. Hopefully this will go away over time, but it feels and looks just a tad annoying.

Overall, it does the same job as the Moshi PalmGuard for about 8 bucks cheaper. It fits the Mac perfectly and is easy to install. However, the Moshi PalmGuard does blend into the computer better in my opinion, and in my experience the quality control of Moshi is amazing and I have had no issues from the 5 or so I bought over the years with the rough/unclean edges that is currently plaguing my Uppercase. That said, if you aren't as OCD as me, you'll probably love the Uppercase just fine.

NOTE: Make sure, whether buying the Uppercase or the Moshi PalmGuard, that you buy the palm protector SPECIFIC TO YOUR COMPUTER MODEL. Even though the layout of many macs have largely stayed the same over the years so that it looks like you can use a non-retina macbook pro 15" palmguard on a retina macbook pro 15", the thickness of the computers have changed over the years. Specifically, friends and many people on forums have stated trouble with using palm protectors designed for non-retina macbook pros on retina macbook pros due to smaller clearance between the keyboard to screen when closing the retina macbook pro--thus the non-retina palm protectors are too thick for retina macs--WHICH MIGHT DAMAGE YOUR SCREEN WHEN CLOSING. That said, as of the date of this review (Feb 24, 2015), you can only get a palmguard for your retina macbook pro on Amazon for UPPERCASE protectors. If you want a Moshi PalmGuard for your retina Macbook, go to the moshi site, because the moshi ones currently on Amazon are only for non-retina models.

I purchased another Moshi Palmguard for the Retina Macbook Pro 15" off of the moshi website to compare. I discovered that the reason the Uppercase might have the rough/unclean edges is because they designed the palm protector to go all the way to the edges of the palm area of the laptop that the protector is aiming to protect. The Moshi, on the other hand, cut it so that their palm rest protector is just a hair smaller than the laptop, leaving just a fraction of a millimeter of the laptop unprotected from the edge. Thus, you won't notice any rough edges because the protector isn't flush with the edge of the laptop--you can't feel the edge of the protector. Thus, it is a trade-off, a fraction of a mm of less protection so that there aren't annoying edges. That said, a few days of usage and some attempts at smoothing out the edges of the Uppercase protector with just my fingers and some cleaning with a microfiber cloth made the rough edge problem pretty much nonexistent. Still, the Moshi Palmguard does blend into the laptop more and I do prefer the feel/texture of the Moshi over the Uppercase. I will continue using the Moshi I recently bought (cost to return it would not be worth it), but in the future, I will probably purchase Uppercase protectors over Moshi protectors--they are cheaper and pretty much just as good.
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on July 20, 2013
I wear a watch with metal buckle and had to be very careful not to scratch the Macbook aluminum surface. Since I bought a keyboard cover from UPPERCASE and have been very satisfied, I decided to get this from them and I am happy about the purchase.

It is easy to apply, and you can actually peel it off and reapply if you didn't get it right the first time (even though instructions on how to apply it is very clear). It protects the palm rest area so i don't have to worry the watch buckle scratching the palm rest surface. Problem solved.

I was surprised how well it matched the color and texture to the aluminum surface (my wife even prefers the texture of the palm rest). Although you will be able to see if you look closely, I personally didn't notice after using it for a few days. I didn't use the trackpad protector that comes with.

Overall a great product for the price and I would recommend this to anyone who wants their MacBook protected.
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on November 15, 2013
I installed it on the newest 15" MacBook Pro (October 2013 release).
Installs fairly easily without bubbles.
I was skeptical about installing the trackpad protector. Other reviewers were saying it reduced sensitivity. I installed it anyways as I could always peel it off if I didn't like it. At first it did reduce sensitivity. Gestures that require touching (but not clicking) the pad were not picked up. I was accidentally clicking in error.
After 1/2 hour or so, it worked perfect. I would normally think I just had to get used to it, But I really notice a difference. I'm not sure if the sensitivity of the pad is auto adjusted, but it seems that way. Whatever the reason, it works fine now. It really seems the same as it did without.
I don't wear jewelry while typing, so that was not the factor in purchasing. My last laptop was worn smooth in the area that I rest my wrist. It also had an area worn smooth on the trackpad. This product should certainly eliminate this problem. If next year Apple comes out with some new model I must have, I can sell this one in perfect condition.
Installation was fairly easy. I did not attach it perfectly first try, but I lifted it off and reapplied it. Second time it was perfect. No loss of adhesion by peeling off and reattaching.
The silver color is a great match for the Mac.
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on December 13, 2014
Precision fit to a T. Which unfortunately will not work in combination with Speck Hard Shell protectors. Solution, cut a small notch before installation on both sides using a new razor blade.
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on April 30, 2014
I often wear bracelets and really scuffed the palm rest on my previous MacBook Pro. More importantly, I have an issue with my hands sweating, which makes the palm rest slippery and uncomfortable. In the past I had tried a different product that provided some slight cushioning but would not stay clean no matter how frequently I washed my hands.

Though the UPPERCASE Palm Rest Protector does not provide any cushioning, it absolutely resolved my sweating and jewelry issues. While not actually textured, it is less smooth than the aluminum of my MacBook Pro. Of course, I still sweat (curses!) but this Palm Rest Protector keeps me from sliding all over the place. It also allows me to wear bracelets without scratching the beautiful case.

The color is a good match for the aluminum, so while the Palm Rest Protector is obviously present, it blends well and doesn't look bad. The product for the Unibody MacBook Pro 13" fit mine perfectly, with the trackpad cutout exactly where it should be. The thinness of the material (and lack of cushion) allows my MBP to close completely.

The Palm Rest Protector is one long piece, but was quite easy to apply. Just be sure to line everything up and lay it down slowly. I used a soft plastic squeegee from a screen protector I had to smooth out any bubbles. If you totally mess up before you finish laying the Protector down completely (which will be very obvious), you can lift it and start over.

UPPERCASE also provides a protector of the same material for the trackpad. It obviously changes the feel and sensitivity in a way I dislike, so I don't use it. However, I've never had a problem scuffing up an Apple trackpad and my sweating is not an issue here. If you intend to use the trackpad piece, expect to lose the silky feel and the trackpad's responsiveness. Of course, it still works. You just need to learn to interact it with differently.

If you have or intend to put an external shell on your MacBook Pro, be sure to put the Palm Rest Protector on first and then carefully attach the shell so as not to damage the Protector.

If you decide to remove the UPPERCASE Palm Rest Protector at any point, it should come off easily and leave no hint it was ever there. The only downside of such an easy removal is that the top left corner of mine doesn't stick well and has a tendency to lift and pop out over my iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case. It's easy enough to slip it back under the case's tiny gripper, but it's happening more and more frequently. As I've only had the Palm Rest Protector approximately 4 months, this does concern me... I don't feel like this is a product that should need to be replaced frequently.
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on September 2, 2013
This is exactly the same thing as the Moshi Palmguard but a little more than half price. Fit and finish are superb. I'll update the review if anything unexpecting comes about.
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on August 26, 2013
Very reassuring to have this on a brand new MBP. Feels very nice on (actually nicer than the MBP itself), and makes me a lot more comfortable typing with my watch on. So far. so good. Seems like it'll last, but we'll see.
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This is exactly what I was looking for. My old MacBook Pro died and I had to shell out megabucks for a new one. Imagine my distress, however, when after only a few months I was getting the same ugly rubbed-away look where I rest my arms when I'm typing as I have on my first-generation Chromebook that cost $1500 less.

This protector installed seamlessly onto the front of my MacBook Pro Retina. I followed the instructions to first check to be sure it fit my laptop before peeling off the backing from the sticky part, and it did. Perfectly. Then I removed the sticky trackpad portion and just threw it away. Why would you want to cover up your trackpad? The company doesn't intend for you to do this, I don't think, based on their instructions. It's just that it's probably easier to manufacture the protector as one straight sheet with the trackpad cutout and leave the shiny/sticky part in place until the protector is installed.

I then peeled and folded back only half of the cover up to the trackpad cutout and positioned it carefully to be sure it was straight; I used the little tabbed cutout under the trackpad to be sure it was aligned all the way across. After smoothing down the sticky side, I finished peeling off the other side and stuck it down. It all went very smoothly and quickly with no bubbles and no problems. Now it's like I have a new machine again, and the color match is perfect.
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on November 20, 2013
It's a little tricky to get the right positining and may take some patience to make sure you have it properly aligned. I used the top corners and the opening for the track pad as my alignment points and stuck it from the middle out to avoid bubbles. The few bubbles that did stay were easy to push out.
The track pad sticker was easy to put and does not seem to affect the touch sensitivity. does seem to affect the accuracy a bit but at that level you need an external mouse anyway.
This was a for a new MacBook and the color match was spot on. It's hard to tell that it's on unless you notice the edges near the keyboard.
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on October 30, 2013
The palm rest protector matches the Macbook almost perfectly, and was extremely easy to apply. It feels comfortable on my wrist, and makes it possible for me to wear a watch while typing on my new MBP-R.

This product fits the new 2013 Haswell/Crystalwell 15" Macbook Pro Retina.
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