Customer Reviews: US Stove 5500M King Pellet Burner with Igniter
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on January 17, 2012
I bought this stove through Amazon and it was delivered promptly. I hired someone with experience to install it and the installation only took a few hours.

The stove starts fine but burned "dirty" - the burn pot was filled with soot and pellets after a few hours and the glass was blackened. I shut the stove off, cleaned it out and re-started but the same thing happened. I called customer service and the support person instructed me to adjust the auger rate. When I fired up the stove the first time, I had left it at the factory setting per the manual but she said that the remedy for my issue would be to adjust the rate down and she guided me through that. This was on a Friday evening. The unit burned okay for the weekend but the burn pot still overfilled and the flame was "lazy". I called customer service again and the support person had me adjust the draft fan down. This seems to have fixed the problem.

I've read elsewhere that US Stove needs to do a better job on their instruction manual and I would have to agree with that. If the instructions had a detailed troubleshooting section for the problems that I experienced, I may have been able to remedy my issue without having to wait & call. Also, their customer service people did not explain why they were having make the adjustments, I had to specifically ask them to explain. It seemed like they were annoyed at giving me the background on how the adjustments I was making to the controls would impact the stove's performance. Since this stove is now an important part of my home, and for me a significant investment, I would expect that the company would be willing to give me all the info I need to get as much efficiency as possible. I would be a much more satisfied customer if I felt like they wanted to help me learn to use the stove to its maximum potential.

Overall, I am happy that I got the stove and it's doing a pretty darn good job at heating my 2000 sq. ft. home. The manufacturer could do a better job at providing a more comprehensive instruction manual and also with supporting their customers' interests in fully understanding how to manage their stove.
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on March 8, 2012
I feel obligated to post this warning about a serious fire hazard I found on my new King 5500M pellet stove. For a little background I have been battling this stoves burn since I got it in Oct 2011. After several calls they sent me replacement gaskets which I installed and through a forum I found what is likely to be the real problem the feed rate... If you have a problem with the burn pot filling up manually adjust the feed rate(something never mentioned by the manufacturer after a dozen calls).

So I change the gaskets and adjust the feed rate last night and the stove runs pretty good, shut it down today and I notice smoke coming out of the bottom of the stove so I look and find piles of ash on both of the front corners of the stove, the side that has smoke pouring out also has a few half burnt pellets... thinking wtf did the stove crack? I vacuum the stove out for a better look to find 2 perfectly drilled holes right through the bottom of the stove. Call the company again to hear "Oh there are suppose to be bolts there" then WHY aren't they there???? Mind you I have been running this stove for 6 months and had no idea this stove could have burnt my house down! Not to mention all the trouble I have been going through to get it more "air-tight". Check your stove it could be a fire hazard.
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on December 18, 2013
Purchased a King 5502M pellet stove from my local tractor supply company, That was the easy part. From the get go this has been a disaster. I have had nothing but issues with this stove since the get go. First the pipe that is used tovent the stove outside was flush against the lower portion of the stove so we could not get any pipe on it to vent it outside, I took photos and sent it to US stove co. like they requested. Never heard anything from them again. I don't even know if they received the photos, they don't acknowledge a thing. That problem fixed, the stove ran great for about a week, then we started getting error 2 and the stove shut down. after about a week of batteling that problem I was on the phone with US Stove co. trying to figure out what was going on because no pellets were dropping into the burn pot, and the auger motor fell from its loction to the bottom of the stove, The hairpin holding the auger motor to the auger sheered off, and damaged the auger as well. Had to bed for overnight delivery service for replacement parts. We replaced the auger motor, auger and hairpin. the stove ran great for 2 days. Now it is a new anchor in my family room Pellets won't drop, auger isn't working. And what do I get from US Stove. We will have a technical consultant contact you. I called back today and asked for the phone # of someone who can help me out and US Stove customer service is the worst. They say they don't have any service tech's but they are going to contact their service tech. Does that make any sense? So very dissapointed with this stove and US Stove Company. Their customer service and technicians are the worst. It is almost like they sold you the stove and now it is your problem. We went with this stove because the reviews were pretty good, and the price was right. That was a big mistake. I wish we went with a different stove, at least I would be warmer than I am now. I do not recommend this stove to anyone, and if it is from New England Stove Good Luck. They are the worst.
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on March 10, 2013
I bought two 5500M stoves for two houses. Within 18 months, they both have had the ignitor and PC boards replaced multiple times. Also, when the Pellet bin gets low, smoke from the pellet chamber fills the bin. Eventually the whole house gets filled with smoke. US Stove's support team has been disappointing. I feel ripped-off.
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on December 26, 2012
We already own a pellet stove so I have something to compare the King 550M to. Before I bought this I didn't realize how much better my more expensive stove is than the King 550M, we have 2 now. Problems with the King 550M include: CLEANING- This unit is poorly designed so that cleaning it is difficult and can be painful since I have to contort my body so much to reach places. There are small places with immovable parts so my Shop-Vac can't reach easily or can't reach to clean at all. Then I have to reach in with a toothbrush to get the ash to a place that I can vacuum it. There is no temperature regulator either which would be very useful. The troubleshoting guide is only a little helpful with problems. When we needed to repair a part on the King 550M the control panel where the part was located was in the back! You have to use special glue to seal everything so in order to fix the part we had to break the seal, move the extremely heavy stove, then clean and re-seal stove pipes when we were finished. And then move the several-hundred pound stove back again. I paid only $550 for this stove a few years ago. In hindsight, I wish I would have paid more and got another pellet stove that was better quality and easier to care for. When it's clean and working properly it heats very well, that's the good part of it.
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on November 23, 2015
Bought this stove in 2012, 1st year we installed it in December but purchased it in October. One month warranty was up. In December we installed two igniters. They burn out easily. In January we installed another igniter. These cost at least $79 each from US Stove. There customer service is of no help when you are out of warranty, but they did send us a replacement after the first one failed after lighting only two times. In the winter of 2012-13 this heater only worked about 16 times. It was purchased for back up heat... luckily we have central heat. In the winter of 2014 we purchased a pallet of pellets to get us through the winter. First thing we replaced the igniter another $79. Of course it failed after the second lighting and US stove sent a replacement. By this time we learned how to start with gel starter. One evening my daughter started smelling something....hello the auger motor had caught fire (could have burned my house down!). so now I have a pellet stove that needs an auger motor. Almost $200. from US Stove. So we have a pellet stove that has only been used about 22 times that is JUNK!!!! Not to mention the ask can vacuum and the generator you have to purchase to use the heater to clean and in case of a power outage. This year we are planting flowers in our King Pellet Stove by US Stove and installing a Wood Burning heater. US Stove customer Service told us we are the only ones with these problems!!! Really? The reviews speak for themselves.
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on December 11, 2013
Darn I had to buy TWO....

I purchased them 2 seasons ago at the end of the season there were two left for half off, so i bought one for myself and one for a rental. Good deal, one would think. I felt pretty smart.

Installed them and mine started up immediately with issues. Ignitor failed, mother board failed. I replaced them, and winged thru the first season trying to forget how many hours of trying to get it started it would take from my life on season 2. The other unit ran fine at the rental (thankfully)

First i held out as long as I could to start it up. Well about mid November I could hold out no longer. Started it and low and behold it worked. For a few weeks in November when it wasn't that cold it worked fine. I got all over confident, and when the temps dropped to extremely low the stove said "GOTCHA" and it started with the same start up issues all over again. I'm going to sell them both soon as this season is over.

I had a Kozi XL simple NO COMPUTER CRAP stove where only the ignitor rod blew out a few times over the years. A simple fix, and though the price of the ignitor was too expensive at $145 each time, it may just be easier to know the machine starts up when needed.

So as i m writing this, I 'm also fighting with the stove. Everyone who remarked the manual is insufficient is correct. What manual? I started it about 4 days ago and left it running till this afternoon, as the ash looked like it was in need of removal. I disagree with all the manouvres of cleaning. I use simple food grade plastic gloves and dump it out. I'm not using any vacuum, its not needed, nor should it be that sensitive.

The issue is with the flawed mother board. You can start the machine manually by putting some pellets in the burner pot, using the fire gel and lighting it up. HOWEVER, i've barely succeeded in that method 2x. The machine's sensors are just not 'picking up' the signals. I'll unplug it and then you see the board "reset" itself. I've done that at least 6 times in an hour. Its just not worth all the hassles.

Jan 4th 14. update on operations: make sure burner pot IS clean of charcoal, i wipe ash away from it daily too, then hit start, then wait for a few pellets dumped in, then hit AUGER DELAY, then i leave it alone. In my machine the flame gets HUGE which when the temp reaches a certain level the room fan blower finally kicks in. Sofar so good.

jan 4, 14 UPDATE: Now the temperatures are NOT COLD again, the machine is running fine... you have no idea whether you're coming or going with this thing.
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on January 21, 2015
I've owned this stove for 4 years.....RUN AWAY....VERY FAST, VERY FAR !

First Heating Season: Heated well, no issues except an extraordinarily loud room (convection) fan...relegating this unit to the downstairs family room.

Second Heating Season : Igniter failed midway through season, replaced at a cost of $75.....Noticed a MASSIVE increase in my electricity bills in the months following ($120++ per mo. increase over normal).....after a bit of investigation, discovered that the igniter was not switching off when startup cycle had run it's course -- meaning the igniter was on continuously except for an hour a day when I would be forced to vacuum the ashes. This forced me to install a switch to cut off the power to the igniter after the startup cycle concluded....Pain in the A** additional step of operating this unit..

Third Heating Season : Igniter AGAIN failed (probably due to the continuous use the prior heating system), Replaced once again at a cost of $75. Midway through season, volume levels of room (convection) fan increased dramatically (think turboprop vs. jet engine).....investigate, bearings on convection fan failed -- another $190 down the drain to replace fan. With 3 weeks left of the heating season left, noticed noise level of the convection fan once again beginning to increase dramatically....

Fourth and FINAL heating season : During the summer, during the standard maintenance of the unit, I removed the convection fan again, and chose to replace the bearing on the fan, rather than shell out another $190. Ordered new bearings from the original manufacturer of the fan and installed. Problem solved, you think ? Not a chance - three weeks into the heating season, bearing failed, causing the stove to overheat and the pellets in the hopper to overheat and begin to smolder....What, no safety precautions from the stove manufacturer that would prevent this kind of safety hazard ? NOPE ! Well, long story short, replaced the bearings on the fan once again......and once again, the bearings failed a month down the road....THIS time, there was more than a few pounds of pellets in the hopper...this time causing quite the conflagration. Nope, I had enough with this stove.

This stove is a death trap...simple as safety features....YOU WILL BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN !

Avoid this stove like the plague !

Not to mention the other bad points about this are EXTREMELY expensive, the noise levels of this stove (even at it's best) was unacceptable, is extraordinarily difficult to clean and maintain (I looked like a chimney sweep at every cleanout)...never again !
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on January 28, 2016
I have had this stove for three years. It works amazing. I live in Minnesota and this stove will cook us out of the house. If we turn it up past two or three we have to open a window. The savings are incredible. We live on an acreage and have liquid propane for heat. Prices of lp fluctuate so much and it gets super expensive. So we got this. We now use this to heat the entire main level of our house. And we have the window pellet stove from us stove company that heats our entire upper level. We basically don't use our furnace at all. We haven't had any problems with this so far except the auto ignite went out. We have never replaced that. We just start it ourselves. You do have to empty the burn pot about once a day. No big deal. Takes 5 seconds. It does also make a difference what pellets you get. We get ours at fleet farm for less than $5 per 40 lb bag. We only use the premium or the pine. It uses about a bag to bag and a half per day. Depending on what your heat source is this may or may not save you money. If you use electric heat or lp it will save. I love seeing the fire and it truly puts out such a nice warm heat.
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on February 8, 2015
Great stove if you know how to care for it. I usually take mine apart every 2-3 months oil the bearings clean the dust and tighten everything. My stove is an 2008 which has the older pcb which isnt actual crap. I have replaced the igniter and it functions great. Only thing i wish this model had is an ash pan.
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