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on March 22, 2011
There is truth to the claims that this is not the same charger as the one that comes with the iPad. I just got this today and the two units are definitely different...this one is lighter, has different writing on it [the phrase "Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China" is missing from this product even though it does say "(c) 2010 Apple Inc. All rights reserved." The electrical information appears to be the same. I note that the male USB receptacle is mounted in this unit the other way around! There are some other difference too.

I haven't had it long enough to see if the charging performance is the same or roughly the same, but I plan to test this over the next few days. At least my iPad does charge. Not sure about the rate of charging or if this is a durable product.

Comment: I have a charger for my Nook Color that is rated at 5V and 1.9A (or 9.5W). The iPad will NOT charge at all with this charger, but it does charge with the unit under review here. Apple has obviously built some smarts into the iPad and has a fairly tight range of voltage/current that it will accept for charging.

I have been using this charger for the last 3 nights to recharge my iPad 2. Even though this is not an Apple product, the price is also not an Apple product price, either. It seems to work fine for charging my iPad. I will continue to post updates on how this charger performs. And for those who only want the Apple charger, why not order it from Apple or Best Buy? Apple products always seem to come with Apple prices and not discounted (unless Apple has discounted the product themselves (like they did for the 1st gen iPad recently).

Edit: I have now been using this charger for nearly two weeks. It works fine. I'm not giving it 5 stars as the product wording does lead one to believe it is an Apple product. But the iPad 2 won't tolerate charges can't can't supply the required 2 A @ 5V. This one does and charges my iPad 2 the same rate as the one that came with my iPad. It's a good bit cheaper, but it hasn't fallen apart and doesn't over heat.

Edit2: I've been using this charger for several months now. Charges my iPad 2 just fine. It is clearly not the Apple product, but it puts out 5V @ 2.1A and that's what the iPad 2 needs.

Edit3: Well, I decided to put a Kill A Watt meter on this unit to see what wattage is is providing compared to the Apple charger. It turns out it is only putting out 6 Watts according to this meter. However, the Apple charger puts out 11 Watts. Now, this is the measurement according to my Kill A Watt meter. Apparently, it is giving my iPad 2 what it needs to think this is a compatible charger because the iPad 2 chargers, but obviously it is going to charge the unit at a slower rate. This is definitely NOT even a 10 Watt charger, let alone an Apple charger. Thus, this is indeed a rip-off device, even though I have used it for months to charge my iPad 2.

I just noticed that the price of this item has increased, too. I'm going to write Amazon about this.

Edit4: While the product may not be up to par, the seller is apparently of a much higher order. I was refunded my purchase price for this product. In the future, I will continue to buy from this seller and they do stand behind what they sell. Also, they did offer to test another unit and send it out to me.
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on December 25, 2010
This is a cheap copy of the real thing. The included USB adapter doesn't fit properly in the iPAD. It is 10 Watt, but it doesn't charge the unit is fast as the original iPad charger. I'd buy the real thing!
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on April 15, 2011
At first I thought this was defective, but after investigating, I realized it was a bad knockoff of the real thing. It took some effort to figure out that this power adapter was not an original Apple Power adapter. (like the one that came with the iPad) But if you look closely, it's pretty obvious. The plugs don't flip out and recess like all of the apple plugs I've had over the years. The printing is of much lower quality, not sharp, kind of blurry compared to an original Apple Power adapter. The weight is even slightly different, this one is lighter. I didn't notice any of that until I started having problems, and got an original Apple power adapter to compare it to.

Here's the Mythbuster-style science that I used to figure this out:

The thing that tipped me off is that the iPad would make the plug in noise over and over. The battery would show charging, then not, then charging then not. I found this odd. It acted like a typical power supply acts when it's faced with an overload... shut down, start up, repeat. So I tried a different Apple cable, and the results were the same. Then I tried a 3rd cable, that I ordered along with this power adapter and it worked! Could it be that both of my original Apple cables were bad? They seemed to work fine! I was perplexed, so I turned to my old friend, Science!

I put a Kill-A-Watt on the wall, to measure the actual power draw of the adapters, and got the original Apple power cable, and original Apple power adapter, and it charged the iPad at 9 watts. Out of a 10 watt original Apple power adapter, this seemed about right.

So then I used this new (knockoff) power adapter, with two Apple cables, and it would draw 4 watts, then 0, then 4, then zero. The iPad kept chirping over and over.

Next step was to use the new cable (also a knockoff) I got on the same order as this adapter, and it charged the iPad at 4 watts. AH HA!!!

Next, I tried the new cable (knockoff) with the original Apple adapter; 4 watts!

So I read a little about Apple's high power USB, and it all started to make's how it works;

The iPad draws 2 amps, (10 watts) from the USB cable, and the Apple Power adapter using an Apple cable because that's a "high power" USB cable. The Apple power adapter is a "high power" (10 watt) adapter.
This knockoff adapter is only 1 amp (5 watts). If you use it with an Apple cable, it overloads the knockoff adapter, and it constantly toggles on and off.
The knockoff cable I had was a low power cable, so it acts fine with the knockoff low power adapter. If you didn't measure the power draw, you'd have no idea it wasn't supplying enough power to the iPad.
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on April 14, 2011
This is a counterfeit copy of the Apple iPad charger. When connected to this charger, the iPad battery icon shows that the iPad is charging, but it blinks, indicating that the iPad is not charging at full power like it does with the real 10W charger.
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on March 25, 2011
This is my first review on Amazon, and I felt compelled to leave the review to let others know that this product is a knock-off. The product is not a real apple product, and just a cheap knock-off made in china.
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on June 20, 2011
This product just doesn't work with my Ipad 2 and my Ipod 4, you connect it and inmediatley you get a warning from the device indicating that it can not be charged, don't waste your money, I did.
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on March 23, 2011
The title of this item says that it is an Apple product, and even references the Apple part number for an iPad charger (A1357). This is NOT an Apple product. It is a cheap knock-off, I am fearful of plugging my iPad 2 into this cheaply made item. This will be returned to with an appropriate complaint filed as well.
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on March 21, 2011
It's not clear what you are getting from the description. The item I received was clearly a used item, packaged to look like brand new. Do not recommend buying from stuyvesant camera which is the seller I received this item from.
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on January 28, 2011
this item did not work. I have sent it back to the vendor and have been waiting for them to send a replacement as per there instructions. I am not happy with this company. I believe they are based in New York, NY
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on March 29, 2013
I got 2. I use them at home and at two positions at work. Perfect!!! I've been ordering more cables and connectors from this company. Things come very fast and exact matches to the Apple products when they are the generic ones.
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