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Far Cry 3 [Download]
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111 of 133 people found the following review helpful
on December 4, 2012

Far Cry 2 was, while commercially successful, divisive game by Ubisoft that failed to recapture the magic of the original PC exclusive Far Cry (not the various console spin-offs), while Crytek, the developers of Far Cry, moved on to Crysis that revived and improved upon the spirit of Far Cry under EA (Of course Crytek later ran into a similar dismay with Crysis 2).

After several botched attempts to rekindle the popularity of their old franchises such as Silent Hunter, Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell, alongside the annual milking-fest of Assassin's Creed and huge backlash of 'Always-Online' DRM fiasco, the name Ubisoft is not exactly synonymous with creative change and progress.

Far Cry 2 was far cry from 'Far Cry' not because the setting was changed from tropical jungle to African jungle, but because the game was a drag to play and never maintained the consistent flow with tension and excitement from gameplay. The color palette was washed out and heinously brown, the world felt lukewarm and monotonous. And realistic but ultimately tedious chores that emulated the real life like far drive travel methods, cars breaking down for maintenance, guns jamming, malaria and it was a good FPS but a disappointing game at the same time that forgot how to be a fun game.

Is Far Cry 3 any different from 'business as usual' approach by the developers slash publishers who's been doing just that for better part of the past 10 years? Let me just say it out loud; Far Cry 3 is exactly the kind of the first person shooter for people who enjoyed the original Far Cry and Crysis.


The game starts with action right away just like the first one instead of puking and passing out over and over like the second one. You are an ordinary every man, a young college kid named Jason Brody and you are stranded in the pirates-infested remote Rook Islands with your brothers and friends after skydiving gone wrong and captured by a despicable psychotic pirate leader named Vaas. With no formal combat training, you narrowly escaped with your life and healed by a local named Dennis Rogers, and you slowly learn to be an efficient killer and take down all the pirates and Vaas and slowly reveal the politics of the Rook Islands that harbors a few intriguing plots that involve the handful of colorful characters and endless humanoids to kill.

The setting is moved back to the tropics, but this time, you are given the whole islands without any barrier instead of the sectioned off areas like the first one. And the game world is a huge open world consisted of two big islands and the vicinity with diverse topography and some unique landmarks and set pieces crowded with enemies and wild animals everywhere. There are also many indoor, underground and underwater actions, and plenty of intense scripted big set piece moments.

How refreshing is that there is a FPS that you cannot always go Rambo on? While the gunplay is rock solid and action is just as intense, you cannot always run and gun in Far Cry 3. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of gun-toting action. But you must learn to be stealthy. In fact, running and gunning straight up would very often ends with your death. Stealth has to be your preferred Modus Opperandi if you want to survive for long. Luckily, the stealth approach is just as competent and rewarding as all out gunning approach. Each encounter with enemies is fight for your survival. You must learn how to use everything at your disposal to plan your route, something that was severely lacking in Far Cry 2. You need to survey your surrounding using your camera and methodically plan your course of action sneaking using your knife and bow or sniper rifle to shave off the enemy number, then with the perfectly timing all out shooting to maximize the damage. There can be many different methods of killing enemies using environment and wild animals. Enemy A.I. is very relentless. You wouldn't know how many times I wishfully uttered 'Cloak engaged, maximum armor' repeatedly. All in all, the gameplay feels much more tight and the main story is focused and scripted as if in linear corridor shooters, and that is a good thing.

Unlike the second game, it makes so much more sense to go around killing bad guys and cause mayhem and destruction precisely because you are stuck in isolated islands from the rest of civilization with those bad guys, and you gotta do what you gotta do to survive and escape from this hellhole. No more convoluted inter-factions politics, just actions, and no more monsters / aliens / zombies twist in the second half, thank you so much for that. You have several travel modes such as hang-glider, para-wings and parachute, many different vehicles and boats available.

The story is interesting, if nothing special, but it's also grittier, more violent and serious than the tongue in cheek campy first Far Cry. You will encounter several surreal drug-induced hallucination and psychological trips throughout the main story mission like Max Payne dream sequences or Arkham Asylum Scarecrow sequences. They wisely focus on the pure unadulterated FPS action with breakneck pace using much restricted and guided linear progress within the main storyline. Between each mission, you are free to roam around the open world. You can liberate the entire islands section by section by climbing up the radio towers in the world and survey each area, doing so opens up your map to reveal key locations in the given area, a la Assassin's Creed. Once you take down the area strongholds and clean up the bandits, the area become friendly. Opening up the map also makes many different weapons and equipments available and new side activities. Then you can engage in side quests and activities such as hunting, wanted reward, assassination, gambling, racing, etc. What stands out with all the side activities is that they all directly reward you with leveling up.

The robust crafting system lets you expand the various inventory capacities by hunting various wild animals scattered throughout the world. Weapons customizations are very diverse and deep. You gain XP points by killing hostiles and completing objectives, then you allocate those points to open up different skill perks and level up your abilities in form of ancient tribal tattoos. Action and maneuvering vehicles are very realistic and intense. The game world is bigger (10 times) than Far Cry 2, which was already huge, but it's also so much easier and fun to explore, thanks to many moving vehicles and fast travel system at all the safe houses you unlock.

The graphics are very impressive, among the best with Crysis series and Just Cause 2 on PC, with DirectX 11 compatibility and all the bells and whistles of PC specific options. Far Cry 3 Looks majestic on PC when you max all the possible options. Unfortunately there's no destructible environment, a minor letdown. The game also comes with a very competent map editor, just like the previous two and the first Crysis.

One time online activation via UPLAY, another proprietary DRM like STEAM and EA ORIGIN.


Ubisoft rectified all the shortcomings of Far Cry 2 by bringing back the core elements of Far Cry 1, infusing the things that worked in Far Cry 2 into Far Cry 3, and came out as a winner. It's now EA and Crytek's turn to correct the course with Crysis 3 to recapture the essence of Crysis 1 and Far Cry 1.

If you are a shooter fans but are looking for something different from the annual slugfest between Call of Duty and its wannabes and are more keen to first person action games like System Shock 2, Deus Ex, No One Lives Forever, Far Cry 1 and Crysis 1, look no further; this is the game you want to play. In my opinion, Far Cry 3 is not only better than Far Cry 2, but also better than Far Cry 1 and up there with Crysis, minus destructible environment and the nano-suit (oh, how I miss the suit), but Far Cry 3 does many things Crysis doesn't.

With a long, focused story progress and single player story campaign that last 20 to 30 hours, huge open world environment with bunch of side activities, intense and smart first person shooting action, nice stand-alone co-op story campaign that lasts 4-5 hours and fun multiplayer modes, Far Cry 3 redeems the franchise and Ubisoft from the past sins, if briefly until the next 'all-too-familiar' fiasco that will surely happen unless Ubisoft goes through the fundamental changes. But I am feeling very forgiving and immensely enjoying Far Cry 3 to think ahead that far for the moment. Far Cry 3 is the most impressive first step toward the redemption, and a great sign for things to come. Terrific job, Ubisoft!
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on December 10, 2012
This is one amazing piece of software. Seldom have I seen a game where mostly every aspect is done so competently. Whether it be shooting, driving vehicles, hunting, stealth, A.I. or presentation, it excels at pretty much everything it sets out to do and combines all of these elements so seamlessly together that it leads to an incredibly immersive, tense experience and a game that's an outright blast to play from start to finish.

Farcry 3 places you in the shoes of Jason Brody, who has been kidnapped alongside his friends while on vacation on Rook Island to be sold into slavery by pirates. Jason escapes, his friends do not, and he sets out on a quest of self-discovery and vengeance to be able to get them back. That's pretty much all you need to know about the story and what the game's about and to say anymore would spoil a slightly above average narrative that's nevertheless well told with interesting, well-fleshed out characters (Vaas is awesome....Kefka has some competition). It's nothing extraordinary but it does the job and while it's not even close to the best cinema and literature have to offer, it does constitute one of the better efforts that gaming gives these days.

Gameplay consists of three main components: shooting/stealth, looting/selling, and hunting/crafting. It's very S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-ish in this respect and gives it more of an RPG flavor. Jason starts out very limited in what he can carry (barely any weapons, ammo, mines, c4, etc.) and it's required to venture out into the wilderness to gather animal skins and plants to create bigger pouches and also ingredients to formulate potions for syringes that hold a variety of effects. The early stages of the game really necessitate doing this as running into enemies and even the less dangerous animals can lead to an early demise very easily. Many may find this an annoyance but I find it enforces consideration of action while also allowing the player become familiar with game mechanics and world. This is made easier as the game world is HUGE and there is plenty of space to move around in to hide and experiment. This game is simply massive, and it's all open for the exploring from the get go with a few exceptions. The main objective (aside from story missions) are to deactivate towers a la Assassin's Creed which will reveal more of the map. From there you can clean up pirate camps, take on side missions, or do whatever you want to do.

And the game makes sure to supply you with a large selection of destructive toys at your disposal to be able to do so. From pistols to assault rifles, sub-machine guns, shotguns, rocket launchers, sniper rifles, mines, molotovs, or my favorite...the bow, choose your poison. They each have their unique purpose and are all different enough to warrant experimentation and mostly all can have attachments such as silencers, scopes, or extended magazines, to name a few. Killing of all types gains experience. Experience affords skill points which allow new abilities to becoming unlocked, abilities such as multiple take-downs, swimming faster or deeper, reloading while viewing through the scope, healing quicker, etc. Jason evolves in capability throughout and you pick these abilities based on your preferred playstyle (the heron, the shark, and the spider-stealth, aggressive, and another I can't remember). Farcry 3 also gives a large assortment of vehicles to get around in such as hang gliders, jeeps, buggies, jet-skis, assault boats, and a particular item of fast travel obtained later on that is just AWESOME. Don't want to bother trekking long distances? Fast travel clear across the map to and from any enemy outpost you've cleared.

But you'll more than likely want to drive or hump it because everything is so enjoyable and there's something happening over the next corner or a new place to explore. The combat is intense and visceral, not only because the weapons modelling is well done but also because the enemy A.I., for the most part, knows what it's doing. I find it astonishing that A.I. could be so good in such a vast environment but it is. Enemies run from cover to cover and hide, flank, and will jump away from grenades. They use grenades and molotovs and will pursue you relentlessly. And their reactions are believable as well. For example, if they witness a friend being taken down by an obvious sniper, they'll all immediately scatter in different directions and yell "Sniper!!", running to find cover based on the direction they thought the shot came from. If they find a body they'll go investigate it and then spread out to search. It certainly has its moments of stupidity like pirates driving into rivers and drowning, but all in all it does the job. And I find the vehicles to be a blast to drive. They feel just right to control and unlike many other games feel like they're actually on the road instead of just skimming above it.

As I said in the first paragraph, one of the main things Farcry 3 does so well is immerse you in its world. Everything feels alive, and this is due to a variety of factors. Firstly, I've always found first person shooters never to be truly first person. Mostly all FPSes I've played in the past have had a "head camera on a stick" feel to them. Ubisoft has done an excellent job of making the player feel like they're in a virtual body that exists in the world and I find it lends a enormous sense of connection to playing the character and being in the environment. This is all accomplished through first person animations of his actions. When he jumps over a fence, you see his legs vault over. When you climb a ledge, you see his arms pull him up. Getting into a car has him move as if in a body instead of a simple camera moving there. Healing shows him actually doing physical actions on his body (wrapping wounds with bandages, digging out bullets with a knife). When animals attack they grip onto Brody's virtual limbs. You get the idea. THIS is true first person gaming if I've ever seen it. Crysis and Mirror's Edge did it as well but IMO not as good as here.

Secondly, the world is 100% dynamic. Reason being is that it has its own ecologic system at play with many different animals that have their own behavior and present different threats. There's also two opposing factions (pirates and rebels) that frequently get into engagements. Animals will attack pirates and each other and oftentimes throw themselves into the middle of a firefight. Refreshingly, it does not at all feel like Jason is the center of the world. You can hear things such as gunfight going on from far away (often with panicked screams giving an indication of to the situation...."It's a tiger!!! S***, shoot it!!"), or animals fighting. Entire camps can be cleared from a bear all of a sudden coming out of the wilderness to attack the enemy, just as you're ready to execute your plan. It's a perfect recipe for emergent game-play and it's constantly happening....nothing is predictable on Rook Island. Everything is so random it never becomes boring and it's quite easy to be pulled off the main quest to see what that sound is over the hill, which may lead you to doing a side mission that'll last for 15 minutes.

All of this would be lessened if the presentation wasn't there to hold it up, but it is. I upgraded my rig just for this and am running it on a 3.4 Ghz, 8 gigs, GTX 670 4 gigs running Windows 7. It's on ultra and it is beautiful. I still think modded Crysis looks better, but Farcry 3 is surely no slouch in the visual department. There are a few bland textures here and there and pop-in when using the hang glider but that's to be expected with a game of this size. While the visuals are decent, it's the sound that I find truly impressive. Guns sound hefty and powerful. Sniper shots crack and reverberate a few seconds in the air and vehicles sound like the squeaky old clunkers they are. Jason grunts with exertion while climbing and huffs and puffs while sprinting. The voice acting is superb as is the pirate chatter in and out of combat (pretty humorous as well). The overall sound design only compliments the feeling of the world being alive and the feeling of you really being in it.

As much praise I can lay at Farcry 3's feet, there are some negatives I can think of. I'm editing this part, (12/27/12), as at this point patches have come out that have remedied a few of these issues when this review was initially written, and also to add some general observations after more extensive time with the game.

On the technical side:

-quests sometimes restart if something is not done in the proper order that the game is expecting, and oftentimes scripted events fail to trigger.
-you can't save anywhere, it's all checkpoint based though the saving is very smartly done and almost never becomes a problem.
-selling looted items has to be done one at a time instead of in groups which becomes tedious and cumbersome.
-when reassigning buttons in the controls, the game carries these specific assignments to other saves. So if two people have different keyboard configs in two separate game files, they have to change them back from the other's save file in the config menu each time they load their own game.
-I've had some texture problems and it has crashed once.
-A.I. is inconsistent, though I still maintain for how big the game is it's more than adequate.

And some general gameplay gripes:

-it all looks the same. I know it's in the tropics, but I live on Maui and I can attest to you that it's not all palm trees and grass everywhere. There's large expanses of desert drylands. Deep dark rain forests with enormous ceilings. Huge lava fields. I must say, as big as Farcry 3's scope is, it's a disappointment that there's not more variety in its environments.
-the early game is better than the late. Reason being is that hunting and looting becomes pointless once everything is upgraded and all the weapons are unlocked. Once that happens, all the incentive to explore is largely diminished. They should have found a way to keep both just as important near the end as they were in the beginning. Perhaps loot that didn't just translate into money but increased Brody's skill set or weapon capabilities.

Despite the above, the positives far outweigh the negatives. I have to admit, I don't like Ubisoft. I find many of their business practices detestable and think they've fallen far from their heyday, but I'd be lying if I said that Farcry 3 hasn't restored some faith in them and in my eyes has proven they still have some serious talent under their belt. It is an very well done open world FPS, to me the best in years that encompasses and executes everything that makes such games so enjoyable almost flawlessly. If you're a fan of open world games in any way, then you owe it to yourself to play this.
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VINE VOICEon January 8, 2013
The first Far Cry pretty much blindsided gamers when it came out in 2004. From an unknown studio, here was this game with stunning graphics (which still hold up, by the way), an original setting for a shooter (a tropical paradise) and a sandbox-style approach. Unfortunately, Far Cry 2 was a big letdown for most gamers. While the graphics were pretty, it felt bland and repetitive, and never really immersed you in the environment or story.

Far Cry represents a return to the roots of the first game, and adds a wealth of new features and option, adding to this First-Person Shooter a number of RPG elements. You can now conquer outposts and create safehouses, where you can buy guns and sell loot. The addition of a crafting feature (think Skyrim or World of Warcraft) adds the ability to make syringes, bigger gun holsters, bigger loot bags, etc. It's integrated with the hunting aspect of the game, which allows you to kill and skin most of the wildlife on the island. It's a nice addition, and the best part is that there is no real required order in which you have to do things. If you want to get the best guns right away, you can buy them right away, with cash you loot from corpses and chests. If you want to craft everything before starting the main mission storyline, you can. One of the best addition is the bow and arrow - silent, mostly one-shot kills are a ton of fun. That dovetails nicely into this game's emphasis on stealth. Many missions can be done your way: you can run in, Rambo style and blow everything up, but it's also feasible to skulk around the shadows and pick off the baddies one by one.

The main story is a mixed bag. The voice acting is mostly very good, and the story is interesting- you and your friends were on some spring break tropical getaway when things go very wrong. The problem is that you and your friends are annoying frat boys and girls, and it makes it tough to care whether I save my "bros" or not. After a while the main story can become a drag, though they do keep the missions varied.

The graphics are topnotch, especially if you have a newer PC. There are no perceptible loading times between zone, and the island is huge. The sound is also terrific, and if you have 5.1 sound you will love the ambient effects, animal noises, etc. It really does add to the immersion and tactical feel of the game.
There are a few things that could be improved. 1)The save game system is awful. It's essentially a checkpoint system, and you CANNOT save anywhere. While on a mission, you must complete the mission or start over before you can save. Why they wouldn't let gamers save anywhere is beyond, especially in an open-ended game. 2)Looting corpses is annoying. You use the same button (E) to loot corpses, switch weapons with dropped guns and skin animals. Many times you'll be standing over the corpse, jiggling the pointer until the magical "Press E to Loot" prompt comes. You should simply be able to click on the corpse and loot, like in many games, instead of hunting for the one spot you have to hover over to get the prompt.

Overall though, this game is a ton of fun!
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25 of 31 people found the following review helpful
on July 10, 2013 have invasive and annoying DRM installed on your PC. Aside from the Ubisoft game launcher ("Uplay", a completely unnecessary "middleman" between you and your LEGALLY PURCHASED offline game), a difficult-to-remove program called PunkBuster was installed and set to run upon system start-up. To completely rid your system of PunkBuster, you will need to download and use a special uninstaller from the maker of the program (Evenbalance dot com). But be warned: It will re-install and run every time the Ubisoft game launcher runs, which is every time you want to play your game. Did I mention an internet connection is required to play?

I gave this game 2 stars because it is a moderately fun game with relatively few bugs, in my experience. I would not recommend this game to PC users due to the invasive DRM and "PunkBuster" programs and I will not buy Ubisoft games in the future. They need to cease treating paying consumers like potential pirates.
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on December 26, 2012
Firstly, let me get this out of the way. I HATE FPS. The run and gun, kill everything in front of you, grenades going off all around you, people screaming and yelling...I hate them.

This is nothing like that for the most part. This is likely the BEST FPS style shooter I've ever played, bar none.

Before I go any further, I'm not sure I get some of the negative reviews. It clearly says on the packaging the profanity, drug use, violence...etc. If you don't want to play a game like that, don't buy the game. I'm not sure how you can be so shocked at the language and all the rest when it clearly says that you will encounter it ingame. Folks, just don't buy the game if you don't want to be exposed to it.

The game grabs you right off the bat. No spoilers, but the first few minutes of the game reel you right in. You care about the characters right away. Before you know it, you're alone on a very dangerous island fighting for your life and trying to find your friends. Guns and knife in hand.

What I found really cool about the game right away is the NEED to skin animals and gather roots and vegetation to make stuff(ammo pouches, holster...etc) and to create "syringes" to heal you and improve your performance. The healing syringes are the most useful in my opinion, but there is plenty of variety to make. I also really like the way the game leads you to areas where new animals to skin are so you can increase the size of your backpack, ammo pouch, holster. One thing I find a little crazy though, is how bullet proof some of the animals are. I should be able to kill a tiger with one clean head shot, not watch it tear me to shreds after unloading a whole AK-47 clip at it, but meh, I can live with it. Sharks are easily as lead proof.Weird.

Exploration is where this game really shines. It's such a lush, beautiful world to explore, but you really have to watch where you're going. The locale is so awesome, I just end up looking around and not really watching where I'm going. I've walked into an enemy camp, been bitten by a snake, mauled by a bear, bitten by a shark, just in the name of actually looking around. I was walking quietly into an enemy camp only to be bitten by a snake and firing my rifle by mistake(I was startled by the snake bite), setting off the whole camp. THAT'S the fun of this game. There are areas where running and gunning can be done, but I find it more satisfying to sneak around, and only use my guns when absolutely necessary. The game actually allows you to do this, and do it well, despite being an FPS.

I don't really know why, but one of the things I find the most fun so far is liberating the enemy camps. Sneak in, turn off the alarm and then slowly pick off the enemies one by one with stealth attacks. The neat thing is that you don't HAVE to do it that way, but you get more xp with this technique. Open the camps up gives you more "safe" zones and clears out a wider area that makes it easier and safer to travel. I personally like to travel on foot or boat as I find the car driving mechanics a little awkward, but that's just me. Also, finding and shutting down towers in the game gives you access to free weapons as does doing the various side quests which I found more fun than just going through the motions of the main quests.

Speaking of xp, you do get skill points to distribute and I find the skill trees offered rather satisfying. They different skills allow you new moves, more health...etc and also give you more credo with the local tribe via a tattoo you get when you "buy" said skills with your skill points.

All in all, this will likely go high up on my list of best games ever. It has the type of game play that an old man like me can appreciate and doesn't require hair trigger reflexes to overcome. Sorry folks, but I just can't keep up with Call of Duty kids these days. Thankfully there's a great game like this for guys like me who just like a great game that happens to be an FPS too.
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on December 9, 2014
I really looked forward to playing this game as I really enjoyed Far Cry 2 .What I wish Amazon would have told me upfront was that I would have to install a bunch of junkware to play it [i.e. Uplay,Punkbuster and others].If you read the E.U.L.A. especially for Punkbuster you are actually giving them access to everything on your computer.If you Google them you will find that they are not the kind of intrusive software that I would think most people would want on their computer.I did say what the heck and did install it with my system requirements far exceeding their minimum and the game was so slow and jerky it was absolutely unplayable.To the credit of Amazons customer service they did make an exception and refunded me my money even though I used the activation code. To them I say thank you and you have kept my longtime loyalty.To other thinking of this game or any UBISOFT product I must say avoid them until they change their policies.You do not need people spying on you through your video games.
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VINE VOICEon December 11, 2012
Overall I really like this game. It is not without fault however! Watch the video for details but here are the pros and cons:

+ Very fast gameplay, feels smooth and organic
+ Detailed story that makes you want to play the story missions
+ Sandbox gameplay

- interface is terrible (feels like a console port)
- Animals that attack are so overpowered they are almost immune to point blank headshots (see video)

Overall the pros greatly outweigh the cons.

Watch this video on YouTube in 1080p:

Highly Recommended!
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on September 9, 2013
I enjoyed this game. For someone that prefers RPG's to any other style of game, this game was really fun. Nonetheless, beyond the pretty graphics and the fun gameplay, there wasn't a whole lot to keep you going. As always my reviews are split between story, gameplay, and characters.

Story: 6.5/10

Yeah the story is basically you and your friends are partying on an island when you are kidnapped by pirates. They kill your brother and you escape and are trying to rescue the rest. But other than that, there just isn't a lot there. Yeah there is some weird voodoo going on on the island but just not much there. Now, I fully understand this is a FPS. FPS games by and large do not have a great story as the focus is on the gameplay. That being said, the story was still pretty shallow. If this had been an RPG i would have given the story a 2 or a 3. Nonetheless the story was there and it was decent enough to carry you through the game. There are two endings and both endings are just kind of...well they end the story.

Gameplay: 8.5/10

Now the gameplay is the obvious strength of this game. The shooting mechanics are phenomenal. The stealth aspect of this game is probably the best of any game I have played. Simply phenomenal. The whole hunting aspect to improve your gear was simply wonderful. It was awesome. Sniping, flamethrowing, grenades, assault rifles, machetes, rocket launchers, BOW AND FRIGGIN ARROW, just simply awesome. The whole, taking over compounds and winning back parts of the island was simply awesome. 10/10 on all that. I wish you could periodically lose parts of the island, I think that would have been fun but there was enough there that it really didn't detract from it.

Unfortunately, there was some annoying things about the gameplay that just detracted from the overall experience. First the whole loot and exploring to find loot was largely pointless. The entire island was riddled with chests to find but every flipping one of them consisted of money ranging from 5-45 bucks and a item that could only be sold for 1-200 some ammo. No awesome armor, or cool weapons, or neat explosive bullets or something. Just money and an item that turns into money. They did have some neat items like finding special letters and artifacts but other than achievements and experience, those were rendered pointless as well.

As far as the sidequests and missions and such went it was a mixed bag. All of the missions were awesome. Hunting a pack of rabid wolves with a rocket launcher? AWESOME. Taking out a group of pirates and being forced to kill the leader with a knife and only a knife. also AWESOME. Taking over a compound with the extra challenge of not triggering any alarms and never being seen? FRIGGIN AWESOME. Racing to get medical supplies from point a to point b in a certain amount of time. Fun but not as awesome as the rest. Overall these missions were great. BUT those are the ONLY missions there are. Hunting for an animal, taking out a pack of pirates or baddies with a knife, delivering medical supplies, winning compounds. That's it. Sure there are a few random sidequests that don't exactly match those 4 quests sprinkled throughout the island. But most of them consist of little more than go fetch this, or go talk to this guy and come back.

Largely, the game consists of you opening up a sector of the island, winning the compounds, doing the quests associated with the compounds that are either hunting or taking out a pack of bad guys, do the medical supply drop then moving on to the next sector. That all being said, the quests themselves are really fun. But it would have been nice if there was a little more variety.

Characters 6/10

The characters are completely forgettable and really not even worth mentioning. Ragtag group of rich kids gets captured on an island and the one guy that actually seems like he could survive on the island gets killed in the beginning. You take over as that guy's brother Jason and go on to kill a crap ton of pirates and mercenaries while becoming a member of some weird tribe, while trying to rescue your friends. Jason goes from pansy to rambo over night. Didn't really buy that but it is what it is. The rest of your friends consist of rich boy, little brother, two chicks with little personality, and a pot head. There really isn't anything here. HOWEVER...the reason it didn't get a 1/10 is because of two characters. The first was Vaas. The first villain. This dude is legitimately insane and friggin hilarious. One of the better villains in video games. Very crazy, very intense, very funny. The second was Sam, your undercover assistant on the second island after Vaas. German guy who is just simply hilarious. Hardcore dude. But very entertaining.

Overall: 7/10

The game is worth playing but I don't think it deserves all the hype that it got when it came out. The strength of this game is easily the gameplay. It is phenomenal as far as game mechanics. However, there are plenty of little things about the gameplay that are just annoying and overall the play through gets repetitive after a while. With the expected shallow story, annoying tidbits of gameplay, and mostly forgettable characters, there is enough negative about the game that blemish it's overall awesomeness. There is an awesome game here that with a little polish and a little more depth could have been an amazing game. Nonetheless, this game is worth playing and is an enjoyable ride.
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on February 27, 2014
The first Far Cry is one of my all time favorite games. The second was okay and this one is disappointing in the extreme. First, I can't stand the "save" system. It looks like you can save at your leisure, but when you're killed magic angels come down and take you to a safe house and OVERWRITE your save. You still have all your weapons and I think you have everything you gathered, but you're placed seemingly at random on the map. How about you just load the last save so I don't have to trek 10 minutes to get back to where I was when I saved. To heck with you buddy, you have to play our way. Second, crafting? Really? I have to kill three dingoes so I can skin them and make a holster to carry 4 weapons? That's the best y'all can come up with? Idiocy. Insipid voice acting, with the exception of the main villain, makes me cringe every time the main character starts whining. When you go into the store it's the same script over and over and over again. I've mastered getting in and "interfacing" before the old lady can speak so I don't have to hear her speech. And then there are the constant reminders with a loud booming so you remember what your mission is. How about I just press the tab key if I need to know what I'm supposed to be doing? The lack of a manual means you'll spend a lot of time just figuring out why you need to collect all these plants and animals when all you really want to do is just play the game.
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on July 7, 2014
I have had the same email address for 25 years and have done hard drive upgrades/reformats. The product KEY fails to work, and I'm unable to get the product support team to make this work. Frustrating! I will not puchase another Unisoft game.
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