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on December 17, 2000
I can't say enough about this program. If you read any of the other reviews I've submitted, you'll see I've tried a bunch pf editing software over the past several months. You'll also notice that I do photography professionally and that I use Adobe Photoshop 5.5 (now 6.0) for much of my work. At this point, I'm wondering why. Don't get me wrong, Adobe Photoshop is the Granddaddy of them all and a beautiful program, but there's a big learning curve and the need for some deep pockets. PhotoImpact doesn't require either of those. I got into the Ulead products with the 4.2 version that came with my H/P PhotoSmart scanner. Then I went to PhotoImpact 5.0 and loved it. Now 6.0 is what I use the most even over Photoshop. The program is much easier to use, it's loaded with palletes and effects, and the album feature is a Godsend. And it will take Photoshop plug-ins if I want to use them. As far as learning Photoshop or PhotoImpact, think about it....go to your local bookstore and see how many volumes are on the shelves to teach you how to use Photoshop. It's mind boggling! Then look for a book on PhotoImpact. You probably won't find one. I wish I knew why. Is it ignorance towards the program, or do the people that write these tutorial encyclopedias agree that Ulead's manual that comes with the program does an adequate job of giving you the basics and explaining all the fuctions? The manual is good, but there is a book out there that was written for PhotoImpact 4.2, but will work for 5.0 and 6.0. The only real difference between them all is the relocation of some of the functions. Basically, the programs all work the same. There are some additions to 6.0 that you'll have to learn on your own because they aren't in this 4.2 book. By the way, the book is called "Fun with PhotoImpact 4.2" and was written by Stephanie Baker-Thomas. I got a copy from There is an excellent book for PhotoImpact 6.0 called "PhotoImpact Solutions" and can be ordered directly from Muskel & Lipman publishing.
Although I do photography professionally, I still like to forget that now and then and have fun with my pictures as well, and for that, PhotoImpact 6.0 comes with Uleads "Drop Spot" which puts an icon on your desktop which will then connect you to which is Uleads site for you to put you pictures on the web for all to see. Nice extra! That too is a breeze to use. You can email directly from the program, do a slide show in the album mode, scan directly into the album or the editing program, and do just about anything you want once you're in there.
I'm not going to go on and on with this. I think I've made my point. This is a great program at a great price that's easy to use and seems to always work. I've had no problems with errors, illegal operations, crashes or anything else like I've experienced with some editing programs. In short, if you want to have some fun with your pictures as well as do some serious editing and playing around with web design, buy this program. You won't be sorry.
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on September 22, 2000
I've used Ulead PhotoImpact for my web images ever since Ulead came out with version 4.2, and I liked the fact that it was built for people who were doing things on the web. It's easy and offers ample features for both image editing and optimization.
With each new version, I'm impressed with the thought they put into their upgrades, offering the customer features that he or she may not have even thought of before.
I've come to expect this from Ulead and have yet to be surprised by what they come out with...until now.
I couldn't believe it when I realized that I could ouput complete HTML pages seamlessly to the web, and I'm not talking about just image-based pages; I can actually output HTML text and Java rollovers...not to mention the built-in image slicing capabilities.
I'm curious to see what comes out in the next version, because I don't know if they can top this.
Fred Clogy Web Designer
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on October 30, 2000
I think the program is great. I don't know much about graphics, but PhotoImpact is well-designed and -suited for web images (which is why I got this program.)
I give Four Stars for a couple of reasons. I think the product itself deserves a five-star rating. Although the overall design is unconventional (if you are used to Microsoft Office's way of things), I like its uniqueness. I like its manual that it tells you how to customize (by setting preferences) the product to your own liking after a brief introduction in the first chapter. That's a sign of user-oriented design in my mind. You can tell that the product is web-oriented since there is a menu dedicated only for this purpose. (On the other hand, Paint Shop Pro 7 has this feature scattered around the program, it's difficult to find the quick'n'easy ways to manipulate graphics for the web.) I think the price is just right for what PhotoImpact is capable of. The program is intuitive enough, but you will get a lot better understanding if you dig through the features yourself with some help from Online Help.
The negative factors are Ulead's support and the lack of available resources. While I was shopping around for a web graphics product, I contacted both Ulead and Jasc. Ulead took forever to answer my inquiries. The phone support is not toll-free. Although Ulead did eventually answer them, I am not confident that my technical issues will be answered promptly. I am guessing on this, but since PhotoImpact is probably not well-known as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, the general resources, on the web, books, the newsgroup, are not as abundant as for other products. That's a shame, since I think PhotoImpact is better than either one.
Despite those annoyances, if you are looking for a web graphics product with a different flavor, I highly recommend PhotoImpact 6.
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on January 20, 2001
If you want a complete art set-up for your computer, I'd recommend the Adobe package but Photo Impact 6.0 is the best bargain out there for those that do not need extended options. It's surprising how many features this software has considering it's low price (compared to other art programs).
If you're willing to stick with .GIF animation and would like user-friendly help on graphics, this program is the best bet for you. The special effects options are creative and save you time and effort. I haven't had any crashing problems and I've owned it for half a year. When I first downloaded the software, my Windows software was missing a file needed for Ulead, and the support team sent me the file the day after my support email which makes me think that the customer support is efficient enough for any problems you might encounter.
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on November 22, 2000
After using the trial version of PhotoImpact 6, I bought this program for photo image editing. In my experience, software that really works, does what you want it to do, and doesn't crash regularly is rare. Ulead's products are excellent and dependable. I'm amazed that I have not heard of the company before. The image editing capabilities are more than I need for amateur digital photography. I am looking forward to learning about web graphics using this software. Take it from a critical user: PhotoImpact 6 will not disappoint you.
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on October 10, 2000
Photo Impact 6.0 is incredible! As wonderful as version 5.0 is (was), the new version is even better. In my review of Photo Impact 5.0, I listed some of its many great aspects, especially its user-friendliness and intuitive interface, which helps new users learn how to use it quickly. Now version 6 is even better because ULead has made web site development just as intuitively easy as photo editing! Add text, photos, clipart, whatever - and easily convert it to HTML and to the web in a flash. Web page layout and development has never been so easy or complete in one package, with the added bonus of outstanding image editing!
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on October 23, 2001
Over the years I've tried many image editing software packages including Adobe Photoshop LE, Photoshop Elements (which I'm currently trying out), PhotoDeluxe, PhotoPaint, Picture It, Kai Soap, MGI Suite, Corel Photo House, and a few others. While most have some appealing feature, or set of features, I've found that PhotoImpact strikes the best balance between depth, relative easy of use and price.

I often see reviews that classify Photoimpact with the lightweight packages - such as early versions of Picture It or MGI Photosuite. That's a pretty good tip off that the reviewer has not actually used PhotoImpact. The program has a lot of depth and capabilities.

There are excellent retouching tools such as dodge, burn,scratch removal, sharpen etc. that can be applied directly to the image instead of using masks. The program has considerable control over size, shape, threshold and opacity of brush. It has terrific "undo" capabilities which are lacking in many programs. Layering capabilities are quite sophisticated. It also has the ability to work with smaller portions of files, when the file size becomes unwieldy.

I've found that Photoimpact is much easier to use than photoshop LE or Photopaint. I'm currently comparing it to Photoshop Elements -- which is an interesting program and probably aimed at competing with PhotoImpact. But I find Photoimpact's interphase works better. P Elements has a very cluttered interphase. What appears to be an excellent feature in Elements -- Recipe -- is diminished by the fact that the Recipe guides (instructions) disappear everytime you take a step -- I'm sure this will be fixed in the next version. The Retouching tools in Photoimpact are better designed and implemented. Overall, it seems as if Photoimpact has more depth.

Compare the Photoimpact Album with the file viewer capability in Elements. In Elements, the images take forever to load. In Photoimpact the images are loaded very quickly, and when you re-open an album they appear instantaneously.

Photoimpact is best known for its Web tools. But I must admit that I simply use it as a photo editor.

The $... version of Photoshop may have some features found no where else--used in by professional photographers, printers and publishers. But for everyone else, I don't think there is an image editor that beats Photoimpact.
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on February 19, 2001
No names mentioned - I must confess: I have a cracked version!! BUT - I was so overwhelmed by this software - I phoned the dealer here and ordered the program and I am currently waiting for it ! I have PhotPaint 5 and have tested PhotoShop 6, PaintShopPor 7 and PhotoPaint 9 and no program does it so well so easy and so feature-filled ! I found that most of its features are well implelmented over the others , Take the Global View for example: Whenever you need to pan in the image - press G and a small screen opens and you glide inside a thumbnail image to where you desire. When done it just dissappears. I compared many , too many features with PSP7 and found that PI6 has a bit smaller selection of effects (PSP7 has BLINDS - like a horizontal TV screen effect) and PI6 does not (but you can get one easily on the web) But the rest is obviously a PROS for PI6 and CONS to PSP7 (I was about to order PSP7)!
The keyboard shortcuts are great.
To sum it up: Too good to be true ! & The price is unbelieveable !
PS: I would change the box color to other than yellow color ! :-)
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on October 3, 2001
While not as powerful or complete as PhotoPaint or Photoshop, PhotoImpact does just about everything a user could want in a graphics program. It covers the basics such as scanning and downloading pictures from a digital camera (there are even separate buttons for the scanner and camera, no constant reselecting of the TWAIN drivers) and automatic and manual post-processing and retouching of the images. There are great tools for creating images from scratch and some dynamite special effects that really work. All of this is done in a simple and approachable user interface. The manual covers just about everything and includes lots of illustrations.
While I prefer PhotoPaint for certain operations, I will always go to PhotoImpact first because it is so nice to use.
Unless you are a graphics professional, this is the only program of its type you are likely to need.
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on January 1, 2002
First of all, I've never used Photoshop. Considering how difficult everyone says it is to use and its expensive price tag, I haven't exactly been eager to try it. Mostly I use Adobe Photodeluxe instead, which is good for most things, but Photo Impact has a few features that I haven't seen before. One that I love is the Beautify Skin feature. Let's say that you have otherwise great picture but the person in the photo has a sunburn, for example. Using this feature, you can fix that without changing the rest of the picture. Brilliant!
Another thing I like is button designer. I have spent hours looking through graphic libraries on the net, searching for that perfect button to use on my web page. Now I don't need to do that-I can create my own in minutes. Or I can use one of the template buttons and customise it by changing the colour, adding text, a drop shadow, hyperlink and a transparent background. There are other things I could mention too, but I'll let you find out for yourself.
Ignore the other reviewers who said that the program is awful. It's not. I'm a relative beginner myself, but I found it pretty straightforward to use. All you need is a little time and patience and you'll figure it out. If you're not sure about buying it, download the trial version first. That's what I did, and it's convinced me to buy the full program. So really, there's no reason not to use this.
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