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on February 5, 2006
I wouldn`t tell you much about the music itself - it is best collection to start your acquaintance with the music by Jimi Hendrix. I`m also the man of the 80s, so this CD for me was an openinig of the unknown land.
But if you had heard almost all music by Jimi - this CD could be interesting for you too. This remastering by CHOP EM OUT is like restoring of the picture by the old artist. While listening to this CD, you could think: "That is how albums by Jimi must have sounded". On this CD you could hear his playing in detail, and you starting to see his songs as impressionistic work by the artist.
Sound on remastered classic albums by Jimi is much worse. By the way this CD is one the best remasters which I ever heard.
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HALL OF FAMEon December 10, 2003
I don't know if there's anything I can add to what's already been said about Jimi Hendrix and his legendary guitar-playing. In addition to his psychedelic and electrified rock, Jimi was foremost a blues man of the late 60's. His influences included John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Ornette Coleman, Bob Dylan, and Earl King, to name a few, and with such inspiration, what music he made during his short career. Here are the highlights of the Ultimate Experience, which should be enough for those wanting the creme de la creme.
"All Along The Watchtower" is one of his three biggest hits of Hendrix's career, as it peaked at #5 on the UK charts. Yes, this was a cover of a Dylan song from John Wesley Harding, but Dylan complimented Hendrix by adopting Jimi's version in future concerts.
"Excuse me, while I kiss the sky!" The second of the big three, the UK #3 "Purple Haze", was the followup single to "Hey Joe" and features the classic fuzz distortion that causes Jimi's guitar to be somewhat muddled. During the solo before the final verse, the blues influence is apparent.
The dark "Hey Joe" is one of my favourites, and it was after all, Hendrix's first hit single, as it hit the #4 in the UK. The story is a simple song about a man who shoots his woman because he caught her with another man. "And that ain't too cool." Oh, this was a cover song, originally done by the Leaves.
"The Wind Cries Mary" was inspired by a fight Jimi and his girlfriend had, where the latter left in a rage. The song was written after she returned.
Then, two songs with eerily foreshadowing lyrics. The sweet ballad "Angel", originally part of the posthumous Cry Of Love, is a portrait of a celestial and ideal woman. "Fly on my sweet angel fly on through the sky/fly on my sweet angel/tomorrow I'm gonna be by your side." Given his untimely!
"If I don't meet you no more in this world/Then I'll see you in the next one. Don't be late." That's one of the last lyrics in "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" a heavily electrified Delta blues tune with mythological and superhero overtones that has been covered by Stevie Ray Vaughn. The third of the big three songs.
"Foxy Lady" is supposed to have been inspired by Heather Taylor, who later became Mrs. Roger Daltrey, whom he dubs a "cute little heartbreaker" and "sweet little lovemaker."
Another favourite is the bitter and ironic "Castles Made Of Sand", about the cruel tricks fate plays, such as a war-ready Indian who's killed in his sleep at night, and the crippled girl whose "heart was a frown" and dies after seeing something worth living for. Sigh, how "castles made of sand melt into the sea, eventually."
"Red House" is a blues purist's dream come true, 12-bar blues tune about sensual love and how when he gets there, he gets a nasty surprise, "but that's ok, I still got my guitar." Thank goodness he does, as this is the one reason why Hendrix's middle name is virtuoso.
Other songs like "Fire" and "Little Wing" have been covered, the Chili Peppers on the former, the Corrs and Sting on the latter.
The two live songs here demonstrate Jimi's virtuoso guitar playing, the psychedelic and wildly done Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock, which was the debut of the Band of Gypsies, and his cover of the Troggs' "Wild Thing", where he set his guitar on fire at Monterey, smashed it, and entered immortal legendhood.
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on July 31, 2005
I'm *GASP* 37, more of the Ozzy/Kiss/Queen era I guess, as a beginning to music for me. Though I love/worship the Beatles, almost by default there are many, many of theses "old school" rockers I had never dabbled in.

A friend turned me onto a Jimi documentary of sorts and Jimi just appealed to me. Even the actor who played him. Jimi was Jimi. Genuine. It even comes through an ACTOR playing him. Genius. No doubt about that fact. I bought this cd about a week after seeing the documentary and it hasn't left my cd player for about a month or so I guess. With maybe only a song or two I don't care for it has really opened my eyes to the origin of the guitar. Sure, I'll still love Randy Rhoads, I can worship Joe Satriani, but now I know where life began.

If I had a minor beef it would be with the uneveness of the production quality. Some songs sound quite good (Angel, Voodoo Child), while others just sound a bit on the ratty/bassy side (Foxey Lady). Still, this is a minor gripe by an adoring fan.
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on December 22, 2005
JIMI HENDRIX-THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE: There are literally dozens of greatest hits collections on the market chronicling the pyrotechnic, super-sonic legacy of rock's original guitar god James Marshall Hendrix...who paid his dues playing behind THE ISLEY BROTHERS, LITTLE RICHARD and other chitlin' circuit acts, and had to go to England to be "discovered". These twenty titanic tracks touch upon all the important bases...careening psychedelic FM cornerstones FOXY LADY and PURPLE HAZE, hopped-up hipster blooze bashes RED HOUSE and VOODOO CHILE, and spaced out contortions of ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER (one of the most stunning DYLAN covers ever waxed) and THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER, barely recognizable via HENDRIX' twisted heatsinker acrobatics. A profound influence on virtually every other hot shot six stringer, THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE has little trouble living up to its title, showcasing the fret board guru who shook, rattled, and rolled the foundations of rock and roll to its very core...the aftershocks are still being felt a half decade later.

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on March 12, 2004
Like most Hendrix compilations, The Ultimate Experience actually only covers songs from Jimi's three albums with the Experience - `Are You Experienced', `Axis: Bold As Love' and `Electric Ladyland'. As such, though, it does an excellent job of putting together the Experience's hits and landmark tracks, and does well in also including two classic live tracks - `Star Spangled Banner' is Jimi's groundbreaking interpretation of the national anthem from his Woodstock performance, and his performance of the Troggs' `Wild Thing' from `Jimi plays Monterey' is the unforgettable concert in which he set his guitar on fire with lighter fluid. My only complaint about the song selection is as for certain misrepresentation of `Axis', which, to me, is his best album. Classic tracks like `If 6 Was 9', `Bold As Love', `Spanish Castle Magic' and `One Rainy Wish' are missing. That's quite all right, though, because once you have The Ultimate Experience, `Axis' is the next album to get.
At any rate, The Ultimate Experience includes all the classic tracks from `Are You Experienced' and `Electric Ladyland', that showcase his terrific singing and songwriting and of course his brilliant and groundbreaking guitar playing, be it a beautiful ballad (`The Wind Cries Mary), a heavy rocker (`Foxy Lady') or a ragged blues track (`Red House'). Many of the songs in the collection are by now timeless classics, and some of them, like `Little Wing' (my all time favorite Hendrix song) were covered time and time again. These songs influenced generations of musicians, but no other rock n' roller who imitated Jimi had his passion and his innovation. The songs on this collection are all, one by one, essential listening for music lovers, and it's the perfect introduction to the music of this one of a kind artist. But next you must get `Axis: Bold As Love' and also `Band Of Gypsys' to truly understand the genius of the man.
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on May 19, 2004
If you have seen any of my other reviews, this is the only album that I have reviewed that is not a hip hop album. I had always heard a couple of Jimi Hendrix's songs, like American Woman, Voodoo Child, Purple Haze, and others, but I never gave any of his albums a listen until I just had some urge to hear his music. I guess I wanted to see why people thought so highly of him.
Well, I got a hold of this CD which was in my dad's collection and I gave it a good listen. And I am now a Jimi Hendrix fan. I can't stop listening to this CD and I have so much respect for this man and the music he has made.
If you are a rock music or blues fan you need this or your not a real fan. If you dont listen to this type of music, I suggest when your tired of hearing the same old crap on the radio and in your collection I suggest you pick up a Jimi Hendrix album and listen to it with an open mind, you will be surprised how much you like it.
And if you dont like it, im sure there wont be a problem finding someone to cop that CD from you!!! Give this CD a listen, its amazing.
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on October 22, 1998
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on November 29, 2005
There's not much to say about this album that will help anyone, but here's my 2 cents: This is the best Jimi Hendrix album there is, including all his classics and some of the underrated stuff as well. It's one of the few albums I own that I can let play all the way through without irritation.

The greats are here- Voodoo Child, Hey Joe, All Along the Watchtower and more. At the same time, it has some of the songs I adore that never got as much renown as the others; such as Manic Depression and The Burning of the Midnight Lamp (one of my absolute favorites).

With each song coming in nice and crisp and with a good solid length, there's nothing negative to say about this album. If you're a fan of searing guitar riffs and some of the best melodies of the 60s, this is a great purchase. I had to special-order it for 20 bucks half a decade ago- it's a steal now!
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on June 29, 2006
THE BAND: Jimi Hendrix (guitars & vocals), Noel Redding (bass), Mitch Mitchell (drums & percussion). Additional musicians on select tracks include Dave Mason (guitar), Al Kooper (keyboards), and Billy Cox (bass).

THE DISC: (1993) 20 tracks clocking in a just under 72 minutes. Included with the disc is a 24-page booklet containing a rich history of Hendrix, many pictures, song titles & credits, and what songs came from which albums. Tracks 1-18 are studio recordings; the last 2 tracks ("Star Spangled Banner" and "Wild Thing") are live. Digitally remastered sound. Label - MCA Records.

COMMENTS: Short, sweet, and right to the point - this is the best single disc collection of Hendrix tunes out there. I was a product of the 70's and 80's music growing up... and I felt like I missed the Jimi Hendrix boat. I knew several of his hits from the radio, but still did not own anything of his. Decades later, "The Ultimate Experience" opened my eyes to man and it inspired me afterward to get 3 of his 4 studio albums ("Electric Ladyland", "Axis: Bold As Love" and "Are You Experienced"). This album put all those great songs in one place! Sadly, Hendrix ONLY released 4 studio albums (1966-1970)... and countless "Live" albums and bootlegs after his death. If you're new to Hendrix, or you want a great collection on one disc - try this (5-stars).
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on October 28, 2012
The Ultimate Experience is a 1992 compilation album of songs by songwriter and guitarist Jimi Hendrix. It features 20 of his greatest hits, most of them recorded with The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and live renditions of "The Star Spangled Banner" and "Wild Thing".

The track listing was compiled from a poll citing his most popular recordings for the European market. All songs were recorded between October 23, 1966 and July 23, 1970. To appreciate The Jimi Hendrix Experience you must own "The Ultimate Experience." It would be a wise investment for any Jimi first-timers to part with their cash and put this one in your CD library.

20 of the best Hendrix tunes out there makes this compilation a real deal. The biggest problem is finding this CD. If Amazon has it, then buy it as it can be very hard to find.

Another great compilation is the 1994 "Jimi Hendrix Blues". Even though he is considered a rock god, Jimi Hendrix "Blues" recognizes Hendrix's early influences and compiles eleven of the legend's most soulful blues performances on one disc.

Having these two CDs in your library is a great first step to the "Ultimate Experience" and that is getting to know one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

For previews of music and videos not available on Amazon, check out Jimi Hendrix's "Ultimate Experience" on You Tube.
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