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on November 28, 2011
I'm going to get this out of the way first: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is an excellent game. The character roster is expanded, the fighting engine is fine tuned to achieve a better balance, and online play is enhanced significantly from the previous incarnation. If you have friends at your palce often (or even if you don't, since you can play online), Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is a great game to occupy yourself with. Finding the perfect three-combatant team and using their abilities to complement each other is, as always, very rewarding and fun. My personal team is Phoenix Wright/Frank West/Deadpool for laughs, and Zero/X-23/Strider Hiryu for actual rounds - as you can see I used quite a few of the new characters, so they're definitely not just filler characters as some might say.

That being said, let's get to the obvious elephant in the room. This game comes just half a year after the original Marvel vs Capcom 3. Those who bought the original game (or, heaven forbid, the collector's edition) are now in possession of a useless copy less than a year after buying it. This is the latest in a long line of problematic business decisions by Capcom, who have by-and-large really dialed it in in regards to their game releases; recent games have been carbon copies and blatant cash grabs in an attempt to make as much money as fast as possible.

Though 12 characters larger, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is no different - while other companies fix their fighting games through patches and downloadable characters (see: Mortal Kombat), Capcom has returned to its Street Fighter 2 days by rereleasing slightly updated versions of the same fighting game over and over (we're already seeing this in Street Fighter IV) - something that actually led to the devastation of its fighting game franchises years back. Back when game systems had virtually no internet connections and games came on cartridges, this was defensible if not acceptable; now, with modernized game system constantly linking to the web, it's completely unacceptable.

On its own merits, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is a five-star game. A great lineup, a fun fighting system, and literally hundreds of hours worth of gameplay as a result of arcade, mission modes, and online features makes it one of the best fighters in recent years. Unfortunately, given Capcom's track record, I have no choice but to dock it one star for being an update that could've been relegated to DLC, and another star for coming out less than a year after the last game, making many players' previous investments worthless. Even at the $40 price point, it's still ever so slightly insulting. Still, I'd recommend a purchase if you, like me, didn't get the original upon release, or even if you did, because the new characters are honestly really great.

If you're still on the fence about this game - either because you disapprove of Capcom's practices or because you bought MvC3 back in March, but still want to try out the new characters and enhanced online - I say just bite the bullet and grab this game. However, once you do, send an email, snail mail, or message to Capcom's Twitter telling them that you disapprove of this kind of business practice and that they will lose you as a customer if they continue in this manner; you have a voice, use it!
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on January 14, 2012
As the title speaks for itself if you have bought yourself a copy of regular marvel vs capcom 3 you don't really need this unless you really would like the 12 characters that are added.

- Much like it's predecessors the characters require much time and discipline to understand and master so if you have the patience & time then this game is for you. The gameplay is very fast paced, and requires much knowledge of being able to read your opponents and being able to respond to what they may throw at you....Whether it is spamming from a far with lances (Arthur from Ghouls n' Goblins), or people comboing the living daylights out of you in a corner.

- There are 3 modes included with UMVC3:

*Offline Mode: Here have you your basic Arcade, Training, Versus, and Mission mode (mission mode containing a staggering 480 combos to learn and do) at the final stage of arcade you have much to look forward to in battling Galactus and his Heralds (minions). *sidenote* there are 6 stages before the Galactus battle.

*Xbox Live: Here is where your skills will be put to the test where you can look for player matches or ranked matches, much time will be invested in training before you can plan on competing in this mode not to discourage anyone from buying this game.

*Heroes & Heralds Mode: In this mode you have 3 decks (A,B,C) each deck contains 3 slots for a card, each card has a perk that will aid you in battle where you can pick a main card for extra effects, as the name implies you pick either the heroes or heralds where you can save the earth, or takeover the earth. Each side has particular cards exclusive to each side.

- Graphics:

* Nothing has changed from MVC3:FO2W, so don't look to this for improvements on graphics if it was one of your gripes about the latest installments, the style and texture of the graphics are completely appropriate for the gameplay being presented here.

- Characters:

*With the original 36 characters in place UMVC3 adds 6 Marvel characters & 6 Capcom characters:
on the Marvel side you have: Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, Rocket Raccoon, Hawkeye, Ironfist & Nova.
on the Capcom side you have: Firebrand, Frank West, Nemesis, Vergil, Phoenix Wright, & Strider Hiryu(for those that loved Strider in MVC2 you might still love Strider here)

In all the game is extremely fun and as mentioned is very fast paced UMVC3 piqued my interest and has instilled much adrenaline during each battle, it is that intense. Although I definitely don't recommend this game to those that aren't that great at fighting games and have a super competitive ego, to those people you have been warned.

*EDIT* - One thing I did fail to mention as it was not an issue for me, was the lag while playing online you have little to no lag, and even before proceeding with a battle you have the opportunity to screen your opponent's connection and decide whether or not you still want to battle said opponent.
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on November 15, 2011
More characters, more balanced gameplay. The online matches now have spectator mode. My only complaint is that all these features should have been present in MvC3 but hey, better late than never. Bare in mind that YOU MUST PLAY WITH SOMEONE ON YOUR SAME OR SIMILAR SKILL LEVEL or practice against the computer. Marvel is not like so many other games where a new player has a fighting chance if he button mashes or tries really hard. Spending time with this game and learning the nuances of each team really pays off. So if youre new and you jump into online matches, you will probably end up whining and crying like the little b****es that gave this game 1 star. There are NO 1 minute combos. Just sit back with some friends, and prepare to have a blast : )
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on November 16, 2011
This game is amazing! The new characters,stages,and gameplay tweaks are well worth the price.To be honest it feels like a brand new game. It actually is starting to have that mvc2 feel to it again,but with a more up to date improvements such as graphics and gameplay mechanisms. Like any capcom fighter you have to put the time in to get good,so don't expect to just be lights out right away. If they bring back more mvc 2 veterans and add some new fighters,this may be one of the best fighters ever.
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on April 12, 2013
Another great PvP fighting game from Capcom! This game is essentially a more robust re-release of the Marvel VS Capcom 3 game, so if you already have a copy of that game, you don't really need this one. The only real difference to this game is the inclusion of more playable characters.

If you are not familiar with Capcom fighting games, you may be a bit surprised, at first, as to how fast-paced this game is. It is possibly the fastest-paced game I have ever played. Each character has their own signature moves and combos that must be executed perfectly and at just the right time to maximize their effectiveness. Due to the high amount of skill needed to pull off these moves, some players may find it frustrating at first. They will most DEFINITELY find it frustrating if they jump into the fray against a skilled opponent. Seeing an opponent give your character a smack-down with a 50+ hit combo that nearly vanquishes them in one assault will be more than a little intimidating and humbling. This is a game that really takes some invested time to master, and Capcom HAS included the option to play a "Simple" mode, that will allow most players to pull off some devastating moves without fully learning the controls and the nuances of the game. Once players get the hang of the game play and learn the strengths and weaknesses of each character, the game becomes much more fun to play. This is a game where there can be tremendous swings in advantage within mere moments. At one moment it could like like you're getting blown out and the next moment you could be on top. This adds to the fun of the game for me. I don't like games that are too easy or require no skill to play.

This game has three modes of play:

1) Offline Mode: Just as it sounds, this is where you play against the computer (Arcade), play against a friend (Versus), play through an advancing story line (Mission), or learn the moves of your character in practice sessions (Training).

2) Xbox Live: Once you feel as if you have an adequate grasp of the game (or have friends who are not-so-skilled that you feel like schooling, you can use this mode to go online and play against others.

3) Heroes & Heralds Mode: This mode of play was not included in the actual release, but was a part of a free download from the company to expand playing options. In this mode you have 3 decks (A,B,C) each deck contains 3 slots for a card. Each card has a buff that will aid you in your fights by boosting a stat or giving your character the ability to do something it would not normally be able to do. You can choose to be a Herald of Galactus or a Hero of Earth and you collect cards to build up your deck as you win battles. Each side has particular cards exclusive to each side.

In this game you have a variety of villains or heroes from each respective universe that you can choose to play as/against. (In a fight, you choose three characters for you "team" and you will fight against three opponent characters. You don't have to choose all characters from one specific universe, but can mix and match at will.) With the addition of 12 new playable characters compared to the original MVC3, there are a whopping 48 characters to choose from. The complete character roster is listed below, by side:


New since MVC3: Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, Rocket Raccoon, Hawkeye, Ironfist & Nova.

Previously released: Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man,Storm, Wolverine, Deadpool, Magneto, Iron Man, Doctor Doom, Dormammu, Super Skrull,M.O.D.O.K., Phoenix, X-23, Hulk, She-Hulk, Taskmaster, Sentinel.


New since MVC3: Firebrand, Frank West, Nemesis, Vergil, Phoenix Wright, & Strider Hiryu

Previously released: Ryu, Chun-Li, Dante, Trish, Crimson Viper, Viewtiful Joe, Spencer, Amaterash, Chris, Wesker, Zero, Tron, Morrigan, Felicia, Haggar, Arthur, Akuma, Hsien-Ko.

As you can see, there is an incredible diversity of characters, here. While there are a few characters that are conspicuously absent (such as Megaman from Capcom and Green Goblin or Venom from Marvel), the appearance of several characters that have never been included in a video games before was really nice to see. Each character has several alternate costumes that can also be chosen. Some of them are comic accurate and some aren't, but it's a nice little touch to add a bit more diversity to the game. I would suspect that there will be a fair amount of Marvel comics fans who will purchase this game based solely on their love of these characters. In fact, I'd say it will be a safe bet that the majority of people purchasing this game will be comic fans.

This game is a lot of fun to play, and any fans of fighting games are sure to love it. In my opinion, this is one game that is a MUST BUY title for the Xbox 360.

This game has a Teen rating due to cartoon fighting violence, a few instances of profanity (mostly from the character Deadpool), and some skimpy costumes worn by a few of the female characters (Felicia & Morrigan). I would personally say that a "T" rating is the proper rating for this game.
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on November 22, 2011
Before I start this review I just wanted to address the whole "this should be DLC" argument. Now I'm fully aware that the original MvC3 came out back in February and that it had two DLC characters, Jill and Shuma-Gortah. It's this very argument that most people use to criticize Capcom's decision for re-releasing MvC3 so early. What most people don't realize is that if Capcom were to release all this new content as DLC it would have costed more, not only that but it would have been impossible. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has 12 additional characters. 8 new stages, 3 new game modes, a new net code for better online play, and a much more diverse fighting system (but I'll get into that later). Now keep in that the DLC memory limit for Xbox 360 games is 2 Gigabits and that DLC memory takes much more than a core game. I bring this up mainly because back in June Capcom released the final installment of the "Street Fighter 4" series as DLC. The DLC pack contained 4 new characters and more additions to the games replay feature. This DLC bundle was 650 Megabits and it doesn't have nearly half the content Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 does. If Capcom were to have chosen to release UMvC3 as a DLC pack we wouldn't have half the content we're getting in the retail release.

Alright, time for the actual review.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is a truly fantastic fighting game and offers so many unique team parings that it can keep players coming back for years to come. As I mentioned before the game has 12 additional characters from the previous version. The characters for the Marvel side are Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider series), Hawkeye (The Avengers), Dr.Strange (Dr.Strange comics), Iron Fist (Iron Fist series), Rocket Raccoon (Guardians of the Galaxy series), and Nova (Nova Corps). As for the Capcom side the new additions are Strider (Strider series and long time "versus" character), Firebrand (Demons Crest and Ghost n' Goblins), Nemesis (Resident Evil 3), Vergil (Devil May Cry 3), Frank West (Dead Rising franchise), and Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney franchise). It may have been said already by others, but this lineup of new characters brings so much more to the table than the old roaster did. Almost all the characters change how the game is played (especially Phoenix Wright and Frank West).

I also said that there are new stages and it's kinda true. Instead of giving us entirely new stages we are left with new visions of present stages. For example, the Resident Evil test lab is now on fire with various creatures running about when in the original game it was just a basic lab (keep in mind you have access to both versions of each stage in this game). In all honesty though, I myself don't care about the stages to much because I'm always caught up in the fighting when it comes to these types of games, but it's still nice to have verity, which is what this game has. The game's net code (AKA the games online) is great this time around, there's little to no lag. You have the options to play ranked matches, quick matches, player matches, or lobbies with friends. Lobbies were a much needed addition and I'm overjoyed they finally included one in this game. When you're in spectator mode the fight runs smoothly and you can cheer your friends on as they fight until it's your turn. It's a real fun experience and truly makes the game more fun and longer lasting.

The game also has online modes (obviously) such as arcade mode, mission mode (teaches you how to play each character), versus (play against friends locally), and training mode (which is very useful in this game). You also have the option to play at the final boss "Galactus" in arcade mode, who was never playable in the original MvC3. Also, Capcom has said to have a new mode coming out as post launch free DLC, this mode is called "Heroes and Heralds". This mode gives the player access to other characters from both the Marvel and Capcom universe as cards that give special abilities to the characters you're playing as. Some of the abilities are invisibility, power boost, air dashes, and projectile invincibility. This mode should be out soon or even at the moment you're reading this review (I'm writing this in November of 2011).

In closing I'd just like to say I gave the original Marvel vs. Capcom 3 a 3 out of 5 stars for lack of content. I consider this game that much of an improvement over it's previous version. There is a huge verity of characters and play styles, the online is smooth running and lobbies are extremely fun with friends, mission mode is extremely useful for people just learning the game, and the "Heroes and Heralds" mode looks to inflate the games staying power. The fighting genre is coming back and it's games like this that made it one of the best to begin with. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is a game anyone can pick up and play, as well as master. It has enough depth to be taken seriously and casual enough to play with family or friends whenever they are over. With such a low price and for as much content this game is offering it's a steal.
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on March 7, 2014
I'm a big Marvel fan, and thought this game would be awesome to play. As a thirty-something who was weaned on SF-II, Mortal Kombat, etc., I of course new that the fighting games had started to get more and more complicated with multiple combos, bringing in 2nd and third tag-team fighters, etc. But GEEZ, are the controls on this complicated! The game comes with NO instruction booklet, though I'm sure I could track one down on-line. The graphics and characters are excellent, though.
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on December 18, 2012
I was one of the fortunate ones who did not purchase the original Marvel vs. Capcom. I am not a typical fighting game player, and I have only owned maybe a dozen in my 20 years of gaming. However, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom, I believe, is one of the best and most accessible fighting games I have ever played. The controls are not too difficult, and the learning curve is not very steep. However, even once you have 'mastered' some of the combos for different characters, you will still find yourself losing on occasion - there's enough of a challenge to keep you coming back. Galactus, as others have noted, is a super-cheap end boss, but beating him is one of the most rewarding feelings I have had after stomping an end-game boss (ever!).

The ensemble of selectable characters is great, and the game includes bios, rated stats, and 3D models for each character, which I think is a cool touch. You can find out when each character made his or her first appearance and learn more about them...I never played Devil May Cry, but liked Dante and Trish in this game. The graphics are very good, and although I have been playing since the days of Atari 2600 (my uncle owned it), I feel like I don't need better graphics in my fighting games. They're a little cartoon-like, but the colors are bright, and there was not any lag on my 360 while playing it. Some of the combos are just plain awesome to watch being pulled off, and certain teams are much more effective than others.

I had no problem playing the game (bugs, glitches, etc.) and 6 weeks later, I still thoroughly enjoy playing this with friends and family. I can't comment on Xbox Live because I don't play online, so I honestly am not sure how cool that is. In my book, though, I have never had more fun fighting with Marvel characters than this game, except maybe using skins to recreate Marvel heroes in Freedom Force (for the PC) years ago ;o)
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on December 14, 2011
If you are a veteran from the original Marvel vs Capcom 3, I think you'll find this version better in every way. A dozen new, strong, and fun-to-play characters join the battle (Vergil and Ghost Rider are my favorites), and the existing cast has been tweaked to bring the strongest characters down to earth (Wolverine, Magneto, Phoenix) while buffing other characters to make them more viable (Captain America, Chris Redfield).

The game also boosts additional functionality with new game modes. You can now host a 1v1 player match, enabling you to quick rematch your friends without going back to a lobby screen. Multiplayer lobbies are more bearable with the addition of SPECTATOR MODE, which lets you watch your friends fight while you wait for your turn to play. These are two features that were sorely missed in the original and it's great to have them finally.

For those interested in game mechanics, X-Factor has changed in a few important ways. First, it can now be activated in the air, opening up new combo opportunities and more defensive options (you can no longer be chipped to death before landing on the ground, for example) and really helping out characters who have airborne hyper combos. Second, X-Factor has been toned down overall, so it takes more work to kill characters even if you X-Factor during the combo. Turning a random hit into a full character kill with X-Factor happens less frequently than in the original game. Last, the duration of X-Factor and the damage and speed bonuses have been adjusted for all the characters. For example, Amaterasu now has a speed boost in X-Factor that she didn't have previously. Also, the infamous DHC GLITCH is gone, which is a good thing by most accounts.

On the other hand, if you are a NEW PLAYER, you may or may not enjoy the game. If you're one of those people who just wants to fight people with your favorite X-Men, you'll enjoy playing around. The UMVC3 team did an amazing job in bringing characters into the game, and many characters have unique abilities and mechanics (Phoenix Wright has to collect evidence mid-fight, for example) brought over from their original games and series. You get the impression the team really went all-out in implementing the characters into a fighting game. But be warned that the single-player modes are pretty barebones, with just arcade mode, training mode, and combo trials, so I wouldn't recommend it unless you planned to play with others.

However, if you are new to fighting games, you will be destroyed by anyone who knows how to play. The good news is the game has a relatively low execution barrier, so you can quickly learn basic combos and have a fighting chance against other players. You can also avoid ranked matches and just play in unranked lobbies, and you can label lobbies as "beginners" so you should be able to find people of your own skill level. Even once you're better at the game, MVC3 can be frustrating to play, because even one mistake can really be painful. If you call your assist at a bad time, your opponent might kill your assist and your on-point character in the same combo. X-Factor is insane and enables all kinds of one-character-comebacks and fast kills. If that sounds fun instead of frustrating, this will be a game you enjoy.

If you loved MVC3 and can accept the game as is, I'd definitely recommend picking this game up. Fun new characters, rebalanced old characters, new team strategies, airborne and toned down X-Factor, no DHC glitch, spectator mode, and quick player matches all come together to make this a much better package than the original.
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on January 8, 2012
An update created primarily to serve the hardcore fighting game community, Ultimate MVC3 is essentially the game vanilla MVC3 was supposed to have been. Few seem to realize MVC3 was rushed out the door due to Capcom's financial troubles. Worse, plans to expand via DLC were canceled due to economic turmoil resulting from the 2011 Japanese earthquake. Caught in a bad position, the development team had a choice: abandon the game or rush out a single disc-based expansion with as much content as could be crammed on it.

Business controversies aside, what matters in the end is the game itself. UMVC3 is pretty much the biggest fighting game sandbox ever created, and for such an over the top game, remarkably balanced and tuned. Content is not an issue this time, as by the time of this review the free update installing the Heroes & Heralds campaign mode is available, giving players plenty to do when not playing other human rivals "for keepsies".

Separate hurt feelings at the publisher from the development team and the game itself, and you will find one of the deepest fighting game packages to be had for the price. It's also hot business in the competitive fighting game community, insuring that there's plenty of competition out there and grass roots support. The biggest failing of the game as a package is a lack of a more comprehensive training mode - but that's a failing of almost everything console fighting game release. Due to the sheer complexity of the game, deep study of online forums and wikis is required to get the most out of it - though the official Brady guide is legit, compiled by veteran fighting game players from the competitive scene.
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