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34 of 38 people found the following review helpful
on February 3, 2008
It is rare indeed, when a book of this monumental importance comes along. For contained within its covers, are answers to all manner of questions spiritual seekers will certainly ask along the path. It appears that every possible topic has been covered in this book. Just a few examples include: healing, meditation, dreams, quantum physics, universal laws, descriptions of the non-physical realms and much more. Reading Our Ultimate Reality has left a profoundly deep impression on me, as I have been a seeker for most of my life.

The brilliance of this book, is both that the author details all the subjects so clearly, and that these details all ring true for this reader. My advice to anyone interested learning what their ultimate destiny is, and the true nature of this multi-dimensional universe, would be to read this book.
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23 of 26 people found the following review helpful
on January 10, 2008
The seeker of Truth is ever stumbling on and over entrenched dogma, and parental religious teachings of childhood. But now I am grown and knowledge has filled in many pieces of life's puzzle. Yet at some point, regardless of status, comes that moment of "some thing is missing in my life". So as many find, the quest for the "missing" can be a troublesome and confusing quest. Depending on the needs, wants and desires, many path ways are walked. Financial, relationships and health, are areas that consume most of ones beginning years of adulthood. A degree of success in any or all of these areas is comforting. Still, one can experience a nagging, deep within that calls for some thing more. For me it was along spiritual aspects, that my nagging thoughts kept bringing up uncomfortable questions. Little things like "how do I fit into the scheme of life"! Enters the bible, and study of metaphysics. Enters sense and nonsense. Unless one possesses blind faith in and through childhood teachings, only doubt and confusion exists after all the efforts to quench the nagging spiritual questions. Finally after a few year of searching, and rarely finding jewels, some excellent titles were found, that helped immensely. One of the more recent jewels being "Our Ultimate Reality" by Adrian Cooper. Within the 572 pages are many answers to long standing questions that begged any type of sensible answer. Not just a rehash of various concepts and thoughts, but a coherent resonance with "this could very well be the Truth being sought", and that is what I'm finding in this book.Yes I'm testing it all for "is this my truth", not only as "Our Ultimate Reality", but for is it "My Ultimate Reality".
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on April 26, 2013
First of all, there is much to be said for this book, as it does bring to together in one large volume many, many metaphysical concepts for the spiritual seeker. There is not much here that the New Age and Metaphysical-Knowledge seeker hasn't encountered before, but it does put it into one large book. There are a couple of things that would have made the book better for me and that is if it had included at least an index, if not a bibliography. An index is important to me if I just want to look up a particular subject.

Secondly, the author gives his beliefs as facts; as truths, without stating how he comes to believe it or why he believes it. For instance, most of us have probably come across the idea of Every Entity evolving back to the Creator to become One in Unity with The All. In the chapter on Reincarnation he states that we will have the choice to either relinguish our individuality and reunite with the Creator, or to retain our individuality as a God-person. This is different than what I've personally come across in my studies (Edgar Cayce states that we will "know ourselves to be ourselves, yet one with the Creator, one with the Whole"). Another statement made by the author is that plants possess souls. Where did he get that from? Yes, plants obviously possess a consciousness, and many studies on plants have verified that, but consciousness does not mean a soul, and until convinced otherwise, many of us won't believe such a thing. So I wish he would have CONVINCED ME-as in back up your statements with facts. So, yeah..some of his ideas are a bit different, but I would just love to know his sources for some of the statements that he makes. Obviously, we have to discern the ultimate TRUTH for ourself and not from a book, and we all know that when it comes to the Metaphysical and Spiritual, there is no ONE TRUTH.

There are 115 chapters varying from one-half to 30 pages in length. Yes, there are 572 pages, so it is a big book and covers alot of ground, BUT there are many half-empty pages, 2 or 3 line-spaces between every paragraph, and the type is large, 12-14 font. Don't think you will get 572 pages of information. It is divided into three sections 1) OUR INFINATE UNIVERSE covers chapters on The Nature of Our Universe; Buddism; Hinduism; The Kabbalah; Definition of God; Quantum Physics; and a chapter each of the Principals of Mentalism, Correspondence, Vibration, Polarity, Rhythm, Gender, Cause and Effect, Telepathy, Remote Viewing, Karma, and more.

2) THE INNER REALITIES includes chapters on The Truth About Death; Ghosts; Animals After Passing; Reincarnation; Suicide; The Etheric Body; The Astral Body-The Soul; The Mental Body; The Higher Self; The physical Universe of Matter, Angels; there are many chapters in this section on the innner and outer planes; Guardian Angels; Communication; Psychics; Spirit Guides; Out of Body Experiences; Astral Projections, and much more.

3) REALIZING YOUR DESTINY has chapters on Relaxation; Concentration; Meditation; Healing; Out-Of-Body States; Positive Thinking; Prayer and Affirmations; Subjugating The Ego; Dream Journals; Selfless Unconditional Service; The Joy of Giving; Powers of The Imagination, and many more subjects. The object of this section is to teach as well as guide the reader thru various self-improvement-type exercises designed for spiritual growth, expanded awareness and metaphysical experiences.

Overall, I would recommend the book, but it is certainly a bit overpriced for a book without even an index. So, perhaps buying it used may be a better option, although there were no inexpensive options when I purchased it. There's not a lot new here, but for the new spiritual seeker of truth, this would be an invaluable guide. The chapter headings are the only source of reference without the index, so this doesn't make a great reference book, but still may be worth the read.
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34 of 44 people found the following review helpful
on February 7, 2008
OMG...Adrian Cooper! Let me start off by saying this: YES! I am a SEEKER and I have been Seeking for the last 20 years...I have READ EVERY New age Book on the market (Texts on Buddism, Hinduism, Taoism, Christianity....Books By Doreen Virtue, John Edwards, Ekhart Tolle, Sylvia Browne (Even her Novus Spiritus Tenent Books I bought! ALL OF THEM!) and Yes, I have "connected" with many, many books on the subject matter But, NEVER Have I Found IT ALL IN ONE BOOK!! I can't even put it down...I keep saying..."This is It! This is it!!" ... THANK YOU ADRIAN COOPER! Thank you for your PROFOUND BOOK! It is Definately the "Ultimate Reality" for me...MY TRUTHS From Cover to cover....Exceptional Writing, reseach and communication on EVERY SINGLE Chapter in this Book! I know you Were led with the Writing of this one... You just HAD to be...This is the Book I have DREAMED of Writing...CONGRATULATIONS...You beat me to it! *Smiles* ...and I don't Begrudge you not an instant of success...I will move onto Writing about "Autism" and the Connection with the Spiritual aspects of seeing an "Autistic person/Child" in a new light .....a "Spiritual Light" ...and I will continue on with my "NEW AGE Fiction Writing" I know I will someday join YOU On the "BESTSELLER" List!

I Highly Reccomend this Book....To All Mystics, to ALL Seekers of TRUTH...To all those with an Open mind that can see past the MAN-MADE Religions and Dogmas of our time....I reccomend this BOOK TO ALL HUMANITY for it is a "UNIVERSAL TRUTH" That all people from ALL Walks of life, beliefs and Religions should have the Fortunate opportunity to just put thier HANDS opon this Highly Uplifting Book...of Truth...the "BOOK OF LIFE"!!! So many subjects covered in ONE Book! this is a "Gold Mine" of Information for ANY Spiritual SEEKER....I PRomise if you buy this book YOU WILL NOT Ever Regret it....Worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY AND SOME!! I have personally paid much more for Books covering just ONE Of these Subjects.....But, MY Soul and MY Life are worth the few Bucks I Spend on my Search for Enlightenment....and I BELIEVE With all my Heart that this was one of those "Cosmic ORDERED" Projects...There just aren't enough words of Gratitude Adrian Cooper...MY SOUL SENDS YOU THANKS, GRATITUE And BLESSINGS~
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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on June 13, 2012
Adrian is truly a gifted Spirit. His newsletter is also fantastic!

Can't recommend enough. I am an NDE experiencer, so I "know" some things about Spirit and Adrian is correct. A very generous Soul.

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9 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on October 23, 2009
I really did expected more from this book. It looks like a review of knowlage that is already out there. Yes, it worth reading it, but try to borrow it, it is over priced for what it is really is.
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6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on February 14, 2008
...well anything worth knowing anyhow. I don't think there's any chapters about "Dog" the bounty hunter here but there are 115 chapters about life,death and everything in between. Sort of a manual for living beyond the 5 senses and 3 dimensions. Really... this book is just filled, almost overflowing with spiritual/metaphysical information. Reminds me of David Icke's work in it's extraordinary thoroughness and detail as well as the sincerity in their desire to share their passion and knowledge. Pick up this and David's latest and you'll be set for reading material for a few days (close to 1200 pages worth} and you'll know just about everything! Pretty cool huh. Well that's my take on all this but if you wanna read about "Dog" and Britney then go get your Enquirer and have at it!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on September 16, 2013
A weighty book, not a Pema Chodron trip. Different. Full of interesting insights, I sort use it as a sort of " google" when unravelling a mysterious brain short circuit or some thing is ma king me uncomfortable, if you know what I mean!
So no, dont LOVE it; yes, useful and I like it. It sits along with other wisdom spreading books and tapes by my bedside.
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6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on July 21, 2009
This book is excellent. It is full of information and I enjoyed reading and going through it. I also enjoy the newletters that Adrian Cooper sends out for free. ( [...] )The newsletter compliments the book and I am very glad to continue my learning.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on January 18, 2013
How is it possible to read this book and NOT be on the path of transformation. Perhaps one must already be on that path before this book calls her/his name and beckons irresistibly. There is such a wealth of nuts and bolts exercises and the language is SO understandable that I knew instantly this was the real deal. In every new endeavor, I hark back to the way children learn: they listen -- over and over and over again they hear without understanding, but we all trust that they are endowed with minds to make sense of it all eventually. So it is with this magnificent book. When I do not understand, I read again. If someone else can understand, so shall I. This is (in my opinion) the BEST book for showing how to reach the Kingdom of God (or should I say RECOGNIZING the location of that kingdom.)
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