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on May 25, 2010
"Ultimate You" is typically the kind of diet book that turns me off. Any book that is hyped according to doctors or trainers living in glamorous cities usually is a glaring "do not buy" sign for me. Couple that with naturopathic remedies (ie. expensive supplements) and I am usually out the door and on to the next thing. However, I heard an interesting podcast interview with both of the authors online (In the Trenches - Mike Robertson) and my curiosity was piqued.

This book was not what I expected. Inside the covers of this book you will find some of the most cutting edge exercise and nutritional science out there - calibrated specifically for female fat loss - including stubborn fat. I can see three groups of people who would benefit from this book. 1) Trainers who would like to help their clients lose fat as quickly as possible, as well as troubleshoot stubborn cases, and eliminate stubborn fat deposits that otherwise will not budge on otherwise lean women. 2) Any woman who is proactive and action oriented regarding her own fitness and health. This book has everything you need to lose fat the right way. 3) Any peri-menopausal, menopausal, and post menopausal struggling to adjust to the changes in her body. This book has scientific and fact based answers to your problems that you will not find in other books. Everything is simple and easy, and most solutions are exercise, nutrition or lifestyle based.

Are supplements hyped? A little but not in a high pressure or exaggerated way. I think you get the clear sense from the authors that they are using a logical system of elimination. Most people will lose fat following the diet and exercise suggestions alone. Those who need extra help get additional tools to help them. There is not excessive "self diagnosing" of imaginary problems preventing weight loss. This is a good thing.

Lastly, I love that this is a four month program. A 30 day to 6 week program will not get you where you want to go. Serious fat loss and body recomposition takes months, not weeks. This program will take you a good way through the process, adding increasing difficulty every month. Progression and variety are the keys to maintaining steady fat loss.

This is a good book for anyone who may have enjoyedThe Female Body Breakthrough: The Revolutionary Strength-Training Plan for Losing Fat and Getting the Body You Want and The Women's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Sexier, Healthier YOU!
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on May 20, 2010
I am finishing the second week of Phase 2 of this nutrition and exercise program and the results are surprising and dramatic. I'm 58 and don't have access to a well equipmed gym or a trainer. After six weeks I have lost inches everywhere. It takes some commitment, but is easy to follow and makes sense because it combines nutrition and exercise that is in every way targeted to help women. It's both understandable and motivating. Nothing about it is a fad. It is challenging, but doable and not boring! It also doesn't require a huge time commitment. I am already stronger, leaner, healthier and happier. This program is exactly what I needed.
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on February 26, 2015
The book provides a different perspective on weight loss strategies, specifically highlighting how hormones play an important in weight gain and maintenance. I appreciated the meal approach to balancing the hormonal impact, while feeling satisfied after each meal.
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on June 1, 2010
Fantastic book! As personal trainer I highly recommend it and have, not only to my clients, but also to my family, friends, and other trainers.

Among all the fat loss books and exercise programs out there this book is a stand out.
It can change your life in regards to the way you approach fat loss, nutrition, and exercise.

The book is a well written, comprehensive, and easy to understand. No fads, no gimmicks, just solidly researched, fact based information that really works.

The nutrition and hormone information is excellent and the workout plan is well designed, safe, and progressive. It will give you the real results you desire and the knowledge that will empower you to maintain the gains you have made.

One of the other things I love about this book is that not only does it contain a treasure trove of great information, but it also helps dispel the counterproductive misinformation that is constantly being put out there in regards to training, nutrition, and fat loss, information that is more often than not counterproductive and at times even harmful.

If all of my clients would read this book, especially the female fat loss clients, my job
would be much easier.

Even if you are currently working with a trainer, and especially if you are not, do yourself a favor and buy this book.

Knowledge is power.
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on August 21, 2010
I realize I go against the grain here with all those positive reviews, but I'm not at all impressed with this book or the authors. It starts out promising but then gets more and more extreme with restrictions. It is a step program that leads to elimination of many foods considered healty, like 100% whole grain-based carbs, any dairy incl. non-fat, certain fruits and vegetables are restricted, etc. It also promotes carb-cycling, where you eat no carbs at all for 2 or 3 days, then overload on them, just to lose another pound. They also recommend to "take a break from greens for a month, so you won't develop sensitivities to their components", huh? That must be a misprint. Then there is the "splurge meal". I guess, you need it after those restrictions, but this just promotes overeating in my opinion. I don't believe in this type of dieting or any dieting for that matter. If it's not doable long-term it won't work. They say it is, but the program is a quick-fix that you can't maintain forever. It also promotes tons and tons of supplements, which is not what I had in mind. I expected that Dr. Kalanick would be in top shape but watching the video clip shows this is not the case, so this is either not working for her or she doesn't follow it. I also don't believe you need to go to a gym (a must in the 4th step) to be fit. I can get a lot more done at home besides driving to and from a gym is time wasted. I give it 2 stars for explaining chemicals in plastics, the environment, cosmetics, foods and cleaners and the function of the thyroid and how foods affect hormones and hormones affect your body. I also like the section on sweeteners. Other than that, no way would I follow this program.
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on May 25, 2010
Once in awhile you come across a book that resonates with you. A book that tells it like it is. A book that can literally change your life, and in this case your body too. If I could give this book 10 stars I would! Why do I love this book so much? As a Sports Medicine Chiropractor and Master Fitness Trainer I see so much misinformation published on how to take care of yourself, get in shape, and lose weight. This book however, gets it right. Bullseye!! The authors of Ultimate You have the perfect combination of teaching you how to get in shape the smart way. The first thing that caught my eye was how they talk about losing body fat and not body weight. This is a huge breakthrough in truth telling! So many people find themselves on the see-saw of losing weight...take some off...gain it all back and more. Dr. Kalanick's section on hormones and fat loss in relationship to nutrition and exercise is groundbreaking. I recommend reading this section several times so it really sinks in. You can learn to control your body, how it looks and how it feels when you understand hormones. You no longer have to feel helpless in getting into shape. Dr. Kalanick has a very impressive resume and background in studying hormones and their impact on health.

Recovery and Regeneration are the most overlooked part of every fitness program. The section on foam rolling and stretching is everything I teach all of my clients. The effects of this alone can have a profound impact on how your body feels. These techniques help you to move smarter. When you move smarter, you then move better, and when you move better you burn more calories. It's the secret weapon to fat loss, and you will find yourself getting rid of those chronic aches and pains too. Trust me on this one, I teach it and live it everyday in my clinic. Mr. Dowdell's credentials are impressive and explains why he values adding recovery and regeneration to the program. Smart fitness professionals know the value of these techniques for enhancing body performance.

The strength training section is challenging, but what I like about the program is how you slowly get your body ready for more movement. So many books want to jump you right into exercises and routines that your body cannot handle. You either get discouraged, burnout, or get hurt. Ultimate You prepares your body for the next level of fitness. You build a base foundation of function and fitness. Getting stronger and leaner at the same time. And ladies, listen up! Weight training is critical for muscle toning. You will not get big and bulky. The authors do a great job of dispelling the myth of lifting weights making you big and bulky.

In summary, I highly recommend you purchase this book. Get a highlighter and start making marks to re-read sections. As a matter of fact, don't just read it! The easiest and fastest way to arrive at your desired goal is follow in the footsteps of someone who has already done it. Follow the Ultimate You plan and you will reach your fitness goals. More importantly, you will reach them safely and the right way. Gotta go study my highlighted book now!
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on May 21, 2010
After putting on pounds from having babies and a stressful job, this book is just what I needed. It's about fat loss, not weight loss. This plan is easy to follow. I'm eating heathier, feeling stronger, sleeping better, and slimming down. The nutrition plan is not hard to follow, and I'm not feeling hungry all the time like on other plans I've tried. Ultimate You taught me a smarter way to exercise. I'm actually spending less time working out, but getting better results. What more could you want?
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on June 2, 2010
Finally! A book that is actually comprehensive, informative, and realistic!
As a Pilates instructor, I have so many frustrated clients that say to me "...I don't understand why I still have this extra weight...I take 2 cardio classes a day, ...barely eat..., and still can't lose this..." It's so refreshing to find that there is finally someone out there that discusses these issues.
To read a book that addresses the relationship between hormones and fat loss is so encouraging and helpful. Not to mention how the discussion that one needs to eat, and what to eat at different times, not starve themselves in order to lose fat. The recipes provided are easy to make and taste good! They're not your typical 'cardboard with a side of sawdust' meals!
Expressing the importance of recovery and regeneration, stretching, and "moving smarter", are so important and often ignored. To read and realize that one doesn't have to "kill" themselves during their fitness regimen is so encouraging.
I personally have this book, and have given and recommended it to many of my clients and friends. If you haven't purchased this book yet, your missing out!
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on June 29, 2011
This is my first book review. Writing is not my strong suit, buy I am having such strong results with these book I just wanted to spread the good word! I am a self confessed book junky, specially in music/composition and fitness/health. I should state that I am a 37 year old man and very much into lifting heavy things and arnold and all things that go along with resistance training and bettering myself in the modern era. I know this book is aimed at women, but I tell you, I love it!

I was over 270lbs with a 47' waist, 53' chest wearing size xxl and 40 in pants just 2 years ago. I am a professional musician and was leading a decidedly unhealthy lifestyle. Staying out to 5 am playing gigs then pigging out on hot wings or bar food. I have Bought a stack of books to my 10 foot ceiling in the these 2 years about weight training, nutrition, supplementation, fat loss, martial arts training, yoga... suffice to say I am a bibliophile. A taught myself music so I thought I would try the same with health. I Well let me tell you, This book is one of my favs and one I constantly refer to.

Its aimed at women but here I am (a hardcore weightlifter who just a year ago was more interested in attaining a 500lb deadlift than my overall holistic health) telling you that yes, men can also expect great results with this book.
I initially got it to train my fiance' ( we are trying to get into the best shape of our lifes for our wedding) But as i read it and starting applying some of its principles to my training, diet, and lifestyle, I starting see results very quickly.
Its got it all, supplementation, workout plans, recovery solutions, dynamic stretching, foam rolling (I have become a foam rolling addict!), post stretching... and more.

Sounds like it could be convoluted,(many books that try to cover so many topics are I have found, which can be daunting) it is not, the info is laid out so concisely and clearly then even a layman like myself can easily follow. It truly gives you the whole holistic picture in one easy to follow book. The Authors (Joe Dowdell and Dr. Brooke Larson) make a power full duo. If you know about Joe, you know there a lot of talk about him training world famous celebs but most do not know he also trains Olympians, pro athletes including MMA athletes, and trains other world class trainers. He uses the latest research to design a workout that gets results fast. Dr Brooke is one of those super smart people that seems to be able to condense things so the rest of us can know exactly what she means and the benefits we can expect. They complement each other very well, world class training and world class nutrition easy to follow and in one book. They dont come across as preachy but rather very friendly and helpful. These people have made it there lifes interest in helping others be at there best and getting results and it shows in the writing and tone of the book.

Now let me tell you about my results! I had gotten down to 205 with a 36 inch waist with 2 years of very hard work and admittingly, trail and error. But I was at a sticking point and still not feeling or looking like I wanted to.
I starting following the program in the book, and starting seeing instant results. I lost 2 inches off the most stubborn part of my belly (lower part) and did not have nearly the back pain I was having. I also got down to 10%bf all in just two months. I am getting closer to my goal than I thought I would in another year! I Feel much better and have changed my supplemation and particular my diet tremendously. Dr. Brookes recipes are fantastic. So easy to make and tastes so good. I plan on trying every single recipe in the book. You must eat accordingly if you want the results! This book promotes a lifestyle change, not a fad diet. Fad diets dont work in the long run and are generally unhealthy.

Change can happen, If I did it so can you. I went from a a 47' waist to a 33' waist with a 46 inch chest. Went from a size 15 ring to a 10 and even lost a shoe size! I have no doubt that I will reach my goal of single digit BF and more importantly, Feeling great and healthy. The book is such an easy read and laid out very clearly. I going to purchase one for my mom as I cant seem to part with mine! I only wish is that I had found the book sooner, would have saved me a lot of time and money. Wedding here we come!
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on March 26, 2012
This is an excellent read for nutrition, only one concern, the recommendation of working out prior to eating breakfast. It leads you to think the recommendation is to skip breakfast - please if I have read this wrong correct me. All other info is great.
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