Customer Reviews: Pet Urine Detector - Ultraviolet Blacklight Flashlight By Ultra Light - Discover Dog And Cat Stains
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on November 5, 2014
I was able to see dog urine spots on the carpet that I had no idea were there. Some of the older spots that I knew were there did not show up. I shined the light on the spot as I cleaned it and you could see it disappear. I could see how much urine splashes back out of the toilet. It was all around the base and floor around the toilet and even on the cabinet over the toilet. Close the lid when you flush (which we have done for years) and and see if you can get your man to sit down when he pees. It was disgusting. At least I know now where I need to focus on deep cleaning....or rather where he should focus on. After all it's his pee not mine. I also used the light to see how dirty my carpet was. I vacuumed in the dark with the light to see how well the vacuum worked.....not good...not good. I could see that some things were picked up but not a lot. The light only covers a small area and you have to get somewhat close to see certain things but overall it does what I want. I uploaded a couple of pictures. One of dog urine on my bathroom rug and one of urine splash from the toilet on my shelf.
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on July 31, 2011
I use a UV light at work for quality checks. The light they've provided me is not very bright and there's a poor connection in it somewhere. This light is much brighter and seems to be considerably more sturdy. I haven't used it yet at work, but just turning it on at home I could see the difference. I think this will work out great. I may add another star after I check it out at work.

For the people who have had flickering problems, I too have had this problem. In order to resolve this I had to unscrew the top section. Inside there will be a ring with 2 small indentations. this ring is removable. Take it out then take out the led bulb circuit. The way this circuit works, the "+" comes in through the center and the "-" or ground is along the outer rim. If the ring with the indentations doesn't make solid contact there ends up being an open in the circuit and the light flickers. There is a thin coating around the edge of the rim where the green surface stops and becomes bare metal. I was able to scrape away some of this coating using just my fingernail. Scraping away some of the coating on the bare metal will allow the ring to make better contact and close the circuit.
Put the led circuit back in place and screw the ring back on making sure the indentations are facing out. You may need a pair of snap ring pliers to remove and replace the ring and to ensure that the ring is in securely.
I performed this process on the 2 flashlights that I purchased and both now work perfectly.
I hope this helps anyone who is having this problem and is willing to attempt to fix it on their own.
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on March 14, 2012
We bought this UV light to use when Scorpion hunting in Arizona. It works well for that and under the UV light they fluoresce and are very obvious. We also used this light to identify places where the pets had an accident in the house. If we found out quickly and were able to clean it well, it would barely show, but a spot we didn't clean so well glowed. In a way, this light is frustrating because it shows you places you thought were clean but now realize could use more work. Items on the carpet really stand out. Be prepared to clean your carpets if you have indoor pets. *Update: I'm not sure why other reviewers say that theirs doesn't detect pet urine as ours does, I have to wonder if the unit shipped has changed over time?

This isn't the most powerful of lights, to get it to work well we had to turn off all the lights and look around in the dark. Then things would really show up. If you have too much "white" light at all, it won't be powerful enough to overcome it. In a room with 100 watt table lamps it would cause things to glow a 2-3 feet away but then fade out due to the white light.

We tested with money, credit cards and ID's and it worked very well for showing the markers on those. I also powered the light with rechargeable batteries and they worked fine with those. Some lights have an issue with rechargeable batteries due to slight voltage differences.

4 Stars for working well; it could be more powerful but for the price it's a great value.
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on March 3, 2012
This products works as advertised, and works well. A couple of observations:

1. This is a UV light. The human eye cannot see UV. Therefore, this light does not have nearly the optical brilliance of a conventional flashlight in its class (i.e., 9-LED compact light powered by three AAAs), as much of its output is in wavelengths too short for the human eye to perceive as light. But the energy *is* there. If you doubt me, go to a reasonably dark room and shine this light on a glow-in-the-dark object from, say, fifteen feet away. You will see it light up. If you shine the light on a white wall, and look at the wall for a couple seconds and then shut your eyes, you will see an afterimage even though the light does not *appear* bright enough. That's from the UV hitting your retina.

2. The light is bright enough for most applications. If you need more UV light, just get three and then rubber-band them together. That should be all the UV light you would ever need, or want, for conventional consumer or prosumer purposes. You don't *want* too much of this light. UV light is not good for your eyes. The danger is that, because this light doesn't appear "bright," your pupils do not constrict when exposed to it, leaving your eyes dialated and your retinas flooded with UV. This is why your optometrist gives you a pair of UV-proof sunglasses or covers for the lenses of your glasses after dialating your pupils during an exam: so when you walk outside, you don't get hit with damaging levels of UV from sunlight as your pupils are unable to contract.
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on December 21, 2011
The kids and I love this inexpensive little light. Just be warned when you go hunting around in the dark, you will find lots of things that 'glow' under the UV light, that a regular light would miss. Lots of household products and materials, specks of litter in the carpet and in dusty corners and body fluids all glow. You may find your bathroom is less clean than you hoped. Happy Hunting!
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on September 30, 2013
I guess I can't really ding it for not properly reading the product description, but I purchased this light because I could smell cat pee somewhere in my home but couldn't locate the offending spot. It most definitely does not work for the bodily fluids of animals (even when it unquestionably was shining on something that should have glowed). So if you're buying it for this purpose...don't.

However, it did work great when I shined it on my driver's license. I was kind of disappointed because I thought I had wasted money for a flashlight that I didn't need, but then we purchased the collector's edition of Grant Theft Auto V and heard that the blueprint map had secret messages and locations you could only discover with a blacklight. And, what do you know, the flashlight worked great for that.

So, it's great for hidden ink and the like, but not for animal proteins. So...I guess what it says in the product description. We did shine it on some mold just for funsies, and it didn't light up or anything, so I'm not sure how great it would be aside from the hidden ink.
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on June 15, 2015
I like this so far. It tends to get a bit hot when used, so I tend not to use it for very long at a time. It reveals all kinds of interesting things. I turned it on in my bathroom and saw the shape of the bath mat that the previous tenant must have used. In the kitchen, I was able to see the residue of cleaning products on the refrigerator door. My main reason for buying this was to use it with my Noodler's Bulletproof Blue Ghost invisible fountain pen ink, and it works very well for that. My only complaint so far is the overheating thing. Everything else about it is wonderful. It is powerful and effective. Here is a photo of what my Noodler's Nib Creaper pen looks like under this flashlight when filled with the special ink that was designed to glow.
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on June 18, 2013
The battery housing is missing pieces necessary for holding the batteries in place. Without them a circuit between the batteries and the flashlight can't be created; no circuit, no power, no... work. It's cheap and I expected it to be crummy, not inoperable.
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on September 4, 2012
This is the second light I have ordered and so far both lights have broken within the first week. I would not recommend this item, spend the extra three dollars for one of the other lights and save your self time and money. Amazon please remove this seller!
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on January 31, 2013
Unlike most people that wrote that it does not work it does. What T.V. has made most people think is that a black light will make blood or other fluids fluoresce like a white shirt under a black light which is not true. There is a contrast between the surface that you are looking at and the "unseen stains" you just have to look.
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