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on July 22, 2005
First of all I have to disagree with the previous review, this is a great series! It's a wonderful cute story about jr high school boys & girls and unrequitted love. As well as the interesting plots that come about when you have a witch in training who means well but isn't very good with her spells that often go awry more often than not.

Just skimming through the story will not give you a full appreciation of the hijinks and plot twists that can come about. The artwork is well done and cute but not excessively so. And everything that happens is very innocent, even the only "kiss" scene was a result of a comedy gag or punchline than anything else. I really like this series and can't wait till the next volume is released.

I would also recommend Marmalade Boy, another manga series by the same author.
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on December 5, 2005
Hello there, (...)here. Ultra Maniac is another one of Yoshizumi-sensei's works. It's about Ayu Tateishi, who is crazy over Kaji Tetsushi. One day, a new transfer student transfers to Ayu's school, Nina Sakura. Apparently, the transfer student transferred to Ayu's school from the Magic Kingdom, where of course, all beings are able to use magic. With the help of Nina and her mini-computer, Ayu gets into many strange adventures, all planned by the one and only, NINA!!
But, problems occur on the way. For instance, many times throughout the series, Nina uses a spell on Ayu or a student at the school. After what is needed to be done is done (or at least nearly accomplished being done), Nina never seems to ever find a spell in her computer to reverse the magic. In those cases, Ayu just has to live with the magic until it wears off. Other moments, Hiroki Tsujiai, one of Kaji's friends, is always near Kaji, making it difficult to use a spell on Kaji.
Oh, well, no more. Nuh-uh. See ya next time. This is (...).^_^
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on July 24, 2005
This book really is basically a kid's manga. When reading this book, that should be kept in mind. Nina and Ayu both act a bit immature at times, but they're never to the point where they're annoyingly immature.

Yes, as was said before, there was one part where Ayu was turned into a boy, and kissed another girl (unwillingly...) but that was basically the only thing somewhat (I mean SOMEWHAT.) that could turn it into a 12+ manga.

However, this manga is full of shoujo goodness in every aspect of the word. The art isn't heavy, instead, it's greatly detailed and flourishy, and it isn't full of sappy sappy love. There's a wonderful little plot twist at the end of the first volume that really gets you thinking about what'll happen.

So, in short, if you can't stand any kind (and I mean ANY KIND.) of the shoujo ai or shonen ai stuff, you'll probably be a bit bothered by the girl to boy transformations Nina and Ayu pull off. However, if you're really not bothered at all by that subject, inside, you'll find a great read that really is appropriate for basically any age.
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on July 25, 2005
I completely disagree with the first review. There is nothing wrong with this story. The fact that they can only read "all ages" manga proves that they must be young in addition to the fact that they only like things such as "mew mew power/tokyo mew mew" and "totally spies". That perosn knows nothing about anime seeing is how they referenced totaly spies. That is an american knock-off. They have no right to comment. No one is forcing them to read anything they don't want.Don't bash something you know nothing about. The story is fine. Manga is known for it's elements that american comics don't possess. They deal with REAL issues often and you're too young to be commenting and understand them anyway. Skimming isn't good enough. This book deserves a full read. Don't read manga if you don't understand what you're getting into. Manga is often not meant for little kid's anyways.
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on September 1, 2005
Ayu Tateishi is the star tennis player and one of the most popular girls at her junior high in Japan and she has a crush on Tetsushi Kaji, the star baseball player who is one of the most popular guys. Sounds like a match made in heaven, right? Well, as usual in shojo, Ayu is having problems working up the courage to tell Kaji about her feelings. Enter new student Nina Sakura, who seems to be overly needy and looking for a friend. She's a little weird and Ayu begins to think that she might be some kind of psychotic stalker. Imagine her surprise when she finds out Nina is a witch from the Magic Kingdom who flunked out of her school because she was inept at casting spells. But that's not going to stop Nina, as she transforms Ayu into a boy to play a match against the boy's tennis team for court rights. Her pitiful skills also do not stop Nina from trying all kinds of wacky tricks to make Kaji fall in love with Nina!

Ultra Maniac is a cute, harmless, and very funny manga! It entirely skirted the dangerous territory of sappiness. The humor is good-natured, playing off of Nina's gullibility and dedication for doing good without belittling her. You'll most likely find yourself laughing aloud as you read this book. This would be a good starting book for new manga readers. I would also recommend the anime version Ultra Maniac.
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on July 24, 2006
I was at camp last week and a lot of my new friends were into manga. I had always loved fantasy books and I had thought about getting a manga for a while. Then my camp friends started to get me a little more interested. I got some input on which ones were right for different types of people and I went home and did some research on which one I wanted. I looked at reviews and decided on Ultra Maniac. I have just finished the first book today and it was so good.

I would defenitely recommend this to be your first manga if you are looking for one. It is suited for all ages, but aimed towards girls, just to let you know.

This is an enchanting adventure and I am burning to know more!
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on August 16, 2005
I loved this book! It was great! It truly was for all ages, despite what the first review said. And, maybe if you read the book you'll know why she kissed another girl (that does sound kind of dumb, though). Anyways, I enjoyed it. Give it a chance! I'm sure you'll love it too!
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on January 12, 2015
*Ultra Maniac* is a very *fun* *shojo* manga that is a tad slow to start but is has a fun enough plot and other good things going for it that this is forgivable.

It's the story of a shy, but beautiful young middle-school girl named Ayu who is head over heels in love with boy named Tetsushi. Because of this, she has remade herself to be the kind of cool girl that she *thinks* he would want. They seem to be getting closer, when a new girl comes to the school and latches onto Ayu as her new best friend.

The girl, Nina, isn't just any old middle-school girl. She is, in fact, part of a magical race of beings, a witch. Think of this as other beings, not a religious thing, or an "in the blood thing. So it's less *Harry Potter* and *Star Wars*, and more *Bewitched* and *Sabrina: The Teenage Witch*. Unfortunately, Nina flunked out of magical school and is attending school in Japan while she tries to learn her sorcery enough to return. To help in this, she has decided to help her new *best friend*, Ayu. Poor Ayu.

No, really. Poor Ayu. Anything wrong imaginable does, in fact, happen. Nina means well, she really does, but every time she tries to help Ayu, chaos results. Unfortunately, Ayu can't seem to separate herself from Nina as Nina is just so naive and kind that Ayu can't bear hurting her. But Nina is making it hard for her to have a chance with Tetsushi, so what can she do?

The series has a tad bit of a slow start in that there is too much time spent the first few chapters on slap-stick and humor as one spell after another intended by Nina to help Ayu just makes Ayu miserable. Only at the very end of the fourth and fifth chapters - the end of the first volume - does the story actually pick up and go somewhere.

So why give this such a high rating? Simple, it is a gorgeous book. The artwork is some of the best I have seen, though the characters look more high school than junior high. The mangaka has stated that this was an ascetic choice to draw them that way. Nonetheless, it is beautiful artwork that somehow is more solid and not the "brush stroke" effect of some other beautifully-drawn manga like *Sailor Moon* or others.

Yet beautifully drawn it is and that is the bonus along with the clever humor and the fact that the plot, even when stalled a bit at first, is intriguing enough. It also helps that Ayu is admirable and Nina is such a nice, sweet person that even when she causes mayhem you just want to hug her and cheer for her.

A fun beginning to this five-volume series.
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on August 30, 2005
Its good, I like it. Waturu sometimes puts a little twists and turns in her manga, but she is still a good manga writer. =)
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on August 22, 2011
This book made me smile pretty often. The author's manga style isn't really my favorite, but that usually doesn't stop me from reading any series. I really thought this book was more about comedy than anything else.

You have Nina who is a drop out witch and Ayu who is a normal and really popular girl. Normally those two things don't mix, but the way the mangaka artist makes it work is very good. Nina entrusts Ayu with the secret that she is a witch and that really changes Ayu's life. All Ayu really wanted was the guy she likes to like her back. (poor Ayu!)

I thought this story was cute, would I buy it? Probably not, just check it out at a library or read it at a book store. There are five books in all, and I'd say that is pretty reasonable length for the story the author has written. Over all I liked the book/series, didn't love it, but it was a good read.
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