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575 of 594 people found the following review helpful
I adore my iPad and take it with me just about everywhere. I also have a huge laptop that weighs about 10 pounds that I haul around occasionally when I need to work or take notes at meetings. I kept wishing there was a way I could easily take notes on my iPad, but the on-screen keyboard is just too much of a pain to use for a 2 hour meeting.

I found this keyboard and have been using it for a couple of months now. It works fantastically! I cannot believe it was so reasonably priced for how well it works.

* Syncs seamlessly with my iPad - the Bluetooth connection worked immediately.
* Keyboard is small and lightweight - fits perfectly in my backpack.
* Great key action - it's easy to type. The keys don't feel weird or rubbery. Using this keyboard is very similar to using a regular computer keyboard.

* I wish it had a case, but that would not prevent me from buying it again or recommending it.

Overall, this is a slick little keyboard. I'm very happy with how it performs, and I'd much rather haul it around than my laptop!
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560 of 585 people found the following review helpful
A Generic But Quality Wireless (Bluetooth) Keyboard. "K1280" A Critical Review.

This wireless, keyboard "K1280" is a good quality wireless (Bluetooth) keyboard that works well with Windows and The Mac and with the Android OS, but you'll have to make some adjustments.

*** Inspection ***

The K1280 looks identical to the Apple wireless keyboard. In fact, from a design standpoint, it is an exact clone, right down to the spacing of the keys. And, when I say identical, I mean walking around my work area for a couple of weeks and thinking that I'm picking up my Apple keyboard only to discover that I'm picking up this device. (see video) The device, however, is different in a few cosmetic ways.

First, the device is almost entirely plastic but beautifully painted in an aluminum-silver color, where as the Apple is made from a brushed aluminum.

The K1280 runs on 2 AAA batteries and the backside has about a 1.5" incline. This is actually more comfortable for me to type on for longer periods than the Apple, which has a slightly lower incline.

The keys are responsive, albeit a slight bit jiggly but nothing near feeling cheap.

*** Function ***


After a couple of minutes to setting up and syncing to the computer, all of the functions of the keys work precisely as it should.

And, you do notice that the keyboard is very lightweight. I find this idea for packing and using it with my laptop, tablet and smartphone.


I have a Sprint Evo 3D running Android 2.3/ Bluetooth 3.0.

I was particularly interested in how it work with Android because there are times when the touch feature on the smartphone or tablet just isn't practical when there's an alternative. And, I'm specifically referring to using an office suite.

The 1st keyboard I ordered, I thought may have been defective because although most of the keyboard features worked, the "Cap lock" and the "Direction Keys" didn't. A replacement came a few days later and the issues were identical.

After some investigations, I discovered an issue NOT with the keyboard itself but with The Android OS.

The features DO work but because Google has Android as an open-source OS, there isn't a universal (i.e. "standard") coding that is given to all hardware and 3rd party developers. So, some products will work well with "this" device or "that" program and not others.

This seems to be where the issue is resolved with the Cap Lock and Direction Keys issue.

To get around this, if you have a similar device or issue-- The Cap lock function is found by toggling the SHIFT key and the Direction Keys are essentially the opposite given so the left/right are the up/down and vice-versa.

*** Conclusion ***

Considering the cost versus value and throw in versatility and convenience, this is really a spectacular buy. I have two (2) wireless Apple remotes and a Verbatim wireless keyboard and mouse and this keyboard has almost the best of both.

So, wireless Bluetooth keyboard "K1280" 4.5 stars.
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234 of 246 people found the following review helpful
on January 9, 2013
Awesome keyboard for the price. I've been using it with my iPad mini to write in my Day One journal thingy as well as taking notes. I've also paired it to my iPhone just for fun, but haven't really used it with it for long (felt kind of silly). A friend of mine also tried it out with his Nexus 7 just to see if he would like to buy one. Worked just as well on that.

The entire thing is made of plastic, even the "metal" part. It's super thin up until the back part which houses the batteries which makes it "front heavy" but isn't an issue when typing (in fact it helps with the stability of the keyboard while typing so it isn't moving around.)

Compared to your regular keyboard, the keystrokes are a tad more shallow, but not by much. This isn't a bad thing though, as the chiclet keys are spaced apart and the action is nice. The size is similar to a thinner desktop keyboard. I didn't run into to much trouble using it coming from a big, mechanical keyboard (Razer Blackwidow ultimate).

Pairing and syncing is easy. Turn it on, make sure the bluetooth is on your device, hit the "Connect" button underneath the keyboard, once you see it pop up on your device tap it, a prompt will come up asking you to type a number code on the keyboard and hit enter- you do and BAM! paired.

With my iPad Mini I have only had to pair it once. Now all I need to do is make sure the bluetooth is on my iPad and turn on the kyeboard and it's automatically paired. Good stuff.

This isn't so much as a negative about the product, since it is fairly common, but just a heads up. This keyboard is manufactured by some company who then sells the units to resellers (other companies) who then sell it to you, the consumer.

You will find 3 other Bluetooth Keyboards on Amazon being sold under a different brand (Sharkk, GT Maxx, and the other one that is Six-something). All of these keyboards are IDENTICALLY THE SAME. Same parts. Same body. Same build. The only difference is, depending on the one you buy- you will deal with that brands "customer service" should you run into any problems. I would also like to caution you that the Sharkk brand does NOT have a website or anything for consumers. It's a little shady and if you need help and Amazon wont help you, then they certainly will not.

I ran into this after ordering a Sharkk brand one first and it being Dead on Arrival. Luckily I was able to send it back for a refund and get this one from Amazon since I couldn't get help from the company. Also keep in mind that these keyboards when sold to the reseller, may be sold at a cheaper price per unit if the reseller elects to have a more laid back Quality assurance standard.

So Reseller 1 gets theirs cheaper than reseller 2 since reseller 2 wants the manufacturer to make sure that the failure rate is only X%. So pick "brands" carefully.

I went with Anker because they have a website and they have support and by far more reviews than the other ones.
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110 of 115 people found the following review helpful
on March 10, 2013
Before you read this lenghtly review, be aware that I am using this keyboard on a computer running Mac OS X. I am not using it for an iOS device, Windows device, Android device or any other device. My review will be from the perspective of a Mac OS X user and will heavily compare the keyboard to official Apple keyboards, as that is what I typically use. I've divided the review into 6 categories: Form Factor, Look/Style, Feel, Usability, Durability, and Value. I intentionally left out battery life from this review as I haven't had enough time with the device to know how it is on battery. The entire review was written using the keyboard.

The form factor is amazing and exactly what I was looking for. The look is nice, but not perfect. The feel is nice, but not as nice as an Apple keyboard. The usability is good, but there are issues a Mac OS X user should definitely consider before buying. The durability is questionable; a key already fell off of my keyboard which arrived today. The value is pretty phenomenal.

Form Factor: 5/5 EXCELLENT
I have a pretty busy desk; I also have a pretty small desk; and both of these facts are probably not going to change any time soon. This means the addition of the number pad on my keyboard can be pretty frustrating, as 95% of the time it's just wasted space to me. That's where the form factor of this keyboard is key. It's hugely important to me to feel organized and productive in an environment that exists solely for me to feel organized and productive.

Look/style: 4/5 GOOD
I opted for the black version of the keyboard (bluetooth). I was hoping it would look like the keyboard on the black Macbooks Apple used to make. It doesn't. It actually looks a lot more like the keyboard I used to have on a Sony Vaio E series laptop I used to own. The text of the letters aren't centered on the keys, but sit at the top left of each key instead. Also the letters have an dark black outline that differs from the black of the keyboard itself somehow. It makes it look like each letter was cheaply ironed on rather than printed or painted on. Another thing I noticed is that the font they use on the keyboard is just a boring, ugly, old-looking sans-serif font, as opposed to the pretty, modern font that you see on the new Apple keyboards. With all of that said, I still can't call this an ugly keyboard; It still has the most important aspects of what makes Apple keyboards so beautiful: The island-style chiclet keys, the minimalist F keys that double as actual functions, and the tiny form factor. In short--if this was a man, it would be the gorgeous guy across the street, not the flawless model I wish I was.

Feel: 3/5 ALRIGHT
If you're a fan of the island-style Apple keyboards, this isn't far off. But it IS off. Firstly, the overall feel of the keyboard is just different. The spring of each key feels less confirming somehow; each key feels a little less solidly attached to its mechanism, making it possible to pivot/tilt the key without actually pushing it in; and overall each key feels a little less on/off, and has a little more give before being triggered. These aren't absolutely horrible flaws though, but they are flaws. For me personally, they're minor, but they detract from my overall enjoyment of writing, making me concentrate on the agility of my fingers and accuracy of the keyboard feedback more than I would like to when I'm trying to get thoughts out of my head.

The good thing is that you still get the overall Apple style: 'Command' key, 'option' key instead of the windows/super key and 'alt' key you typically see on PC keyboards. You also get the volume control keys, brightness keys, and playback control keys mac users are accustomed to. The bad thing is that this keyboard wasn't made with purely OS X users in mind. In my short time using it, I've noticed that certain functions seem to be altered, difficult, or missing altogether. Here are the notable differences between this keyboard and an Apple keyboard:

1. The 'esc' key is not an escape key, unless you hold the 'fn' key down when you use it. This can be annoying when, say, you are done looking through Facebook pictures and want to go back to your Facebook feed via the escape key. With this keyboard, you are going to have to hold down the fn key and then press the escape key to do so. It's also annoyed me when leaving fullscreen youtube videos, canceling a spotlight search, leaving context menus (file, edit, etc), and opening up the Force Quit dialogue box using 'command' + 'option' + 'esc', which doesn't seem to work on this keyboard at all, even if you hold the 'fn' key along with them.

2. The eject key is not an eject key; it's a lock key that doubles as a 'Del' key when the 'fn' button is being held. This can be really aggravating for a mac user and especially troublesome for a mac user that doesn't know the finder shortcut 'command' + 'E' to eject a disc. For me however, I don't even have a cd/dvd drive (custom hackintosh) so I don't mind the difference.

3. Holding down 'fn' and pressing 'delete' is not the shortcut for forward delete; in fact, it's not a shortcut at all. Instead, use 'fn' + the key that would normally be eject.

4. The 'F3', 'F4' and 'F5' keys host completely different functions than stock Apple keyboards, and seem to have no function in OS X at all.

Durability: ? UNDETERMINED
I actually added in this part of the review after I was just about finished writing it all out. As I was finishing up, I noticed the F4 key (a key that I haven't really used yet since getting the keyboard, and luckily a key I don't PLAN on using) became disjointed and fell off. After studying the key, it seems that it's not securely fashioned to the hinge mechanism, and is extremely susceptible to falling off with very (and I mean VERY) slight upward pressure. Luckily this is not the case with any other key on the keyboard (that I'm aware of) but I thought that it was a pretty important aspect of the keyboard to leave out of the review.

As you can tell by the review so far, I'm definitely used to the traditional Apple keyboards. But I also definitely did NOT want to pay the extra 40-50 dollars just to get an official one. This gives you a pretty solid alternative (for once in the Apple world) to the keyboard offered by Apple. It has all of the most important aspects to an apple keyboard: bluetooth, form-factor, 'command' and 'option' keys, music control keys, volume keys, etc. while being available in a different price range and in slightly different styles. Even in face of the keyboards flaws, if this it costed $30, I would still have to say that it would be worth the money.

Conclusion: 4/5
The value of this keyboard is overall what makes it phenomenal, despite it's design flaws. If you're wanting an Apple style keyboard without having to pay Apple prices, this may be the keyboard for you. If you're wanting the Apple experience without sacrifice, you are definitely going to want to pay full price and grab a genuine Apple keyboard instead. I bought this keyboard as an experiment to see if this would be something I'd be willing to sell with the Macs that I refurbish. I'm not quite sure I'm sold on the idea. It's a good aftermarket keyboard, but I wouldn't want customers to be calling me telling me that a key already fell off the keyboard the day they bought it, as was my experience. We'll see.
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61 of 62 people found the following review helpful
on April 28, 2013
Great bluetooth keyboard. As others have mentioned, it is the same size as the Apple keyboard. It is not made of the same quality materials on the exterior, but also does not feel cheap. I highly recommend that you buy a case for the keyboard to protect it. Any case made for the Apple keyboard would work perfectly.
review image review image
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73 of 76 people found the following review helpful
on March 28, 2013
This keyboard (which I'm using to write this review on my iPad) works just fine, and I would otherwise be quite satisfied with it, except for one major flaw. It disconnects from your device within about 30 seconds if you're not actively typing. So if you pause while writing for any appreciable length of time, and then start typing again, you have to wait for it to reconnect. I only received the keyboard yesterday, and this "feature" is maddening, and makes it virtually useless for any serious writing. This baby is getting returned, since I cannot find any way to turn this "feature" (flaw) off.
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31 of 31 people found the following review helpful
on January 23, 2014
I use this keyboard with my 2013 11" Macbook Air (hooked up to a 24" Dell Monitor) and so far it works great! I haven't had any problems with the Bluetooth connectivity so far - neither have I had any issues with any other aspect of the keyboard. The only thing I would improve on is making the build a little bit more sturdy (although this isn't really an issue either). Overall very sleek, comfortable design and for this price you can't really get much better!
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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37 of 39 people found the following review helpful
on December 10, 2012
This product is amazing. It is very sturdy and pairs with my blue tooth devices with rapid speed. The keyboard is also VERY comfortable to use, considering its compact size. My son has large hands, yet he found it easy to navigate the keys very well. The size and the positioning of the keys on this keyboard,when compared to a standard laptop keyboard will amaze you.

The blue tooth capabilities allow us to pair the keyboard to ALL of our cell phones and tablets. Currently, I am using it for my iPad Mini, as well as my Blackberry Torch and my Samsung Flip. It is a very WONDERFUL product and considering the price difference between this keyboard and the Apple keyboard; I LOVE IT!!
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154 of 182 people found the following review helpful
on June 20, 2012
This IS the keyboard that Apple should have come out with for the iPad!

I purchased the following keyboards to compare and decide on what I liked the best:

1. Spyder (from Tiger direct) with my original iPad - this is a mini style and the keys are small - this was $39 and it was advertized as being able to work wtih my Android devices and Apple devices = it does both ok (but it isn't the best typing experience and small size takes getting used to). Its very portable and the battery (rechargable) lasts very long.

2. Khomo keyboard case - this is also a mini style keyboard that is magnetically held into an iPad case and the keys are small but the quality of the case and the keyboard functionality for the $32 paid/shipped was worth keeping that case as similar offerings cost a lot more!

3. I had an Apple BT keyboard from my 2011 iMac but prefered to use the wired keyboard I already had due to the 2 extra USB ports on it for iMac use - while I like the feel of the Apple keyboard keys (they are more tactile feeling) there is no iPad functionality on the Apple Keyboard since its for their computers vise iPad's.

4. I had a MS mobile 6000 keyboard that is probably the best feeling to type due to the nice curve of the keyboard, however, there is even "less" apple functionality in the MS unit (it can't even control the music funtions of the iPad like the Apple keyboard can so while its the best typing experience, its the least functional overall.

5. Logitech tablet keyboard for iPad w/ case/stand combo - this keyboard feels great, just like an Apple BT keyboard and it has 95% of the Apple iPad funtions that this OrientEX keyboard has and I got it via Amazon for ~$47 so the price was good but it is heavy for a portable keyboard compared to this OrientEX unit. I really like the keyboard case the Logitech unit comes with and it flips out into a stand which comes in handy with some of my iPad cases that only open in "landscape" orientation.

6. Lastly, this OrientEX unit = I paid $19 shipped since I ordered it with some Avery labels that allowed me the free Amazon shipping! This unit has all the funtion keys for the iPad including screen brightness (that the Logitech keybaord above lacks) and the +/- is that its also light compared to the Logitech keyboard. I wish it had a slightly more sturdy feel and a case for the keyboard like the Logitech does but then it wouldn't have been so inexpensive!

If you're looking for good functionality and good size, I'd go with either item number 5 or number 6 on my review and weigh the pros and cons of both units...for the price I paid for each (pretty cheap) I decided to keep them both and use the OrientEX unit at home with the Logitech as my travel keyboard (due to the case for protection).

I also decided on these two units as they use regular batteries vise rechargable built in batteries as I can hit any 7/11 if I need batteries on the road (other options like the Logitech Flex require being able to charge the built in batteries as necessary).

Hope this helps you make your choice!
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238 of 285 people found the following review helpful
on April 26, 2012
When I saw this keyboard I was a bit skeptical at first, however after receiving and pairing the keyboard with my iPad2 I was very pleased with it's performance. Pairing was easy and the keys were respoonsive, I thought to myself "I've found the perfect Keyboard!" The next day I had some work to complete and I eagerly setup my iPad2 and OrientEX Keyboard hoping to make it an easy chore. To my disappoint the Keyboard did not turn on! Thinking some how the batteries were drained (as I had left the power switch ON for about 18 hrs) I installed 2 different set of fresh batteries, all to no avail! What a disappointment, I really loved the feel of the keys, they were responsive, correctly spaced and made typing a breeze on the iPad2. I've since returned the Keyboard (free shipping) and promptly received a refund. I think if this keyboard was reliable it would be a cheaper just as effective replacement for the original Apple keyboard, though the OrientEX is made of plastic vice the aluminum frame of the apple keyboard .
1. For performance I give this keyboard 5 stars
2. For reliability I give it 1 star
3. Cost is 5 stars
4. Customer support (returns) I give it 5 stars
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