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on October 19, 2013
The product states that these are 6" in length, which they are not. They are closer to 3-4" in length, which means they ride up much easier. I own a pair of the 6" Under Armor original boxerjock (which actually are 6") and when I compared them to these, these were 2-3" shorter--so how can they both be listed on their respective packaging as 6"? Another problem, as noted by another reviewer, is that when you buy them in a 2-pack, one of them will be the original color selected (in my case the navy blue) and the other one very well may be a different color (in my case it was the bright yellow ones). Another thing to note is the "HeatGear 6 inch Boxerjock 2-pack" is a different product than the "original 6 inch boxerjock."

After receiving the item and seeing that they were not 6" in length and that they would only go a little ways down my thigh (and thus ride up a lot), I had to return them; but I will probably end up buying two more pair of the 6" original boxerjock, which I currently have and enjoy.
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on June 16, 2015
My review is going to be a comparison between Adidas ClimaCool boxer, Under armour Heatgear Boxerjock, Champion tech performance boxer brief, and Reebok performance boxer brief.

I got tired of the cotton boxer briefs performance on a daily basis as they ride up, the legs expand, and they lack the ability to wick away moisture. I would constantly complain so my wife ended up doing research and buying me 4 pairs of the under armour boxerjock. I wasn't too happy with the price as a pack of two cost 35 dollars so I decided to go out and try to find a pair that might be just as great at a lower cost.

Adidas ClimaCool

The waistband fits comfortably as my wast is 35 inches and I have no issue. They do not ride up and they wick away sweat while also keeping me cool. I have not had any issues with chafing or experienced swamp butt while wearing these and participating in any mild to high activity. When one puts these on they are a little tighter around the legs then the other pairs but this keeps them secure and prevents them from riding up. I ordered them from Amazon when they cost 21 dollars for two pairs which puts them around 10 dollars a pair which isn't too bad. The material is thin, yet thick enough to wick away moisture and not easily breakdown. The only problem I would forsee when buying these is if your package is more than average it might be more compressed then you would want. I wear these on a daily basis and I haven't had any issues and the material seems like it will last a long time. They are more than comfortable enough for daily wear and protect your package during high activity, i.e. running or sports.

Under Armour Boxerjock

Out of all the pairs this is my favorite as they sit a little lower, have an ample sack area that doesn't compress my package yet provides support. The material is thin enough to breathe, yet thick enough to properly wick away the moisture. The legs do not ride up and the waistband is comfortable. You get two pairs for 35 dollars meaning around 17.5 dollars per pair. I have already gone back to the store to buy a fifth and sixth pair with a ten dollar off coupon at a sporting store. I wear these on a daily basis and I forget that I even have them on. I also just keep them on when I run or workout and they perform just as well. No matter what type of activity I put these through they keep me from chaffing and experiencing swamp butt.

Champion tech performance boxer briefs

If you do not feel like paying as much money for the under armour boxer briefs but you want something similar these might be what you are looking for. They sit higher then the boxerjock but the material feels almost the same. You can easily wear these on a daily basis and forget they are there. I have not had any issues with the legs riding up during everyday wear or physical activity. They wick away moisture without any issues. I don't feel that they provide as much support to your package as the boxerjock does but they do provide support. The product doesn't feel cheap and it feels like it will last a long time.

Reebok performance boxer briefs

I was able to get a set of 3 at a local store for 15 dollars so I thought I would take the jump on these. Everywhere I looked online they were around 22 to 30 dollars so I figured I got a great deal. After taking them out of the package I noticed that they were thinner then the rest of the performance boxer briefs I had bought. I started wearing them on an everyday basis to determine how I liked them and the first thing I noticed is that it didn't even feel like I had anything on. The legs were not riding up and they felt very comfortable. Wearing them on an everyday basis felt great but when I started utilizing them during physical activity that is where they failed. While running because the material was so thin it lacked the proper ability to wick moisture away from my package or butt. The main reason why I bought performance boxer briefs was to easily transition into physical activity without utilizing compression shorts. These failed to hold up during any physical activity including doing yard work outside. Don't get me wrong I enjoy wearing these but I only wear them on days I know I wont be doing any physical activity.

Through my search for a great performance boxer brief for utilizing in daily wear and during physical activity I ended up choosing the under armour boxerjock. Even though the price was a little more then I wanted to spend they provided the best support for my package and the best moisture wicking ability. If you do not want to spend that much money you will get almost the same performance from Champion or adidas just be away that if you have a sizable package the adidas ClimaCool might be a little too constricting.
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on May 20, 2013
I was looking for something for running and working out and I found the perfect pair of boxerbriefs. They fit great and almost feel as though you don't have anything on. Very comfortable and a good way to avoid chaffing that you might get from cotton boxerbriefs or regular boxers for that matter. Will definitely need to get a couple more pairs.
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on April 13, 2013
I have always worn cotton boxers. I'm never going back. These are very comfortable. They move with your body. They are fitting, yet non-restrictive. The moisture wicking works very well. I recommend for strenuous work, everyday use, and gym time.
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on February 3, 2016
I've bought over 30 pair of these Under Armor briefs/boxer-jocks in the last six years, always black, and usually in the red Heat Gear waistband or the white waistband they had before.

Unfortunately, I've noticed a decline in quality with this last batch, and my two other most recent orders of these from other Amazon vendors in the last few months. The fabric of the whole product has gotten noticeably stiffer and rougher. Especially apparent is that the waistbands on the pairs from all the vendors I've used recently have started to crinkle and roll up in the wash and need to be smoothed flat again by hand, sometimes repeatedly (!), which never happened before.

It looks we're seeing the old infinitely-repeated corporate practice of first establishing a solid brand, and then slowly but surely start skimping on the quality to grab a quick profit over a few business cycles, eventually run the brand into the ground, and sell it off or discontinue it completely. I've heard that the same thing is apparently happening to Gold Toe athletic socks, which is why I avoided buying them from any of the vendors on Amazon (I typically buy a large quantity all at once that will last me several years, so it would have been a sizeable purchase). Instead, I went to the mall and bought what Gold Toe is now calling their "premium" line of athletic socks at a high-end clothing store. They're great socks, but you pay extra for the quality. I wouldn't be surprised if they're about the same quality that the old Gold Toe athletic socks used to be, and Gold Toe has degraded their standards and sells the new lower-quality grade here on Amazon. I couldn't find any vendor on Amazon selling the so-called premium line, which is the main reason I went to the mall.

It's pretty sad. Once I find something I like, I will stick with that and continue to buy that article for as long as it is available. I find that the manufacturers will always eventually start tampering with the product and lowering the quality, or discontinue it altogether for something new that I don't like. These cycles seem to be getting faster and faster.

The only staple product I use that they haven't managed to ruin yet is Mennen's Speed Stick Regular deodorant. I've used it since the 90s, and will probably continue to use it for the rest of my life, unless they take that away from us too. These companies don't realize, or don't care, that certain basic products literally become a part of who you are, of your identity at some level, and it can become deeply personal when they start screwing around with them.

I have no issues with the vendor Moon Walk. They sent my order quickly and it was packaged well. I doubt they have any control over the quality of the product made by Under Armor. The only thing that came up was that Moon Walk only sent me four boxes of two pair each, when I had ordered and paid for five boxes. Moon Walk doesn't seem to provide a way of contacting them, so I told Amazon about it. Amazon quickly refunded my money for the two missing pairs, which I appreciate, although I would have preferred to get the actual product instead of a refund.

I probably won't be buying Under Armor anymore, either on Amazon or elsewhere. They made absolutely fantastic underwear while it lasted. I liked it more than any brand I've ever worn. It's disappointing that I'll have to start looking for a new brand again.
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on November 17, 2014
Under Armour's listing for this 2-pack is deceptive. Like me you might expect that you'll get two pair in the color you chose, and like me you'll be disappointed. I got one pair in the color I selected, and one pair in a hideous neon yellow I would never wear. I am returning the 2-pack to Under Armour, but they won't refund my shipping expenses even though, in effect, this listing's description and color selection process are deceptive.
review image
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on March 19, 2014
I used to laugh at the guys who spent $15 a pair for these. After all, why spend so much $$$ when you can get a 6-pack of Haynes or Fruit of the Loom boxer-briefs for $6, and then wear them until the elastic is wearing out and holes are in the legs?

Well, my mind was changed on this, my fourth deployment. As it turns out, I had lost a little weight, and my Haynes no longer fit as snug as I liked. My roommate recommended these, so I said "what the hell, I'm deployed, might as well treat myself". Once I put them on, I was a convert! They fit like a second skin, and provide all the support I need with no riding up, no bunching up, no shifting around. It had been getting hotter during the day, and I have not been left with that "damp underwear" feeling after walking back to my room or while working out in the gym. These things dry super-fast!

The only thing that I don't like is the waistband. It tends to roll down at times, and would be nicer if it was more of a "comfort waistband" style rather than straight elastic. Still comfortable, but could be more.
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on March 22, 2016
I had a pair of under armor boxer jocks from years ago, but these are even better!

My old pair were a size large so I got a pair of large, but they are bigger now so I exchanged for a size medium and they are a perfect fit.

I wear size 32 - 33 in most jeans and the medium size in these is a good fit. The support in very area is perfect.

They also don't get hot! And they are a snug firm fit but they also have room to breath and they don't press hard such that it's uncomfortable.

These were great for a run tonight and great before just wearing around the house. I read the other reviews of people who wear these at work as they are very comfortable. I prefer cotton for casual wearing, but if I was going to be out in the heat all day I would wear these as I think they would prevent any rubbing or chaffing.

They also dry fairly fast which is nice. I did not have any problem with them bunching up or riding up that was uncomfortable. They did a little just watching TV on the couch but they are easy to adjust if needed, but I didn't feel they were uncomfortable at any point or that I needed to adjust them.

They are pricey but these are way better than they used to be years ago. I would say get the medium up to a size 33/34 as they have plenty of flex and may get looser they longer you own them.

The large I think would not have sufficient support if you are a 34 or smaller as they are bigger than the old large.

The fit on these is very much like the Hanes X Temp boxer briefs at target, but the material is way nicer and I think would be much better for sweating in and are more silk like as the under armor brand material is like.

Long story short if you get the right size for your body these will be your favorite to workout in or when out and about on a hot day when these are ideal.
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on April 20, 2015
I sweat a lot due to over active sweat glands; like, I can have swamp-ass just sitting around doing nothing. It can be so bad that I need to be mindful of getting jock itch from doing nothing, let alone running a few miles or exercising for a few hours.

I previously wore cotton boxer-briefs and the difference is like comparing Heaven and Earth. The cotton variety would just soak up the moisture in just that area, then bind up, especially in the crotch area, and would take forever to dry. These stay in place, soak up the moisture, wick it away, and then dry very quickly. They also provide great support for my gentleman parts, the legs do not ride up, and I hardly notice they are there.

The back tag is even white on one side so you can write an identifier, just so they aren't stolen or taken by mistake.

After wearing these for several months I am never going back. These are absolutely the best underwear I have ever worn and well worth the price.
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on May 5, 2014
Beware. I thought I was buying 2 pairs of dark blue, when I actually bought 1 pair of dark blue and 1 pair of lime green. Some of the color selections give you 2 different colors. Pay attention to the small photos to the left. The bottom one will show you what colors you're actually ordering.
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