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on June 30, 2013
I just finished Under the Dome last month and was not aware a show was coming out. I think I would have enjoyed the pilot more if the book wasn't so fresh in my memory. King's website has a letter from the author regarding his thoughts on the show. He pretty much affirms that the book and show share only a title, some character names, and the town name. He seems to have given his approval. I like the idea that he suggests there will be an alternate ending; something that I don't think will really spoil the rest of the episodes.

However, every character seems to have gotten a major personality, role, and familial relationship overhaul. Some, like Barbie's, are hard for me to digest. Some seem unnecessary. Some seem like they have occurred because the show isn't on a cable network, where excessive darkness and gore would be more acceptable.

I have learned to believe that adaptations should not always be direct translations, but inspired by the original source. I will probably continue to watch the show, but I certainly hope people do not skip the book.
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on January 6, 2014
Some of the acting is...meh. However, the writers do a good job making it necessary for me to binge watch. Major cliffhanger. The 2nd season needs to come soon.
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on March 2, 2015
My family and I loved it. My only problem was after the self imposed mayor had a change of heart, Why did we need another villain like that female. Really guys your over doing the adversity in this flick .
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on October 8, 2013
Nearly all the reviews compare this to the book and theres a reason for that. The book is fantastic, with deep interesting characters that drove a quickly escalating chaos that included some of King's darkest characters.

If you enjoyed the book, prepare for no similarities between it and the series, except for the basic premise of a dome cutting off a town.

I can accept deviations from a book to screen adaptation, and it certainly doesn't kill the movie/series. Jurassic Park is a classic movie in its own regard that deviated much from the book while maintaining a success as a stand alone. But while plot deviations I can handle more or less, completely changing the main characters into unrecognizable people is unacceptable. The entire story was character driven, and without King's characters you're left with CBS' Under the Dome, not Stephen King's. Barbie, Junior, Big Jim, Phil, Rose, Rusty, Julia to name the tops, the book laid out interesting and some deeply disturbing characters, and all CBS had to do was loosely follow their original concepts. But to completely re-imagine each and every one of them in a bland vanilla way, with everyone watered down doesn't add a thing. Read the book, then watch this and try to tell me how the series' character changes improved anything. Literally anything?

How does changing Junior from a murdering, sociopath, necrophiliac out of his mind on a dark rampage against Barbie because of an unknown brain tumor to a handsome teen with an unhealthy attachment to his girlfriend improve his character or the story?

Lets change Big Jim's white trash meth cook, who's gone insanely paranoid smoking his brain out on his product, and is armed to the teeth sitting on enough propane to blow up the town with the flick of a switch, into an unoffensive token black radio DJ jockey. Yep Phil.

Or how about the main protagonist? Our happenstance hero flipping burgers at the dinner for Rose, who's on his way out of town after an altercation with Angie & Junior the night before the dome drops. Lovable, believable, an ex-soldier, but no war hero, just a good guy drifter in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrath of Junior and Big Jim raining down on him as a scapegoat. Yeah turn him into some sleazy hitman for a gambling booky just to complicate a forced flat relationship with Julia.

Ok I get that maybe Junior feeling up dead girls for days as they decompose couldn't make the network cut, but why throw away perfectly interesting characters for the trash that replaced them?

This series aside from the book comparisons, suffers from terrible acting, the flattest characters I've ever seen, mundanely slow plot development, and the fact that they intend to drag it on for another entire season is beyond me. There's a reason the events of the book escalate and take place over only a weeks time. Do yourself a solid and skip the series, there are plenty of better television shows to watch than this trash, even if the book had never existed.

And read the book.
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on April 13, 2015
The TV series has taken liberties with the book because it's been turned into a continuing series whereas the book had a definite end. Some of the changes are dramatic (I'm glad they did not kill off Angie - Britt Robertson is very pleasing to the eyes). But I like them both for there own attributes. It may help that Steven King is involved as a consultant.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon July 29, 2013
I preordered this "Under the Dome(Limited Collectors Edition Blu-Ray), because I checked and no other store is offering it this way when released right now..Once they are gone, that's it...This is great for Stephen King fans, or Horror Collectors..Even though the show was allowed to be changed from the book, with author King giving his approval..That "Dome Globe" with the bloody hand print is exactly how the show opened...That seen is unforgetable..A few years from now this will be priceless..That's why it's getting 4 stars...(I collect rare horror memorablia)~~~If you actually expected this show or any of the movies adapted from the "Stephen Kings books" to be unchanged you were wrong...None of his books that ever hit the screen big or little are ever the same~~~~~

While I read the book years ago, it was difficult for me to get through and not one of my favorites next to "The Cell"....My husband doesn't read books and so this advertised in the newspapers and he wanted to watch it...Now he is glued, and if we are out I better make sure it's on DVR....Yes the acting is mediocre with some very unknown actors...But for people like my husband who never read the book, he loves that mini-series and finds it fascinating...When he wants to know what parts were changed I tell him..If he doesn't ask, I let it alone..We are both enjoying the show for summer TV and CBS...

Ex: This is a collectible you can't find...Many years ago when Halloween H20, 20th Anniversary edition came out in 1998..When we still had Video stores with VHS tapes..I have the Collectible edition at home with the untouched VHS Tape and the gory Michael Myers Sno-Globe, with the figures, holding a knife, so when you shake it blood drops twirl all around..That's how it came for $24.99..Try looking it up on e-bay..You can't find it anywhere and some of you probably never even heard about it
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on September 24, 2013
I'm only rating this one star, because I can't rate it zero. What did this show have? It had contrived situations, bad acting, incredibly trite and overused stereotypes (the ubiquitous hip black DJ, replete with stand-up dreads, his Big-Beautiful-Woman female tecchy assistant [because tecchy chicks can never be hot], The red-headed hottie-but-has-a-past crusading journalist, the big hunky action-star competence-porn hero-but-has-a-secret for whom she falls, hard [10 seconds after her husband mysteriously disappears], the self-inflated bigshot from Town Hall, who turns into Hitler the second he thinks he can take over; his psycho son, who is big and tall and strong but emotionally 8 years old; OH, and wait, yes, I almost forgot: the bi-racial lesbian couple with their "adopted" punky, gothic-y, rebellious teen daughter), and never misses a stereotype, beat of trite dialogue or stupid action piece from the beginning.

It's so awful you almost HAVE to watch, because, after all: Spielberg, right? The guy who brought us the magnificent mini-series, Taken? That guy? And you keep thinking..."Spielberg, Spielberg, any second now, this is gonna get better..." but it NEVER DOES. It gets WORSE. When the town has an act of violence, the solution? Take everybody's guns away, "voluntarily," to which--with food and water and other necessities like medicine running critically low, the townspeople all pretty much happily give up (to the Egomaniacal Town Boss, who of course, keeps HIS, along with his band of armed vigilantes). Really? If people were being attacked around you, for their food, etc., would YOU give up your ONLY protection, in a town with ONE cop? And it simply goes downhill from there, plot-wise and suspension-of-disbelief-wise.

The acting is just...dreadful. The girl who plays the teenage heroine (who gets locked in a basement by her lover, mind you) is wooden. Her "brother" is wooden, and his voice gets screechy when he's supposed to be compelling. The "hero" spends all his time looking brooding and mysterious. (Oh, gosh, is he good or evil?). The Sheriff? The poor actress playing the Sheriff was so bad I actually started muting the sound whenever she was on, because I'd start laughing out loud at how inanimate she was. Her character was dumber than the halved cow that, fortunately for it, only suffered through a few seconds of agony at the beginning of the show, unlike the rest of us, who suffered far, far longer.

In short: unwatchably bad. If you have to choose between this, or old episodes of something that was also dreadful--say, The Brady Bunch? Pick the Brady Bunch. Don't waste your time and money on this drivel. When you consider the shows now available via Amazon, Roku, Acorn, etc., this doesn't even deserve a place on your "I ought to try it" list. Not if you have two warm braincells to rub together, no matter how much you may love King and Spielberg. Somewhere, somehow--those two guys got locked up in closets and film students on crack cocaine made this mess. Trust me. And if you don't listen, don't say you weren't warned. ;-)
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on November 7, 2015
I am a big fan of Stephen King. I love his books, and enjoy most of the movie adaptations of the books. When I learned about this series I was pretty excited; it had an interesting plot with a lot of potential. The first episode was great. But afterwards the series took a rather bad tumble... this really shouldn't have been a show. It would have made a better movie, I feel, because as a show there was a lot of room to put a lot of details in, and character development. This I don't mind, but in this particular instance there are a lot of long stretches of nothing really interesting happening, and none of the characters really "develop". Speaking of which, the characters are generally forgettable, stupid, or are unlikable- I can't really connect with any of them, and when watching a television show it is important that you can relate with the characters. They are the key to keeping a series interesting. If you have unlikable characters, you will not enjoy the show, no matter how interesting the plot is. Some of the best examples I can offer are the X-Files, and Bones. Both are series that have characters you grow attached to, that you can even relate with at times, which is what keeps you involved with the shows.

It is too bad, because this show had potential to be something good. I really wanted to like it, and I gave it a chance. I watched almost the entire first season, but after a certain point, I couldn't take it anymore, and stopped when there was only 2-3 episodes left on the disk.
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on December 14, 2013
The book was good. The series is just as good. Special effects are best that make what was only evoked in the book really visible. It is easier for us as viewers, than when we were plain readers. These special effects are so vivid that we seem to forget the book and be just confronted to the TV series that looks different though we cannot be sure of anything. So we let ourselves drift into the own logic of the series.

The dome isolates a community for an endless period of time. The event reveals every single inhabitant out of their hiding places, into the open. The most striking revelations are negative and mostly and most powerfully when concerning local VIPs. And they fall one after another, though the brain of this gang of traffickers, the local politician naturally, is the hardest to bring down. He knows how to manipulate people as if they were play-dough. And play-dough they are, even the mayor, when you know who is playing.

The local preacher will fall first because he tries to redeem himself and being an accomplice to the main drug dealer, he is also one of his first victims: the drug dealer must eliminate everyone who may understand his game, and primarily his accomplices and partners.

But the best part of this series, just like the book, is to reveal the real personalities of every single inhabitant. Greed, ambition, love of power, cruelty are the “passions” this situation reveals. If you want to see how muddy, dirty, rotten a god-fearing law-abiding community is, here are typical cases and the death of many people in the past and under the dome now are suspicious, and frankly not accidental or natural at all.

The good revelations, the positive people accept to die to help their neighbors, to spread the truth the way they discover it, to stand tall in front of some injustice. Women are essential (though there are a few negative females), even two mothers and their common daughter, a rare case of a lesbian relation on the good side of the story, though one of the two mothers dies early because she is diabetic and insulin is not available. The second mother is black, the one who survives. She is not the biological mother of the daughter but that does not prevent a normal mother-daughter relation. Stephen King still has to have a gay relationship in one of his novels. So far he has not gotten that far yet.

Among the positive people the core squadron is a septet of young men and women. The inner core is a quartet, two boys and two girls with two women and one man just behind. The four young people are the key that manages the solution of the essential mystery about the dome, its generator. They are able to dissolve the dome of this generator, liberate the monarch butterfly that hatched inside this dome, the messenger of the dome, or anyone behind the dome=. It selects the person who has to start the cleansing of Chester’s Mill. The monarch butterfly chooses Julia, one of the two women behind the four young people and she starts the beginning of the end at the end of the last episode of the first season: She causes the pink stars to start falling down from the sky of the big dome.

But the genius of Stephen King has no limits. One of the four young people who are the key to the solution still to come is the very twisted, even perverse son of the mayor, a born dictator, drug dealer and trafficker himself. The father wants the son to follow in his steps. Yet that is not necessarily easy. Concerning this warped young man in the hands of his twisted perverse father an essential ellipse is not really clarified. His mother died in an “accident” which was no accident of course, without us knowing for sure. She was an art teacher. Before dying she painted a picture of her son in front of a house in the village with pink stars falling from the sky. The prophetic phrase “pink stars falling from the sky” is from her. The first time the son shows the picture to his violated girlfriend he is in the picture. The second time the father shows it to the female cop who has become the sheriff due to the sheriff dying due to his accidental proximity to the dome, the son has been replaced by a big black egg, like the one at the heart of the little dome that “generates” the big dome. This ellipse should be made explicit. Does it mean the son is the “savior” of the rotten apple in te basket?

The personality of the stranger in this village known as Barbie is not clarified yet in the series. He is the third person standing behind the four young people, next to Carolyn, the black second mother, and Julia, Incidentally a journalist (Stephen King loves newscasters: the local radio woman is shot dead by the mayor: it is difficult to be a newscaster of any type).

And this season ends with Barbie standing on the trap of hanging gallows rope around neck, hands tied up in his back, the mayor loudly giving the order to open the trap to his son who has his hands on the lever. And during that time the pink stars are falling from the sky of the dome. Dramatic suspense, definitely blue as for the sanguinity of this T-bone steak of a story! Good appetite, folks, engorge yourself on such heavily terrifying gross images of horror.

Let’s regret though that the cow sliced in two by the falling dome looks more like a pomegranate than like a real body.

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on September 19, 2015
This started out pretty intriguing but quickly deteriorated into a grade B SciFi series with really good high tech special effects. There was obviously nothing budgeted for technical consultation or good writers. The plot lines have holes so big you could drive a bus through them - some major continuity issues. To compensate for all this, the soap hook is unabashedly employed at the end of each episode, hoping you won't notice the glaring flaws. So, why even 3 stars? Because the soap hooks hooked me. OMG! who killed so-and-so? Why? What happened to .....etc. They use it because it works. Not well written or edited with major continuity issues, but still addicting. It's a virtual street drug.
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