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on April 3, 2008
Did Shakespeare ever write a women's prison sonnet or play? Um, no.

It's not exactly a Pulitzer-winning genre of storytelling.

What exactly are your expectations?

Do you really need an intricate plot to understand or to enjoy a women in prison movie?

Look at the cover - is Meryl Streep on the cover?

Does this film feature nudity? Yes.

Does it feature nudity like clockwork every 3-5 minutes? Yes.

Is there a lot of showering? Yes.

Is there lots of women in prison showering? Yes.

Do they do away with pointless male leads who only serve to block the showering women? Yes.

Does this movie have a plot? Yes.

Is it a good plot? (Did I mention there are about 20 nude & or nude showering scenes?)

On the plot, yes, it's feeble but the women are gorgeous, they are very clean from all the showering and there is nudity - what more do you need?

Deduct 1/2 star for a non-imaginative title and 1/2 star for touching and soaping but no real lesbian prison showering or otherwise scene - overall, one of the finest showering women in prison movies EVER made in the last 1,000 years. (okay, the first 965 years were kind of slow for the subgenre).
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VINE VOICEon August 7, 2007
Lots of very clean women in this film, both the prisoners and the guards. I know they're clean, because they're always taking off their clothes, revealing just how clean their skins are.

And I know why they're so clean. Because they're always showering.

Not that they only take off their clothes when they shower. They take off their clothes in the doctor's office, and in the bedroom too.

Here's the story: This lady prisoner knows the location of a code book that this drug lord wants. He'd ordered other prisoners, and corrupt guards, to harass and threaten this prisoner, who's very young, sexy, and clean.

Meanwhile, her cellmate is an undercover FBI agent, who is also young, sexy, and clean.

Anyway, this FBI agent later teams up with this young, sexy, and clean non-corrupt guard, and together they go after the drug lord. This do this at the drug lord's fashion show.

That's right. The drug lord has a sideline as a fashion designer, so he's often surrounded by young, sexy, clean models.

This is a made for Showtime movie (pay cable), so the shower scenes have full frontal nudity.

The plot is really dull, so I fast forwarded a lot. There are some shootouts, though. I suppose the best way to watch this film is to fast forward through the dialog, and just watch the cat fights, shootouts, and shower scenes.
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on July 26, 2008
This is really two movies in one. The first 40 minutes follow the standard women-in-prison formula, with essential elements like shower scenes, corrupt female guards, a lecherous doctor, catfights and lots of nudity. The story centers on two inmates, tough newcomer Danielle (Wendi Westbrook) and pretty bookworm Sarah (the spectacularly-constructed Stephanie Ann Smith), who hides a secret everyone else--guards and inmates included--is after. Danielle becomes Sarah's protector, and Sarah confides to Danielle that she's got something incriminating belonging to drug kingpin Carlos Vega. Then, as Danielle and Sarah are being transferred to another facility, their armored van is ambushed, and a gunfight ensues. Turns out Danielle is as handy with a gun as she is with her karate kicks. That's because she's really an undercover fed trying to get the goods on Carlos.

With everyone's secrets out, major plotholes replace nekkidness as the main drivers of the film. Agent Danielle's daughter is kidnapped, so she and head prison guard Tina (Barbara Niven), who always wanted to be an FBI agent, devise a clandestine rescue attempt. After all, the feds can't be trusted to handle the job, because they're too bent on following the "rules". The film then morphs into something akin to a bad TV episode of "Charlie's Angels".

So what is the movie's entertainment value? Hardcore WIP fans will like the first half, but probably lose interest after that. Action/thriller fans will be disappointed with the slow second half and the brief, badly- staged climactic shootout at the Carlos compound. Basically, this is the kind of movie that you rent, invite some buddies over for beer, and throw popcorn at the screen whenever lame dialogue or baffling plot turns occur, which is often. But I gave it three stars for the actresses. When the script allows it, Westbrook is fine. Barbara Niven (who has done a lot of TV since) gamely handles the difficult task of balancing the conflicting requirements of her by-the-book prison guard character and her reckless, bungling second-half commando role. Some comic relief is also provided by Taylor Leigh's over-the-top portrayal of Carlos' henchwoman "Slash"; she has the best lines and spits them out at every opportunity. Stephanie Ann Smith's best contribution occurs when the prison doctor tells her to disrobe for an "examination". So I give the movie three stars, one for the WIP first half, one for "Slash" and a bonus point for Smith.
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on July 5, 2008
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on April 3, 2014
Love love love seeing Wendi Westbrook ALL the way. OK, and I kinda like the dorky guy getting into bed with her as it lets me think I could bag a hot babe like her (What am I saying, of course I could!).

And, Sai Tyler does a nice topless scene. Let's face it, it's a women in prison movie and why do we buy these? Nekkid women in showers....and yes!!!!, this delivers!
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on November 24, 2012
This is an old movie about women prison. Its story is in the general stream: The prison management in the eyes of inmates
and federal agents. Nude scenes are limited and not porn. Take it as an investigation case with little twists. Just watch it
and have fun.
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on October 18, 2013
I gave it three stars because I felt that the story line was good but some of the acting was subpar, though not Barbara Niven I felt she did a good job and it is because of her I gave it three stars and not two. I would recommend this movie to my friends and family though they probably have already seen it since this movie is several years old! I am the one that is getting a late start in watching videos et DVD;s now that I have more time on my hands. Thanks
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on February 3, 2013
Good, Good and interesting lots of action and carried out very well. Kept my interest and will look for more.
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on January 9, 2013
This was a good prison movie and liked the actors and actresses and love women's prison movies very much also
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on September 10, 2013
The first 15 minutes of it were enough for me! Not much of a story, awful acting!! So no I wouldn't suggest anyone rent this!! I wish I could get a refund!!The next part of the movie (which I watched the next day) was better than the first part, at least a plot did evolve! The first part reminded me of something a guys "frat" group would watch!
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