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on March 2, 2004
This is as close to a perfect CD as you will find. The songs complement eachother so completely that the songs seem to almost blend into one melodious song with different acts. For me there is no best song on the album because none is capable of standing out from the rest. Instead, DMB brings you into their better world for an hour at a time, and we emerge somehow more ready to face the world having heard the beauty that the world is capable of.
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on November 17, 2006
There is no good way to put this album into words magical enough to describe its sound. Under the Table and Dreaming is bar-none the most amazing CD I have ever purchased. Someone once asked me the question "If you had one album in hell that you had to listen to over and over what would it be?" Under the Table and Dreaming is that album. It is an album that has carried me through 10 years of life changing experiences: High School, College, World Travel, and now "the real world". There is no band in the world that has created a more intricately beautiful sound than DMB, and there is no band in the world that is so dear to my heart. DMB has given me the passion to follow music, and the passion to listen closely to music. If music flows through your soul, creates stunning scenes through your imagination, and you still don't own this album, then it is time, my friend, to buy Under The Table and Dreaming. It is an album that, to this day, remains ultimately my favorite piece of music; an album that I recommend to anyone who truly appreciates the art of sound.
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on October 23, 2000
I was introduced to the Dave Matthews Band by way of "Before These Crowded Streets," rather than going in the proper order. But when I finally did get around to buying "Under the Table and Dreaming," I was already perfectly confident that it would be just as fantastic as the rest of the DMB material I had heard/purchased up to that point.
I was right.
This was the second CD they released and the first studio CD (if you don't count the studio takes of "Seek Up" and "Minarets" on the "Remember Two Things" CD), and you can hear the limitations in their sound quality and a little less ambience than on "Crash" and "BTCS." They were just starting out with Steve Lilywhite and had not found their signature sound just yet, though you can hear it developing more and more throughout the disc.
Of course, everyone on Earth knows "Satellite" and probably "Ants Marching." They've been overplayed to death and stil I enjoy them when I hear them. That is one of the things that separates DMB from the rest of the crowd, to me anyway. I can listen to them over and over and not get tired of them. But back to the album.
Like I said, everyone is probably familiar with those two by now, but if you're not a Dave fan already, you probably have never heard the intricacy of ballads like "Pay For What You Get" and the beautiful "#34." You also may not be familiar with the rocking "Dancing Nancies" (which asks the question, "Could I have been anyone other than me?") and the poetically-inspired "Typical Situation."
I can't say that this is "early" Dave Matthews, because the order in which all the band's songs were written belies the order in which they appear on albums. But I can say with confidence that this is GREAT Dave Matthews... but then... what ISN'T?
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on August 22, 2006
So, I've never really been a fan of the Dave Matthews Band. The main reason for this, I think, is because I just never really gave them a chance. I initially didn't care for Dave's voice, and I just really didn't think this was something that would interest me. I was wrong.

This is, in fact, a fantastic album, with solid songwriting, and immaculate musicianship. Strains of jazz and funk adorn the jam-oriented alt-rock sound perfectly. The "band" part of the Dave Matthews Band in fact overshadows the "Dave Matthews" part by great lengths. He is backed by an extraordinarily talented band, anchored perfectly by the super-groovin' rhythm section of Carter Beauford and Stefan Lessard. Other instruments, like violins, flutes, and saxophones swirl about in dizzying patterns, adding brilliant color to he melodic palette. And, harmonica chief John Popper even adds his trademark brand of awesomeness to "What Would You Say".

Now, back to Dave's voice. It is undoubtedly an acquired taste, and while he's not exactly my favorite singer, he's definitely grown on me quite a bit. He shows unexpected versatility, from the gentle, ethereal melodies of "Lover Lay Down" and "Satellite", to the suprisingly vicious growls of "Rhyme & Reason", to the trademark oddness of "Ants Marching". His acoustic guitar playing is not too shabby, either. True, he's no Monte Montgomery, but he still adds something special to the band's sound (listen to "Warehouse", in particular).

Anyway, this is a well-crafted, damn near perfect album, that deserves your attention. Don't worry if you don't love Dave's vocals right away, as there's plenty more here to enjoy. And yes, this is still the only DMB album I have. I definitely want more.
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on January 31, 2000
I have heard all of the DMB albums, and I can say that "Under the Table.." is the best Dave Mathews CD by a hair. While every CD deserves awards and praise, "Under the Table.." has a sound which is just amazing, especially for their second release! Typical Situation is mesmerizing in the way that the melody develops. Ants Marching is simply amazing, and leaves you wanting more. This song pumps you up, and then Lover Lay Down will relax you and make you want a girl in your arms,(or guy, you know). #34 is so gentle and warm that you could fall asleep to it while mowing the lawn. And coming in at the most amazing song on this CD, or live, is Satelite. The sonic power of this song is over whelming, and when the base chord comes in for the first time on the first word of the song, you get goosebumps. If you want to up the ante, listen to Satelite live. The crowd literally goes insane when that recognizable guiter part begins. If you love the sound of a guiter, buy Dave Mathews. If you love symphonic music, Dave Mathews Band is in your alley. I have yet to hear a better combination of Folk, Jazz, Swing, and Easy Listening. Don't get me wrong. I am a hardcore Mettalica fan and I love hard rock. But Dave Mathews is simply the best written music out there. These are real musicians singing the music that they love. And this love of the music shows itself in the passion of their music, and is why their concerts are so incredibly awesome. For those who scold DMB for being "popular" music, they're popular because they're good! Go listen to your N'SYNC or Backstreet Boys. Dave Mathews will be around while all of them, and you, are filling up my yuppie gas tank! For every one else, its good to know that there are still good bands like Dave Mathews Band out there to irritate the losers. Buy it! Buy it! Buy it! You won't regret it, but you will soon be addicted to DMB music. What's wrong with that?
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on June 7, 2000
Awesome CD. When I discovered these guys, I was immediately drawn to their unique sound. I love the combination of rock, jazz, soul, funk, SKA, alternative. This band definitely has its own sound.
I loved every song on the album except "Rhyme and Reason," which I thought was not very well done. However, all the other ones are excellent, especially, "Best of What's Around," "Jimi Thing," "Satellite," "Warehouse," and "What would you say."
Just a phenomenal effort.
I'm a little worried about the future of DMB, however. I liked "Crash," but not nearly as much as "Under the Table," and I found "Before These Crowded Streets," to be a disappointment.
Of course it's tough to top this blockbuster. "Under the Table and Dreaming" is an incredible album.
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on May 4, 2002
The Dave Matthews Band aren't just any band, they're the best band out there! Since when has there been a rock band which makes use of the saxophone, flute and violins in addition to the drums and guitar?
Under the Table and Dreaming is an incredible CD from the Dave Matthews Band. Being the band's first all-studio release, this album is simply amazing, and the band continued with even better albums: Crash, and Before These Crowded Streets.
Even though the band is called the "Dave Matthews Band", Dave isn't the only person in the picture. Carter Beauford does a superb job on the drums, LeRoi Moore plays the saxophone with ease as well as the flute (such as in "Typical Situation", one of the best songs on the album), Steffan Lessard does a good job on the bass, and Boyd Tinsley is a great violinist. I love his solo on "Ants Marching".
For a break from annoying pop music that currently dominates the airwaves, check out the Dave Matthews Band. Under the Table and Dreaming is a great way to start, with 12 great songs including the mysterious and poetic sounding "Typical Situation", the lively and upbeat "Ants Marching", and the beautiful love song "Lover Lay Down". The album ends off with a great instrumental piece "#34".
The Dave Matthews Band really have talent: excellent songwriting from Dave, and four other musicians who together create a unique chemistry that you can't find in that many bands these days. If you like this album, you need to check out "Crash" and "Before These Crowded Streets" as well. Those albums are so amazing, you'll be begging for more when the album ends. "Everyday", their latest release was a good album, but the new producer that they hooked up with made the album too pop for us hard-core fans. Well, this July, the Dave Matthews Band comes out with a new album, "Busted Stuff" which will likely be another masterpiece, including songs from their unreleased Lillywhite sessions, and some new songs as well. And unlike "Everyday" the album will go back to the band's trademark sound that gave their first three studio releases lots of praise.
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on January 9, 2000
I will confess that I have not been a true fan since the beginning and I was turned on to Dave in an interesting way. I bought the Crowded Streets cd and then worked my way back to Under the Table which I bought most recently. I absolutely love it! With an almost eclectic mix of fast, party quality songs and sensual slow songs, the cd is perfect for any mood. Great to sing along with, this Cd is essential for any true fan as well as for anyone who wants to check out Dave's style. Who can resist the urge to sit around with friends blasting Dave or attending one of his more than entertaining concerts! In my opinion, his blend of rock and alternative and even a bit of pop (though I hate to say it) makes for an awesome album and he has continued it with the next two, Crash and Before These Crowded Streets. I highly recommend this album.
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on September 12, 2000
I was floored. I admit not all at once but I was very taken by this CD. I got this CD in 98. I had never heard of the DMB before this point. I was sitting at home watching something on TV and the show mentioned something about the DMB and I realized I didn't know who they were. The program had wonderful things to say about the group and for some reason I had to go get the CD. Then I though it was weird but now I am a true believer that music choices us we do not choice the music. Music takes its curvy body and wraps its self around us and we have no choice but to surrender. I listened to it, and I listened to it. I even had it set to my CD player to wake me up in the mourning. Honestly I didn't like it at first except for that one song satellite. Two days latter I hated it except for that one song satellite and the groove ants marching. A week after that I hated it except for warehouse, satellite and ants marching and it went on and on until I loved more and more songs and had to listen to them everyday. I craved the Band. The Band is deeper than what you could ever imagine from a few listens. DMB IS a musical black pit that we can fall down for days and days and still not reach its bottom. I have not reached my bottom and if you hear them you will not either.
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on July 30, 2002
The flawless Dave Matthews Band examples come together on "Under the Table and Dreaming." Exsquisite saxophone and violin by Leroi Moore and Boyd Tinsley separates this album from the rest.
The songs are all great.
1. The Best of What's Around- Real fast, loud song that really gets your attention from the beggining.
2. What Would you Say- A classic DMB sound. Not the best studio version, yet still good.
3.Sattelite- Always a good song. Great guitar song.
4.Rhyme and Reason- Dark and gloomy 'Rhyme and Reason' shows DMB's versatility and originality with a different sounding song.
5.Typical Situation- Soft, slow. Definetly listen to the lyrics.
6. Dancing Nancies- A weird song, but cool lyrically.
7.Ants Marching- There is no better Dave song that this catchy tune.
8. Lover Lay Down- My all-time favorite Dave Matthews Band song. I love it.
9. Jimi Thing- My second favorite. Great guitar beat.
10. Warehouse- This song is good, but better when performed live.
11. Pay for what you get- Not great, but still fun.
12. #34- Amazing sounding guitar.
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