Customer Reviews: Underworld Awakening
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on February 4, 2012
To the point: This action/horror hybrid was filmed using Red Epic 3D cameras on the set for most of the film, and the result? Good 3D in Underworld Awakening. When the movie starts, it's in 2D highlighting the previous films, but then it switches to 3D and wow. For 3D, I consider it great when the foreground, mid ground and background pop very clearly from one another in depth so there's no mistake it's 3D. This is clearly the case with Underworld Awakening during many scenes, but sometimes, the 3D pales and looks a bit flat during non action moments. The 3D is comparable to Resident Evil Afterlife 3D, which used the Fusion Cameras as Avatar 1 did.

Underworld Awakening 3D: Top notch 3D that has excellent depth and pop, as well as some 'pop out' moments with Selene's famous throwing stars and the Lycans attacking the screen. Very slick and stylish action throughout and Kate Beckinsale is fun to watch. The main storyline takes place 12 years after the 2nd film, Underworld Evolution.

Movie: 8/10 Story was basic, but reveals unanswered questions.
Action: 9/10 Plenty of stunts, blazing guns, martial arts and monsters. Nicely done.
3D: 8/10 This was filmed in 3D using 3D cameras and looks GREAT at times.
Recommended: YES, if you like this genre of movies. Don't pass this one up.
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I LOVED the 4th installment of the Underworld Series. It was non-stop action and kept me completely engaged the whole time.

There was a "cleansing" where the government killed all the Vampires and Lycans. Of course, they never did get them all. Now it appears that the Lycans have been holding up somewhere and reproducing (yuk--there's a mental picture that will burn your eyes right out of their sockets). This time, a 12-year old girl shows up on the scene, and Selene just cannot let her get thrown to the wolves, so to speak. Everybody wants the little girl, but don't let anybody fool you. This is no "let's play doll house" kid!

Kate Beckinsale does a wonderful job and is in her prime fighting the remaining Lycans. There is lots of action, chasing, blood and guts, heads lopping off, etc. Selene is tough and MEAN! This was thoroughly enjoyable. Although I usually do not watch bloody stuff like this, I am hooked on Underworld and will definitely buy the DVD when it becomes available.
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on January 21, 2012
Thank God! Beckinsale returns. I had no difficulty watching Rhona Mitra, but Rise of the Lycans just hurt me. I hate seeing non-returning actors replaced. Yes, I know her character (Selene) wasn't even in the prequel, but I still thought the amputation of Beckensale would leave the franchise forever bitter and crippled from making new sequels. And while filled with action, I struggled with the drop in CGI quality, especially for backgrounds. But have no fear. The budget is back, and it brought Beckensale with it. The franchise is redeemed and primed for more sequels.

After a quick recap of the first two movies' events, we are introduced to a near-future in which the vampires and lycans (werewolves) have been discovered by humans. It is acknowledged in the movie that `now these nonhumans are more than myth' and, not surprisingly given human nature, the humans militarized a "cleansing" to eradicate the vampires and lycans. In this middle of all this Selene (Beckinsale) is captured and cryogenically frozen. This is where the background ends and this story begins.

Selene is freed from her cryo-chamber after being helped by some unseen (presumably) nonhuman and escapes an extremely well-guarded research facility. Conveniently, the her scientist-captors left all of her tight, shiny leather outfit in some chemical cabinets, so she was quick to find her normal form. During her escape she encounters some thought-to-be-eradicated lycans and a little vamp-lycan hybrid adolescent--she's pretty tough and gets some cool action scenes. This little girl seems to be the center of story because the lycans REALLY want her.

The plot is quite weak; borderline pointless. But that didn't bother me a bit. Like the first two installments of the franchise, this flick cluster-bombs viewers with exciting action sequences, flesh-shredding assaults, people being slam-launched across the room into walls, a healthy dose of blood splattering, and some occasional creative acrobatics. Oh, and watch out for the really, really, big bad wolf. The lycans genetically engineered this mega-lycan that is around 12-15 feet tall and probably weighs a couple tons. The fight scenes between MegaLycan and Selene are very exciting, brutal, bashy, gritty... The other action scenes are fun, too. Including a lycan-on-foot car chase, some mass melees, and some spiffy close-quarters combat. If you came with no care for plot and every care for mindless action, then this flick is most certainly for you.

In the end I was thrilled with the production value, action-filming and set design--all of which were less impressive in Rise of the Lycans. The effects budget seemed to be lower than it was for Underworld: Evolution (the best effects of the franchise in my opinion), but to no fault. This is one of those "movies for guys who like movies" action flicks and one really wouldn't suffer for not seeing the prequels. But you should definitely watch them anyway!
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on May 8, 2012
Underworld awakening doesn't have many flaws. It gives a short paraphrasing of early prequels to continue the underworld saga. The film includes humans now involved in the battle with some twists and turns of similar kryogenically frozen plots and more family members included. The movie basically mainly involves the camera following around kate beckinsale while others help her try to reunite with her love then her daughter. I did enjoy it, however I thought the film could have been longer and more detailed. It seemed they did not spend that much time on this movie but kind of made this as "fast food" film. With that being said I'm a satisfied customer with this rental. I look forward to the next one. thanks. Godbless

~shauns movie review
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on June 23, 2012
The movie is an excellent addition to the series. Beckinsale is still outstanding as the heroine. My son and I like to watch movies like this in series and will watch them back-to-back-to-back because we like to see the continuity and how parts from the past are brought back as one story. This latest chapter fits well.
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on May 9, 2016
After the other movies I was thinking that would be it. No more Underworld movies but imagine my happy surprise when there was to be more. I was truly filled with joy. These after all are films I view as the highest of the highest when it comes to films.

While I was worried where the story would go next that proved to be a baseless worry. In this story character development for Selene, no, all the characters on Selene's side gain more dimensionality. We see a side of Selene that is both tender and nurturing. Far away from the vampire warrior we have seen before and as a fan of the franchise that was wonderful to see. Half the time when this happened I was overcome with emotion because hey Kate Beckinsale was putting her acting on display (not that she hasn't before too).

Furthermore, Underworld: Awakening embraced its action horror title way more than the other previous installments. This was made the more clear when toward the end she goes full out and blows up entire building sectors. It gives a nod to how incredible Selene can be and the whole action aspect of the Underworld franchise. Which every Underworld director has owned.

Whether a fan of the Underworld film franchise or not, you, really should give the films a chance. All of them thus far up to Underworld: Awakening have had extraordinary acting, cinematography, and subtle, developed character development and interactions.
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on April 14, 2015
Selene returns to her place as a Death Dealer, though with very different alliances and motivations. This is film FINALLY returns the series a pretty close to its original form (which was like crack to some of us, its combination of first figuring out that a great formula for a vampire film a central, brutal war with werewolves, another enjoyable legendary horror, with the added bonus of an understated but effective Romeo and Juliet story cutting the other way, plus intelligently written characters and dramatic story that develops those characters. Even about half the critics didn't turn their minds off because it was gothic fantasy-action and gave it decent reviews)--though its expensive CGI is inferior to the physical production design of the original. The runtime of this film is short, because it's a bit of an odd bird--great 3D digital photography using new cameras, but more importantly, this plot isn't as fully developed a film as we expect: it's a novella, not a novel, obviously made to set us up to link our again-deadly-and-beautiful-leather-clad heroine to a coming sequel that will return Scott Speedman's Michael Corwin character--plus enough complications laid for another film. The plot isn't thin or poor, as some have claimed--it's just smallish.

It is, however, true to the original, unlike the poorly written sequel and prequel, which both had generic plots centered around vampire-werewolf action porn, with the bonus of continually retroactively destroying the wonderful (characterwise) Viktor, the Bill Nighy character from the first film--each doing as much as possible to avoid capitalizing on the complexities of that away the brave, surprisingly deadly, cold and powerful warrior, mostly by replacing him with a generic tyrant-coward played by the same actor.

This is the ONLY film, following the first, with more-than-completely-generic storytelling (which story is, however, rather overwhelmed by the focus on action, which takes up much or most of the runtime, in contrast to the balance toward character-building of the first--but that's okay. The surviving characters are already established, and Beckinsale still looks stunning, athletic, and deadly in pleather). If Beckinsale and Speedman return for anotherl film, this will be a small but perfectly decent chapter in the quite good story of loss, loneliness, occasional vulnerability, black vinyl-wearing vampires, and anger that runs from it toward a hoped for legitimate sequel in the forthcoming Underworld: The Next Generation.

Note: With the unfortunate inability to return the Bill Nighy character to this film (they ruined the character in the crap prequel, anyway), Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister from 'Game of Thrones') turns in a quite decent performance as a very different sort of vampire elder.
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on May 15, 2012
I loved the first movie. I enjoyed the second movie. The third movie....
If you think of it as watching someone else play a video game, it will be OK. Don't expect much in the way of plot or even dialogue. It is pretty, though. I'm happy I didn't waste theater money on it. It's pretty modest for an R-rated movie. The steam keeps all the naked parts covered. Plenty of violence--but not more than you'd see in a video game.
Know what to expect and you can still enjoy this movie.
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on May 1, 2016
The best the greatest the only vampire series movie that has come out of the industry that is staying true to the story. This is one of the only movies where I don't want to read the book I just want to see the next movie and that is coming from someone who reads more then watching movies. I can't wait for next installment. If you're going to watch this you better check out Evolution an The rise of the Lycan.
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on July 24, 2015
Fox TV says "Beckinsale is back and fiercer than ever" in this yet another excellent Underworld series movie. says this is "The best Underworld yet". Selene returns after being jailed for years to a new type of world. Humans now are aware of the existence of vampires and werewolves and are finding ways to exterminate both species. Now not only does Selene fight werewolves, she must also fight humans as well. However, to make things worse, a new breed of werewolf has been created. Bigger, stronger, and far more dangerous. There is also a treat for all you Lost Girl fans out there. You will easily recognize one of the main male characters in this Underworld movie and why the producers from Lost Girl wanted him on the SciFi Channel action/horror/fantasy show. This movie is action, horror, suspense, and fantasy rolled into one with OUTSTANDING CGI, special effects, sets, and backgrounds. If Wonder Woman were a Vampire(ess), she would be named Selene!
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