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on January 17, 2007
I wish that I could fully describe how great this movie is but I will try. If you are a fan of B-movie martial arts flicks then you will know this storyline well. It is your typical prison movie where they have kickboxing matches between the inmates. What makes it stand out from the rest of the pack is that it is the most groundbreaking martial arts movie I seen in a very long time. It has a ton of top notch Hong Kong action type of moves, new, inventive ones I might add, but the mixed martial arts incorporated into the fighting is equally impressive. There has never been a definitive movie that showcased MMA properly. 'Undisputed 2' does not take a Ken Shamrock fight move by move and shoot it on screen, but the realism in the fights cannot be matched by any other movie. Spinning back kicks come out of nowhere. Leg, arm, and ankle locks are worked seamlessly into the fights without cutting frames or using trick editing. It has numerous techniques applied and you will watch this over and over just so you can take it all in. There is a bit of undercranking and some film tricks are used, but no wires, and some of the moves being pulled off are jaw dropping. A fantasy film for fight fans and it has the most realistic yet stylishly choreographed one on one fights imaginable. J.J. Perry has to be mentioned for choreographing these brilliant fight scenes making it look like an event you would actually pay to see.

Michael Jai White from 'Tyson' and 'Spawn' stars as the current boxing champion who gets framed while working in Russia and goes to prison. He actually takes on the role that Ving Rhames played as George "The Iceman" Chambers in the first 'Undisputed' but this movie is pretty different. The prison is owned by the mob who hold illegal UFC types of fights. It is actually the villian played by Scott Adkins who steals the show. Michael Jai White is great but Adkins really gets to show off everything he has. His presence is amazing and I loved him in every scene. There is a good job of character development with friends of Jai White helping him along, and holding him up.

While the fights in this movie are truly second to none, the story is very well done also. Don't expect your typical Jean Claude Van Damme movie where we have to just accept that it is going to be badly done, though it may have some good action. This movie is expertly directed by Isaac Florentine. The plot is totally unbelievable, but still well written. With this, Florentine looks like he will finally take off as a big time director. I think he can handle it and this movie shows that. Don't expect action from start to finish but it has plenty of fights. Florentine takes the time to set everything up so we actually get a very good overall movie. Like most all great martial arts films, there is a training sequence. This happens before the final fight for Jai White, but Adkins gets to show off the most throughout the entire film. Great acting by everybody also helps this movie out tremendously. Don't expect your typical B-action flick. It has a good ending and is a worthwhile movie to watch all the way through.

It is amazing that this did not have a theatrical release but I look forward to seeing more from everybody involved in this. Most of all I am looking for Michael Jai White to get better roles now that he has shown he has some very good acting skills. This is what a fighting movie is supposed to be, a good movie with great fights. Too bad it rarely happens. It is a masterpiece of the martial arts genre and action movies in general.

This is a great release from New Line Entertainment with booming sound and good picture quality. The picture is grainy at times but still very good and is also widescreened. They don't skip out on the special features either. There is a 20 minute making of with behind the scenes and interviews with the cast and crew. Nice to see director Isaac Florentine showing off his moves. Also included is a commentary track with the stars Stott Adkins and Michael Jai White and the director. This is a great conversation of everything that went into making the movie and their thoughts on it.
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on May 21, 2007
just like every other reviewer here, i was surprised by how good this movie was. i was in awe while watching how quick these fighters moved and i was extremely glad that someone recommended this to me because i wouldn't have even thought twice about it.

not much to say about the plot other then it has been done to death by other movies. don't let that discourage you, it's still well worth a watch. the only thing that i wished was different was that it wasn't a sequel to the first undisputed. the character differences of Iceman were unbelievably noticeable and that is why i would like to make it clear that i rated this movie as a movie all on it's own, not as a sequel. there were no references to the first one and if it weren't for the name of the champ as well as the movie title, you wouldn't even know they were one in the same.
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on February 5, 2007
Not often do sequels come out better than the original especially when you're talking about B-Movies but this film is the exception to the rule. I rented it and I swear I didn't want to give it back. This movie shows that you can have good action fighting without biting the Matrix. If you like fight flicks then you'll love this one. I'm sure this will become an underground classic.
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on December 21, 2012
I grew up watching every Jean-Claude, Chuck Norris, and Steven Segal movie of the 80's and 90's. If it had action in it, I watched it. I recently saw Expendables 2 and got a bit nostalgic. I was very impressed by the fight scene between Jason Statham and Scott Adkins even though it was short. I liked Adkins' fighting skills, and that made me think of all the stars I mentioned earlier. I wasn't familiar with his work, so I got on Amazon and found Undisputed II. Now I'm even more impressed with Adkins skills.

I never saw the first Undisputed and it's not necessary for the story. Michael Jai White is George Chambers a former boxing champ who gets set up and thrown in a Russian prison to fight against "the most complete fighter in the world" Uri Boyka, played by Scott Adkins. People outside the prison place bets on the fighters. The mob owns the prison and is losing money since no other fighter can beat Boyka. They're counting on Chambers to turn their fortune around.

The story may seem like it's been done before but not with this kind of action. The fight scenes are gold. Adkins is truly amazing and steals the spotlight. All of his moves left me in awe. If you're a fan of MMA or action movies, see this movie now!!! I can't believe it took me this long to find this movie. The DVD has some extra features including commentary while the movie plays. I was willing to pay much more for this movie but got it super cheap on Amazon. There's no excuse for not owning this one. I plan on watching it again with the commentary even though I just watched it yesterday. Yes, it's that good!!
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on December 12, 2006
michael jai white performed an amazing role in this feroucious fighting movie. although a quite cliched jail fight screenplay, but he played so well and so convincingly sincere that made this movie one of the best boxing and martial art mixture movies ever made. added up with tony yaa's two great movies, 'ong bak' and 'the protector/honor to the beast', together these three movies viewed in 2006 have been a great satisfying pleasure.
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on August 19, 2013
Undisputed II from beginning to end was undisputedly great! I saw Undisputed I with Wesley Snipes. It was really good. But they went a leap further with Undisputed II. At first, the usual cliche' about an innocent man being framed for a crime, then sentenced to hard time in prison. But, then it all gets interesting as Michael Jai White ("Ice Man" Chambers) adds in a little "tough guy/good guy" spin to the role. Predictably (in a very good way), Michael's martial arts is not just entertaining, it's amazing. Not to be counted out, the supporting characters brought a 3d effect to a 2d movie. Excellent martial arts choreography throughout the film. Without question, I have to say that Scott Adkins (Yuri Boyka) now has a new fan. In fact, he did so well in this movie, I immediately searched for, and found, Undisputed III, simply because Adkins starred in this version of the "Undisputed" franchise. I may report on that later. I've trained in martial arts for over 40 years, and I've seen and done inspiring feats. Seeing Scott Adkins in action reminds me that there is no end to my training. His character (Boyka) believed he was "the most complete fighter." That, to me, was deeply inspiring. As one of the best of the best in prison fight movies, or of today's fight movies in general, I strongly suggest every fight fan see UNDISPUTED II!!
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on August 2, 2013
Often, when I sit down with these movies it's with a bit of dread... like... is this going to be really boring? Happy to report -- totally solid action plus really great action = totally solid Amazon Prime pick.

It's weird... about halfway through the movie, I was like, "Did I see this movie before?" Who knows? Who cares? In six months, I'll probably sit down with it again and thoroughly enjoy the best darned prison fighting movie I've ever seen... Obviously, Michael Jai White is awesome, as is the dude who plays Voika. The plot totally works for what it is and the fights / action are superb. Other reviews go more in depth in terms of the plot -- no reason for me to re-cover that material... so I'll just say this: if you want to see a really great prison fighting movie, here you go, this is the one to watch.
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on June 4, 2012
A body can pull a gun and or blow something up but to see so MMA/STREET fight with over skilled fighter is a whole nother story Undisputed 2 is what any who enjoys fighting period should enjoy. Any move that makes u want to get up and fight is a real action movie. I order part 3 as well hope it hold up it hype
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on August 20, 2013
This was one of my favorite MA movies, had a copy but it was missing when I was living with my sister in law. Great movie I believe though. Boxing champion set up and thrown in prison and ends up competing with the prison champion not once but twice. Thats all the details I'm giving
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on December 22, 2012
This movie appears to be digitally animated, or enhanced or something, but it's very well done. I could hardly tell sometimes, and when I could, it looked artful, not cheesy. The story, though a tad abrupt at first, unfolds into more than just a kick boxing/boxing movie, and a couple of undercurrent themes and pretty well developed characters make it even somewhat touching at times. The fighting is a little unbelievable, but fun to watch. All in all I would highly recommend this movie for a fun distraction that is well executed. There is nothing offensive in the movie so it's pretty good for the whole family, though it is an incarceration fighting movie. It is perhaps not for little girls but the boys will love it and it includes some morality points with an uplifting conclusion.
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