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on May 13, 2009
This book is written in the language of you and I.

One can tell that James was definitely guided by Spirit
to write these words.

The book bridges the gap between worlds,
between what we call life and the illusion of death.
It puts us in touch with our loved ones who have passed and those here, and leads to a greater understanding of just how close we all are.

Spirit and those who have passed wished to touch our hearts and our minds, through James inspired words they do and once read not one of us will never to be the same.

It is a wonderful book, James personal style has made this an easy read, yet it is full of profound and awesome new information from the other side.

This is a book that you will not want to put down and will most probably keep to reread again and again.

For I believe these simple, yet extremely new and profound words will impact you over and over again.
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on June 19, 2009
I ordered this book because I was going to attend the 'Celebrate Your Life' conference in Chicago 2009. I was packed & had my car keys in my hand - literally ready to leave - when my husband of 14 years told me that he had bought a second home & was planning on 'moving out' of our family home - alone. Well, with a bomb like that - I obviously didn't make the seminar, although I know now that hopping into the car & driving straight to the conference would've been the best thing for me to have done at the time. But, with a young son at home, I just didn't feel comfortable saying, 'oh-ok-sure!' & driving several hundred miles away - leaving my little one alone with my husband - a man who had obviously become a NEW person right before my eyes!!

After the usual mess & drama such unexpected news leaves in its wake had taken its toll - with the hopes of some escape - I began reading Mr. Van Praagh's book. I was looking for anything to read that didn't focus on divorce, relationships, separations, etc., not expecting that this book would have anything to do with my 'situation' and of course not expecting that it could help me with my situation.

But, Mr. Van Praagh's book did--somehow--speak directly to me and directly to the agonizing situation that I was in the middle of. I found myself crying along with some of the stories and insights he and his 'audiences' discovered. And, I found myself 'a player' in some of those same stories. I finished the book in about four days... and my heart slowly swung around from wanting a punitive, angry separation or divorce from my husband, to where my heart is now... leaving most (not all of it because it's still an open wound) but leaving most of the pain aside and concentrating on ME and my son.

I told my husband that I finally remembered WHO I was and that I was a strong, capable, wonderful person who would survive this unilateral decision my husband made (I would surely have handled things a bit differently!) but for the sake of our young son, and for my own sanity, I was willing to work on ideas for making this separation happen.

Perhaps just the thought or reality of dying with 'Unfinished Business' might have played a role in this 'change of heart' I was experiencing? Although I think the stronger message--the message I needed to hear--in Mr. Van Praagh's book is toward the end when he talks about how short life is, and how much work it takes to stay angry or fearful or sad, when that same energy can be used to make our world--as well as the world around us--happier and friendlier.

Thank you Mr. Van Praagh. I'm sure you knew that your book could help others--I just wanted to write about how it helped me in such an unusual and timely way. There are no coincidences, right? ;-)
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VINE VOICEon August 5, 2009
Unfinished Business begins with a seat-gripping story of loss that cracks opens your heart and it stays that way throughout the book. Renowned medium James Van Praagh has carefully chosen some powerful client readings to share in his latest book. The readings are interwoven into the theme of unfinished business--those emotional hooks and hurts that linger on, sometimes even into the spirit world. The stories/readings and his insights from them are both entertaining and inspiring, and effectively demonstrate how both the living and the dead are liberated when we take care of unfinished emotional baggage. More so, they are lessons of caring, forgiveness, and love, that even die-hard skeptics would have to admit are worthwhile and thought-provoking reminders, if only for their redemptive value.
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VINE VOICEon February 23, 2010
I have always had an interest in stories about the afterlife. Right before my brother passed away in November of 2009, his wife and I asked him to give us a sign after he passed, that he was still watching over his wife (on earth). He smiled and nodded his head saying that he would. In the (3) months that he has been gone, (18) light bulbs have had to be replaced on the house he shared with his wife. Some on significant days: Thanksgiving, Christmas, his former birthday, his wife's birthday and Valentine's Day. Coincidental ? I think not, as during that same period we only replaced (1) light bulb.

In Unfinished Business , the author and famous medium James Van Praagh shares feedback obtained from some who have passed, about the importance of making amends here on earth. It appears, according to the author, that the "unfinished business" on earth which we take to the grave does appear to carry over into the afterlife. Some of the stories are shocking and might bring a tear or two to your eyes. From such issues as: guilt, regrets, blaming others, forgiving and forgetting, and the importance of overcoming obstacles that are getting in the way of true happiness.

These spirits have shared what they have discovered on the other side. Their stories help the reader to understand why some things that happened on earth, had to happen. The author, through feedback gained from contact with some spirits, shares ways that we can turn our earthly "unfinished business" to "finished business" by clearing our conscience, ridding ourselves of emotional baggage, developing a positive outlook, having compassion for others, and by having hope and faith, now while we have the opportunity.

MY THOUGHTS - In my opinion, there will always be believers and non believers as to whether an afterlife exists. I enjoyed this book, and the stories, and would recommend this book to those who have recently lost a loved one. I feel that this book might be a source of comfort to those who are grieving. RECOMMENDED
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on July 12, 2011
I think someone from the other side must have led me to this book. I've read several of his other books in the past and they changed the way I view death and dying. His description of the after-life spoke to my soul. It's as if what I already knew was completely confirmed by his writings. When I read, it's as if I am brought back "home" to where I belong when I'm not on this Earthly existence.

This book is exactly what I needed right now in my life. I am currently facing a lot of stress with my mom, who is facing a very hard recovery from an infection that has left her bed ridden in a hospital for more than a month now. She isn't fighting to recover and my level of guilt has caused a lot of heartache, especially when I try to sleep at night.

I read this book and am reminded of the fact that I have to let my mother make her own choices and I am not responsible for the path she chooses to take. It is hers and hers alone to resolve... her own plight, not mine. I can support her, encourage her, but the guilt isn't eating away at me anymore. All because of this book.

If you don't believe in Mediums, this book just isn't for you. Skeptics have no right to review this book as their opinions don't really count towards the validity of the stories James shares in this book.

He is a great inspiration to those who need him, whom can be helped by him.

If you have belief in James, this book is one of the essential reads. Period. Read it, learn from it, and live your life the way you need to live it - not based on misplaced guilt and anger.
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on June 26, 2009
I could not put this book down. James holds your attention and never has a dry moment.

Along with holding your attention and being entertaining, this book has some hard life lessons that some of us still need to learn.
Being human, we all make mistakes... this is a good book for helping to let go of the mistakes and see things from a new perspective.

James also has a few guided meditations that worked rather well for me. I have done long periods of yoga, where you get into a deeply connected meditative state after the workout portion is done. James had me close to the same grounded feeling in a matter of minutes.

Overall this book is well worth its small price.
The best way to put this, if you are human this book is for you.
Grief, loss, mistakes, etc... This book can help.
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on April 28, 2012
I bought this book as one of the reccomended additional buys and it must have been a "karmic" decision when I bought Ghosts Among Us. If you don't believe in mediums, James takes you on a ride for what you /think/ you know about life after death with great detail to his stories. It doesn't matter whether you read ghosts among us first but it definately gave me familiarity with the authors work. James discusses things that spirits wished they had done during their lives and gives us inspirational motivation to apply these ideas and use them before we regret then when we die. He covers: guilt, regret, forgiveness, love, karma and much more. After reading this book I see people in a greater light (and I am not normally proud of society). I took his advice and patched up some of the darkness in my soul with others, still working on it though! I genuinely believe people can be more peaceful and harmonious within themselves and the world around after reading this.
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on May 17, 2009
I am a big fan of James van Praagh. His latest book is amazing. I would love to give it 10 stars. Every word on every page has a lesson to learn. It is absolutely wonderful for those who want to change their lives for the better. It gives ideas on how to change one's thinking.
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on June 21, 2009
JVP, with some help from the dearly departed, gives instructions on how to improve your life, the world and even the universe with your thoughts, words and actions. Be positive, follow the golden rule, keep an open mind & heart, meditate & pray, help your fellow man, forgive yourself and others, let go of guilt & regrets, apologize. These are things most of us know but don't do enough because we are so caught up in the little and big dramas of life on Earth. This book is a wonderful, inspirational reminder to get back on that path that you may have wandered away from. There are two topics in particular that I am glad JVP took some time to discuss in this book; "God" and "meditation". I think we don't know enough about meditation in our culture; it is a mystical doorway to your higher self and many other things. Share this highly positive book with people you know and they will thank you for it.
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on June 12, 2009
As a medium and author, I found this book enlightening to those who may not communicate with the spirit world. The dead do teach us; they do resolve their unfinished business; they do this all because they love us. Their teaching moves us to healing and leading better and more fulfilled lives. It's all about love. My greatest teacher was my friend's father who had so much to resolve with his family and so much to teach me about what the spirits on the other side care about. It's us. The resolution of their issues brings us to an understanding about their lives and their place now with and without us. If you are wondering what do they do? What can I learn from the spirit world? Then pick up this book.

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