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on September 7, 2010
I was looking for some cheap phones to put in our bedrooms and living rooms. We no longer use a landline much since our cell phones have so many minutes. We now use the magic jack and only make occassional calls. I was hoping this phone would be a good choice.

Pros: cheap, nice looking
Cons: poorly made, when pushing the phone buttons it doesn't have much sound feedback to tell you if you've pushed it, the LED on the front has no light so you cannot see the numbers you are calling or the people calling you, and unfortunately it takes batteries to use the caller ID (that may be standard and I didn't knock of points for that, but it sucks).

Of the 4 phones I ordered, one was bad out of the box, but that could be a fluke. To me, it's a pain making a call, since you really have to pay attention when pushing the buttons. Most other phones give you a nice loud sound when pushing the number buttons.

All in all, I'm sorry I went so cheap on this phone, and wish I'd spent just a few dollars more and gotten something better.
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on January 19, 2011
Why would anyone design a phone with buttons on the receiver where your hand goes? Easily-pushed buttons. That I never use for anything. It defies logic.

I accidentally hang up on my friends so often that I'm afraid they'll get a complex.

It's also so lightweight that I'm forever picking the whole phone up with the receiver enough that it falls down inconveniently. Horrible, horrible phone. If the maker has not already, they should issue a recall and replace all of these for free.

In stores, it is hard to find a simple corded phone. I think this was the only one @ Target when I purchased it.

In general, it's been hard to find a simple corded phone that works well in several years. The quality is usually terrible. The sound is often poor. I guess customers who want a few simple extra phones are not of interest any more.
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on February 11, 2011
Only reason I bought this was because I needed a wall-mounted phone that would work when the power was out. This one works, and looks OK. But it's crappy as all get-out. In order to hang on the wall, you gotta wrap its wire around the back a bunch of times - can't simply unplug and replace with a shorter cord. It's also fiddly to change the hook so the receiver won't fall off, the battery door (to provide power for its caller ID function is fiddly, etc. And the thing is so light, it's ridiculous as a desk phone. As I say, it's cheap, but I'd happily pay 2x or 3x as much for something with more substance. But I don't see many simple black wall-mount phones on the market!!!!!
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on February 10, 2011
The button that hangs up the phone is on the earpiece. It's also not a button, it's a loose lever that sticks out, so you can accidentally hang up just by shifting the phone.

Do you ever lean your phone on your shoulder, so you can use your hands to pick something up or putter around the house while you're talking? With this phone, you cannot do that - it hangs up if you lean your head.

Since I got this phone a month ago, I have accidentally hung up on EVERY single caller at least once. My ears are not that big! It's a ridiculous design.

On a corded phone, the hang-up button should be on the phone BODY not on the earpiece. Any buttons on the handset or earpiece should be real buttons that you have to purposefully contact, not a loose lever that can be accidentally triggered.
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on February 13, 2011
I don't have a lot to say about this basic phone with Caller ID.

For the price (11.00 delivered) I don't know if you could do better.

Sound & Build quality seem fine.

Comments about phone's base being lifted up & falling when you answer call, is operator error. The little plastic do-hickey that the handset spring loaded button rests on is reversible. If the hand-set is lifted with the base - slide the do-hicky off and reverse it or even try removing and the problem should be solved.
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on May 10, 2011
This phone sounds great and the Caller ID screen is easy to read and use.

2 major drawbacks:

1. The hook hanger for the handset is lousy for an on-the-wall install
- You need to be careful how you hang up the handset or it can fall to the floor

2. The phone handset cord is built-in and cannot be extended
- No real excuse for this one, other than to be cheap... and 2 sockets for a handset cable, please!
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on August 29, 2013
The phone cord (the straight one that goes to the wall jack and not the curly one from the handset to the base) is foolishly hardwired into the base, so it's not possible to easily use a longer phone cord. That forces you to either stay within 6 feet of your wall jack, or buy an inline phone line coupler and an extra length of telephone line with jacks on both ends (which will run a few bucks, so the low price on this phone isn't a selling point if you have to do that). Honestly, it would be a much better design and hardly more expensive to hardwire the base to a standard phone jack and let the customer plug any length of cord they have into that (assuming they didn't want the provided 6 foot cord).

The volume of the ringer, even on high, is on the soft side. And the LCD display is not back lit, so a well lighted room is required to read it. And worse, the unit requires batteries to run that display, and weak batteries makes for a weak display so you'll have to change them from time to time if you want a sharper, darker image to read. This seems foolish, too, to not have such a low energy consumption display powered by the phone's existing power supply.

But for what I paid for this phone, it does the job. Yet, if I had to do it again, I'd shop further and try to at least find a back lit display and a cord that isn't hardwired into the base even if it cost 10 to 20 dollars more.

BTW, you'll need a couple of headed screws (not included) if you want to wall mount this unit. The molded plastic back has two depressions that slide over the screw heads and will hold the unit on the wall that way. Don't forget to flip the little plastic piece around in the front cradle so it sticks up more and thus the handset is able to hang there. If you don't, the handset just slides off the base.
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on March 1, 2011
The phone is well constructed, but has several inherent problems.

The first is related to the little button on the handset that is supposed to pop out. Some complain, claiming when their face hits this button, they hand up the line. I've had the OPPOSITE problem; when I pick up the handset from the base, the button doesn't always come out (meaning I've not yet answered the phone) and I have to bang or tap the handset to answer the phone.

The second problem is that the caller ID display is very hard to read and is virtually impossible to read unless you are looking directly perpendicular to the phone. That means if the phone is on the desk, you have to get right on top of the phone to read the caller ID, and if the phone is on the wall, you must get directly in front of the phone - at the same level - to read the caller ID. So if you want this feature, you should mount it on the wall at the exact height of your eyes - and hope there's no one significantly shorter or taller who will have to answer the phone.

The last of this phone's disappointments is that NEITHER wire is changeable. That is, the wire from the phone to the wall is hard-wired into the phone. If the little clip breaks on the wall plug, you're SOL. And the coiled wire from the base to the handset is also hard-wired, so if you want a longer or shorter handset cord, no deal.

Other than these concerns, it seems like a solidly built phone, and the sound clarity is good.
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on April 28, 2014
My parents needed a new phone for their living room, and they like to have a corded phone with caller ID for power outages. After doing a lot of searching, it became apparent there's no money invested in developing corded phones so they are all pretty awful.

- Small, slim design.
- Built-in Caller ID.

- You can't replace the handset cord, or the wall cord!! They're both wired directly into this phone! That means if you need a longer phone cord, and you will, you need to buy a coupler!
- The caller ID requires batteries to function.
- No backlit keypad.
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on January 25, 2014
This phone is hardwired on the receiver and also the line cord. I needed a phone that did not have a hardwired line cord. It did not state that in the description it only said that the spiral cord was hard wired which would have been okay, but it did not state that they were both hardwired.
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