Customer Reviews: Uniden UDW10003 Wireless Video Surveillance Portable Security System (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on October 14, 2009
I actually bought this from another retailer (sorry Amazon, I love you!) and I'm VERY pleased with the performance of this camera. I actually have mounted mine outside the house using the (included) aluminum mounting bracket. Please note that this camera is NOT waterproof therefore I have it mounted under the eaves where it will not get wet. While not specifically marketed as an outdoor camera, I'm happy to report it working extremely well in that capacity. The operating temperature is rated only for 14 - 120 degrees so when the bitter winds of winter begin to blow I will have to take the camera down for a few months :-( As others have stated, the picture quality is PERFECT (all digital using Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum). The camera will automatically switch to a very powerful infrared illuminator at dusk and it lights up the whole entry way of my house (about a 30 ft wide swath). The only annoyance is that Uniden didn't think to put a switch to turn the I/R illuminator OFF which would come in really handy if you wanted to mount the camera indoors looking out through a pane of glass. In this case the I/R illuminator reflects off the glass immediately in front of the camera rendering the image useless so either plan to use this camera OUTDOORS or INDOORS but not INDOORS LOOKING OUTDOORS. Inside the home the I/R illumination is ridiculously bright and fills the entire room with invisible light which only the camera can pick up. The camera also has the ability to auto-cycle between up to 4 cameras at pre-set intervals of time (5/10/15/20 seconds) and has the ability to watch all 4 cameras at once in QUAD mode. I haven't tried the included PC software that records all of this but other users seem to be happy with this function. The range is good, it will penetrate my home about 120' but struggles a bit when the signal comes from outdoors to my basement. Both the camera and the monitor use Lithium-Ion batteries so the recharge time is quick and they last for hours (there are included power adaptors for both camera and monitor included). Overall Uniden did an EXCELLENT job with this packaged system and I've been very happy with it - highly recommended!
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on October 13, 2009
I was looking for a video monitoring system for use as a baby monitor. I tried a few devices like the Summer Infant Day and Night analog Video monitor. These were terrible...constant static, poor picture, and not secure at all. Your neighbors can eaves drop on your signal.

This Uniden was quite nice: Very clear Digital picture, secure with its digital frequency hopping and very easy to set basically plug it in and turn it on.

* Actually can continuously monitor your child constantly and not limited to the sound trigger only mode that most other baby monitors have. This sound trigger only mode only sends video and audio to the receiver when there is a sound picked up by the camera. While other digital monitoring systems offers only this mode, the Uniden does not offer it at all, which is kind of a negative.

* great picture on the receiver...good color pic during the day and excellent night vision black and white pic.Absolutely NO static or interference.

* Both the camera and the receiver has rechargeable LiON batteries that runs 4 to 5 hours!! great for moving around from room to room...very convenient without having to drag an AC plug everywhere. \

* Comes with good wall mount bracket which allows you to also use it as a desktop stand for the camera in case you dont want to screw it to a ceiling or wall. You can adjust the angle with this bracket.


* The volume on the receiver is set to max but is is soooo low. its ok at night when you are sleeping but you will not be able to hear if you have the TV cranked up.

* Interferes with my WiFi Router big time. When I have the camera and receiver on, my wireless download speed drops by 90%!!!! This is ok for now since I use this only at night when I'm not on my wireless network.

* It has a motion detector in the camera but can only be used with the lap top recording feature. it would be nice to have it so that it can trigger an alarm on the receiver or even turn the receiver video screen on only when motion is detected...but no such luck there.

* Does not have a feature like most baby monitors where the receiver is only activated when there is sound detected (I actually do not like this feature but good to have this option if needed). This unit only has a AUTO setting on the receiver which turns off the video after a timer. However the audio still continues which is good in baby monitoring cases.

* This is terrible. If you turn off the camera, the receiver only shows a display "no signal" on the audible alarm!! this is useless if you are sleeping and somehow you lose connection to your will never know unless you look at the screen. During this time...who knows what is going on with your baby!!

* Uniden tech support is terrible. When you call in, you are taken to a maze of options that do everything to keep you from a live person. I selected an option which was not even related to my product just to get a live person (after 3 attempts). Finally I got someone who was clueless of even the most basic product features. They did not even have an option for this product in the phone menus. I was told that a senior tech support rep would call back in 30 minutes...still no call back.
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on February 24, 2010
For months we struggled with 2 Babies-R-Us monitors in the $150 price range. We were constantly battling interference and long cords as we moved the 2 (for 2 babies) monitors from room to room.Then shopping at Sams club this week I saw the Uniden set and decided to give it change out of frustration with the other set. With the Uniden we only need a single monitor and 2 cameras. The monitor is rechargeable so it can go cordless during the day. Interference is a thing of the past now. The monitor lets you scan through up to 4 cameras at varying intervals or you can put all cameras on the screen at once. You can manully scan between cameras and even zoom in and stayed zoomed!

Since I bought 2 systems, I will buy some more cameras and use the second monitor for monitoring outdoors. The old baby monitor are going on Craigs List or Ebay as soon as I can get them packaged up.

It's so nice to have something work as expected right out of the package.

6 MONTH UPDATE: So, we've been using this monitor for 6 months now and you know what? WE STILL LOVE IT! The monitor is basically keeping track of two 1+ kids during nap time (roughly 4 hrs per day) and we drag it all over the house. We also use the monitor when out in the backyard pool and the kid(s) are inside sleeping. The only issue is with heavy use the battery is right on the edge of being drained at the end of the day. But of course it includes a rechargeable battery so no problema! I've never had any video freezing problems or audio problems, nothing.
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on January 26, 2012
I bought this setup through WOOT so paid significantly less than Amazon price... and can say that if I'd paid Amazon price, I'd have been tempted to send it back. This isn't to say it's not a good product, because it's actually very good. But I'm a bit of a DIY guy, and something has to be an extremely good package for me not to try and build it myself. I'm sure for well under the price even I paid, I could fashion a full HD rig that covers the whole house and records to a hard-drive in my underground bunker (notice: that was a joke)... but it wouldn't be easy.

What this setup is... is easy. Plug it in, hit a button, and you're watching video and hearing sound. The video is actually quite good if you can watch it on a small'ish screen (think 23" LCD) via the AV-out... ditto the sound. The weak link in the whole system is the receivers screen and speaker. The receiver simply can't do the camera justice. You're trying to watch 600x480 VGA that's been extremely down-converted to fit on a cheap palm-sized screen. The receiver is perfect for carrying around with you or leaving next to the bed when you sleep to monitor stuff outside the bedroom. It's not going to give you face recognition from more than about 10feet away on the receiver itself... but hooked up to your PC and recording to a hard-drive for playback on your computer monitor, the resolution is 600x480 VGA, which is what you get from VHS tapes and is very respectable.

I would not rely on this system for any kind of "security" application, which is why for $250 plus for the reciever and 2 camera's, I'd go with another setup for a surveillance system you're relying on to protect you or your stuff. I'm going to use it to watch the kids sleep and maybe keep an eye on the front porch on Halloween... stuff like that. It's one step up from a toy, but it's got decent night-vision, both the cameras and the receiver are battery-powered and fully wireless. The included software makes hooking up to your PC for recording a snap, and you can watch the video feed on a regular TV or record to an actual VCR/DVR. I've had no issues transmitting across the whole house and out into the yard. People complaining about the thing not working from 5 houses away are a bit thick... but it should work on your property provided you don't live on the Ponderosa.
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on March 27, 2012
I've been using this Uniden system as a baby monitor for the past nearly 10 months. It does everything I expected and it has worked exactly as I wanted so far.

We have a small house (1250sqft), so I rarely use the sound on it. If you cough in one room where the monitor is not, it usually echos. I only use it on the lowest settings if the baby's door is closed. Anything higher than 1 or 2 is too high. I do admit, that occasionally, when the paranoia takes over, I turn the sound up really high to listen for his breathing. I can hear it no problem. *whew, paranoid mommy relaxes.* I am annoyed with the volume control, though. You have to hit the button for each level, not just hold it down, and it clicks every time you hit it. That is annoying in the middle of the night.

The night vision is great. Even when the room is pitch black, I can still see my little guy in his crib. Although, like any night vision, I find the glowing eyes a little freaky--he appears possessed. But, at night he just might be by the crying fits we deal with sometimes.

My small issues:
(1) I have trouble getting the monitor battery to charge with the ac plug. Something is up with the connection and it doesn't always work. Using the USB works just fine, though, so it isn't a battery problem. I just always seem to have a low battery on the monitor.
(2) When I connect it to my computer with the software, I have no sound. I am not sure what it is, but it is mute even though it has the sound "on" according the the screen. ???
(3) I have to reset the monitor because the screen freezes on occasion. I keep a pin with the monitor to reset it when needed. It seems to be an issue when the battery gets low. When the battery stays charged, I have no issues.

Overall, I recommend this as a baby monitor. I like that it will be useful later on not just as a baby monitor. You can add up to 4 cameras, and I plan to add more with more children so I can keep track of more than one room with one monitor. I also like that I can use this to monitor older children playing.
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on November 2, 2009
I bought this set today to replace our Graco baby audio/video monitor. It's wireless and displays zero interference through 3 walls and 100ft. The base is rechargable and portable. You can zoom in and pan on an object. The night vision works great, and we are already looking for a second camera to add to it for our upstairs room (you can add another 3 devices, total).

I will recommend as well as, give these as baby gifts! I am a techie, as well as, work as a technical lead in the IT department. Please use my comments to your advantage and prioritize this to the top! No longer will I trust "baby" products!
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on March 23, 2011
I bought this system after being frustrated or downright infuriated by the host of sub-par quality baby monitors out there. I need something that can transmit video and audio more than 15 feet, and through a couple of walls without serious signal degradation might be nice. Oh how I wish I had started here! This system looks, feels, and performs at a MUCH higher level than comparable price systems that are sold as baby monitors, or even other "surveillance" systems such as the Phoenix1. Don't waste your time on other systems. This is the one to get. The speaker on the monitor is rather small, so you may have to turn the volume up a bit to hear it over the TV. THAT IS THE ONLY NEGATIVE. If you're like me, you want to find the best thing out there and are willing to do a bit of research to avoid buying a bad product. I have tried 4 baby monitors and the aforementioned Phoenix system. Just buy this! Save your time! There may be a better product on the market; but not for the money.
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on April 27, 2011
So far so good. Only a couple days in but really appreciating the product.

SETUP - Opened the box, plugged them in for charging, turn them both on, setup complete. Im guessing a little more setup if you buy extra cameras which I will most certainly be doin if this thing is still working in a month or so.

I didnt expect much as far as quality of sound and video but both atleast met my expectations. Video is clear enough to see detail within the cameras range and the mic is good enough.

The range is excellent with the antennas up. The signal went through 6 walls to reach the opposite side of my house and still had 4 bars.

Comes with a sturdy stand up mount for the camera and the screws you would need to mount it if desired. The screen is light and easily fit in my pocket. People wearing skinny pants might not be able to pocket it though.

The night vision works great. IR lights are bright enough to see at really any distance but only straight on. So basically its very obvious this camera is sitting wherever and also that this is a night vision camera to those who know what a circle of red lights are, so hidden this is not.

I got this just to watch the front door while I am in my music studio or office with headphones on but now I think I want to buy 3 more outdoor cameras and make it a full 4 camera surveillance system. Make these video surveillance signs I posted up seem a bit more justified. :)

Like their BearCat scanners I think Uniden might have another winnner here.
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on February 18, 2011
In my years of casual target shooting I've been struggling to come up with something better than using binoculars or a spotting scope for 50 & 100yd ranges both for ease of setup and less gear to haul (heavy scope stand, etc.). The idea of doing something with a video camera has been bouncing around in my head for a couple of years. I wanted something where I can glance at a screen, hopefully without even breaking cheek weld, instead of totally breaking out of position and struggling to find a hole with my spotting scope. But how to do it....

Things needed:
- Sufficient resolution on both ends to see the holes.
- Some wireless technology, even if proprietary. If it was my own private range I could leave a permanent cable on the range, and I don't want to spool wire every time.
- Battery powered since I can't count on power at the bench, and certainly not at the target.
- Ease of setup.

I considered baby monitors but they need power and don't seem to have enough resolution or distance. I looked at some security camera solutions but they involve a PC and I didn't want to bring a laptop for various reasons you may imagine. Then I looked real hard at wireless network cameras. Whether PoE or not you'd have to rig up some battery pack arrangement at the camera, have an access point, then a PC, all needing power. Even though I'm a network guy I finally decided that just wasn't going to be a good solution.

Then on Amazon I stumbled onto a Uniden setup, with 640x480 resolution, 500-600ft range, and battery packs in both the camera and handheld screen/receiver. I was concerned about the screen size but the larger screen they had available (see Uniden's web site) wasn't battery powered.

Anyway, took to the range today. Basically it went well, with a few things learned. First, had a strong signal at the bench at 100yds - picture was just as good as when units side by side. For the reviewers that thought the range was horrible - unfold the antennas! Mine was horrible until I did that. Secondly, the targets stands at my range are like forty feet wide, about two feet tall, with the bottoms about 6-12" off the ground. I had the camera sitting on the ground about two feet in front of the target angled up, which isn't ideal. Since I can carry the little viewer with me down to the target I can see how well the camera is positioned right there instead of walking back and forth.

With that little screen, which I'm not sure is the same resolution as the camera, I had no problems at all seeing .223 holes in the light areas of the target. I did have problems with the black center. I saw a few, depending how the light caught them. I switched to some targets I had with a smaller, 3" diameter center, but with open sights and 48yr old eyes that aren't corrected I had some difficulties aiming at 100yds. It was late in the day, and although sunny out the targets were not in direct sunlight, which hurt the visibility on the black. If I was shooting a scoped gun with some magnification I could use a target with a one inch center and been good. Or, if there was sunlight directly on the black I may have been okay.

With the screen propped against something I was indeed able to view my target without even breaking my mount - excellent!

So, do I take a chance on their larger screen, having to come up with a power arrangement? Or, an idea I've had for many years was providing some sort of illumination behind the target so holes would have some light shining through them and be much more apparent, even with a spotting scope. You can take some LED light source, mount it off angle behind the target so it doesn't get shot, of course, and it can run for hours on a set of rechargeable batteries.

Much to play with, much to think about. I'm going to make this work well. This product is real good for the money!
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on May 2, 2011
This is my first baby monitor system so I can't compare it to other systems. I read a lot of reviews on big name brand monitors and most of the reviews weren't good. I figured if I'm going to pay close to $200, I want a quality product, not just mediocre like the reviews were claiming about big name brands. I read a review from someone that said they used many baby monitors and finally they tried Uniden and liked it. The price was very competitive and the quality was just as good, if not better than the big name brands. I decided to try it out. It was a refurbished product so I was hesitant to buy it at first but it looks and works great!

Here's a few of the problems mentioned in reviews I've read, I'll try to address as many as I can to give you a better feel whether this is the right product for you.

1.) Range - I live in a two story house and I get good reception downstairs and outside.
2.) Interference - I have Verizon Fios wireless internet and haven't seen any interference.
3.) Battery Life - The battery life is good. I haven't tested it for long periods, I only use it around 2 hours at a time.
4.) Clarity - I've used it at night and day, it's not the best video but it's decent. There's a zoom feature that allows the camera to pan up, down and side to side, I thought that was a cool feature.
5.) Audio - There's a slight delay but the sound quality is pretty good. If the camera and monitor are ON near each other it causes feedback. There's no 2-way (walkie-talkie) or lullaby song features but that wasn't a deal breaker for me.
6.) Set Up - It's ready to go out of the box, turn on the camera and monitor and you're ready to go! I haven't tried it on PC yet.

Overall I'm satisfied with the quality of the product. The price I paid was under $100 for a refurbished unit that I would've never known was used at all.
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