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on August 10, 2013
Hands Like Houses is not a band that I've always particularly cared for. I didn't really listen to their first record in much depth because I wasn't a huge fan but I decided to give this one a chance because I'm always looking to expand my musical horizon. This record blew me away, great lyrics, deep meaning, great musicianship, and man, the singer's vocals are so powerful and awesome. It's nice to hear some heavy music that isn't knee deep in screaming (which I like for certain band but a nice, clean approach is refreshing). The artwork for the record is also something I wanted to bring up because I think it's one of the best covers I've ever seen, the detail is astounding, I just love good art when I see it. I'm going to do a song by song review without referring to their previous records because I like to take a piece of art and criticize it for what it is.

1. "Developments" 10/10 - This song is heavy, it's emotional, it's just an all-around powerhouse of a song. I love the riffage and the melodic guitar pieces. The xylophone/mallet percussion adds a lot of depth to this almost whimsical/magical music. The chorus is very catchy, the vocals are strong and constantly delivering heartfelt words of wisdom. Awesome opening track.

2. "Introduced Species" 9/10 - Some electronic effects begin the song followed by an anthem yell from a group of men. This song is a little heavier than the previous, the drummer has a lot more work in this song with double bass hits during the verses. Once again, the lyrics are very impressive which is continuing trend for the remainder of the record. A great post-hardcore song with originality tossed in.

3. "Weight" 9/10 - Love the slight synth in this song along with the melodic guitar riffs. The piano adds terrific depth, I just love this song for it's emotion. The lyrics are deep and heartfelt, the vocalist's delivery is very powerful, just a great soulful song.

4. "Shapeshifters" 8/10 - This song reminds me a bit of Story of the Year which is one of my favorite bands, it carries a lot of energy, angst, and power. The vocals once again shine, the song has this very punk feeling to it mixed with deep roots in post-hardcore. Another good song, it might actually be my least favorite which means nothing because it's still an awesome song.

5. "The House You Built" 10/10 - I can't describe how happy this song makes me, it mixed Fall Out Boy with Pierce the Veil with Story of the Year. The lyrics are perhaps the highlight of the song, I love just reading along with the booklet because it's always so admirable how deep the lyrics and how much effort was put into writing them. One of the highlights of the record.

6. "A Tale of Outer Suburbia" 10/10 - This song begins slowly with clean guitars, soulful vocals, and electronic effects. This song eventually boils over into this epic chorus with violins, love it. This song is one of my favorites, it has so much emotion, so much love, I just love it.

7. "Oceandust" 10/10 - The only real ballad on the album, it begins with a piano and then some soft/fragile vocals follow with some heartbreaking lyrics. It's a nice change in pace to hear a man, his piano, and an acoustic guitar. Definitely worth the listen.

8. "No Parallels" 9/10 - Another lyric heavy song, a slower post-hardcore song with a catchy chorus and more great melodic guitar pieces. This is the song that while I was listening through the CD for the first time, I realized how great this record was, it was like an awakening song.

9. "Fountainhead" 10/10 - This is one of the heavier songs on the record, it's very drum oriented mixed with a few fun guitar riffs. The chorus is incredibly catchy, one of the best on the entire record. One of the highlights on the record.

10. "Wisteria" 9/10 - This is a typical post-hardcore song with Hands Like Houses' touch of musical brilliance. The lyrics are once again, very good. The chorus is very well constructed with this idea of starting very quiet and then building up to this epic finale.

11. "A Fire On a Hill" 11/10 - This is the best song on the record, it begins with a piano that builds into this tremendous melody, it just carries with it so many instruments and sounds to be dissected. The lyrics are the best on the record, the chorus is the best on the CD, the vocalists performance is very powerful especially during the chorus. I love some length to a song, it's not over stretched, it's just long enough the deliver the point of the lyrics. Best Song!

I highly recommend this record to anybody who loves great music, post-hardcore bands, and open-minded pop punk and soul fans. This record has redefined the Post-Hardcore genre. It's introduced diversity and true originality. I love it, I hope you do too!
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on July 24, 2013
Its always refreshing when a band takes every aspect of what people love about them to begin with, and inject it directly into their next album. That's exactly what Australian band Hands Like Houses have done with 'Unimagine'. If I hadn't already been a fan from hearing their first album 'Ground Dweller', I certainly would be after listening to this one. Each song is powerful and meaningful, clearly the band put their heart and soul into each beat, each riff and lyric. If you like your rock music original, exciting, and beautiful, check out this band and this album.
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on August 26, 2013
I heard Introduced Species today on Spotify Radio. I got to hear it once before heading to class. As soon as I was done I did everything short of sprint back to my room to hear it again. I was blown away. True story. Anecdotes aside, I've been really wrapped up in this genre recently and this is one of the best albums I have experienced period. Their talent is readily apparent. The vocals, lyrics, and melodies are crushing and beautiful at the same time. I will check out their other album and likely buy it shortly. These guys deserve your purchase. You'll be doing the music industry a favor, and you won't be disappointed.
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on August 6, 2013
I caught on to Hands Like Houses with Ground Dweller, which happened to be a pretty good album, fantastic for a debut in fact. I saw Unimagine released recently, so I gave it a round, and I'm glad I did. What became most obvious about this album compared to Ground Dweller is the maturity. Just like I hoped they would, they laid off the electronics a little this time and settled for a much more traditional rock/punk sound. The vocals definitely bear more weight this time as well, as they should because the vocals are very good throughout the album. What I like most about this album is that it is really good, but no songs stand out - they are all just that good. So buy the album for the best Hands Like Houses experience.
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on September 17, 2013
You'd find it hard to believe that RISE records had it in them to find and fund a band like this. It really shows the potential in the label to obtain such incredible rock talent that isn't just chugs and growls (not that I mind even that, I own a lot of RISE records and enjoy it)

But, man. This band. There' just something different about them. It's heavy, it's passionate, everything is in line and meaningful. It's incredibly difficult to listen to in small parts only because you want to keep listening to it, over and over. I agree with a couple others here that if you're new, go check out "Introduced Species", it's a great ice breaker to see what they're all about.

Talented guitar work, AMAZING unique vocals, energetic rhythms, this band continues in this sophomore effort to prove there isn't anything they can't do. It's the development of an unforgettable modern rock band. Not one for yelling, not one for trying to stir a pit or any of that, this band seems to write music simply to create - much in line with the same reasons one would write a book, or plant a garden. Their intentions just seem different at the core, and the end result shows the fruits of that effort.

I can't imagine anyone, for any reason, regretting a purchase here. After your first listen, you won't rest until you've had a second. Then a third. It will grip you. It won't let go.
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on July 24, 2013
I've been following Hands Like Houses shortly after their first album was released. They are phenomenal. This album just continues the tradition. Get the album, there are a lot worse ways to spend 10 bucks, and very few better.
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on January 24, 2016
In my opinion, a very well put together album. As someone who has never listened to much Hands like Houses, I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed this album. With a good mix of different but likable melodies, I was hooked and have heard through it several times now. Highly recommend and really want to hear more from them.
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on November 16, 2014
Can I just say that i think this is better than Ground Dweller. 2012 Hands like Houses release known as Ground Dweller was fantastic but always that rise records sound that almost all the other bands have. i don't think there's that problem on Unimagine. This album in my opinion truly show cases who Hands like Houses are can't wait for the next album. this is the most beautiful album artwork i have ever seen.
BTW thanks amazon for the awesome delivery
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on July 25, 2013
Such a good follow up to Ground Dweller. I really just appreciate their talent, and effort. These are some talented dudes, and I highly recommend their music to anyone. My favorite album of the year by far to date.
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on August 9, 2013
Since Hands Like Houses announced this album I had been so eager to get it. Heard 'Introduced Species' and loved it. Few weeks later they dropped 'A Fire on a Hill'... that track has so much feeling, I couldn't stop listening to it.
On July 23rd, at midnight, it finally became available to purchase, and bought it in a heartbeat. Gave it a whole listen, and since then I haven't stopped.
Their music is refreshing, the lyrics are filled with meanings, you can flip 'em any way you want them to. To top this off I had the privilege of seeing/hearing them live at Vans Warped Tour on July 28th, and they were amazing. They are very relaxed and down to earth guys, and they are all about their music.
Music is my life, and there are a few albums that I can honestly say 'I love every single track' and two of those albums belong to Hands Like Houses.
I bought the actual CD, and don't regret buying the album twice.
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