Customer Reviews: Unit 13 - PlayStation Vita
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on March 6, 2012
I just happend to download this demo one day because i was bored just to try it out. I xecpected to find a average game at best but came out amazed. This is truly impressive. This game has no campaign. The whole game is based on missions. Each mission has a different objective that you must go through that is anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes long. Missions are your basic survive mission. Then there are speed missions where you clear the area out as fast as possible. Then there are stealth mission. Ive never really been that big a fan on stealth but this game in those particular missions make it work. You can get up to 5 stars per mission depending on how well you play the mission. Once you get x amount of stars there are bonus missions where you have to take down a boss. And the missions as you go through get harder. The controls work great and it is easy to fire from the hip or you can touch the screen to zoom through your weapon. Tapping the screen to zoom is remarkably easy. The game as you would expect has challenges online that change quiet often. The graphics are very good. Cant say enough about the great game.
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on March 7, 2012
I have played about 1/3 of this game. There are a total of 36 main missions that are pretty short which is good. THe game is presented similar to Angry Birds or Cut the has all 36 missions presented in a grid and you move through the missions starting from 1 and open up more. Every time I finish one I want to start another. SO far the missions are all short, which is nice because I know I can jump in and jump out quickly. Some missions I like a lot and have replayed like 10 times, others I played once and may or may not play them again. The graphics are nice, I think they could be a bit better, but this is a launch window game. The game play is the similar to SOCOM games (made by the same developer) I was able to pick up and play very quickly. Although it did take some time to get used to the Vitas tiny analog sticks...but once I did they work perfectly. There are leaderboards that compare your score to the rest of the world which is pretty cool. Plus 2-player co-op, but I have tried that, yet. All in all this is a great game, perfect for the Vita...I want more games like this that take the presentation of the best mobile iOS/Android games while keeping the AAA gameplay. Oh ya...I wish the crosshair could be moved with the gyroscope, like in Uncharted: Golden Abyss...that would put this over the top.
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on March 6, 2012
Since the Vita was released, I've been looking for a game that made it worth the purchase. I'm not a big fan of the Uncharted series and there aren't any good RPGs out for it yet, so I was pleased when the demo of this game was finally released. Upon completing the demo, I immediately purchased this game. The controls are a little sensitive out of the box, but I was able to customize them easily. If you are looking for a run and gun shooter, this isn't it. You have to use stealth sort of like Gears of War. But if you're looking for a great Vita experience and aren't looking for Uncharted, you should buy this game.
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on June 29, 2012
Unit 13 is a tactical 3rd-person shooter by the Socom developers, Zipper Interactive. Unit 13 is one of the first games out of the gate that takes advantage of the Vita's duel analog stick. Their isn't really a epic story to partake in Unit 13. The game focuses on fast paced missions that are perfect for a quick break or a ride on the bus.

The gameplay in Unit 13 is your standard 3rd-person shooter affair. Your character is in the center of the screen, you can over the shoulder aim, aim down your sights, melee, switch your weapons, and there is a cover system. The Vita's duel analog sticks feel great in Unit 13. I had no problem aiming at enemies. The cover system could some work though. It doesn't feel smooth, kinda clunky. (I also don't like how you can't slide to another piece of cover without standing up and moving over to it, leaving you vulnerable to attacks.). Zipper did a great job though. They brought a feel of a console military shooter to the palm of your hand pretty well.

The touch screen does get used during gameplay and navigating the menus too. You can reload and use items with a press of the onscreen buttons. They don't hinder with the gameplay at all, the touch functions feel very natural.

The game looks good graphically. It isn't no Uncharted but it's still a very good looking game by portable standards. It looks nice but the environments can get repetitive by the way they look. There is no variety in the level design; you're either in a dusty, sandy, town, a warehouse, or a base.
There are 6 different operatives that you can choose to play as. They each have their own perks. The one operative is good at sniping and while a other operative is good at close range combat for example. You can level each of them up too as you complete missions to upgrade their loadouts and stats.

While there isn't a story, there are 46 missions you can play plus the daily challenges (More info about those later.). 36 of these missions are divided into 4 different mission types. These are action, deadline, covert, and elite. In action you just complete the objectives. Deadline is like action but your timed. In covert you want to sneak, if you get caught once it's game over. Elite is harder than the others as in the is no regenerative health, no check points, and supposedly the enemies are deadlier.

The other 10 missions are high valued targets. The point of these missions is to infiltrate the enemies encampment and assassinate the leader. As you play the 36 missions you unlock more and more H.V.Ts. which each of them get you a silver trophy. At times the missions start to blend together and get repetitive, so play in short bursts.

At the end of these missions you get scored on your performance with a 5 star rating. The scoring and rating system is the meat of the game. There is no competitive multiplayer in Unit 13. Each of the missions in the game has it's own leaderboard, global, friends, and people near you. The competitive aspect of Unit 13 is trying to get the high score in each mission. So make sure you have a buddy on your friends list that has Unit 13 so you guys can compete.

The daily challenges are missions that change every day. You got only one chance to do them. Once you complete the challenge you have to wait till the next day to do another daily challenge. So you want to try the best you can to get the highest score in that day.

Unit 13 does boast 2 player online co-op across the 36 missions that are not the H.V.T. (They're only single player.). Playing Co-op is fun if you can find someone. They do need to work on the matchmaking for it. You can still find someone but it could be better. The Vita has a built in microphone so everybody can talk. It's great for working out strategies. Something about just talking to someone without a headset feels great.

The one major flaw of the game though is the AI. The AI feels all over the place. At one point you can silently take out a guy without any problem next time you do it everybody even the ones on the floor below know about your presence. Sometimes you can shoot a guy to death and the guy next to him just stands there staring off into space. The AI can be good at times to though. They group up and flank you when they know they have an advantage.

While Unit 13 doesn't have a epic campaign to traverse or any real competitive multiplayer, it still has plenty to do, great controls, and fun co-op. The environments could use some more variety, AI could use a tune-up, and it could be less repetitive. Unit 13 is still a good game that'll keep you entertained for a while.
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on March 8, 2012
I like shooting games, and was excited about seeing a console-caliber military style shooting game on a portable. After playing through half of the missions, it didn't disappoint! The two analog sticks makes playing the game like on regular console, although I'm a bit slow to touch the screen to go over the barricade or toggling zoom of the gun's target scope. The graphics are impressive on a small screen. I'm really surprised to see smoke or fog moving in open areas. That's a testament to including advanced software logic, as well as such powerful portable console. The sound is very good. With a very good headset, I can hear solders talking and whispering (softly) on one or the other ear.

There are 36 missions that will get unlocked in sequence when previous mission is completed. Sometimes other missions will get unlocked as well. The maps get re-used for different missions. Personal score is compared to those in the area, region, and global. For each mission I was encouraged to replay, get better, and move on to next level within the mission. It suggests best personnel for each mission, but I'm free to choose the character I want. The length of each mission is short enough where I can, at any time, take out Vita to play a bit. It's a nice alternative to the simple games found on smartphones (iPhone, Android). So to me it has high replay value on a day-to-day basis.

The online co-op allows me to either join in or create a public/private co-op, but I haven't had a chance to try. Same with high value targets. Will update this review when I spend sufficient time with them.

But I really like the daily challenge. It's truly challenging! So challenging that I find I spend more time playing the daily challenge then playing the missions! As long as I don't leave the challenge, I can keep trying. This adds more frequent play time on the daily basis! I think it's an awesome addition and will keep me interested in playing Unit 13 on daily basis.
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on April 9, 2012
This is a great game when you consider that it's for a handheld gaming device and was the first shooter for the Vita. Even if there is no real story line, this is a great game. If you like the third person shooter style game and have a Vita, you won't regret purchasing this title. The missions are challenging, give you some variety, sometimes are frustrating, but still make you come back for more. I actually paid the full price of 39.99 for this one and don't regret it because I know I'll get countless hours of gameplay out of it.

1. Very clever usage of the front touchscreen for throwing grenades, reloading, and switching aim.
2. Intuitive controls that make you feel right at home if you play this type of game.
3. Fun and varying missions.
4. Co-op is extremely fun if you can find a partner.
5. Lots of weapons and upgrades.
6. High replay value because of the 5 star rating system for missions and lack of a linear story line. Also, when you replay a mission you are competing against yourself, you know what that means....
7. When you kill an enemy, you can take their weapon.

1. If you're in a well lit room or outside in real life, dark rooms in the game are frustrating (no fault of the game, blame the OLED display on the Vita itself... which is still very impressive).
2. Co-op can get kind of lonely if you don't have many friends with a Vita.
3. Graphics could have been a bit more polished, especially after seeing other games to gauge what the Vita is capable of.
4. I wish they did something with the rear touchscreen, because it's not the gimmick I initially dismissed it as. Many games on the Vita make great and creative usage of the rear touchscreen... alas, this is not one of them.

In my opinion, this is a very good game. I've certainly paid my $59.99 for worse games on the PS3, so I'm glad that games for the Vita are well below that mark. Unit 13 is a high quality game, with a very high replay value. If you're looking for a shooter you can play on the go, this is your game (for now). The reason I give this game 5 stars is because it sets the standard for PS Vita shooters and it does that job well. This one will most certainly be difficult to top.
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on May 7, 2015
This is a great 3rd person shooter for the Vita. The missions are large enough to feel substantial, but small enough to finish in a short 10-15 minute gaming session - this is important because there are no saves mid-mission.

I would have given 5 stars but deducted one because the online pass that came with the blow in card inside the brand new game I purchased from Amazon was "invalid" or had already been redeemed. This is why online passes must go away! With only 12 alphanumeric characters to try on a 3 year old game, I suspect someone either guessed it or accidently entered my code when they hit a wrong letter some time ago. Too bad as this takes co-op off the table for me unless I buy another online pass from PSN. But there are enough single player missions, that I will certainly get my money's worth.
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on April 2, 2012
I was hoping that a SOCOM-type game would be out for the Vita and Unit 13 does not disappoint! The graphic are great for a hand-held platform, the game itself is a lot of fun. Their are a variety of mission types for every type of gamer; stealth, tactical, and run & gun. The only complaint I can think of is the limited weapons choices, as there are numerous weapon systems that I would love to see employed in this game. Aside fromm that small complaint, I think this is the best release for the Vita to date. It is fun, addictive, challenging, and an all around great game.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon November 28, 2014
This can be a pretty rough shooter in terms of difficulty, but if it wasn't for one particular thing, I would rate it four (maybe even five!) stars: the cover system suXXors. It's really clunky. I go into a cover point, get to a corner, but I can't just slink around corner while crouching or even move to an adjacent barrier without standing up? Jeeze. That kind of blows out the whole "stealth" aspect. And the swiftness of the AI foes versus the turning rate of you is a bit off-balance as well...

I did pick the game up on one of those Amazon uber price-drops (under 10 dollars), so I don't horribly regret the purchase, but I had hoped for a more fluid creep-creep-pew-splat experience. Ah well.
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on May 14, 2012
This was the second game I got for the PlayStation Vita, I downloaded it on the PlayStation Network and saved some money and time. After playing the demo I instantly felt as if I should buy the game. It's a very fun and fast paced shooter for the PS-Vita. There are a bunch of different missions (Close to 40 if I am not mistaken,) and challenges to complete in the game. The variety of missions and the addition of online co-op is sure to keep even the most casual of shooter fans busy. The graphics could use some polishing, but for a launch title the game is very impressive, in all aspects. Sounds are top notch, voice acting can be a little annoying and cheesy at times. The controls are very fluid and responsive, the cover system is innovative and the diversity inside of this game is very nice. Considering that the game is one of the few out right now for the Vita, and Resistance comes out later this month, I'd recommend that all owners of a PS Vita purchase this game.
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