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on December 28, 2015
Terrible game. Excludes players versus's INCLUDES.

This game is not at all what I thought... and I read MANY reviews before purchasing. It is nothing but another version of Trivial Pursuit. Its just cards that ask questions that are NO WHERE NEAR something a 10 year old would know. The game says "10 and up".... but, no way ! My daughter who is 24 and quite good with trivia..... had no clue about many of these cards. You'll either be named a "smart a**", a "dumb a**".... or a "hard a**".
Horrible game. NO laughs. Boring.

If you are looking for a "label" motivated game to make some of your guests feel awkward and unintelligent.... this is the one for you ! If you are looking for an inclusive game that ALL of your guests will enjoy... find something else. This isn't it.
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on January 17, 2016
Fun game, but the clues to get ridiculously easy as they go on. I kind if wish the clues would be a little better. But still a pretty fun game. There can be some confusion as to whether the person calling out the answer is correct, especially with the person category. They may have the last name but not the you give it to them? Or if they call out the actors name instead of the character nene they they get it? Not the best game I ever played but enjoyable enough. I would recommend buying it if its on sale, but probably wouldst invest in it if its full price.
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on April 13, 2015
I thought this was going to be a fun "Smart assed" type trivia questions. Maybe i should have paid closer attention to more reviews or maybe pulled it up on youtube to see some test questions.

This game is PERFECT for those who watch jeopardy, My dad and father in law loved the game because questions are literal factoids of history not random pop culture questions. Instead of Smart Ass it should be called "smart.. an intelligent game for boring people." We tried to play this a few times with various groups and people were very excited about the bright yellow box and smart ass name thinking a fun party game then we suddenly all had flashbacks to being stuck in a class room forced to learn history, social studies, and geography. Don't get me wrong. I'm not a dumb man and the questions weren't that hard (esp as you got down to the last clues) it was just boring. At least to anyone who played and was under the age of 60.
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on May 7, 2012
If you've played trivia games like Trivial Pursuit that can go on for hours, Smartass is a nice change of pace because it can usually be completed in about 30 minutes. It works more like Jeopardy in that there is a speed competition to be the one to answers first, but if you answer incorrectly you're out for that question. So, there is strategy to decide when to blurt out the answer.

The only drawbacks I can think of are that many of the "Hardass" questions are way too easy, and that most of the regular questions can be guessed after about 3-4 of the clues, so having 10 clues seems unnecessary. Most of the questions that can't be answered after just a few clues are likely not going to be answered at all. It would have been better to have half of the clues, and therefore print twice as many questions on these cards for more replay value.

I hope they take some of these comments into consideration when making a revised version of this game.
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on August 11, 2009
This game is hilarious, fun packed, great questions, tons of ways to make jokes out of the questions with your friends, we used this at an after party with some friends(19-28)and turned it into a great adult gaming session.

Highly recommended.

We have apples to apples, loaded questions and dirty minds and this is my fav, and a great addition to any teen/adult party mix.

realistically you just need the cards to turn a night into hours of fun and laughs. (and its has tons of cards)
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VINE VOICEon January 6, 2016
I purchased this to bring home for Christmas to play during our 'down time'. Usually 'down time' includes some wine and the adults (6 of us) gathering around the table chatting and playing cards or a game. A tradition has started and each year I bring home a game for us to play and this, I selected this game.

1. The premise of the game is pretty simple and you don't need to follow a ton of confusing instructions to play. Roll 1 die, if you correctly answer the question you roll another and move your pawn...pretty easy. First to go around the board (which has a few obstacles and bonuses) wins. Questions are posed to the entire group and all can answer, first to answer wins but if you answer incorrectly you are out for the round. Really easy.

2. We had fun!! My brother in law is an engineer and the rest of us are not...Usually trivia games turn into a bit of blow out and a gloat session for him. What made this game nice is that these questions are able to be answered by everyone, which is not to say that some aren't harder than others but they certainly leveled the field. This made it a lot of fun and a lot more interesting.

3. Great for a group. I mentioned that we had 6 players and that made the game even more fun.

All in all this is a great game and perfect for a family or a social gathering. You will absolutely have a good time and like anything, it is what you make of it.
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on January 1, 2009
I'm surprised that no one has mentioned that this game was developed in England and many of the questions have to do with England and are written from a British point of view. That's not a criticism, nor does it make the game any less fun, but it's a fact. The game is a creative version of a Twenty Questions type trivia game and we had a blast playing it for FIVE HOURS straight.
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on June 29, 2014
This is an okay game for those that like trivia, but ultimately was not a big hit among my friends. The game itself is a bit overly repetitious in how you answer questions, and nobody liked the location cards since you really need to know locations all over the world. I would say the best part is giving more detailed clues, but after the 3rd for 4th clue someone would get it or none of us would get it after that. Maybe this would be better for kids? I ultimately ended up donating this game after playing it a few times.
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on January 5, 2016
I bought this for my 14 year old granddaughter, and the name made all the grandkids giggle. The concept of the game is fun-hints at a person, place of things until a correct guess. Many of the questions were difficult for the grandkids (ages 10, 13, and 14) all of whom are bright kids. I found them pretty easy, but I'm 65 and have a whole lot of history that enabled me to answer. My biggest complaint is the number of cards. We played only a few times and had used all the "Who Am I?" cards. Since it's one of only three sets of cards and if you have four players, it doesn't tale long until you've gone through them all and the game becomes virtually played out and useless!
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on January 17, 2012
Trivia buffs and casual gamers alike will have fun playing this game. For reference, other games I like: Cranium, Trivial Pursuit, Wits and Wagers.


There are 3 topics: Who Am I? What am I? Where am I? A card is drawn and then 10 clues describing the answer are read 1 at a time. You can guess at anytime, but once you guess once you're done. The challenges is you have to figure out when the optimal time is to guess your answer because you only have one shot. Clues often intentionally mislead you, but are sometimes obvious from the start. This randomness will throw you off and keeps the playing field relatively level.

The board is well set up, keeps games short and fun, and throws in some bonus and punishment spaces. This once again, helps level the playing field.

Overall A great game! 5 Stars.


Small Problems

Questions: Some of the grammar/topics can be a little confusing. E.g, We had a "Where am I?" question and the answer was the "Statue of Liberty." Seems that this would have been better fit for "What am I?".

"Hard Ass" questions are super easy. We haven't missed one yet. These questions should have been made legitimately difficult.

Booster Box: You will go through the cards fast, and the booster box is lame, its only a travel version of the game. The makers of the game need to create a legitimate booster pack.

Customized Rules (a couple ways we changed the game)

"Dumb Ass" Space Rule: The rule is if you land on Dumb Ass (i.e., you can't guess the next turn ) and if you're scheduled to be the reader then you are skipped as the reader, and the next person reads. You then can't guess while they read. This is actually to your advantage b/c reading is worse off. We changed the rules so if its your turn to read the question, you read it, and then also have to sit out the next turn. This seems to be more logical.

Finish the game with a Hard Ass question. Like trivial pursuit or cranium, the first person to the end must answer a hard ass question to win the game.

Tiebreaker: The rules says two people who tie go to a Hard Ass question. The Hard Ass questions are not like the other questions, they are simply random trivia (i.e. not 10 clues). Sometimes no-one knows these questions, which defeats the purpose of the tie breaker. A much better tiebreaker is to simply draw a normal question, as this type of trivia is much more exciting for tie-breaking and is consistent with the entire game play.

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