Customer Reviews: Unlocked Quadband Dual Sim Android 4.1 Os With 4.7 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen 3G Smart Phone (White)
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on January 12, 2013
I ordered my phone Jan 2nd and received it Jan 10th. It arrived lightening fast and It is everything I was hoping for and more. The screen is amazing. Everything works..GPS included. The phone is fast and I couldnt be happier. I ordered the Cimo clear case international version for Samsung S3 and it fits great. I had to cut a bit of a larger opening for the volume rocker but it works like a charm. The price and product, compared to a new S3 unlocked is WORTHIT!
I am so happy with this phone I just ordered another for my daughter.
I use straight talk and ordered a Bring Your Own Phone SIM card (ATT compatible) changed the settings for the APN and it works great.
The camera has a flash...a bunch of different settings, zoom, panaramic..
So far the only change I made was to add a different messenging program because something I did when I imported my old sim card phone numbers caused the stock messenging program to have difficulty with the number format. I believe it was user error and not the phone. Handscent SMS works great.
I used my old SIM to do a contacts import before installing the BYOP SIM from straight talk. Order a standard SIM for this phone
The old straight talk sim works but you will not have a data connection. So if you already have straight talk you will still have to order a Bring Your Own Phone SIM. I emailed straight talk and they confirmed that.
My battery is at 56% right now....after 6 hours of use...I haven't decided on the rating for battery life just yet. I had a Nokia Smartphone prior and the battery was amazing. This phone uses a standard Android charger so those are easy to find and you get two batteries with your purchase.
5 stars for ME!
I bought mine from LOlbuy...Daniel Chen was great!
One more thing...I downloaded the user manual for the S3 on the tmobile website. It is essentially the manual for this phone minus some of the preloaded Tmobile apps. Its a great reference for things like tethering and GPS.
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on January 5, 2013
It took the phone a bit more than a week to come from Singapore via air USPS, there was no tracking information except for the departure date/time from Singapore.
After opening the case, I found the telephone, USB cord, power plug, 2 batteries, manual in English, headphones, one screen protector AND an extra back cover with attached front cover AND a touch pen.
Now, the sticker on the phone says "HD AMOLED" screen, which I doubt it is. Not for that price. So, the battery should not last as long as with a phone with an LED screen. Also, the front sticker says Quad Core CPU. That is not, it is the MT6577 Dual Core processor.
But after playing with it, it is awesome. Android 4.1 is great, the CPU is quick. It comes with a pre-installed 2gb SD card, but when removing the SD card, you have to look closely at the direction which to slide its support. After installing the SIM card, I was able to have my call list and make calls. Sound through calls and reception were clear. I have better reception (4 bars) at home with it than my Samsung Rugby 2 flip phone (3 bars).
I had my data plan blocked a while back on my flip phone, I will see if my carrier catches on with my new phone and slap me with a data plan, which I don't want nor need.
The single speaker from the phone's back is clean and can be loud. You will need to access the equalizer from the music widget to set it up to your liking.
The GPS is right on the spot, but to see your location, the map has to be downloaded. Looking at it through WiFi won't show you your location.
The camera is fine, picture quality is fair. The flash must have been updated from what others have been saying, as I think it's pretty good for it's purpose. Front camera is fine too.
The headphone is lousy but has a microphone on it so you can use it for hands free calls.
On the keyboard, some keys wills still be in Chinese, I don't know if they can be changed, but you will figure out quickly what they are for.
Over all, very sturdy and solid phone. Great for the money. If it wasn't an S3 clone, it could stand on its own and be competitive against the big boys.

update 1/6/2013:For the case, I have tried one S3 case, but my phone is a bit too thick for it. When I remove the back plate from the phone, it will fit nicely in the case, but do I want to do that? maybe not. Then I will have to cut an access for the sound rocker and the 3.5mm jack which are in different locations compare to the S3. Still, unbeatable phone for the money.

Update 1/21/2013: Still solid and working strong. Battery last 2 to 3 days without playing with apps. One full day if having lots of fun. I discovered from an other post that if you go to "Settings" then "About phone" then tap very fast (7 times)on "Android version 4.1.1", it will show "Android 4.0 ICS". But there are no important difference between 4.0 and 4.1 anyway. So I recap the lies : Not quad core, Not Android 4.1, Not NFC, not HD AMOLED, Not 8MP camera. But if you don't mind all that, it's still a great bargain.

Update 3/17/2013: Like the bunny, it keeps on going and going and..... I had an issue with "Als_ps calibration" under "display". DO NOT MESS with this calibration. My phone was out of calibration and had to email customer service for help. Beside their broken English, they were extremely helpful and helped me into the calibration process. 5 more stars for support.

Update 4/15/2013: Still working fine. Just got a dock/charging station for it. Our phone fits perfect.
It includes spare battery charging as well. But our battery does not fit the space. So get the one without the spare battery charger.


Update 8/04/2013: And still working fine. But I can see small specks of dust behind the screen. I thought at first it was behind my screen protector, but when I removed it, I could seen the dust behind the phone screen. So I opened the phone and vacuumed it. That didn't work. Well, the good news is that those particles are only visible on black screen, when the phone is off. Those very few and little particles do not affect the phone workability.
review image
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on December 22, 2012

Hey guys, been meaning to update this post a few months ago!! First off, I want to say that my first impression of the phone WAS awesome. Now I will urge you NOT to buy it and take your money elsewhere.
Within days of using the phone, my screen cracked horizontally across the screen. I thought to myself, no biggie, still works. Within a couple of weeks, the phone corrupted my SD card, I thought it was my SD card because it had been with me for so long, so I reformatted the SD card and again the phone corrupted it. I LOST EVERYTHING, but luckily I had backed up my pictures. Within 2 months, the phone stopped working! I woke up one day, and there was a black background with a picture of a charger, I pulled the battery out and swapped it with the second one... NOTHING. The phone had been telling me that there was a overcurrent, but I was using the cable and adapter that came with the phone. I tried to revive it, but after about 30 minutes I snapped it in half and it FELT SO GREAT, SUCH A WEIGHT had been lifted off my shoulders.

The only thing that will say that I enjoyed about the phone was that it was DUAL SIM!!! THATS IT. The phone was causing me nothing but problems. I have purchased a new Google Nexus 4 and have been using it for about 2 weeks now, and feel great. I did have to fork over about 400 dollars but you can find it on Google Play for 299 and 350 for the 8gb and 16gb versions. The only drawback for this phone is that it is a single sim card, but i'm okay with that.


I just want to start off by saying that I was skeptical about buying this phone from China. A few guys I work with said that I shouldn't have bought it, but I decided to take a chance on this. I'm currently in Afghanistan and needed a phone with dual sim capability, flash, bluetooth, and to be able to listen to music. For me, this phone is perfect because it does all that and then some.

The phone is HUGE. I wasn't expecting the screen to be that large, but its very nice. The screen is also very responsive and the quality is awesome.
The built in speaker on this phone is loud, but you start to lose some quality the higher you raise the volume.
The phone feels well built and solid.
The WiFi works great, sent some SMS's and made a few calls, but the service in Afghanistan is horrible to can't really comment on that.
It came with two batteries, i was thought i was going to have to carry both batteries on me at all times because they would die out quickly. I can go a whole day with calling and texting, the battery dies a bit quicker when your using WiFi and some other apps, but it does much better than my EVO.
The phone is fast and the software is smooth.

The camera is decent, which I don't mind, but it's very sensitive to shake and sometimes when I'm trying to take a picture, it will lose focus from my hands moving. If you hold very still it will work flawlessly.

Some Issues I had when i had the phone include:
The phone kept turning off while it was in my pocket. I contacted the seller and explained the situation to him and was told to place a thin piece of paper to hold the battery a bit more snugly. When I did this, I changed to the other battery so I'm not sure if 1 of the 2 batteries i received was bad, or it was the piece of paper trick. But it's been working just fine the last few days.
The second issue i had was that when I would make a call, the phones screen would start to go on/off repeatedly. It only happened when i was making a call, so i thought it was the sensor by the ear piece. I had a screen protector that came with the phone that covered everything on the front of the phone, so i removed the portion of the screen protector that was covering the sensor and it started working just fine. So i definitely recommend cutting the screen protector to just cover the screen itself.

But now the phone has been working flawlessly the last few days, and i spent most of today downloading apps, cant be anymore happier. I hope this phone can last out here in the conditions in Afghanistan, but will definitely keep you guys updated.

As far as what came with the phone; it came with (1) Mini USB to USB cable, (1) Adapter Charger, (1) Screen Protector, (1) Case for the Phone, (2) Batteries, (1) Manual, and the phone itself.
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on December 4, 2013
The purchase of this item has been an awful experience. The phone works fine, but purchasing merchandise from China is very risky. I got my phone and was able to get it set up with my T-Mobile service just fine. About 3-4 weeks later, after having used the phone with my service for nearly a month, my phone suddenly had no service. When I contacted T-Mobile to find out why, I was advised that my phone - which I purchased believing that it was a new phone - appears to have been stolen and had been blocked by the previous owner. Weize assured me that my phone was brand new, and that they had removed the block. T-Mobile confirmed in October that the block had been removed, and helped restore service to my phone. Then on December 2, I again noticed that my T-Mobile service was not working. I contacted T-Mobile again and was again told that my phone was blocked by the previous owner because it appeared that the phone was stolen. Weize's only solution at this point was to tell me to return the phone by USPS First Class mail. I don't know who is supposed to pay for me to return the phone.....and if the phone never makes it all the way back to Hong Kong, I don't know how I'll prove that I mailed it per their instructions. BUYER BEWARE. Don't purchase anything that comes from Weize, as they are apparently selling stolen merchandise.
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on June 25, 2013
Just received the phone, so this review is just my initial impression.

The phone has a pretty solid build as compared to other Samsung cell phones. The back of the phone appears to be slightly thicker than the S3. The screen is bright, with good colors and contrast.

If you notice in the description, there is no brand of the phone mentioned. Some of the reviews are mentioning that they received a case with their phone. This is not the case in my situation. I received the phone, USB cord and charger, two batteries, and ear buds.

I places my AT&T SIM in the phone and the phone started to work immediately for voice and text. I do not have a data plan so I cannot tell you rather data is working or how fast the speed is. WIFI works well with a good signal. The GPS is very slow to locate satellites and lock a position. The best GPS location signal I got was within 44 feet, while my galaxy note had me within 10 feet.

Finding a wt to change ring tones was interesting. It is not listed under sounds. It is in a non descriptive area in settings, and then I had to press a general button and it brought up what I needed. This is not like normal android devices that I have used in the past.

I did purchase a case for this phone. It is a generic soft-case that has needed to be "customized" by myself to get it to fit, mainly the volume button ad to be cut into it. The case was less than 2 dollars here on amazon, it was not a "prime" item, but had free shipping with it.

Speaker clarity was clear when I made a few test phone calls, but the other person said that is was like
i had them on speaker phone and that I was loud during the call.

After reading some reviews, it appears that most people are happy with the initial quality only to be disappointed later. I will update my review if the quality of the phone starts to decline.

7/2/2013 update

Had phone for a week now. No complaints yet. There are many makers of this phone. I noticed that the ad on Amazon does not mention who made the phone, but only lists the specs. That may be why there is a difference in accessories that come with the phone and the quality.

8/3/2013 update

Still not problems noted. Phone is working fine. Sometimes the battery will last a couple days, sometimes not. But other than that, no problems to report. I did purchase a gel case for the phone, and the gel case, for the most part is fine. The buttons do not line up with the holes, but it doesn't effect the button press any.


The phone is still working great.

Here is the phone case that I use:

Aimo Wireless SAMI9300SK014 Soft n Snug Silicone Skin Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 - Retail Packaging - Purple

Search for that on AMazon and it'll be there. The buttons do not exactly line up, but I have had not problems with the case and the phone.

Last update 10/6/2014

Phone is still doing great no problem with it at all.
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on April 8, 2013
My Wife order me the phone I got in about a week. I've had for about 3 weeks now and I really don't have any problem with the phone. It came with everything it said it would come with. I use Net10 for service (Bring your own phone plan AT&T sim). Calls are clear and loud. I get fast 3G service when I need it. I like the fact it's a dual sim phone, because I move to a new state and that way I can keep my old number and still get a new one when I move, without having to buy a new phone. Just make sure you call your provider so they can walk you though changing your APN in the phone. It feels great and looks great.

Pros: looks like a S3
Android OS is great
Cam is okay (front and back)
Touch is really nice
Speaker is loud

Con: Contacts won't link to Faccebook (get the app called UberSync for Facebook)works fine
Flash could be better
Can't send MMS (if anyone knows how to fix this please let me know)
Batt life is not great so carry your charger if you can or the extra batt with you
The inbox charger is not go at all, so just buy a new if you don't have a old charger

All-in-all this a good buy. You won't be mad with is phone. Hope this review was helpful to you.
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on March 23, 2013
Ordered this phone and got it in 12 days. Not bad. Wanted to have a no contract dual sim phone that would work here and overseas. The quality of the phone is not bad at all - however, there are some caveats:

#1) Pay attention to the product specs: the GSM frequencies will not get you more than 2G (slow) service on T-mobile and Straight Talk in America. So, if you were hoping to do T-Mobile unlimited data and text plan for $30 and just use Talkatone (like I was) - you're out of luck. Don't do it.

# 2) AT&T gets faster than 3G service on this phone GSM frequencies and I am going to try Net10 soon - which shares GSM frequencies with AT&T, but for only $45 per month on auto pay. When in doubt, call the customer care center of the cell company you want to use and ask about their frequencies. I will update this review in June after I come back from Europe (I have a Vodafone sim in the phone as well). I think that this frequency conflict is a big deal - especially if you want to save money AND have decent data service.

#3) I agree with other reviews that the camera is OK and that the GPS is wonky. I have not (as of yet) been able to access GPS when off WiFi. I contacted the seller to see if I can get more specific information on this. However, it stinks if you use your phone as a GPS device and want constant navigation like a Garmin. Also, I haven't gone full out with the camera yet - if you are a non-picture aficionado (like me), I am sure it will be decent. Flash seems a little weak.

#4) The Cimo cases (available on Amazon) do fit this phone. With the back cover off, the fit is even better. Had no problems with doing that. However, you have to remove part of the cover to use the audio jack because the holes don't line up there. Big whoop.

#4) I was informed by the seller that the Chinese phones use cheap parts here and there (SHOCKER) that explains some of the "glitches" and "issues" - this was interesting because his implication was that we may all be ordering the same phone per se, but it's being reproduced in different areas all over with different senses of "quality control"

I hope that this review is helpful and might actually save you some money and time (that I have obviously been wasting experimenting with this phone). Overall, it's not bad, but requires some patience. I hope it saves me (and you) $$ in the long run.

I have to take my experience with a grain of salt because I would have never known this or learned more about the carriers and this phone without going through all of this! If you are somewhat patient and want to come out on top with a better deal at the end (for the most part) realizing that things like this usually require a "trade off", it's not a bad buy at all.

And yes, I get asked if I have a Galaxy 3 all the time. La ti da.
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on May 7, 2013
I like the phone and its features very much, the only problem i am having with it is its battery life, especially when the wifi or bluetooth is turned on the battery runs down in no time less than an hour that is...I wish i could get a better battery for this phone!
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on April 5, 2013
I has thought I was paying the price of a cheaply made phone but It was a good buy.
Android S3
2 Batteries
1 Flip cover case (alt color)
data cable
screen protector

The Box itself labels the phone as a quadband, quadcore cpu based phone with android 4.1 Jellybean with a home brew version of Samsungs Touchwiz UI and Lockscreen.

The phone itself came preloaded with Android 4.1.1 with a few extra features in the Android Settings a cdma based phone wouldnt have. Does include built-in hotspot feature for Data users. (ex. Sim card settings, sound settings, use settings, show battery percentage, ect) The phone does have a OTA update feature but that doesnt mean that the company has the activity active for future software update pushes. The phone came loaded with the Galaxy s3 launcher for a Samsung like feel, the samsung touch water puddle lockscreen and all the sounds. Statusbar has slideable toggle widgets and GSM profile. The phone has 2 sim card slots for whatever advantages you want to take. I set ours up for Straght Talk. The advertisement says a dual core cpu, the phone declares a quad core! ...not true, Mediatek based chipset but over all perfermance is fantastic. It is not bloated up with advertisments or useless apps, just a home brew port of the Samsung Galaxy Android Software. Almost feels like the company ported over the software from the Galaxy S2 and updated it for Jellybean (Same text app, notes app) . Camera is beautifiull. Fully working flash. Amoled HD Display (says the box...), Touch screen is multi-touch resistive. The build of the phone is sturdy like any OEM phone. Sound is great. Google Now is not included in this device and cannot recieve it says google play shows the device is not capadible...Possibly rooting the phone and pushing Google Now to /system/app would fix this issue? Gtalk is not included in this device...(Rooting would also fix this problem) Possible Root method is undetermined yet. Google play is ready to go. The phone does support video calling but I believe you need to setup a VPN for it.

The only thing I noticed was the Battery needed calibrated. Kill it all the way untill battery is drained and let it charge over night. This version of the Android S3 Is almost exact to the S3 so an S3 OEM battery may fit? and work better?
(Their are multiple version of this Android S3 Mock phone showing up on but all versions work to just the same standards and performance is optimal This version happens to fit some Galaxy S3 cases)

-Battery jumps percentages alot so if your someone who depends on performace or high class, not for you.
-No LED Indicator for notifications
-No Gtalk
-Android S3 Theme kinda bland for a Jellybean Device (No Holo Theme or Icons...)

Good buy for a decent device.
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on April 15, 2013
The seller did not fully describe this item. The phone comes with two batteries, the first battery died in a day! The second one just as quick, they wouldn't charge after they were dead. I thought of just buying a better battery than the ones that were sent with the phone but after reading the phones manual that came with the phone, it specifically said that if we put a different battery the phone would mess up!!!! WHATS UP WITH THAT?? Anyways I sent the phone back the next day, I was very disappointed with this purchase.
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