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on February 27, 2011
Chef AJ, in her book "Unprocessed," shares nutritional advice that she has learned from experts in the field of plant-based nutrition and gives the basis for forming her own diet regime, along with explaining her diet philosophy in a readable and friendly format. AJ enthusiastically motivates the reader to go on a whole-foods, nutrient-rich, plant-based diet, with no sugar, salt, or oil. Her reasons for adopting this healthy lifestyle are personal, which she openly shares with the reader, and she is hoping to convince others to try her way of eating so that they can overcome their addictions to food, cure their chronic illnesses, and lose unwanted pounds.

Chef AJ "speaks" to the reader as a friend, giving support and understanding throughout, acknowledging that for some people the gradual approach may be best, rather than to drop all processed food at once. The "Yabbut" sections addresses people's excuses, and the resource section is helpful to those who are new to this way of eating, as well as to those who have lived a healthy lifestyle for awhile. The recipes are easy to follow, and leave room for the home cook's creativity. AJ has an informative section on what to buy in the grocery store and how to stock one's home with recommended ingredients and foods. She even addresses restaurant dining and how to eat healthfully when dining out.

Pictures in the book would have been useful, but one can search You Tube for demonstrations of Chef AJ preparing some of the recipes. Also, Chef AJ gives her e-mail address so that the reader can contact her with any questions. Chef AJ's cooking classes are another resource, are a lot of fun and are unlike other cooking classes because she mixes in humor and song-and-dance routines, emphasizing her lifestyle program, along with the food demonstrations.

Chef AJ's wittiness is scattered throughout the paperback, which makes the book a very enjoyable read. I would recommend the book to anyone wanting to improve their diet and lifestyle, as well as their health.
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on December 10, 2011
I met Chef AJ recently, we worked together at an event (HTLA). I really didn't know anything about her personal history or even about her, except that I knew she cooked plant-based and without oil, salt, sugar (SOS).

After the event, Chef AJ graciously gave me a copy of her book as a thank you. I got busy reading it on the plane and started to laugh, and cry, and then I read the book a second time on the plane. Her story was absolutely amazing. It made me feel empowered; it was so brave of her to share something so personal and yet profound. We can all relate to it in some way and be inspired by her.

As soon as I got off the plane, I called Chef Aj and asked her if she would autograph and send a copy to my mom, and she sent one to her, and my sister too. My mom is finally considering a full-time plant-based diet after reading Chef AJ's book. She's been eating some plant-based meals, and thought that was enough, but somehow, Chef AJ got through to her in a way that I couldn't and now she's making real changes. As for my sister, she was already vegan, but Chef AJ inspired her to make her diet about being healthy and vegan, not just vegan.

I have personally made 7 recipes from this book. My husband LOVES the hockey pucks and asks for them constantly. I make the Easy Be GReen smoothie at least once a week. I would make it everyday (I could never tire of it) except that I live in a small town and it's often hard to find enough kale and frozen mango to last a whole week. Though when I messaged AJ she graciously helped me out telling me easy substitutions (spinach, frozen peaches) that I want to try. It's so wonderful to be able to contact the author and get a response within an hour. Every other recipe I can make all the time without any problem. We make the soups often now that its cold winter! Everything is so fast and so easy!

I really can't recommend this book enough -- it's part memoir, part nutrition (in an easy, no fuss and concise way to understand) and part delicious recipes. You won't be sorry if you buy this book, but you will be healthy!
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on February 9, 2011
This book is great! It is wonderful to hear a real person's struggles and health issues and how a plant based diet can make such a tremendous difference in our life! AJ's recipes are yummy, and easy to make. If you haven't taken any of her classes and you live in southern CA, go to her website, and check it out!! It is well worth the money! She is passionate about her health, AND YOURS!

Thanks Chef AJ for taking the time to write the book!
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on May 24, 2011
First I must confess...I HATE to cook. However, I am committed to eating healthfully and so I must cook. This book is a life saver! Chef AJ takes a handful of ingredients and turns them into a delicious meal that even the cooking impaired (like me) can make. So many of these recipes are now my go to dishes. I love the hail to the kale (even people who don't like vegetables like this one). I also have made and enjoyed the smokey black bean soup many times (I recommend you only make 1/2 the recipe - it still makes plenty). I highly recommend this book.
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on February 13, 2011
Chef AJ knows her way around a kitchen. She's been doing this for thirty years and it shows. All her recipes are incredibly easy to make, really healthy, but totally tasty in every way. She's a gifted chef.
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on October 9, 2011
First off, I am currently all things evil in this world: A meat-eater, lover of processed food, and probably on my way to having it all catch up to me in due time. I thrived on a social life that circled around dining out frequently and poor culinary choices. But here's where a "past tense" comes in because I am currently on the road to fixing all that is wrong about me and these poor choices. I will admit that the book may not be as flashy and gimmicky as others that flood the market, but this certainly was one that I looked forward to perusing as not only did it provide a little back-story, coaching, and humour - it also leaves one with the tools to get on this journey to making better choices. While the thought of giving up sugar frightens me, having read just the first 5 or 6 chapters gave me the drive to embark on such journey... Because I AM ADDICTED TO SUGAR.

And when you see how ridiculously easy some of these recipes are to put together, you'll understand.
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on January 15, 2012
As a vegan who follows a largely natural, unprocessed diet, I really wanted to like this book. However a lot of it just made me cringe. I am really surprised at the other well known and respected authors and nutritional food gurus who gave positive reviews because some of the sweeping nutritional statements in this book are just plain wrong and it is this sort of thing that gives the whole vegan movement a bad name.
Whilst I avoid eating animal products for health, environmental and ethical reasons, I have to disagree with Chef AJ's assertion that animal products have "almost no vitamins and minerals" and are "virtually devoid of nutrients" She claims that for the calories in a tablespoon of olive oil you could eat almost an entire avocado. Considering a tablespoon of olive oil provides 15g fat ( approx 135 calories) and most reliable sources credit the average avocado as containing between 25 to 30 g of fat ( providing 225 - 270 calories ) this is clearly misleading. There are a number of other examples throughout the book, and whilst I fully agree with the message, I prefer the facts to be accurate.
Some of the recipes are good, but only if you like dates and nuts in practically everything. Serving sizes are not given, nor nutritional info for the recipe. Chef AJ excuses this by saying "unless you are overdoing the whole food fats like avocado, coconut, nuts and seeds, you can pretty much eat all the food you desire. That is why we elected not to include the serving sizes and nutritional information in the recipe section" Yet a good proportion of the recipes do contain significant amounts of these fats and without serving sizes as a guide the novice wholefooder could easily be lured into a false sense of security and overindulge.
There are a lot of books out there with more practical and accurate information and a broader range of recipes to help the reader get back on the track of healthful eating.
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on July 10, 2011
Chef AJ's book Unprocessed is will show you that the healthiest food is also the tastiest. The author observes "Your diet can be your undoing or your salvation. The difference is the difference between processed and unprocessed food."

This book has over 100 recipes, both raw and cooked, that make whole plant foods a delight. When Chef AJ says unprocessed, she means it. All recipes are free of refined sugar, factory-made oils, and added salt. She manages to work kale into an amazing range of dishes you'd never expect to be rich in leafy greens.

The book is also part memoir. The moving story of how Chef AJ journeyed to her passion for a whole foods, plant-based diet is sure to touch your emotions and make you think about your own choices.
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on August 1, 2011
We have enjoyed Chef AJ's presentations on various video programs over the years. Her enthusiasm and humor are infectious. I bought this book after seeing a demonstration of and trying the sauce she used in the "Hale to Kale" YouTube video.

"Unprocessed" has a good variety of raw and cooked dishes. We have enjoyed all we have tried so far.

Her comments on the benefits of a plant based diet are thoughtful and help explain her journey to her current dietary practices.

I recommend "Unprocessed" to those who are already following a plant based diet and those who are "veg-curious".
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on February 28, 2011
I was lucky enough to attend one of Chef AJ's classes that this very book is based on. I brought my husband along as he's the token lactose intolerant, dairy loving man! We sat thru her class and walked out dairy free! We've tried most of the recipes in this book and love them. We both feel good and are working toward a healthier lifestyle.

Get this book because it will give you tasty ideas of healthy meals to make. It's not filled with recipes that will taste like cardboard or grass! In fact, you will often wonder how what you're eating could possibly be healthy because it all tastes so good!
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