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VINE VOICEon April 4, 2005
An excellent series with many interesting stories. Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack.


Disk 1- Colorado Cop Killers- Story of a police officer who was shot and killed by 3 suspects brandishing automatic weapons. Gives an Update for the case.

Boston Strangler II- The case of serial killer Albert DeSalvo know as the former Boston Strangler- Was he the real killer or his former cellmate? Discover the truth.

Texas Most Wanted- Story of a man named Edward Bell who did inappropriate things to children then shot to death a man who tried to intervene. When released on bail, he fled. Episode comes with a update.

Trailer Terror- About a murder/shooting of parents and child/and her friend in a oklahoma trailer. The trailer was set on fire- girls bodies were never found. Did the girls flee or were they abducted?

Bad Chief- Story of Greg Webb, whos wanted for the murder of his former girlfriend. He was arrested by the FBI.

Marie Hilley- Marie was a pillar of the community In Alabama. Perfect wife and mother. Neigbors were shocked to discover she had been secretely poisoning her family with arsenic. Interesting story.

Journalist's Murder- story of a journalist found dead in a bathtub of a hotel. They thought it was suicide. Though many believe he was killed for investigating a secret cabal of government.

Disk 2- Scared To Death- About a woman found dead from a heroine overdose and bound/hands behind back. Psychiatrist said she suffered from multiple personality disorder and one of these ( personalities) killed her. Her father and many others disagree.

Murdered Heiress- Sory of Greg Siner , a dog breeder and his companion Gardner. Few months after moving in Siner noticed a strange smell coming from the septic system. They found a skull- of the heiress. Who killed Camilla and why?

Unicorn's Secret- Story of Counter Culture Hero Ira Einhorn- convicted of murdering his ex girlfriend. Comes with an update of the case.

Womens Prison Killing- Disapearance of a prison guard/ deals with corruption inside a California Prison.

Skull Duggery- Patrons at a restraunt notice a skull in the bushes. Police said the skull was of (recent origin) and female. They try to find out who did it.

Backyard Bones- Story of a woman who took a break from her job at dept of human resources and never returned. Police recieved a tip that her bones were buried in the backyard. They surely found bones after searching, but they werent Monikas. Whos where they and where is Monika?- Later searches uncovered many diff peoples bones including fragments of Monicas. Interesting story.

World Leaders- Case studies of dibabolical minds like Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Pol Pot and more.

Burning Bed- A concerned friend stopped by Megans house late one night. He could sense somthing was wrong. There was a strange man in the apartment behind Megan. Megan said everything was alright, 2 hrs later the apartment was on fire and Megan dead.

Disk 3- Mistake Hit- story of a journalist threatened by Mob Figures in Arizona. He Lived across the street from a man who was murdered. They think it was a mistake hit.

Friends to the End- Story of 2 teenagers in the late 80s who were run over by a train. First ruled an accident, later thought they were murdered and placed on the tracks.

Whistle Blown- about a nuclear plant employee whos remains were found in the plants furnace. Some say he took his own life. His family maintains he was murdered to prevent him from blowing the whistle on safety violations and illegal radioactive dumping.

Richards Rampage- Story of a woman who called it off with her ex. Richard then killed her parents and attacked the family and Colleen the ex girlfriend. Comes with an Update.

Plane Crash Sabotage- members of the us armys elite 101st airborne unit were killed in a plane crash. Almost immediately someone left a message from the Islamic Jihad. US Government has sealed the investigation. Families are wondering what happened.

Burned Evidence- Unexplained murder of an oregon orchard farmer. After found in his bed police ordered evidence to be destroyed.

Jesse James Hollywood- about a drug crew kidnapping the debtors minor stepbrother, holding him for ransom. Sad ending. Jesse is still at large.

Two Mary Murders- 2 ladies both found murdered with the same name. Could the first Mary have died mistakenly at the hand of a contract killer?- who corrected his error 3 days later.

Disk 4- Bordello Murders- 2 prostitutes found murdered at a massage parlor. Owner claimed in exhange for free services certain members of the local police allowed the bordello to stay open.

Campus Murder Exposed- Journalism student murdered after she began working on a expose about a date rape that occured on campus. With an Update.

Dakotas Double Death- Story of 3 young friends who got into a car accident one night. One was left behind in the car by the other 2 and for 3 months there were no signs of the couple. In 1993 their bodies were found floating 75 feet from the crash site yet when the accident originally occured they searched the whole area, found nothing. Both the bodies were found in diffrent states of decomposition.

Margo Freshwater- convicted murderer running from the law. Update included.

Zodiac/Unabomber story- Speculation that the Zodiac Killer is also the The Unabomber. The same person. Very interesting.

The Other Intern- Story of the washingston interns who disapeared and were found murdered. Chandra Levy and 2 others who they claim had a connection to the case. Might be same killer.

Social Security Murder- story of a couple who killed boyfriends own sister to get social secuirty benefits plus another person.

Civil Rights Murders- in 1965 2 black members of the washington parish police department are gunned down while on duty in louisiana. They were the only black members of the police department. Klan is suspected.

Campus Calamity- Story of a 18 yr old who started recieving threatening phone calls while on campus. Parents recieved phone call from someone who said they know exactly what happened to their son. Soon after that Bryans foot was found on a beach. No other remains were found. Was it murder,an accident or a suicide?

Overall excellent collection of Stories, Highly Recomended, Enjoy.
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on October 6, 2006
Amy Lynn has already done a terrific job of summarizing these stories, so I won't repeat that, but I do have a couple of things to add:

1) I wish they would do more of these collections so we can remember our favorite UM episodes.

2) The discs include director/producer commentary for some of the segments. This is a great behind the scenes look at the making of the show.

3) My favorite episode from this collection, "Texas Most Wanted" is interesting for several reasons. It's a very well-done look at a horrible crime, the story of the murder of Larry Dickens by a violent pervert. The episode led directly to the perp's capture. The interviews with Dickens' mother and sister were very sensitive and well-handled. This is "Unsolved Mysteries" at its top-notch best.

BTW, take a good look at the actor who played Larry Dickens. That's Matthew McConaughey.
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on February 19, 2005
I have this set, as well as the ghosts and UFOs sets, which are also worth picking up. I will say that I have been a longtime viewer of this show, ever since the early 90's. I feel that putting this show on DVD is a most excellent choise, and allows veteran viewers like myself to re-watch their favorite segmants without having to wait for reruns on Lifetime(currently reruns are shown back to back 5 day a week). It also gives newcomers a chance to see what they were missing back when these episodes were new, and they can take their time catching up on the series.

Anyway, the episodes have already been listed so I will only give details on the ones that I feel stick out the most. You may remember some of these cases from when they originally aired over a decade ago....

Trailer Terror-A couple is shot dead and their home torched. The couple's daughter and her friend were home at the time but their bodies were never found. No one knows if they were abducted, ran away, or themselves committed the crime.

Journalist's Murder-An investigative reporter is found dead in a hotel bathtub. At the time he was investigating ties between organized crime and government personnel. Many use his fear of blood to refute the police ruling of suicide.

Scared To Death-A chilling story of a nurse who supposedly experienced seven years of inescapable stalkings before she was found dead, tied up, and drugged. Some say she staged the who ordeal and in the end killed herself, but other disagree.

Unicorn's Secret-Case of the hippy guru and woman-abuser Ira Einhorn, who killed his girlfriend and kept her body in a Closet for a year and a half. Upon the discovery of the body, he convinced people it was a government set-up and was released, than spent 16 in Europe until his 2001 extradition from France. He was later sentenced to life.

Backyard Bones-Police recievce a tip that a man killed his wife and buried her in their backyard. When police excavate there, they find hers, and several other peoples', chopped into small fragments and scattered about under the dirt.

Mistake Hit-A reporter writes stories on local mob figures and later gets death threats, but his neighbor across the street, who has a similar-looking home and car, winds up dead. It could have been a mistake, or a warning to the reporter to back off. References to the case in the Journalist's murder segment show up in this episode.

Friends To The End-To teens were found dead on the railroad tracks, but evidence later showed that they were killed elsewhere. Motives for the killings revolved alot around drug deals, which were common in that area.

Whistle Blown-A man who fits pipes at a uranium processing factory dissappears, and his remains are later found charred in the plant's furnace. Many say that his death was the result of his knowing too much about safety violations and illegal dumping of toxic waste that the plant was involved with.

Two Mary Murders-Two women with the same first and last name who live in the same area are killed within days of each other. Motives are not known and the best idea is that the first hit was a mistake that was later corrected with the second hit.

Of course there is more to this set than described above, but if you want the whole nine yards you will have to buy this. There are some cases that should have been here but were not included on this set(as there are cases that could have been on the other box sets and were not). Maybe they will release another volume of this catagory, and maybe even put out a set on their missing persons stories as well. But for now I will be content with my three 4-disc sets of a show that ended on a sad note with the sudden death of its host. If you never saw the show but love true crime stories, you should purchase this ASAP. If you liked the show that you most likely have it already.
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on October 8, 2005
This collection of bizarre murders from the show 'Unsolved Mysteries' is likely to send chills down your spine. Some of the murders are so shocking and grotesque that they will give you the spooks. One murder that was really out there was titled 'Dakota Double Murder'. This is case of three people who were involved in a car accident on a cold winter night. Two of the people disappeared from the car, only to be found dead at the scene of the accident three months later, and in different states of decomposition!
Watch these videos with the lights off.
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on February 10, 2005
Unsolved Mysteries is the forerunner of today's reality based crime shows.Well written,Well-produced and directed,the series explored many unusual and unsolved facets of Crime,the paranormal and other unexplained phenenom.A series that originally started off as a special hosted by Raymond Burr,It was widely recieved by the public.Two more specials soon followed hosted by Karl Malden.Then Robert Stack became the permanent host of the series.With an authorative presense,Mr. Stack was born to host this show.

The release of the series on DVD is a real treat for fans.By catogorizing the releases (Miracles,Ghosts,UFO's,etc) fans can get a collection of the stories in their fields of interest.

While the DVD "Bizarre Murders'has many cases ,I am disappointed in the fact that there is no other special features than audio commentary on select segments by the show's producers.There also have been some bizarre murders that the series profiled over the years that were not included on the DVD.Maybe the producers will make a second volume of this particular catogory.

The Cases on this 4 DVD set are:

Bordello Murders

Campus Murder Expose

Dakota's Double Death

Margo Freshwater


The Other Intern

Social Security Murder

Civil Rights Murders

Campus Calamity

Scared To Death

Murdered Heiress

Unicorn's Secret

Women's Prison Killing

Skull Duggery

Backyard Bones

World Leaders

Burning Bed

Mistake Hit


To the End

Whistle Blown

Richard's Rampage

Plane Crash Sabotage

Burned Evidence

Jesse James Hollywood

Two Mary Murders


Cop Killers

Boston Strangler II

Texas Most wanted

Trailer Terror

Bad Chief

Marie Hilley

Journalist's Murder
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on August 31, 2005
THE SHORT: Surprisingly interesting and sometimes freaky selection of segments from a show that I used to watch just for the more out-there stuff.

THE LONG: I grew up watching this show for its UFO and ghost stuff, so when those two sets of dvds came out I picked them up right away and was pretty satisfied (less so with the ghost set). I've always been interested in murder stories and criminal psychology, but I just didn't check this set out right away. Getting it for a gift however, I was quite surprised. This isn't just a collection of "America's Most Wanted" style crime such as "Two fugitives killed Bill Anderson as they ran from a bank heist". Rather, it's as the title of this dvd set suggests: Bizarre murders.

You'll learn about two boys, apparently alive, who were prone and motionless on the tracks as they were run over by a train. A factory worker who disappeared, only for records to show that the furnace temperature momentarily dipped 28 degrees "as if something foreign had been dumped into it". A man who heard strange noises outside his house and was found shot days later, with reason to suspect the friend who found him and even the sheriff who investigated. And a woman who received threatening letters, strange phone calls, assaults in the night, and was found bound and strangled- only for police to call it a suicide, with decent conjecture.

Many of the stories on this more than 6 hour set are like this-murder cases that have a strange aspect that just doesn't add up, or have a somewhat unsettling "campfire story" vibe to them. And like all of the sets, they're perfectly as advertised: uncut segments, from their beginning to end, introduced and narrated by Robert Stack as if you put the moments on a collection dvd yourself right from the show. Each of the 4 discs is about an hour and a half long, come in a black slipsleeve, and have some moderate extras such as a few segment commentaries per disc. It's all flat-out interesting; if you like Unsolved Mysteries at all you'll like this well-done set. If anything, the only complaint is that even at 6 hours, it honestly seems to be over a lot faster. Quite worth the twenty bucks these sets usually go for.
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on June 9, 2005
I have always been obsessed with this show and frequent the forums about "unsolved" regulary.

Not enough of the well-known cases were featured on this DVD that were profiled on Unsolved...Kristin Smart, Lil Miss, Amy Bradley etc...and very few of them have updates at the end, whereas I know some of the cases have now been solved.

They should bring out a Number 2 of Bizarre Murders as this seems to be the most popular and requested from loyal viewers.

Note: To Australian buyers. I have two DVD players...both play all regions..however all these discs would only play in one of the machines.
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on January 27, 2005
I've been very impressed with the previous 'Unsolved Mysteries' DVD releases and this one was no exception, I'm happy to report. There are 32 murder mysteries in all with a running time of over 6 hours. These aren't just mediocre cases either, but rather the very best that 'Unsolved Mysteries' had to offer from it's 13 seasons on television! The mysteries profiled range from crooked Police Chiefs and dead college students to the Zodiac Killer and a downed Army plane that killed 248 soldiers. There's even an appearance by a young Matthew McConaughey playing the murder victim Larry Dickens in the segment entitled 'Texas Most Wanted'. Another great addition to this set are the updates which accompany some of the mysteries that have since been solved. My only minor gripe is that the extras are a little slim this time around (just a few commentaries on selected segments). But it's a small quibble about an otherwise suspense-packed set that's sure to leave the viewers thinking.
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on July 15, 2008
Unsolved Mysteries was one of the greatest shows on television and throughout its run from 1987-1993 (rough estimate) the telecenter has led to the capture and conviction of nearly 300 wanted fugitives. For the record I stll believe the number for the telecenter is 1-800-876-5353. The series has stopped as far as I know but they still might be taking calls. Some chilling episodes are on this set of discs. The particular ones that I remember is "Texas Most Wanted" which is the case of Edward Harold Bell who was caught exposing himself to kids in a rural Texas neighborhood. A neighbor went out and tried to stop him from what he was doing and he got shot and killed right in front of his mother and sister.

Another case that is very creepy (Richard's Rampage) was the case of Richard Church and Colleen Ritter of Woodstock, Illinois. Colleen and Rick grew up together and became high school sweethearts. In 1987 Rick went away to college and the romance for Colleen began to cool. Rick became very possessive and called her at nearly every opportunity. The following summer in 1988 rick returned home from college to find that his parents had seperated and his girlfriend had made a decision about seeing other people.

On the night of August 20, 1988 Rick Church telephoned Colleen because he wanted one last night out with his ex. They got into a simple fight on the phone and he hung up on her. Around 5:15am the following morning Rick broke into Colleens parents house and stabbed both of them to death while they were sleeping. He then went upstairs and attacked her brother and began to attack his ex-girlfriend. She ran out of the house after calling for help and Rick ran after. He stabbed her out in the street in front of her house before 2 neighbors came rushing to her aide. The police arrived immediately while Rick ran away on foot, hurriedly packed his things, took his mothers truck and vanished to Salt Lake City where he was eventually captured.

I hope he is enjoying his time in prison because he really deserved the sentence that was handed down to him. Life in prison without the possibility of parole. His real life picture can be seen on the Illinois department of corrections website. Go to inmate search and type in the last name "Church" and it will pull up his profile. I first saw ths case on Unsolved Mysteries when I was in junior high and it scared the crap out of me. I asked my mom, do those things really happen to some people after a breakup? She said you would be surprised as in the case of this guy but most of the time people recover and move on. She then went on to tell me that if a breakup happens it is very important to seek professional help immediately if you become depressed or angry otherwise bad things can happen.
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on December 29, 2006
Well we have a bunch of episodes collected from UM about cases involving murders on DVD. Part of the set deal with murders that were solved, but the other half are murders that are still unsolved to this day. This is what interested me the most, not just that they were unsolved but why.

Of the top of my head, the "Danny Casolara", "Prison Killings", "Plane Sabotage", "Dakota Double Murders", and "Civil Rights Murders" were the most intriguing partially do the fact that Robert Stack and show made it obvious that these murders were part of a cover-up. Whether they are part of a cover-up made from the government, a crazy person, or sloppy police-work is open to debate. The Casolara case is entirely disturbing. A man allegedly slashes his wrists while working on a top secret journalist report and the cops are dumb enough to conclude it is suicide? Give me a break.

The late Robert Stack is great in presenting these stories adding his own input into the story. The only bad thing about the set is that the Special Features are very limited. In this case, per DVD we get about two audio commentaries on select episodes but that's it. A bit disappointing, but the amount of episodes they include in on each set is great enough to satisfy any UM buff.
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