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4.6 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on April 1, 2003
I have been a fan of Jaci Velasquez since her debut CD. Her powerful, emotional, heartfelt voice captured me right away. I thought her second, self-titled CD was brilliant with its breathy, Michelle Tumes like overtones. I did feel she faltered a bit with 'Crystal Clear'; however, there were still shining moments that came through on many of the tracks. Imagine the surprise when I walked into my local Christian retail outlet to purchase Jaci's new album, and saw the cover of 'Unspoken'! Here was a rugged, almost defiant woman smiling back at me. Clad in a leather jacket and bluejeans, her long black tresses cropped and disheveled-I had to make sure it was her at first! Quite the makeover. But what about the music? It is still Jaci, no question. However, gone, for the most part, are the bubbling, bouncy, happy pop tunes of old. These songs are stripped down and straight forward in thier delivery. Production is kept minimal, and her voice is choked with emotion. This album is almost uncomfortable to listen to because of its raw honesty. I felt like a priest hearing confession on such tracks as 'The Real Me'and 'Glass Houses'. Jaci means business on this one. She does not flinch in her portrayal of the hurts, pitfalls and shortcomings that one experiences in the Christian life. Judgemental and gossipy behaviour is a prime target of much of her scathing lyrics. Jaci comes across as self-assured, confident and focused in her Christian experience. She knows who she is, where she is going and where she stands with God. No secular sell-out here people! The message is still Christ centered-only, instead of the object of adoration as He has been presented in earlier CD'S, here He is the object of healing and refuge. My personal favourite is 'He' with its Spanish Flamenco guitaur and emotional cries. Fantastic! Here is a CD that can truly be described as real, with no pretentions. Jaci has joined such brutally honest artists as Nichole Nordeman in this outing, and it suits her well! Great stuff! If you want to see and hear Jaci in a new way, pick up 'Unspoken' A.S.A.P!
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on April 11, 2003
Jaci has proven to God, the world, and especially herself what a music artist should really be in this spectacular album! The songs on this CD are genuinely expressed by her example, her life. After all, she co-wrote over half the CD, which proved her to be an awesome songwriter. The lyrics are simple in some cases, but they are real, honest, and sincere. Here's the review for each song:
"You're My God": This song would make Rebecca St. James proud! The tempo, rhythm, and lyrics are just so cool! A song that expresses God's wondrous presence!
"Jesus Is": Beautiful tribute to the Lord, written by Jaci herself. The chorus is great with the background vocals!
"Lost Without You": This is one of those songs telling how lost someone can be in life, without the One who created life.
"Where I Belong": This one is very inspiring; this one is destined to hit church worship services soon!
"The Real Me": This is probably Jaci's most honest song on the album. It's neat that she says that she is not perfect, but she is a child of God.
"He": This song is awesome! I love the Spanish guitars in the intro. This is one song describing God's compassion and mercy, plus His preparation for us to come home in Heaven.
"Glass House": This is different, but it is a good song talking about not judging and standing up for what you believe, showing who you are.
"Your Friend": This Jaci-produced hit is awesome! I hope she continues to produce more!
"Something": This is a pretty song about personal, sincere concern for others. It's different, but good!
"Unspoken": This song is so true, due to what is going on in the world at this present time. It's a wonderful song of faith and courage!
"I'm Alive": This song is pretty. Jaci wrote this one with one of her faves, Cindy Morgan.
"Shine": A really cool motivational song!
All I can say is, "Wow!!![.]" Jaci Velasquez has put in her best effort in each song on this record. Personally, I have found the CD comforting to me, and helping me to strengthen and further relationships that I have. What an impact! God bless you, Jaci!
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on May 7, 2003
This cd is much more edgy. Its different from what Jaci has done before. Yes...there are adult contemporary ballads, but she also has put in a cool R & B sound. She's even co-written several of the songs on this album.
My favorite songs are all the ones that have the R & B edge. "Lost Without You", "The Real Me", and "Unspoken."
Jaci gets very personal on this cd, in her song "The Real Me" she talks about how she's human and is learning just like all of us are. In "Glass House" she sings about what its like living under the public eye. "He" has got that latin pop sound, "Your friend" talks about finding your strength in God. The song "Something" talks about a past relationship.
Its a pretty good cd, that ranges from adoration for God, to being yourself & dealing with life. Its a step up from what she did last time, and the results are wonderful.
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on April 2, 2003
"Unspoken" proves to be Jaci Velasquez's most mature and personal effort to date. Coming from out of the shadows, the lyrics are poignant in detailing some of Jaci's humanity and allows the listener to relate. Velasquez demonstrates that her spiritual walk is very much the same to any other person, and her struggles are as real as any other's. Many of the songs, which were cowritten by Velasquez seek to showcase her own struggles and the grace she lives under.
Musically, Velasquez presents a new sound somehwat edgier than the safe pop sound that she is so well known for. Her vocals are still crisp, nearly flawless, and well executed, though she aims at less power ballads opting for a fresh updated sound, as evidenced on "The Real Me", a true gem, and the flamenco tainted "He". The calm sounds of "Something" "Where I Belong" and "Your Friend" recall the soothing sound of a laid bak summer day. The production overall may surpries old Jaci fans, but this is well worth the listen. Overall, this is a great album if you welcome great artist development, though it is quite a departure from her previous efforts.
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on April 26, 2003
Jaci Velasquez has had much experience in the music business with many hits and albums, but this is her best so far. Unlike other CDs, I don't have to skip every other song. Every single song is worth listening to and has a powerful message.
"You're My God" is an upbeat song that praises God for all that he is, and she takes the key change in stride.
"Jesus Is", "Lost Without You", and "Where I Belong" describe how loving God is, and how comforting it is to be in his presence.
"The Real Me" is a funky pop song that admits she isn't perfect ("So now you see that I am far from perfect...I will fall and I will make mistakes").
"He" describes what God is doing for us on Earth before we go to Heaven. (" working on me. He...never leaves me.")
"Glass House" is a song that shows Jaci's strength and independence when people try to bring her down. ("Come on in 'cause I know I can take're not gonna see my shatter.")
"Your Friend" is a comforting song that friends can share with each other, or it can be a song from God. ("I will be your friend, who will always care. I'll be the first to catch you if ever you should fall.")
"Something" sounds like a love song, asking if the other person felt anything special. ("Didn't it mean something? Surely you have to feel something.")
"Unspoken" urges us to reach out to God and to pray.
"I'm Alive" and "Shine" are songs that joyfully express the happiness of living in Christ and shining your light for Him.
This is an awesome CD and I strongly encourage you to give it a listen!
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on October 26, 2013
I never heard a Jaci lp I did not like, and this is no exception. Her singing and lyrics are superb as ever on Unspoken as are the back up musicians. I find this artist to be not typical for her age group among many ccm releases. Very worshipful and reverant, easy to dance to!
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on July 10, 2003
A few days before the cd released, I heard the song "You're My God" on the radio and I said, "I think I like this!" I went onto the internet and listened to clips from some more of the songs and I said, "I HAVE to get this CD!" The day it was released, I got it, and I have listened to it more times than I can count on my hands and feet. The opening track is very earthy, human, and fun. It's called "You're My God," and it is pretty cool. The songs "Lost Without You" and "Where I Belong" are prayers that anybody can pray and mean what they say. They make me realize that I am nothing without God, and that I need Him in my life and that I want to be with Him. That's deep, and that's awesome. The songs "The Real Me" and "Glass House" reveal a little more intimate and personal side to her. It's cool, because she shows humbleness and truth and integrity in these songs. She knows she's not perfect, and she deals with some of the same emotional struggles that other people, teens and college students experience. A Gospel Music artist who shares that through music and talking at concerts and in magazines makes us realize that we're not alone. All of the songs have their special features. "He" has a Latin feel, "Unspoken" is an upbeat and pop-like, yet fun song. "Jesus Is" can be a favorite among Christians who love hearing the truth about their Savior in music. It's a great album and I highly recommend it. Peace!
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on December 18, 2013
Jaci Velasquez is an awesome musical artist and Unspoken is a masterpiece. Jaci knows how to sing praise that will surely lift your spirit high. Jaci is a favorite and I look forward to buying more of her music, though I'm relatively sure I have every album already.
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I actually won this cd as long with others on a radio show contest. When I first recieved it, I was alittle skeptical as how i could like it, but boy I had no idea how good it would really be! Jaci's voice is so beautiful and the lyrics to the songs she sings are so meanigful. I can relate to 100% of her songs and I just love her! It brings me such a wonderful feeling when I can sing along to her songs and relate to them. It's almost as if Jaci's speaking to me! Wonderful christian singer- I would recommend to anyone!
1. You're my God- This song is a worship song that really praises the Lord- saying that You're my God- you created everything around me and I love you.
2.Jesus is- My second fav song on the albulm. Its kindof slow- and packed with emotional truth. It says that Jesus is our best friend, and our everything.
3. Lost without you- Love this song. It sings about how without Jesus, we are nothing. He is our only light and without Him- we'd simply be LOST
4. Where I belong- Great song! This ones about how sometimes we have to pay for the bad choices we make and that we fall and get lost alot- but no matter what- Jesus is where we all belong-
5. The real me- My fav song on the albulm is this one right here. Here, Jaci songs about how ppl see you how you present yourself. People may see our smiles and think we got it all together- but in real life- we are insecure and have our flaws. She always sings how even knowing all these flaws, Jesus will still be our friend.
6. He- this song has an excellent beat. It is about everything Jesus is. He is m redeemer, He is my Love
7.Glass House- This song is about how life can seem just like an endless test- but with God- our life is a glass house- He sees everything we do, we think, ect
8.Your Friend- this song is about how no matter happens, who leaves you, or how much you lose- Jesus will always be there and be our friend
9.Something- This song particularly confused me. She sings how 'didnt you feel something...because I did' I think its about a born again christian that maybe doesnt act like it- and shes asking them cant you hear Jesus talking, cause I can- cant you feel him? Cause I can
10.Unspoken- This is a miraculous song that explains how we have a choice- eathier PRAY or be PASSIVE. She says dont leave your heart unspoken for. Claim your rights in Jesus!
11. Im alive- a worship song thanking and appreciating for just being aline
12. Shine- a lovely song about how when you get up- just SHINE. Bring light to the world- shine on, shine on!
Well....thats it. Jaci Rules! Her music kindof reminds me of music by Stacie Orrico. They are both so wonderful and truely blessed!! :) Go Jaci!
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on March 31, 2003
When I first heard the first song I thought this CD was going to
be boring but no, its a blast. It a big change, she really improved her talent. I remember her previous hit, "Mi Corazon," it wasn't what I really expected, I mean that CD was secular. But her Unspoken CD really changed it my favorite songs where,"Your My God,&"Jesus Is."I mostly like the whole album. I know that the songs might still seem secular but they really aren't. These songs really spread the message of God around the world. So I give this babe 5 stars. I also recommend this CD to any Jaci Fan or anyone in the world. Good work Jaci, keep praising the Lord and spreading the message to believers and non-believers.
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