Use on a blu ray player I have a blu ray player that is internet ready. However, it isn't wifi ready: it just has an ethernet jack. This is a problem because there is only one ethernet location in my house and that is downstairs on the oposite side of the house from the player. Will i be able to use this on the blu ray player? It does have a USB jack, but I'm worried about the driver not being available or usable on the system...
asked by Kristopher on July 2, 2011
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You need a wifi bridge/repeater. Asus makes a pretty good one for $38 bucks. It has ethernet ports on the back, it both receives and reinforces your wifi signal while simultaniously feeding a signal via short ethernet patch cable to your Blueray player, as well as up to three more optional devices.
Marc Jordan answered on August 11, 2011
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