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I have installed a lot of WIFI systems in my life so I was interested to test this unit out and see how it performed. One of the key features of this WIFI router is that it is a dual band unit and it can broadcast on two different bandwidths concurrently to provide more access to your WIFI by multiple devices. A good example is backing up a computer to a server on one channel while still searching or playing on the internet on the other channel. The speed of the WIFI is 150 Mbps when using both bands and it can be up to 300 Mbps when you use only one band.

The unit contains 4 LAN Ethernet wired ports to tie the internet and communications to more computers and to access printers. The LAN speed is rated at 10/100 Mbps which is adequate for most computers. I use 1 Gigabit Hubs and routers in my house for high speed connection. This router is rated at Fast Ethernet speeds and to be honest that is good for most users. The Gigabit routers can cost several times more than this unit.

The router uses the IEEE 801.11 a/b/g/n standards and as a result is compatible with virtually all WIFI devices that I use in my home. When you set up your router it is critical that your do several things to protect your WIFI from intrusion and from being stolen. They are:

* Assign a unique user name to your router
* Assign a unique password to your router. This prevents someone from logging into your router and reprogramming it or stealing your data or internet access. Write these words down as you will need them several times while you own the router and if you lose the user name and password you will have to reset the router and reprogram it.
* Select a unique SSID which is the name of your WIFI network. If you use both the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz network you will need to use two SSIDs, one for each band.
* Select a security mode and I would suggest at least WPA2 as it is considerably more secure than the WEP mode and even WPA mode.
* Enter in a Security Key and make it unique and I suggest a mixture of at least 8 letters, numbers and symbols. This makes the key hard to crack by a hacker and protect your network from being used by your neighbors or your data being stolen. Simple words can be cracked so be smart. Write down your SSID and Key and keep it with your router user name and password is a safe location.

I have attached a video and several photos for your information. It is best if you watch the video and read this review as they both contain slightly different data. I hope the video is useful to you.

I rate this product as a 5 star product. There are better routers out there but they can cost 3 to 5 times the price of this one. This unit has a lot of features for the money and for an apartment or a medium sized home it is more than adequate, especially if it can be centrally located. Large size homes or areas are even difficult for the much more expensive WIFI routers and require a different WIFI strategy than just a single router.

The instructions are limited and some of the more advanced setups I tried I had difficulty in doing. Perhaps a more extensive manual will be made available. I also suggest you check occasionally to see if a new firmware for the unit becomes available. Upgrading the firmware when it becomes available may improve the performance.

Here are some of my notes from my video and testing:

* Supports dual 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands simultaneously
* Easy to install
* Good size for an apartment or a medium sized home
* Supports 801.11 a/b/g/n fully compatible with all of the wireless devices I use in my home.
* It has four LAN Ethernet connectors for 10 or 100 Mbps speed.
* Wireless speeds of 300 Mbps for single band and 150 MBPS for dual band use.

* Easy to install once I accepted the device's preferences about its default address.
* Dual Band is great so you can split the load of the WIFI work between bands. For example back up a computer to a server on one band while browsing the internet on the other.
* Nice looking design, small and compact

* Default address is and I had to override my Static IP address to set the default gateway to that address. Normally I use the default address to be but I could not reprogram the Router to accept that address.
* LAN output is only rated 10/100 Mbps but for this price this is still a great router!
* Instruction sheet was adequate but could have been four times as long for advanced setup and in a little better English.
* You only get 300 Mbps if you use one band. Using two bands both are set to 150 Mbps.

WIFI Strength 2.4 GHz:
* 2.4 GHz band
* 3 Feet Distance -45 dBm
* 30 Feet -52 dBm
* 45 Feet -75 dBm
* 60 Feet plus down a floor -75 dBm
* 70 Feet plus down a floor -85 dBM Internet Slow
* 35 Feet plus down a floor -75 dBm
* Two floors down no WIFI signal
* dBm = Decibels per milliwatt, higher is better (Note the minus sign)!

WIFI Strength 5 GHz:
* 5 GHz band
* 3 Feet Distance 3 Bars
* 30 Feet 2 Bars
* 45 Feet 2 Bars
* 60 Feet plus down a floor 2 Bars
* 70 Feet plus down a floor 1 Bar no Internet
* 35 Feet plus down a floor No Bars
* Signal measured with an iPad 3
* 5 GHz generally offers more bandwidth but in my experience it is more affected by walls and floors.
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on August 26, 2012
I purchased this router after returning a Cisco-Valet Plus Wireless Router because of its dropped connections and slow download speeds, and the Uspeed Dual-Band Wireless N-Router has not let me down.

At first, I was hesitant to buy a wireless router that has just been introduced into the market, especially one with very little reviews. I read the few reviews posted in Amazon and it is true that the instructions and the router's configuration page needs to be re-written by an English-speaking person with proper grammar and syntax skills; however, this minor flaw does not take away any stars from the router itself. The wireless router works flawlessly and consistently, and for the price being offered, one cannot go wrong.

I've had the router for a week now and the speeds have been constant and reliable. At one point I was afraid that with all the weekly power outages in my neighborhood I would have to reset/reboot the router every time but that has not been the case. The Uspeed router continues to deliver at maximum speeds, and it does not run hot like my previous wireless routers.

I suggest that if you are looking for a dual-band wireless router, look no further, this little router does the job and at this price you can't go wrong. A word of warning though, when this little router begins to gain popularity, I have a feeling the price will go up considerably. Therefore, this would be a good time to purchase one.

If you are a beginner and do not have much experience with routers, the instructions that comes with the router will be a bit confusing. However, do not let that scare you off from trying out this new product. All you will have to do is allow the wizard to do its job. I put together some basic instructions to help you set up your Uspeed dual-band wireless router and get you going. If you have any questions or problems beyond these instructions, please contact Uspeed's customer service or your internet provider.


1. To connect your desktop, connect one end of the wire that comes with the router to the blue WAN slot on the back of the router and the other end of the wire to the back of your modem. Connect a wire from the back of your PC to one of the yellow LAN slots on the back of the router (it does not matter which one). If you have a wireless device you also want to connect, you can connect them later by signing in to your network with the password you will assign.

2. Plug in the power to your router.

3. On your internet address bar, type to get into your router's configuration page, and press enter.

4. A windows security screen will pop up. Type "admin" on both spaces. You will want to change this first or you will have people in your neighborhood getting into your router and changing your settings.

5. Once in your router's configuration page, to change your user name and password as I mentioned in #4 above, go to "Management" on the left side of the screen, and underneath it select "management" again. Select "enable" and type a "router username" and "router password" if you do not want to keep "admin." Retype the password (when selecting a password, try using letters and numbers). Click on "apply settings" to save your settings. (Don't forget to write your new name and password down. You will need this every time you go into your router's configuration page (

6. Click on "Wizard" on the left side of the screen. Then click "next." In the next screen under "WAN Set" I selected "Automatically from the network service provider to obtain an IP address (dynamic IP)." If you're not sure, contact your internet service provider, then click "next."

7. I selected "2.4/5G Concurrent Mode." Then click "next."

8. For the SSID, type in a name for your router of your choosing (to make it easier, you can use the same name you used earlier for your login). Tab over to "security mode" and select from the menu (I chose "WPA2 Personal"). Tab over to "Key" and type in a unique password of your choosing preferably 10 digits long using letters, symbols and/or numbers. Write this down because you will need this password to login with your other wireless devices. Click "Save" (later on when you feel more comfortable changing your settings, you can assign one name for your 2.4 network and another for your 5G network).

9. Go to "Operation Mode" on the left side of the screen, and select "Gateway." Click "apply settings" to save.

10. Go to "Network" on the left side of the screen, and select WAN setting (I chose "automatic configuration-DHCP"). The rest of the settings I did not change and left it alone for now. You can exit out of the router's configuration page.

11. Now go to your wireless laptop and all your wireless gadgets, and search for your network (the one you named), then type in the router's password you assigned (the 10 digit number) to access your network. Happy internet surfing!
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on April 14, 2013
I bought this router based on it's excellent amazon reviews. I totally understand why it has excellent reviews. It was easy to set up and for the first week or two it worked reliably with fast speeds. Then I started having problems. I would lose internet access (but continued to be connected to the wifi network) and could not get access again until I unplugged the router and plugged it back in. Playing around with the modem made no difference, so I'm sure the problem was with the router. I emailed tech support for the company, and they mailed me another router without any hassle. Again, it worked great for a week or two, then started needing to be reset daily, and now needs to be reset more than once a day.

The strong reviews for this router are based on the strength of their tech support, which is willing to replace routers without a fuss. Look at other posts and you'll see the company is aggressive about turning bad reviews into good ones. I've had two routers from them now, and they've both failed.

They don't have the quality product to match up to their quality tech support.
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on January 13, 2013
Update: 3/19/2013

Update for this product. After writing this review, the seller contacted me. I guess that I have an older model of this router and there is a new one out. They exchanged my problematic router for a newer version. So far, after having it for about 2 months, it seems to work much better than the original one I got. I have not had to reboot it at all.

The updated version seems to work a lot better. The seller was very helpful - contact them if you have issues with the product!

Original review below (Rating given: 1/5 stars)
I'm disappointed with this router. Initially I was pleased - Dual band, plenty of settings, and it worked. However after about 2 months the unit kept dropping all wireless devices and the only way to restore the connection was to reset the router by unplugging it from the wall. Now (3 months from the purchase date), it will drop all connections every 2 hours or so, essentially making it useless.

I would spend a little more money and get a quality product from a reputable brand.
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on January 2, 2014
a nice unit, but gradually began to drop link to PC, requiring resetting router every few days. Attempted to let the built-in- "Wizard" set it up and that failed , so went back to manual configuration..

BUT although the initial power-up and config hadn't ask for a PIN, it now won't let me get into config at all. Pushed in the recessed switch on rear, but still yelling for the PIN ;-(....

there was NO PIN on the Box, in the skimpy "Manual" OR on the underside of said Router and I'm unable to use it. being disabled, I use the WI-FI almost exclusively, and am needing help or a few PIN's to try. Cannot even find a uspeed company or site to give the S/N to to get a PIN, so be careful when configuring, folks an any help appreciated!!
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on September 8, 2012
The main reason why I wanted to purchase this router was because it was an inexpensive dual band router, and it had external antennas. I was nervous when I purchased this router since I hadn't heard of the company and there was little information available about Uspeed.
The setup was a little more difficult than I would have expected. This is mainly due to a manual that is poorly worded, as well as the router's interface. Luckily, I have set up routers before and was able to figure out what they meant. After playing around with the settings and hunting through the menus, my router was up and running.
Now the real test for this router is going to be durability, I hope that it will continue to function well and that it won't suffer from needing to be reset multiple times.Hopefully they will also release an updated firmware which will correct some of the strange sentences to make it easier to understand what the dialog boxes and menus mean. could also use an update to make things make a bit more sense.
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on November 26, 2012
Initial unit kept having DHCP issues with clients in my house every couple of days. Replacement unit worked for a week but then completely stopped accepting wifi connections. Not a quality, reliable wifi access point.
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on April 15, 2013
Piece of crap... the cmos has an IPv6 option, but the hardware will not support this. if you're doing home networking to share stored video/dvr then this will absolutely not work. I hate it! I have no use for this piece of s*** unless it has IPv6, which it absolutely does NOT SUPPORT!!!!!! NO IPv6 SUPPORT (no Windows 7 homegroup sharing).
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on November 23, 2012
Received router as promised, set up out of the box using the included quick start guide took less than 10 minutes(average computer skills, non-IT person)set up 3 laptops , wireless printer and one hardwire desktop with no difficulty at all. Using dual band, still have much better signal and penetration in my house on 2.4G than the router I replaced. Speed significantly improved (previous router about 3 yrs old). Recommnd this router to anyone who knows how to use network and wizard functions on a computer.
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on December 10, 2012
Love this router - especially that it supports dual-band broadcasting. If you do run in to problems configuring the router their customer support is excellent. They got back with me quickly and fixed my issue. Would definitely recommend this product!!
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